hour XI

In the upper register are:–
1. The god APER-HRA-NEB-TCHETTA, [1] above whose body, at the neck, is a disk from which proceed two human heads, the one wearing the White Crown and the other the Red Crown; [2] in his right hand he holds the sceptre, and in the left the emblem of “life.” The text reads: “He who is in this picture standeth up for Ra, and he never departeth from his place in the Tuat.”[3]

[1] –   as ‘forever / all (of) / the (an-) face / speech+root+willpower’,
[2] –   white crown of rule over eastern sky, as light of saturn, H’ETCHT,
red crown of physical creation and earth; this deity must represent
this very place, interesting is the MENÁT necklace, see end page;
[3] –   [text in left upper-corner, above figure:]
“the tuathouse (*pic,yellow cube) (likely). which is. [by] he (the). throne of adamite (ást). [as] the speech. [for] he (the). existence (matrix)., [in order for] to come the thing (glyph). nót.; (?) [but as] the light of willpower of speech. [for] existence. it. to stand upright., [by] these. designs and nature (skhru). of [=by]. he. existence to become new (matrix) (unn).;

2. A huge serpent, with two pairs of human feet and legs, and a pair of large wings. By its side stands a god with a disk upon his head, and on each side of his head is an utchat; his hands are stretched out at right angles to his body, and each hand touches the end of one of the serpent’s wings. The text reads: “When this god crieth out to him that is in this picture, the form (or, image) of the god Tem proceedeth from his back; but afterwards it swalloweth itself (i.e., disappeareth).”[1]

– context:
…the serpent seems to have no name, so we can only observe,
– that the serpent faces to the past/eden; has four feet, and one head:
likely as their stream as the deflected eden Watercourse; the feet show
that it stands upon the cube, and the one head that not the snake is dual;
– yet his wings áre; similar we have in hour V;
then the figure, by standing in the middle, ruling both wings as dualism;
and even both Utchat-eyes are ruled by him the same way;
question is, does this figure represent “the Ka spirit-double”?
(and are the wings Tcheneh’u; and the spread arms the qãh’- shoulders?)

[tricky text over the winged serpent and figure:]
[for?] the original adamite soul (S). the Self (tches). [through] the adamite soul. [as] the body [of the serpent] (tch-t)., [by means of?] the heads [ad.originals]. [for] he (the). dead body (all of kh-house). [being?] the lights (glyph). [as?] the shadows (glyph). of [=for]. he (the). ãnkh-life.; [by means of] to come the branch (former ‘wandering-eden-root). of [=for]. he. to go guide. [as] he (the). speech and nature (matrix,kher).; [through] to devour (ãm). he (the) rump,back (glyph,eden’s). [in order] of [=for]. to divinely complete (Tem). existence (matrix).;
[by] to guide. speech. [to?] the house (this place). [as] he (the). speech. this. god. [for] hail (matrix)., [by] the mountain (when eden’s). these. designs (skhru). of [=by]. he. existence become new (matrix) (un).”;

A] notes:
…so important are those first few glyphs, lined S TCHES S TCHET etc,
but the problem is that ‘to make’ often has the prefix-S, ‘by adamite soul’;
the lined-up literal glyphs read,
‘the adamite soul. the Self. the adamite soul. thing of the serpent (or ‘body’, ‘pupil’)‘,
and contextually we think the presented version makes the best Sense;
similar problem in next line: at the end of this register they mention ‘shadows’,
and knowing that the ‘heads’ (hour V) are in the lówer register, these could be
the ‘lights’, and the shadows of those fly up to this place, for them to make the Self;
— and even next line is tricky;
the wandering root is connected to devouring the spine/back, apparently to get tó
this place those shadows; it is unlikely the figure is the deity Tem (áten) himself;

3. A serpent, with a mummied god seated on his back; above the god is written “TCHET-S,” i.e., “its body,” [1] and by the tail of the serpent is SHETU.[2] The text reads: “TCHET-S herself is above the stars (i.e., the eight stars which are about the heads of the two serpents); her work is to cast the living ones to Ra everyday; she then swalloweth her forms in this City of the ELEVENTH HOUR, [and she is] one of those who follow the god.”[3]

[1] –   as ‘the original adamite soul / (as?) the body [the thing of the serpent]
[2] –   as ‘the stars / (of) the hand (eden rule) / (in) the soul-pool’,
[3] –   [text over serpent:]
“the god. to become the lights of the branch. [by?] the thing of the “One”(eden’s). [as?] the root (P). [in the?] eleventh (note). hour (unnut,note). [for] existence (matrix). [as?] the place. [of] speech. the original adamite soul. to guide. [by means of] to devour. all [of]. the light (eden’s). [for] the light of willpower of speech (matrix). [of] ãnkh-lives.. [by] decree of law.;
[by] the root. [of] the adamite soul (goal,event?sep). the thing of speech to make (‘eye’). [by?] the stars. [for?] the dome. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new (matrix) (unn).”;

A] notes:
….it is difficult to see what the line tries to tell;
first; it appears that the serpent is “the shadow of the adamite body”,
as part, as stripped layer of (the soul), represented as “stars”, though
it is unclear whý they are stars; we hope they are “eight stars” – or the
concept of ishtar-star/khemenu etc would sink (see BD165);
— the diagram shown on top has ’10 stars’, from another version of this
chapter; but contextually, this register is about ‘four’, see also below;
— the phrase ‘eleventh hour’ seems out of place here, where it can also
read ‘eleven / (light+) timedimension’, but we wouldn’t know how to
combine that idea to the rest of the paragraph;
— the deity sitting on top, ruling the stars, may represent “physicality”,
being then the nature of those stars, [this number 8 means that it are fóur
stripped layers – but already doubled by them to 8?]

4. The god TEPUI, i.e., the “Two-headed”; one head faces to right and the other to the left. [1]
5. The god KHNEM-RENIT, ram-headed, a sceptre in his right hand, and ankh in his left.[2]
6. The god NERTA, with both hands raised in adoration.[3]
7. The god AAUI-F-EM-KHA-NEF, who has two snakes’ heads in the place of a human head; his hands and arms are concealed.[4]

[1] –   as ‘doubled head’,
[2] –   as ‘the thing of m-b-soul-adam’s name / to unite and build’,
[3] –   as ‘the land / (for) speech / of existence’,
[4] –   as ‘his / existence / (by?) intestine / by / w-power / for w-power’,

context —
…the entire group belongs together; and since the reading is right-to-left,
– the first four, with arms, are the completed Ba spirit-souls,
– the four behind them the stolen aspects they came from,
– the snake-head is the real recipient, the dead-body type spirit, befóre he
was turned into a Ba spirit-soul,
– the both hands raised, praise is usually ‘having been created’,
– the ram is the dual construct as concept; showing the Self is directly
related to the spine as chakra-construct (the uas sceptre he holds),
…and the doubled head likely as ‘aspects of adam’, mixed with constructing
the head so that it works through a crystalline pineal-gland, the seat of the
Self, TCHES, connected to the rest of the body through that spine.
Question is, whether spirits have that same pineal-gland type construction
as this physical body – but observing the two snake-head one, we argue they
have: just more ‘sophisticated’ as in our body (also see hour VIII )

8. The god APT-TAUI, [1] his hands and arms are concealed.
9. The god MER-EX-AAUI-F, [2] in form similar to the preceding.
10. The god AU-EN-AAUI-F, [3] in similar form.
11. The god RESET-AFU, [4] in similar form.
12. The god TUA-HERU, [5]
next four dó show arms:
13. The god MAA. [6]
14. The god MESEKHTI, [7]
15. The god HEPA. [8]

– four type Ba spirit-souls háving willpower [the arms],
copied from four aspects for the Ba-soul without willpower [eden’s],
makes a total of eight [khemenu / chaldea star, eight pegs, etc],

[1] –   as ‘the land (eden) / become the thing to open as root’,
[2] –   as ‘he / the willpower (e) / for willpower /of existence / to desire’,
[3] –   as ‘he/ the willpower (e) / for willpower / of existence / word+hail’,
[4] –   as ‘the flesh / as thing of the south’ (res = real south,not thes-dome)
[5] –   as ‘Horus / (by?) the t’uat star’, “the star of your god” in scripture,
[6]-   as ‘ (by) to sacrifice (in general)‘, maã,
[7]-   as ‘(the horus-spirit) (by) ursa major’,
[8]-   as ‘the willpower / (of?) the root / of saturn’,

The text which refers to these reads:
“Those who are in this picture doth this great god call by their names, [saying]:–‘My hidden appearances and my secret radiance cause your life, O ye who advance to your shadows, who are free to move or are shrouded in respect of the arms by the Form in his holy places, whose breaths are of the utterances of my mouth, which giveth life and ye speak therewith, whose offerings are on my boat whereon your souls live, ye who have water at the source (?) of Nu wherein the dwellers in the Tuat wash with shouts of joy, perform that which it is your right to do, and let your souls be in the following of [my] created things.’ Their work in the Tuat is to make to advance the hidden things of this great god to the hidden House each day when they appear with this great god in the upper heaven.”

[full text over all figures, until serpent:]
[by] the house of speech for the an-face. the speech. to become the great pillar. this. god. [for] speech and nature (kher).; [by means of] them (ad.souls). eden speech to manifest (perr). [through] every (neb). light (eden’s). [as] the thing to hide. [namely as] the house of fat (eden aspects). [fór] speech. to become the great pillar. theis (pn). god.;
[by] the original adamite soul. to make [the words of] the turtle (*pic,thes-dome,s-shetau). [in order for] the thing to make to ascend (sãrt). [namely] the sbat/tuathouse. of [=by?]. this. their (ad.souls). thing of speech to make (‘eye’). (gap of 3,likely). [for] me. the words to transform. [by means of] to come the branch [as former double-root of eden willpower to wander] (khet+walk). of [=for]. existence (matrix). [of] these (to connect to). Ba spirit-souls.;

[as] these (connect to). images (words/to make). [through] to sacrifice (maã)., [in order for] to become the m-b-soul-adam’s hebrew-H for hail [of matrix] (áHi). [for] the gods. [of] the tuathouse (*pic,yellow cube). [of] existence (matrix).;
[as] the dimensions (matrix). [by] the gift. [of] willpower (eden’s). [in] the dimension of the dome of Nu [in top cube]. [becoming?] the power of the sekhem-sceptre (word-sorcery).; [by] existence (eden’s). [as] this (to conn to). existence (matrix). [namely] the dimension. [by] he (eden). of [=for]. hail. [of] these (to conn to). Ba spirit-souls. [as] the words of ãnkh-life.;

my. boat (glyph). the head (main-boat = construct). [as] this (to conn to). existence. [through] the offered aspects in H’etep(field). [for] within.; [and so] this (to conn to). mountain (when eden’s). [as] he. the word to keep captive and to breathe by (sqr,two meanings).; [in order for] my. mouth (this place). [as] the root (P). the head (main-root). this (to connect to). eden aether (redness,t’eser+). [for] he (the). solarplane (b). the speech. to guide.; [and by] the words of willpower of speech. the thing to hide. [namely] to make the word of the soul-pool [via the adamite soul] (s-shu?,no det.). [as] this. which are. these. shadows-energyfields (glyph). [for?] the [an-] face (áten?)., [through?] them (ad.souls). to go embrace (skhn). [for] this (to conn to). words of ãnkh-life.;
(last five glyphs magically-dangerous)
existence (matrix). [of] willpower., [by] to become the word by the turtle (sh tau). [as] my. light of m-b-soul-adam in the dimensional background of saturn (h’ai+). [through] the daily sacrifices [by eden] (ámennu). [for?] my. houses., [those sacrifices being] their (ad.souls). names. [as] their (ad.souls). speech. [of] he (the). mountain (when eden’s)., [in order to] become the great pillar. this. god., to become (áu). these (pn). designs and nature (skhru)., [because] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new (matrix) (un).”;


16. A goddess, seated on the backs of two serpents, which lie side by side, and appear to issue from her feet; her left hand grasps the body of one serpent, and her right is held up before her face. [1] Her name is NEBT-ANKHIU.[2] In front of her are three other goddesses, who are similarly seated; their names are NEBT-KHU,[3] NERT-ABUI,[4] and MER-ENT-NETERU,[5],[6]

[1] –   four goddesses in total, as four stacked thes-domes considering
the curved backs of the snakes; altogether making ‘eight’,
as the theme of this register; the double-ureaus of each one can be the double STT in each sbkht
corner-gate of book of Gates; the hand holding the uraei is as
holding eden’s eye, and the raised hand, as praise, to create another
eye (?, since ‘women’ are ‘constructs’),
[2] –   as ‘the gods (matrix) / who are / to desire / for / to revolve’
[3] –   as ‘the spirits’ / (by) the chalice’,
[4] –   as ‘the two horns / the thing of speech /(for) existence’ (matrix),
unclear: but as the two horns is in BD165 as well, in same context,
[5] –   as ‘the ãnkh-lives / (by) the chalice’,
[6] –   unlikely it reads as a sentence, since the glyphs are not inbetween,

The text reads: Those who are in this picture have their arms on the earth and their feet and legs in the darkness. When this great god crieth to them in their own bodies, they utter cries; they do not depart from their places, but their souls live in the word of the forms which come forth from their feet every day. When the shades appear, the winds which are in the Tuat cease from the faces of these goddesses.”

[full text over them, starting in the back, very tricky:]

“the thing of m-b-soul-adam of speech to connect to existence as the god (netherit). [as being] the eden realm [for] the faces (of the spirits).; of [=by] (means of). the thing of the Sba-stargate [middle] (tuathouse?). [to get?] the words of breath-air (‘wind’). [by] to make to descend hebrew-H (s-Ha+). [in order for?] the shadows-energyfields as the thing of m-b-soul-adam of the star(gate) Sb (sbit+shadows). [for] the manifestation by eden speech (perrt).; [by means of] every (neb). light (eden’s). [by] them (ad.souls). [through?] the legs,thighs [both side-sba-gates?] (glyph)., of [=by]. them (ad.souls). eden speech to manifest., [in order] to guide. the word of voice [from below] (kher-u). them (ad.souls). [by?] the Ba spirit-souls. [for] the ãnkh-life. [through?] their (ad.souls). throne of adamite (ást)., [in order] of [=for]. thier (ad.souls). thing to come (glyph). nót.;

[by] them (ad.souls). the speech and nature (kher). (to become) [just as] the word of hebrew-H-house. [for] existences. [by means of] the Self (tches). [through] their (ad.souls). body [thing of the serpent] [tch-t]. of [=as] their (ad.souls). speech. [of] he (the). mountain (when eden’s). [fór] to become the great pillar. this (pn). god.; to become (áu). [by] having become words of darkness (kku+scroll) [!]. [by] them (ad.souls). [through?] the legs,thighs. [to?] the land (south,eden’s).; of [=by]. them (ad.souls). the things of daily sacrifice (MENnutu). [for] these (pn). designs and nature (skhru)., [because] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new (matrix) (un).”;

B] notes:
…headache-paragraph, this;
the doubled-ureaus *may* be “the both-Sba gates left and right of
the centre one” (the Sba gate of speech, or Sbit here), both gates
imagined where the ureaus touches the ground;
— second paragraph, the line reads SNu TCH SNu TCH-T, two
times ‘them’, but since it makes no sense that the TCH stands alone,
the line reads as above;
…we suggest here,
that these ‘words of darkness’, are ‘blowing back INto the cube, via
both side-Sba-gates’, as some bizarre perpetual vacuumpump, where
the middle Sbait-gate is taking in eden’s words;
compare also the set-up in lower register of hour V,


MENÁT necklace, it’s stylized form is worn by the deity;
a typical attribute of H’ether/Saturn, Anubis, but also Khensu
(this earth’s moon); as many beads on one side and an iron
counterweight at the back; the beads should be the ‘sand’, SHÃ,
hour V, as mutilated-eden-particles (for lack of better term) having
turned into saturn’s crystalline energies; the ‘iron’, Baá, should be
their pre-eden type energy (?); both his heads show the Dualistic
nature of Saturn’s realm, ruling by vampiring ãnkh-life (symbol) and
ruling the spinal nerve-system (uas);

[continuous line over all plates, in ceiling:]
[by] to sacrifice (maã)., [to get] the garment-body (glyph). [of] the land (eden’s). of [=for]. to become equipped. the khu-spirit., of [=by] (means of). it (garment?). to cleave (pesesh). of [=as]. thing of the original adamite soul. [fór] speech and nature (rekh=kher).; to become (word/hail). the house of the thing split-off (see note). [as?] the thing to hide (restored). [namely] the house of fat. [by?] the east., [for] the [an-] face. designs and nature (skhru). of [=by]. \\which is. these. to guide. alike-adam (miá)., [in order for] to become the blueprint to build [by] (qet’nu). alike-adam.; [by means of] existence (eden’s). [for] existence. the thing to make (‘eye’). [namely] the word of hail.;
[by means of] the land (eden’s). of [=for]. (the words) to transform (kheperu). to become the things to birth. [for] speech., [by means of] to come the branch (khet,former d-root). of [=for]. existence (matrix). [as] the doubled-original-adamite-soul (?,2xS). [for?] willpower. [of] existence (matrix)., [in,to] the place. [of] adam-within. [for] divine speech and nature (rekh=kher). [through?] the phallus [inverse pillar]. within (in eden). to guide.;

[by means of] forever. to be devoured (ãm+scroll). the sky of earth. which is. the thing of the east (read,phallus devours earth sky still in south). [of] the mountain (when eden’s).,of [=as]. the thing of great speech. [fór] the house (this place)., [as] the speech. [of] the original adamite soul (‘to direct’, ser). the speech. [for] the [an-] face. this. god., [by means of] to wander the thing of double-root of willpower (eden’s). from the sbat / to the tuathouse. which is. (gap 1x?). become the thing of the turtle (thes-dome). [for this?] qerrt cave [of eden speech rr].”;

B] notes:
…the “doubled-original adamite soul”.. is perhaps not that strange;
in CT are the ‘nets’ [which must be eden’s eye herself,ofcourse] also
áásst or similar forms; we suggest they doubled the soul as they
doubled the ‘wandering root of willpower of eden’, ÃPP+walk,
turning into the ‘staff to come’, KHET;
but they address ‘certain qualities of the adamite soul’ as “doubled”;

 ——————- end UPPER REGISTER

6/5/17 PostScriptum:

No, these things dont belong by the text: but the dream didn’t make Sense,
until revising BD 156 that morning:
= 165

waking in 6/5 with fragmented non-sensical dreams –
a teenager-girl was shot in the head by two snipers; then on the market
strolled a young male, connected to the shooting; he tore off the bulb
of a weird grown tomato, as if it were two, but connected in the centre;

..a third part – a gasoline truck, the truck had a container, as well as the trailer;
inside the truck-tank was a male, a warrior, dressed in a weird red type
star-wars suit, thinking he was Trapped inside the large drum:
..he started to hammer the walls of the tank with an axe, being sure he would
succeed to break out — i saw he wouldn’t, ofcourse; and one of us hurried to
the tank to tell him, the lock to the door was on the INside, with hím.
When the door of the large drum opened, and the guy was taken out, on a
stretcher, i saw he had aged in that half an hour 50 years —
his face was had turned completely white; greywhite hair and beard,
closed eyes, totally unconscious
– i woke

No, these things dont belong by the text: but the dream didn’t make Sense,
until revising BD 156 that morning: when it turned out that the dream
was about this XI hour — about their construct of the Self:
a composite-construct, just as the truck and tomato, and the doubled-soul
being Trapped *in* one half of their construct;
the ‘girl’ representing their Self ‘in the head’ (hopefully being shot, now)

— the ‘red’ theme of this is KHENEMT, ‘amethyst’, in tomorrow’s BD,


amTuat— eleventh hour links:

middle register: thes-dome or boat of Rã stream
upper register: the realm above the thes-dome
lower register: inside top of cube



THE ELEVENTH DIVISION of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the ELEVENTH HOUR of the night, is introduced by three lines of text, which read:–
“The Majesty of this great god taketh up his position in this Circle, and he addresseth words unto the gods who are in it. The name of the gate of this City through which this great god hath entered is SEKEN-TUATIU; the name of this City is RE-EN-QERERT-APT-KHATU; the name of the hour of the night which guideth this great god is SEBIT-NEBT-UAA-KHESFET-SEBA-EM-PERT-F.”

[introduction text:]
“the divine feminine light of the star (see below). it’s. manifestations (pertu,mult.). of [=by]. the Enemy (sbá). the thing to go repulse (kheseft). [by?] the boat (uáa). [of] the master-holder. [as?] the light of the star [sothis?] (sbit+). [for,by] the great pillar. this. god., to go the thing to guide. [of] darkness [plexus+saturn] (gerh’). which is. the Time-dimension (unnut). existence., [in] name [of].:
the house. the words of,for the dead bodies (khatu). [as] the thing to value (ápt). [of this] qerrt cave.; [for] existence (matrix). of [=by]. the Mouth (speaking creation,north). [as,by]. this. place. [for] existence., [in] name [of].: the Great Door. [for] the gods of the Tuat (underworld). to embrace (sekhen). he (the). speech for the anunna-face (vesica north)., [through] the great pillar. this. god., [by] the word to invade (ãqu,comp.). [in] this (tn). place. [of] existence. the SBA-stargate. [of] existence (eden’s). [for] existence (matrix). [of] speech. [by] the adamite soul.;
[as] the words of adam-within. [for] the gods., [by] existence’s (eden’s). word to command. [by] it (the). decree by law., [by] this. qerrt cave. of [=for?]. the great pillar. this. god., [for] existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [of] peace [of Saturn (h’etep).”;

….both the god and goddess glyph have been used in above paragraph; hence we chose “feminine light of the star”; perhaps this star is SBA-stargate related – “windows at the edges of the hebrew-H cube, as described by Henoch – but the SBA concept has not become clear enough, as of yet;
it appears that this gate is being turned into the nature of SEPT’T, Sirius,

In the middle register are:–
1. The boat of the sun, in which stands the god under a canopy formed by the body of the serpent Mehen; on his head are horns and a disk. On the high prow of the boat is a disk, encircled by a uraeus, which is called PEST’U.

PEST’U, “the stars/[for] the shining backbone”, being the inversion of SEP, the vesica south, containing S adamite soul, and P root; and this disk has just óne ureaus:
…if you remember that the ãnkh pillar is alike the caduceus, seen right; starting out of the Eye south, making it’s way North to create the vesica there; then one of both caduceaus serpents should be the PEST’-shining-backbone; ending into the eastern vesica house, aka “winged disk”, sundisk;

prezi. com

The text reads:
“This great god journeyeth on his way in the City in this picture, and his sailors, who are the gods, guide him into the eastern horizon of the sky. The star PESTET which is on its boat guideth this great god into the ways of the darkness which gradually lightens, and illumineth those who are on the earth.”

[text over boat:]
“the gods. [of] the land. [by] the words of adam-within. to make to illumine (s-h’etch, saturn). mms plural. [from] the words of darkness (keku). [into] the ways of speech., [by] the great pillar. this. god. existence (eden’s). to guide. [as] the adamite soul’s. boat head (main-boat). [as] the serpent-star for the shining backbone., [for] the sky of earth., which is. [by] the eastern (áabtt). house of the horizon (vesica).;
[through] the speech. [of] the prisoner (su,Cain). them (ad.souls). to ferry-over. [for] the gods. who are. he. the things to build (qetu). this. designs (sekheru). of [=for,by]. this. place., of [=by]. the great pillar. this. god. to go make to build [from blueprints] (sqet’t).”;

2. Twelve gods, who march before the boat of the god bearing the serpent MEH’EN on their heads;
….”upon their heads” is “to be ruled by”; MEH’EN is the wall of the ãnkh torus;
their names are:–
“the m-beautified-soul-adam/to (be) filled (by)“.
3. SEKHENNU, “the word-inside/to embrace”, also ‘support, prop’,
4. SHETU, 5. AMA, 6. AMU,
7. RET’Ã, “the willpower/[of] the hand/[for?] the Mouth”,
8. SHEPU, “the word/to acquire”,
11. ERMENU, “the word-inside/for/speech”,
12. FA (?), or KAT, either “to bear up” or “to work”;
…..the names are unclear as of yet, as is their number of twelve;
but it appears they represent twelve stolen aspects of the “hand” – the place of Eden’s rule, sóuth – and therefore gained the right to Tow it [that place] now as PEST’-disk into the North.

The text reads:
“Those who are in this picture are in front of this great god, and they carry the serpent Mehen-ta on their heads into this City, and they travel onwards in the following of Ra into the Eastern Horizon of the sky. This god crieth unto them by their names, and he decreeth for them what they have to do. And Ra saith unto them:–‘O ye who keep ward over your serpent-figures with your two hands, lift ye up your heads, whose hands are strong, whose feet are firm, who perform the journeyings which ye are bound to make, who make long your steps as ye go, unite ye yourselves to your offerings in the Hall of the Eastern Horizon.’ Their work is to make the serpent Mehen to travel to the Eastern Hall of the Horizon, and they unite themselves to their habitations after this great god hath passed through the darkness and hath taken up his place in the horizon.”

[full text above gods:]

[five glyphs surplus from Budge’s next section required here:]
“the Watercourse [eden’s axis]. [of] existence (eden’s). [by] the turtle [sh-pool] (sheta). to go guide., [for] the house of the horizon (ákhet,north). to become the peace [of saturn]. [from] the word of darkness. [through] the great pillar. this. god.,
to go hurry to. return (khet). [by] them (ad.souls). the houses of the tongue (thrones;nestu)., [for by] them (ad.souls). [is] the peace [of saturn]., [by] the house of the horizon (vesica north). existence (eden’s). [in] the eastern. ãrrit house., [by] speech. it. [as] the things wandering-astray (shemtu,adam-related). [as] the speech. [for] Mehén (torus walls).;
[through?] the Tool (retã,willpower/speech). [of] this. their (ad.souls). Eye. [for?] the Eastern (áabtt). house of the horizon., which is. the ãrrit house. [of] speech. [through] these (connect to). offerings [of aspects] in the field of Saturn (h’etep+foods). of [=for]. this. peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
of [=by]. this (conn to). fighters,slaughterers? to come (nemmtu). existence. ‘the root to flee’? (t’ep+walk). these. things to wander-astray (see above)., [and] existence (eden’s). to go sacrifice (maã). [for?] these (conn to). legs (ret’,south). to become stable., [by] this (to conn to). willpower. [for] willpower. [of] existence (matrix).;
[by] to become erased (t’er+scroll). these (conn to). heads [ad.originals]. this (conn to). existence (eden’s).; [and] to bear up. this. existence. willpower. of [=by]. it. this. to go guide.; [and] this. existence. to guard. [by] Rã., [as] their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
[from] them (ad.souls). (to make) images (áru). [of] their (ad.souls). existence. to become by decree of law., [by?] their (ad.souls). names. of [=for]. their (ad.souls). speech. [for?] he (the). beautified-soul., [by?] the (evil) mountain. this. god., to become (áu). the sky of earth. which is. [by] the eastern. house of the horizon (north). [as?] the speech. [of] Rã. to return (khet)., of [=by] their (ad.souls). wandering root of willpower (ãpp+walk). [from?] this place.;
[by] the speech. [of] their (ad.souls). heads. [is] the land. [of] Meh’en (torus walls)., [by] them (ad.souls). to guard (saaa). [by] he (the). great pillar. this. god.,[by] the frontside [of body] (h’at). of. them (ad.souls). [as] the designs (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence (matrix) to become new.”;

the mystery called “the mountain”, T’U:

…used glyphs are “the hand” and the word, U, which is also the very root of the term T’UAT; the T’ [pronounced D] as place of eden’s rule, may very well be part of the word ADAM/td>

– in above double-picture, from the Book of Gates, you see the same “camel hump”: but if you look close, then óne of both is upside-down – the “mountain of Set”. The book describes the scene as follows:
“….the boat of the sun is supposed to sail between them, and to enter by this passage into the Tuat. On the right hand is fixed a jackal-headed standard, and on each side of it kneels a bearded god; one god is called TAT, and is a personification of the region which is beyond the day, and the other SET, and represents the funeral mountain.”
The “sailing inbetween them” should imply something is cut in half; that the SET side is “upside-down” is the typical description for the very reálm of Eden, which is, in their eyes, upside down;
[note – we cannot verify Budge’s presented text of this book, until we find the originals]

left: the same glyph SET is used here:

“the foreign land/[of] he” [of hebrew-H]; the other “hill”, in form of shrine, ÃT UHEMT, “daily renewal by hebrew-H/[of] the house of Fat”, the latter representing stolen aspects;

to the right, you see ‘titl of Anubis’, ÁAT F T’UT, “the region/[of] his/thing of the mountain”; and T’UT QENÁ REREK, the serpent Rerek “the speech/the garment-body/[of] the mountain”, being “eden speech, RR”; as well as the term BAKHU, “the mountain in the East where Rã speared Set”. To complicate things more, (they always do that), this serpent of speech, of which the spells are very afraid, stating “do not say its name” [add CT*], should be the same as the serpent ÁMi HeH, “the flame /of eternal hebrew-H/[of] adam-within”; see below [add CT HeH]
and according to the spells, Rã fights daily with this serpent, and daily wins, by using Set [fallen adamite] helping him out [sic!]; but the theme is too extensive for this hour, now;

….this cut-in-half mountain cóuld be “the surrounded mountain of Zion, with the tree of life”, as described in Henoch’s journey: in the form of “siphoning Off her, by surrounding her”;
compare the glyph T’UT QENÁ REREK, above – where it appears that the garment cóvering the mountain, is spoken bý the mountain: and that garment is being Siphoned-off. This theme has to be congruent with this XI hour: because in the H’ÃT’-furnaces, the “layers of the adamite soul are being burned-Off”;
which are garment-bodies by spéech — exactly those layers [often termed SHES-garment-body in the spells] which they so desire to give themsélves the qualities alike the original adamite souls.

In previous picture we saw “the house of Fat”, a term often returning in the spells; but several CT also use the term “vineyard”, T’UÁ, mountain+beautified-soul, where the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit) as Ba-soul (solarplane type spirit) dwells:
compare the other name for the mountain BAKHU, above, in which the glyph BA as bird-spirit appears.

suggested nature and location of the mountain T’U:

…in the chapters about Leviathan and Behemoth it showed that Ezekiel’s temple is the “centre register of the three”, in order to rule those realms; it *cannot* be coincidence, that Amtuat uses the same setting, in order to change it to théir realm.
Ezekiel also describes “the high mountain of Zion, and on top of it the Temple”, and “the Eastern gate of the templecourt” [of hebrew-H cube], which then should be the Watercourse – eden’s axis – connected to heaven: and in above paragraph of the twelve deities, the Watercourse IS related to the mountain T’U.
[paragraph will be extended when more context is found]

3. The serpent SESHEM-SHET. On his back rests the Red Crown, and in an angle of it is a human head.
….”the soulpool, south/to guide”; the red crown represents the “stolen aether of eden”, T’ESHER, see for the topic also the Revelation pages;
4. The serpent SEM-NEBTHET. On his back rests the White Crown, from each side of which projects a bearded human head. “the master-holder, the chalice carrying the solarplane/to guide”; the white crown representing the speech of the solarplane/saturn, to go create things fróm Tesher; the double-head may be the “pre-eden solarplane” and “post-eden ãnkh-torus” — we saw in hour IV how both scepters were added by the hawk with two heads;
The text reads:
“[These are] the hidden images of Horus which are at the second door of the thick darkness, [on] the holy road to Sait (Saïs). When this great god crieth out to them (i.e., to the two serpents) these hidden heads make their appearance, and then they swallow their own forms (i.e., they disappear).”

[text above two serpents:]
“to penetrate, (khet). of. them (ad.souls). to guide. them (ad.souls). [by] speech and nature (kher)., [by] to devour (ãm). [by] the turtle (SH-lands). their (ad.souls). head., [for] speech and nature (kher). to manifest (per). théir (ad.souls). speech. [of] he (the). (evil) mountain., [by] the great pillar. this. god., to become (áu). [by] the place of Sait. sanctifying (t’eser). the Watercourse [eden axis] (ua)., [by] to become the united words (smau). [as] words of darkness. [for] existence (matrix). [for] the 2nd, secondary. \\ Tuat house., [by] the speech. [of] thém (ad.souls)., existence (matrix) to become new.”;

5. NEITH of the phallus, wearing the Red Crown.
6. NEITH of the Red Crown, wearing the Red Crown.
7. NEITH Of the White Crown, wearing the White Crown.
8. NEITH the Young, wearing the White Crown.
The text reads:
“Those who are in this picture of [this] door [are] in the form which Horus made; when this god crieth out to them by their names they spring into life at the sound of his voice, and it is they who guard the holy gate of the city of SAIT (Saïs), which is unknown, and cannot be seen, and cannot be looked at.”

“the light of speech by the Root (eden’s) as thing (TPR,comp.?). nót.;
the pupils/eyes. [as] thing. nót.;
he. to know (rekh). the thing. nót.;
the place of Sait (of Neith). to sanctify (t’eser). the Tuat house., [by] to guard (saa). them (ad.souls). who are. [to] he (the). voice. [as] the thing to listen to (setchemt)., [and] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to open the windpipe [of the pillar] to can breathe (seqer).;
[by] their (ad.souls). names. of [=by]. their (ad.souls). speech., he. the (evil) mountain. this. god., to become (áu). [by?] the Watercourse [eden axis] (ua). [for] existence (matrix). to make. to guide. of [=for]. this. Tuat house., [by] this. designs (sekheru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls)., existence (matrix) to become new.”;


amTuat— eleventh hour links:

middle register: thes-dome or boat of Rã stream
upper register: the realm above the thes-dome
lower register: inside top of cube

revised: 8/5/17
immediately related to upper xi

In the lower register are:–
1. Horus, hawk-headed and wearing a disk, leaning with his right shoulder upon a long staff, and holding in his left hand a boomerang, one end of which is in the form of a serpent’s head [1]
2. A huge serpent, called the “Everlasting SET,” standing upon his tail. [2]

[1] –   the boomerang as the UR H’EKAU sceptre, a curved stick with it’s
top surmounted by a snake-head; likely made out of reddish acacia
wood, being eden’s trees; ‘words of sorcery / of very great speech’,
[2] –   as ‘(for) eternity / the thing of the original adamite soul’,
these ‘things’ (aspects) of original soul made to stand upright by the
words/of sorcery from just before,


3. A large pit, with a vaulted roof, filled with fire, wherein “the enemies” of Ra are being consumed; the name of the pit is HATET-KETITS, and is presided over by a goddess with the head of a lioness, who holds in her hands a large knife, and pours fire into it from her mouth. [1]
4. A smaller pit, with a vaulted roof, filled with fire, wherein “the enemies” are being consumed; the name of the pit is HATET-HANTU-S, and it is presided over by a goddess with a human head, who holds in her hands a large knife, and pours fire into it from her mouth. [2]
5. A pit similar to the above, wherein “the souls” are being consumed; the name of the pit is HAT-NEKENIT, and it is presided over by a goddess as in No. 4. [3]
6. A similar pit, wherein “the shades (or, shadows)” are being consumed; the name of the pit is HAT-NEMMAT-SET, and it is presided over by a goddess as in No. 4. [4]
7. A similar pit, wherein “the heads,” are being consumed; the name of the pit is HAT-SEFU-S, and it is presided over by a goddess as in No. 4. [5]

[1] –   (from?) impr. ad. soul / things of m-b-s-adam of another / dome+hand+background’,
in pit: ‘(dangerous) things of he for the kh-house’ [lioness]
[2] –   ‘imprisoned ad. soul / mountain(s) existence background of saturn / d+h+background’,
in pit: ‘(dangerous things)[woman]
[3] –   ‘to cut the thing of m-b-soul-adam (for) existence to copulate with / d+h+background’,
in pit: ‘Ba spirit-souls’ [woman]
[4] –   ‘thing of imprisoned adamite soul / the things to dissect / dome+hand+background’,
in pit: ‘shadows (energy fields)[woman]
[5] –   ‘the imprisoned adamite soul / to cut the things of yesterday / dome+hand+background’,
in pit: ‘heads’ [woman]

…yes we try to squeeze-out every Drop we can, out of these;
– H’ATT+dome: in CT is also H’AT-land, so it must be a region;
another (unposted) CT uses different names as ÁAT’T, NEMMT
and ÁTH’, but we still look into those; for now, it appears this region
is “inbetween eden eye and top of cube”;
– in two pits, the “ward-off glyph” is used, and could be understood as
‘enemies’, but cannot make Sense here; then it must imply ‘dangerous
things’ – read, eden aspects ‘being neutralized’,
in the Draft, we could not understand how come that ‘Ba souls’ are in
one of those pits, if the others would be filled with ‘enemies’: but the
context must be that “in these pits, the concepts are Smelted”, where
the women do not spit ‘fire’, as such, but “essence” (to spit = essence);
– the ‘imprisoned adamite soul’ uses another S as ‘original adamite soul’;
we are not sure if the former was placed on purpose here;

pits themselves:
a] four pits, relating to the four in the abyss-pit?, and one with a lioness,
b] the line could start with ‘from’, being the áspects of the same souls who
are upside-down in the abyss-pit,
c] then the second pit can be “from the soul / to have back the dimensional
foreground of the disputed mountain”, (but aspects as what?),
d] third pit reads in the text “the thing of anóther”, being eden; this ‘other’
not being “of themselves” as in 1], which is K-T there, here KIT;
and since the Ba spirit-souls, formerly as ‘dead bodies’ Khatu, are smelted
here, it may tell they get ‘the thing óf m-b-s-adam’; the ‘to copulate with’
is the root NEK used here;
we suggested that the (only) 1 thing adam (legally had to) share with them,
was the aspect of phallus-type-masculinity, and in upper register, the row of
completed Ba-souls show that prominently;
e] the fourth pit, the ‘shadows’ all ‘fly up’ to the upper register, making the Self,
f] and the fifth, cannot be the heads of adamites themselves, that is tuat V;
the term ‘yesterday’ as SEF, “his (eden’s) / original adamite soul”, should then
perhaps read ‘from the imprisoned soul / to cut the things of he the orig. soul’;

stepdown: aspects – original soul – imprisoned soul
…the text reads from right to left across the plates, and requires some type logic;
— the goddesses represent ‘willpower, speech, the root and garment-body’,
— the original adamite souls are upside down in the abyss pit,
— the aspects óf them are smelted, leaving the ‘imprisoned adamite soul’,
— those neutralized aspects show up as “four arm-less Ba-souls” in upper register,
yet having the same nature as those which the goddesses here brought;

8. A very large pit, with a vaulted roof, filled with fire, in which are immersed, head downwards, four male figures; the name of this pit is ANT-SEKHETU, “the valley of those who are turned upside down. [6]

[6] –  as ‘ (the ones) to hang upside down in fire / (in?) the abyss’,

…the location is not clear; would it be somewhere near the ravine?
but why so far away from the top of the mountain?

The text reads:
(moved section) “The Majesty of this god uttereth the decree, [saying]:–‘Hack in pieces and cut asunder the bodies of the enemies and the members of the dead who have been turned upside down, O my father Osiris……… and let me come forth from it. My father having [once] been helpless hath smitten you, he hath cut up your bodies, he hath hacked in pieces your spirits and your souls, and hath scattered in pieces your shadows, and hath cut in pieces your heads; ye shall never more exist, ye shall be overthrown, and ye shall be cast down headlong into the pits of fire; and ye shall not escape therefrom, and ye shall not be able to flee from the flames which are in the serpent SET-HEH.’
‘The fire Of HERT-KETTUT-S is against you, the flames of HERT-HATU-S are against you, the blazing heat of HERT-NEMMAT-S is against YOU, HERT-SEFU-S is against you, and she stabs at you, and hacks you in pieces, and cuts you up in such wise that ye shall never again see those who are living upon the earth.”

[text over the larger abyss pit:]
“the divine house \\[as] the thing of the Sba(gate). [of] Horus’. majesty (h’em). [for] existence of hail.; [by means of] every light of willpower of speech (rã). them (ad.souls). to guide. [by] decree of law (of the hand).; to become (áu). the Tuat house (*pic,yellow cube). of [=as]. these. designs and nature (skhru). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new (matrix) (unn).;

[text over other five pits until end, pits noted by numbering:]
[fór] the heads [1]. the words of ãnkh-life. these (to conn to). the double-light (glyph). nót.;
[but] these. to make slaughtered pieces of meat [via orig.ad.soul] (s-shãtu). [in order for] to shoot out [of the hand] (eden’s,ut’). [as] these (to conn to). to cut the things in the beautingplace of ãt’ =?. imprisoned adamite soul. to make. the divine original adamite soul. to cut the words of yesterday [of he the original ad.soul] (sefu). [for] the house of speech for the an-face (XI upper).; [by means of] existence (eden’s). this (to conn to). within. the t’es flint-knife (hour VIII?). [for] this (to conn to). speech.

[by] the divine things to dissect [in slaughterhouse] (nemmt+) [4]. [for] the speech of the an-face. [for] existence. [by] the mouth (likely)., of [=by]. adam-within., [as] the flame of the word to balance the solarplane (bkhkhu,cont.). [for] this (to conn to). the speech. [of?] the divine original adamite soul (construct). [of] the mountain. in the dimensional background of saturn (h’a) (when theirs). [as?] the flame the things of the word of the original adamite soul. [for] existence (matrix) (pun on tongue?). this (to conn to). speech.;
the original adamite soul. [for] the things of (the word of) another (of matrix) (ktuttu). the thing (t). the flame of things of eden’s imprisoned word [+watercourse] (uaatu). this (to connect to). speech. [as] the serpent for millions being the thing of the original adamite soul (literal, but see A). [of] adam-within., [as?] the flame of words alike-adam (mmu,weak form). this. to come T’A. nót.;
this. to come BEN. nót.; (last glyphs unclear context)

the inverse domes (don’t look as mountain). [of] the background of saturn. of [=as]. this (to conn to). existence (eden’s). to fall down., [and] this (to conn to; thn). to become connected to (nth). existence (matrix)., [through] this (to conn to). to come upside-down head in fire (sekht’+walk). [in order for] these. to be re-transformed (kheper+scroll). [by] existence (eden’s). nót.;
these. heads. existence. to cut (áqs,seqá?). [for?] these (to conn to). the shadows [energyfields] (glyph) [4]. [as] to come the thing of hebrew-H to the solarplane (literal,Hebt+walk). [to] these (to conn to). the Ba spirit-souls., [being] the sons. [by] to cut the things of anóther (see note). [for] existence (matrix). of [=for]. these. dead bodies.;

existence (eden’s). [of] he (eden). the evil [of copulating with hail] (neká). [tó] he (the). helpless (of solarplane,bag). to come (as) the branch (khet,former ãpp). of [=ás]. the divine father (átf; the branch is)., [in order] to strike [word/saturn] (h’u). he (eden). [into being] within., [for] my. existence. to manifest (per).;
[as] (the dangerous) things of the son. [namely] the words (eden’s). [as] dead lights (metu+). to wander-astray [adam-related] (shem). [tó] the one (tu). existence of hail (matrix,án).;
[by] to come the words of m-b-soul-adam (to be) upside-down into fire (sekhet’iuu+walk). (for the horus-spirit as the thing of m-b-soul-adam?,ittiu?). of [=for]. the word of flesh [of saturn] (h’ãu)., [as] the (lights of) the enemy(s). [for] the word for the dead body.;
[by] Osiris. the divine father (tef). to strike [word/saturn] (h’u,?). the slaughtered pieces of meat (shãtu). to make. this. god.; [in order for] existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence of hail (matrix)., [by] to become the true voice by decree of law.”;

…we need to review how these four, and four in large pit,
relate to the ‘four type humans’ in Book of Gates,

9. Four goddesses, each one with the sign for eastern desert on her head; their names are:–
1. PESI, [1] 2. REKHIT, [2] 3. HER-SHAU-S, [3] 4. SAIT [4]
10. The god HER-UTU-F, [5] a sceptre in his left hand, and the sign of “life,” an ankh, in his right.

[1] –   as ‘the thing of m-b-soul-adam (for) the son’,
[2] –   as ‘the original adamite soul’s / willpower-aspects / (for?) the dome’,
[3] –   as ‘the thing of m-b-s-adam (for) saturn-thou-speech’,
[4] –   as ‘the m-b-soul-adam’s adamite soul (for?) the root’,
[5] –   as ‘his (eden’s) / broad things to embalm / (for?) the dome’,


– they look to the past/eden, wearing the glyph ‘foreign land’ (eden),
the supervisor of those four attributes (because four females) shows
that these aspects will be stripped then embalmed, be neutralized;
note in 4] how it is similar to bd165, “the original adamite soul / (of)
if these four are related to the four upside-down inside the largest pit,
then perhaps the four aspects above could read “willpower, speech,
the adamite soul itself, and the garment-body” (?), the garment related
to ‘son of them’, and the willpower has the aspect-glyph (not SH),

The text reads:
(moved his section to here) “As for those who are in this picture in the Tuat, it is the Majesty of HERU-TUATI who giveth the order for their slaughter each day. Those who are in this picture, who are depicted with the enemies of Osiris of the Tuat, and with HER-UTU-F, who is the guardian of this Circle, live by means of the voice of the enemies, and by the cries of entreaty of the souls and shadows which have been placed in their pits of fire.”
[full text over five deities, starting in the back, until the large pit:]
(by) them (ad.souls)., the mountain. [of] the [dimensional] background of Saturn (h’a)., [by means of] speech. [of] their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). the word. to be given.; [as] the double-shadow [energyfield] (glyph). [fór] the son., to become the tooth (of saturn as Sb) (sbeh’). of [=as]. (lights of) the enemy(s). [for] the word of voice [from below] (kheru). of [=by] (means of?). them (ad.souls). [for] the ãnkh-life. [by] this (tn). qerrt cave [of eden speech].;

(gap 1x?) the word to protect., [through] them (ad.souls) (s=sn?). of [=by]. the divine he the broad things to embalm (deity). [fór] the dome of speech for the an-face (thes-dome). the tuathouse/sbat. of [=as?]. Osiris. (gap?). existence., [as] (lights of) the enemy(s). of [=for]. the designs and nature (skhru). [of] the word. (gap?). [in order] of [=for]. to connect to. speech and nature (kher)., [as] their (ad.souls). (end plate). thing (t). [for] this (pn). designs and nature (skhru)., of [=by]. them (ad.souls). existence to become new (matrix) (unn).”;

– it cannot read ‘their mountain’, hence ‘by / them’,
– usually “enemies”, but the extra glyph may indicate ‘lights’;
however, it would then read “lights / of the enemy” (sing.),

..elsewhere in the text just ‘shadows’, but clear enough that these
are ‘layers over the original adamite soul’ as “things / of the adamite
soul”, S-T; the text seems to suggest there are “three” of those;
— it may very well be, that their chánged garments/layers are the
‘astral body, mental body’ etc, which gnostics keep for the real thing,

—————————— end LOWER REGISTER
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