CT 577 VI 193

o] to make this [word/root] (spu,unusual). word to come. (u+walk).n] [as] the divine cord to unite and build (khnum+). [for] existence (matrix)., [by means of] the sky óver eden [rã watercourse] (*pic,tcherru). below (kher). [as] this. scroll (metchut).; to become (áu). m] he (scroll). withín., [for] my. sekhem-power.; l] [and via] the prisoner (su,cain). [to] me. the thing to bring (ánt).;

k] [for] me. the enemies’. speech. [as] this (root). light (eden’s). [in order] of [=for]. me. most-b-soul-adam-like to manifest (peri).; [because by] the most-b-soul-adam to give. j] [tó] the great pillar. [as] the eden aether [redness] (t’esher/pyr). [for] my. existence. to give. speech.; i] [and bý] the great pillar. [as] eden aether (t’esher/pyr). [of] speech and nature (kher). [for] my. existence. the word. to bring.;

h] [to have] the flesh of sweetness (benát). [of] words. [of] adam-within., [by means of] existence (eden’s). [for] me. to embalm (ut).; to become (áu). g] my. house of saturn. which is. in front of. the thing of the watercourse (*pic,eden’s). [for] me. existence. to make,. f] [and] me. to be robbed [by eden] (ãua). nót.;

e] [by] the divine flint knives [see also amtuat VIII] (t’es). of [=for]. the divine all [of]. this. N., d] [by means of] the divine words. to go transform (kheper). [as] the lights (eden’s). [of] words of eden aether (t’esher/pyr). [for] the divine all [of]. this. N., c] [by] the heads [adamite, see amtuat V]. gift. of [=for]. speech. [to] the divine horus-spirits. [of] the West.,

[by means of] the staff [adam’s rule] (tá). which is. the foremost., [by] to go connect. the workplace (ás). [to] he (the). throne of adamite (ást). [in order to] dress (h’ebs). of. [=by ]. Osiris. this. N..;
b] [for] me. the enemy. [to] me. the thing to bring. [as] the thing of the watercourse [eden’s]., [for] my. existence. to make. a] [as] the crocodile (meseh’). alike-adam (miá).; [because for] me. the half-moon [eden’s] (unclear glyph). to acquire (shep)., [for] existence. he. to become áu). +

VI 192
f] the lionlike garment-body-of-milk for sight [from Eve] (maa-h’esa). alike-adam (miá). [as] my. claws (ãntu). [into] existence (eden’s)., [and] it. to become. e] the gods’. sekhem-sceptre. first,head (main skhem power)., [for?] the great pillar. the áat-region (box). [or: “pillar /which is /thing of the Watercourse].,

[and by] the prisoner (su,cain). [for] my. existence., [as] existence (eden’s). to give. speech.,
to become (áu). d] [because] the divine judges [in the pillar] (tchatchanu). me. below (kher). to complete (kam).;
to become (áu). c] my. willpower. of [=by]. he (eden). to snatch-away. nót.;
b] [because] the divine judges. of [=for]. my. existence. to give. speech., [and] it. to become (áu). a] [by] he (eden speech).