CT 258


CT 258

main theme: the two eden-ram horns
(Adam speaks)

the two horns (in the corrupted Daniel 8 chapter) :

… Daniel 8 presents ‘the ram’ as “an eden-construct” ,
informing us about “on shorter and one longer horn” – and see left diagram
(as two axis carrying both stones – in the eden situation) ;
chapter 8 continues with “and a goat with one horn came from the West” ,
then the goat’s horn was turned into the new matrix-cardinal points
(as “the four winds of heaven”) ,
which support the (matrix-) worldtree – as the centre horn growing (!) great :


Daniel 8 – revisited : because the KJV version is not lógical :

… though we still have to do that chapter , we know (already) it is deeply corrupt :

  • 1) the endtime here is explained BY the ram and the goat
    so NO ‘Persia and Media’ here ! ,
  • 2) the phrase “the daily sacrifice is removed” (as the Golgotha covenant)
    is ALWAYS connected to “the world tree appearing”, when Christ’s work ends
    (in Daniel itsélf – see posted chapter 12 , but also in prophets) ;
  • 3) textually :
    after describing “the ram’s horns being upon high”, this is the theme now :
    then the goat appears (having one centre horn between his eyes = matrix-gate) ,
    … why would it make Sense that he trámples the ram ?
    line 7 mentions “the goat – (…a verb…) – the two horns of him (‘ram’)” —
    but does it really make sense that the goat “BREAKS the two horns” …?

.. line 7 must write : [<< and see interlinear] “and he (=goat) – (..seizes..) – the two – horns of him (=ram) ,
and=as – the powerful ones – of the ram – to stand upon ,
and=for he is (..making them to grow..) – [+to] (..the north..)” :

THAT makes sense !
because next line is “(..the horn..) (tsphr=qrn) of – the goat – waxed very great” (etc) ,
which is only because he USED the horns of the eden-ram !

consequently ,
the “little horn” did NOT “break off” ,
but made the four horns – as new matrix cardinal points
(the ‘four rudders of the sky , glyph H’EMu)
out of which grew the worldtree axis , “waxing great (=quoted)”,
“… trampling down – the (.. [eden-] sun..) – and (.. -moon..)”
: compare Isaiah !

… we’re sorry — but the KJV version is one load of b**lcks :
Remember , Daniel 8 is explaining the endtime ;

this CT 258 :

… main lines in 373 a – 372 e ;
both stones are carried BY the two horns ,
and both were carried upwards toward the north to form ‘the island of the horizon’,
as both stones now positioned to can hold the stolen eden-gate ;

source text :
open a new window if you want to read the original glyphs as paralell text :
and goto page III-373 of the PDF , always reading from down upwards

CT 258

III 373 [below d: a bit tricky :] d)
[by] the (matrix-) upside-down boat (-of eden-willpower) (+existence+root) (-penâ). +
the (eden-dimensional-) veils to slaughter for (matrix-) existence of hail. ;

[because] the divine ‘matrix’ word (-h’u). [is] the (matrix-) speech above (‘north’). , +
[by means of] +
the alighted. place-T (‘matrix-gate’) (for) the (eden-) word to connect to (-th-ut). ;

context so far :
… likely to read “the upside-down concept of (eden-) willpower” ;
and because (eden-word of) willpower” relate to “eden’s creational concepts”
it makes sense that now they can “slaughter eden’s dimensional garments” ;
2) place-T to connect to ,
as the point where the Nile connects with the matrix (=at their gate) ;

b) [and so to be] (‘vampiring’) ânkh-life. as. the divine words of olden (‘pre-eden’). ,
[through] Horus (‘matrix-gate’). the (eden-) word. to connect to. (matrix-) existence. , +
[in order] to furnish (-it) (‘matrix-existence’). ;

[by means of] (the passive-) eden-ram horns (-NN). having listened (‘obeyed matrix’). , +
III 372
e) [for to become] +
the place of root-P (‘other stone’). [and] the place T’PU (‘eden-stone’). +
[in order to become] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [of] the Ba-bird spirits. ;

context so far :
… this is the line why we chose to do this spell ; see introduction above ;

d) [Ôn becoming through] +
the portions of food and drinks (‘aspects’). by. the great pillar (‘Nile’). ;
[and therefore has become] (the festival of-) the completed solarplane. ;
[because for] thou (‘candidate’). [+matrix-existence]. +
(eden-) existence. the (eden-) word. to make (-ár). ; +

c) [and then at] the Nut-dome (‘dimensional-border’). + [<< via the great pillar] the (matrix-) word. [for] (matrix-) existence. to birth (‘the matrix-word’). ;

b) [because by] place-T for (matrix-) great speech (‘matrix-gate’). +
[to become] the crown of speech (‘an attribute’). [for] above (‘for the north’). ,
[as] the. (matrix-) speech of hail. +
[by means of] willpower now risen and crowned (for) (matrix-) hail. ;

context of b above :
… though one coffin has ‘white crown’ (-h’etcht) , that does not make much sense :
it should be the URRT-crown as “the crown as eden-speech for the matrix-word”
since that is the proper theme here – see CT 256 ;

a) [because by]
the island of the horizon (‘matrix-gate region’). [as] the torso (-region). above (‘north’). +
[to be] the great – (matrix-) word. [as] the doubled things. ,
[as for] thou (‘candidate’). (matrix-) existence. existence to make (‘as concept’). ;

[next : tricky / unclear :]

[and by?] the revolving (-speech) (?, -pkh-r). +
III 371
[of?] Râ (‘also as our sun’). place-T to birth. ,
[for?] the frog goddesses. [being?] the ones of the Ennead (‘9 main matrix-constructs’). ,
[and by?] he [=them?]. (matrix-) existence. to make to come (-to appear). ; (?)

context of the above :
… we simply don’t know whát “frog goddesses” do here – combined with Rã :
we know of the unclean spirits (seemingly three) in Revelation “who do signs” ;
while Rg-Veda has a chapter where “two frogs announce the next matrix-year”
(is that part of “doing signs”..?) ;
the root of H’QT is H’Q “to rule”, and Budge links the frog with ‘regeneration’,
so in that sense they indeed can “belong to the Ennead”, as above ;
therefore we proposed the “to make to come (-to appear)”, because if it is true
that they announce their next year , then the “to conceal (eden-) existence”
in next section would make very much Sense ;
b) frogs :
… return also in CT 234 (but a very short and uclear one) , as “two frog basins
(alongside two transformed basins) , apparently as “the four ones below”
(is this “the four (jars) of the hand of he” (Damascus) theme (-nemest) ?) ;

[resumed :]

d) [because through] the island of the horizon. [of] eden-within. , +
[by] this. divine great speech. +
[skipped, see next :] c) to conceal. (eden-) existence. ,
[by means of] the cords (‘Nile’) [tó] the (dimensional-matrix-) foreground. +
(eden-) willpower to sacrifice. ;

b) [because by] he. the branch (‘Nile’). [for] (matrix-) existence. +
[to be] (matrix-) willpower. for. the torso (-region). above (‘north’). ,
[in order] [+eden-existence]. to destroy (-h’tm). [by] divine great speech. [of] ânkh-life. ;

a) [closing :] the forever (matrix-) land. [through] (eden-) willpower. to perish. completely (adj.).



end CT 258
28.01jan.2021 — submitted — first version — hetreport



‘official’ translation
(Faulkner) :
O Great Living One, the equipped (?) one who is on his staff,
throw out the bow-warps of yonder Great One for (?) the Hidden One (?),
yonder Great One who is in the horizon. The Ennead conduct to him the
frog-goddesses who bore Rê, they serve for you your great doubles in the
midst of the horizon ; rise up wearing the great White Crown, O you whom
Nut bore. A great festival is celebrated for you with offerings of bread and
beer with the Souls of Pe, Nekhen and Ôn. Hear this : the Elder Horus has
clothed you with life ; to you belongs the speech of those in whom is
authority, and the skins are turned over (sic).”

… yeah … – sic.


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