CT 133


CT 133

main theme: Râ (our sun) : I exist
by (dew of) the eden-tree

short chapter – introduction :
… part of the previous posted series —
Râ , outwardly ‘our sun’, exists by the (now-) matrix-gate
and the Nile leading úp to that gate – though the latter is not mentioned here ;
RÂ reads as
‘the (matrix-) light – [as] (eden-) willpower – [for] (matrix-) speech”,
and his “power” is being fed to him by the reaped dew fróm the eden-tree ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as paralell text :
and goto page II-158 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards


CT 133

II 258
f) the divine light (‘Râ’). [for] (matrix-) existence. ,
[as] the divine father. Râ. [which] I am. ;

e) [to be] the real-adm’soul’s. (eden-type-) speech. above (‘north’). [by] me. ,
[by means of] +
this. (eden-) word to command. [by] all. my. gods of the cauldron (‘Egyptians’) ,
[in order for] me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ;

context so far :
… Râ itself is a ‘rather passive’ construct ,
and he (only) exists because of what the Egyptians do – see previous posted spells ,
and compare that with line b) and a) below ;
though prophets declare that Adam devised this sun ,
the “maintaining of it” may be executed by the gods of the cauldron ;

d) [by] the true voice (-maâ-khr). [of] me. ,
(matrix-) existence. to stand upright. , [<< matrix-vector] c) [because by means of] the eden-word to sacrifice (-maâ-u). + [<< see next b] [to be] the true voice. [of] me. [which will] reside (adj.) – [in] (matrix-) existence. ; +

b) [and so as] the completed (double-) light. +
me. [to] (matrix-) existence. to give. speech. ;
[which] becáme. +
a) he. the sweet. (matrix-) speech. , +
[by means of] the place of ‘the eden-tree’. [of] eden-existence. [it’s] covering to reap. ,
[and it (=dew) for] my. existence. having become – the spittle (‘essence’ ; -psg+). ; +

context so far :
… the expression “place of …. coverings to reap” is always about the eden-tree ,
whether the used glyph is ‘ÁMM+tree’, ‘ÁTEN+tree’, ‘ÁTENUS+place’ , or another ;
in this case it is SSSU+place (perhaps as “the (eden-) word for the real-adm-souls” ;
coverings to reap :
… see CT 147 for how they reap “the dew the tree emits” (here as ‘coverings’) ;


II 157
j) [and then by] Horus’. eye (‘eden-gate , now in their north’). +
[to be] mine. (matrix-) existence. [bý] (eden-) existence. ;
i) [as] the divine place-t for great (matrix-) speech. + [<< same gate] [by which is] mine. (matrix-) existence. [by] (eden-) existence. ;
h) [1x :] [because by] place-t for great (matrix-) speech. (matrix-) existence. to make. ,
[which is] the crocodile for eden-speech. connected to. existence to make (‘physical etc’). ;
[and so by] +
the (now-) doubled (matrix-) house. [of] the word of eden-within. to be (matrix-) hail.

context 157 :
… all three concepts mean the same – Horus’ eye is the same as
(the place of-) UR “great speech for the (matrix-) word”;
the crocodile :
though we know of one eden-type crocodile (-SUI in Book of the Dead) ,
usually ‘the crocodile’ is a matrix-concept —
here , the equivalent must be the (matrix-) monster-serpent H’-RR (book of gates) ,
where (-RR) is ‘eden-speech’ ,
simply meaning “a (matrix-) construct (=that gate) speaking stolen eden-speech”.


end CT 133
24.01jan.2021 — submitted — first version — hetreport

‘official’ translation
(Faulkner) :
“O you who are in your two mansions……..,
whom the Great Lady made, to me belongs the Great Lady,
to me belongs the eye of the Great Lady, I have spat upon the scalp
of Sw in order to heal it, there has been given to me everything.
I have sat down a vindicated one, I have stood up a vindicated one,
And there has been given to me all my family about which I spoke.
I am Rê, father of the sun.”

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