CT 689

10 /1/18 first revision
reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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draft posted, 10 /1/18 first revision
theme : inversing the dimensional Veils
status : 90%
summary : CT 689 - inversing the dimensional Veils
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
CT 689 VI 321

h] all. the divine words for the spirits. which are. [by] the belly (top cube). [for] sweetness. [as] the opened word-inside.,
he (eden). to give. speech. nót.;
g] [but] to complete. he [first,]. [in order] existence to bring. [as] the word of hail.;
f] [and so] existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] speech., [and by] he (speech). to become spirits.;
[through] the word by the dimensional background of Saturn (as eden). of [=for]. every. khu-spirit.,
(in order) of [=for]. existence (matrix). to become equipped.;

e] existences to make (via ad.soul). to become spirits. [by] he. the existence (eden’s). to snatch-away.;
d] [and so] existences to make (via ad.soul). [for] the Ba spirit-souls. [by] he. existence (eden). to carry-off.,
c] [in order for] the dóubled existence to make. [because by] he. the existence (matrix). to become new (un). [through] the word of hail.;
b] [by] to become most-b-soul-adam-like united (the hands, t’emt’i). [as] the double boat. [at] the dimensional side (eden’s).,
of [=by] (means of). sorcery. the word. to be the double aspect (food+passive).,
a] these (pu). of [=as]. the doubled-divine word \\ (by) saturn-wick-H’ for speech (rh’u+).,
[because by] he (rh’). existence. to give. speech. [as] the word of hail.;

VI 320

w] the flame of hail for the solarplane of existence (nebá+). [by] place-T of the word by the dimensional background. [for] existence of hail.,
[and for this N]. [as] existence. [for] all [of]. the spirits. to give. speech.;
to become. v] [by] this (pu). double eye (cherub-wheel). [as] the god., [but as?] existence’s (eden’s). nót.; (note)
u] [but as] he. the light by place-t of vúlture-rule. of [=by]. eden’s double-root (ãpep). [in order for] me. existence (eden’s). to repulse (khsef).,
t] [namely by] place-T of great speech. the Veil of place-T to denude [eden’s] (h’apt+).,
[and so for] the millions (of spirits). [as] the support for the matrix-word (uthes).; (note)

s] [by] he. the belly (top cube). [for] the innermost sacred place (khnnu)., of [=by]. he (s-p). existence. [through] the most-b-soul-adam. to give.,
[as] all [of]. the god.; [in order for] existence (matrix). to be feminine-intuitive (saá, matrix). [for] he. existence (eden’s). to carry-off.;
to become. r] he. the Torso. of [=by,for] user-power (make speech). [and] it (torso). to bear. the rule (q-axis as wick-H’). [as] the god. [for N.].;
q] [by] he. the legs [mountains] (rt’). of [=for]. the things of sekhem-power., to become. he. to bear. of [=for]. the branches. [for] existence.;
[and] to become. p] [by] he (branches). the essence of he (eden) for hail (áf flesh). of [=as]. the to be feared. word of hail.;

o] [by] he. the throat [right through the eden-dome?] (shebb+). of [=for]. the things of user-power (to make speech).,
to become. n] [by] he. the rim [-dome] (at place-T to make the new root, sept). of [=as]. he. the dualism-place-T by he (eden) the sh-pool (shfshft+).;
to become. m] [for this N]. place-T of the dimensional foreground of Saturn. of [=as]. the cobra of place-T of the most-b-soul-adam. [for] to be guided.;
to become. l] he. the nostril (sher nose). [by] which is. the foremost (kh-house).,
[namely] of [=as]. the ureaus [by place-T to ascend for hail] (áãrt+). [for] the word of hail.;

k] [and so for] this. N’s. the existence. head (main-existence). of [=by]. the ureaus [in S-Áaru] (uatch-t).,
to become. j] [by] the Torso. of [=for]. divine feminine-intuition (saá). [as] the word of hail.;
i] [as] he. the Torso. of [=for]. the divine word. [of] speech for existence. [as] the word of hail. h] [for this N].,
which is. [by] the belly. of [=fór]. the divine word of Saturn.;
to become. g] [by] the divine star (eden’s) succeeded to acquire (orion). [for] existence of hail., [as] hail for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

f] [by] the adamite-soul. the speech. [for] thou. existence., [through] the tooth at place-T (as wick-H’ for the solarplane) of the hand (t’bh’t+).
the doubled existence to make.; [as] existence. [by] the eye. me. to know. thou. the speech of hail to give.;
e] [and so] existence to make [as concept] (via ad.soul). [as] the things to guard., [by?] the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [for] my. willpower.,
[as] thou. existence. to be the word by the tooth of the hand (t’bh’u+passive).; (note)

d] to strip-down (kf). the word. [of] existence (eden)., [by means of] these. (two) to cleave [eden root] (psesh+ii).,
[as] thou. existence. [for] me. existence to bring.; (note)
c] [as?] the divine star succeeded to acquire (orion). [for] existence of hail., [as] the hail for the beautified-soul.;
b] [by] the speech (text?). [of] the most-b-soul-adam., the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0). to return (h’em).,
[through] the word. thou. to give. for. a] N’s. speech., [by] to strip-down (kf). the word. [for] the speech. existence to make. [for] existence.;

VI 319

the island of the flame to make speech (nsrsr). of [=for] he. existence., [and] to be made ignorant (khem). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
s] [but by] the double-place-T to complete. [because by] he. existence. [..2x lost..].;
t] all divine things. to come (by?) the most-b-soul-adam. of [=for]. to strip-down (kf). [as] the words to doorkeep. [for] existence.;
[and for this N]. to devise (ka). p] this (pu). praised Veil at place-T by the adamite-soul’s sh-pool fór hail (áshest+)., (note)
[as now?] the Kar shrine [speech to double]. [for] the divine all. [being] the divine place-T for the word-inside to make to copy (via ad.soul).;

o] [as] place-T of great speech. [being] the house. [for this N.]. [of?] the t’es flint-knife [the adamite-soul hand]. of [=as]. the word of hail.;
n] [through] divine sorcery. of [=for]. the things of sorcery., [by] he. existence (matrix). to become new (un).;
to become. m] [through] divine feminine-intuition (saá). [by] it. existence (eden’s). to devour (ãm). [for] the word of hail.,
l] [and as] the divine words of Saturn. [for] millions (of spirits). [as this N.]. to become new.;
to become. k] the spirits-light [as word for the doubled-kh-house]. [of] the word of adam-within.,
[as] the crowns of the word-inside for existence to connect to the word (uthennu+). [of] the divine all. divine things of the adamite-soul.,
[as] the divine words. [of] all., [by] he. existence (eden’s). to become the flesh and bone (from originals!) of willpower. [as] the word of hail.;

j] [and so for] this. N. existence to make (via ad.soul)., [as] existence. which is. the foremost (kh-house).,
i] [through] the aspects offered in H’etep, the god., [as] place-T of all. [namely?] this (pn). divine place-T by the Sacrifice (maãt, ‘truth’).
h] [by] the word. the sacrifice (maã). [for] the words of speech for the an-face.,
[as] the divine words. [of] “sight at place-T (by eden’s light of speech) by the root” (petr++). [for] existence of hail. [for this N].;
the speech to make to connect to the god (via ad.soul). [for] the word. [by] which is. the foremost (kh-house).;
g] [by] the aspects offered in H’etep. place-T of all. [as] this (pu). divine place-T by the Sacrifice (maãt, ‘truth’).,
f] the words. [as] the Sacrifice. [for] the word of speech for the an-face. [of] existence of hail.;
[for this N’s.] royalties. e] [by] “the place-T of eden’s light of speech”. the head (main place of light for speech).,
[in order for by] the adamite soul. place-T of the word to birth. of [=as]. “the divine place-T (of eden-light for speech) as the god”.;
[for] “the sight (by eden’s light of speech) by the root” (petr++). [of] existence of speech.,
[as] the divine place-T of the most-b-soul-adam-like youth (by eden’s light of speech) (rnptit+).;

d] (namely as?) Sirius (sept’t)., [by means of] the prisoner (su, Cain). existence (matrix). to birth.;
c] the most-b-soul-adam-like youth (by eden’s light of speech) (rnpti). to purify. this N’s. existence.,
b] [by] the one. divine star having succeeded to acquire. [for] existence of hail. [of] the beautified-soul.;
a] my. speech. [as] the word. of olden., [through] this (pu). my. divine place-T as the son-construct.;

——— end CT 689
A] notes :
VI 321
  • line a] usually r-h'\\u, with r- as 'mouth',
VI 320
  • line w] double eye,
    if start of the chapter has similar preposition [not direct words - but first to be filtered out], then we have a good chance the double-eye is eden's here; perhaps the wheel turned into 'place-T of vulture-rule'; [the double root of eden - ãpep-serpent - is "the character of the double-cherub-wheel"...?),
  • line t] Veil,
    considered the importance of theme, this can well be "the tabernacle Veils" (Tut coffins theme), where "Elam broke through the veil" (page); a bit strange is the support THES following, perhaps the support imagined as "upright-standing veils"..?
  • line s] m-b-s
    the "m-b-soul-adam-like to give" makes little sense; [though] is an option, since he must be in that place;
  • line g] divine star,
    it is definitely an eden-star; but there are so many types that it's hard to see which one here, perhaps the same as ÁAT'+star (of hand), as the "and a star will rise from Jacob" ? for glyph 'Orion' see textglyph to right, on top, divine-star-succeeded,
  • line f] the eye,
    we have no clue why here 'singular' again;
  • line e] word by the tooth,
    unclear concept, but related to the base where wick-H' starts; we are close,
  • line d] to cleave,
    question is 'what'? Other spells mention the 'tree' to be cleaved; the II after peshesh is more likely 'double' as the \\, 'magically-dangerous'; see textglyph to right, starting at bottom, 'II-x-SH-S-P'; preceeding this glyph is ÁPU, 'these (numbering)', so "these two to cleave" must be Valid, perhaps as the dual-lampstand-vine, one as "fig tree" and the other as "pomegranate"..? there is a verse "..and they stripped My fig tree, and made it white with chalk",
  • line t] m-b-s to strip-down,
    it appears that not so much Adam is being stripped down; but that he is stripping down the words, because the glyph KF was used in previous line for that; compare how Adam is still under their spell, there Is. 17 (page),
  • line t] Veil of sh-pool,
    we did the word hundreds of times - yet only now it makes Sense that it is the tabernacle veils; in another context they are the veils H'AP, see 320 t]; but the cluster SHES belongs to SHEN-, as 'to encircle' and SHENT', 'acacia', therefore all eden themes,
  • line k ] crowns
    perhaps the "and I saw something like crowns on the locusts' heads" in Revelation; appears to be an important crown, eventhough vague,
TER and P-TER,
  • line h] light of speech, petr++,
    the TER- is the original, as Eden's [large textglyph]; in lower position TER-, 'to make the dóubled light \\ by the light of speech of place-T"; with the magically-dangerous-\\; in upper position also as "the lights for to complete this solarplane by TER"; and they relocated (?) or connected to (?) this place with their copy, P-TER [the -P of their new root], often also P-TERÁ; and even a third version here as P-TER+axe; - we can only guess what this place is, but scripture equals this with "diviners and soothsayers" (hence the 'sight' in the PETR-); as were this a place "where is visible of what is being said, related to creation, truth and future".. ? because here, the intentions are visible (as speech of light)...?


    One thing is sure - we know so little about these themes and places...
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