CT 607

VI 220 — badly damaged; using restored parts;
note adress before sections:
see drawing on coffin, below;

* following reconstruction of Kees,1922*
x] the foreign land mountain of Manu. [for] Horus., [by] the fingers (supports). below., [as] their (ad.souls). image. nót.
their (ad.souls). existence. [is] the solarplane (b). nót.;
w] the Manu mountain. [is] Horus’. leg (ret’). head. (main leg). [for] sight (maa)., [by] willpower. [of] the word of saturn (h’u)[..lost..] the word. [of] willpower. [by] willpower. [of] blind things (?) (shepu?).;

*original text resumes*
v] the Manu mountain. [of] Horus. [for] existence (matrix)., [by] the ãntch morning- boat [going north with stolen aspects]. of [=from]. their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). to give. speech., [as] the unguent-boat. of [=from]. their (ad.souls). existence. to give. speech.;
u] Horus. thou. two eyes. [as!] anunna-face [vesica north]. [by] the ãntch morning-boat. [as] the cord. [to] the willpower (Ã). [of] he (the). existence [eden’s].;

* t, s, r, unsure; resuming*
q] the ãnt morning-boat. of [=by]. the east. thou. eye.; [and] the sektt evening-boat. of [=for]. the west. thou. eye.; f] Horus’. eye. his (horus’). speech. to connect to. the word [eden’s]. [for] hail.; [and] Horus’. eye. to connect. the speech [eden’s]. [to] hís (horus’). wórd. [for] hail.;
o] [for] the things to discover (gemutu). [in] the innermost sacred place [south] (khennu). of [=as]. thou. god. [of] this. speech., [by] to make. n] the adamite soul’s. speech. [as] thing of the Watercourse [eden’s].
* aborted, as line m, and l; resumed*

k] this. season (ter). [of] the anunna-face [north] (h’er). [of] Horus (h’eru!). [for] existence (eden’s)., [by] the eden realm (NeN). he. the thing to bring (ánt). [as] eden realm’s. existenceS. [for] existence (matrix)., to give. of [=for]. to become to know (rekh+scroll). j] [for] thou. existence (eden’s). speech., to make. to give. of [=to]. thou. eye., [for] thou. protection of the beautified-soul.;
thou. desire (mer). [for] hail. i] [by] Isis (ruling ad.throne). thou. gift. [of] existence. [as] thing of most-b-soul-adam’s (it). áats [regions, seven of eden]. [for] the anunna-face. to unite (temt).;
* aborted; until b] *

word. [of] speech. b] six,seven faces. most-b-soul-adam to shoot-out [of the hand,south] (ut’i). a] [by] he. [the dome] to paralyze with fear (neshen,south). of [=for]. Set (fallen adam). to make….;
* lost; VI219 still 3 damaged lines*

leftside pole [egyptians pictured ‘east’ as ‘lefthand side’],
“east: ãnt boat”
behind the pole: “to direct/[by] (lion) mouth/the background of Saturn”;

right pole:
“sekt boat”
behind the pole: “to direct/[by] (lion) mouth/the South”;

above: “the broad/dimension/[of] the two Utchat eyes”