murals of book of gates, tomb seti I
Gate of the AQEBI serpent – the coil of the solarplane

sarcophogus seti I

THE boat of the sun having passed through the Second Division of the Tuat arrives at the gateway which leads to the THIRD DIVISION. This gateway is unlike the first, which has already been described, for its opening is protected by an outwork, similar to that which protects the door of a fortified building. The outwork is guarded by nine gods, in the form of mummies, who are described as the “second company of the gods,” [1] and in this wall, which completely divides the Second Division from the Third, [2] is an opening, which leads to a corridor that runs between two walls, the tops of which are protected by rows of pointed stakes. At the entrance to the corridor stands a god, in mummied form, called AM-AUA,[3] and at the exit is a similar god called SEKHABESNEFUNEN,[4] each is said to “extend his arms and hands to Ra.” At each side of the angle, near the entrance to the corridor, is a serpent, who ejects flames from his mouth: the flame from the one sweeps along the corridor, at the end of which it is met by the flame from the other serpent which sweeps along the inside of the inner wall. The flames of these serpents are said to be for Ra. [6] The gateway leading to the Third Division is called SEPTET-UAUAU, [5] and the door thereof, which opens inwards, is guarded by the serpent standing on his tail, who is called AQEBI, [7] and faces outwards.

[1] –    in front of the second Ennead is the line,
“the thing of the West. [by] he. to come (..lost).\\which is. this (pn). wandering double-root
(ãpep). [in order for] thou. speech. to come willpower., of [=by]. (means of) (to become)
the m-b-soul-adam’s hebrew-H for hail (áHi). [as] the Dome (glyph). [of] adam-within.,
[through] existence (matrix). to make to open [the door] (sensh). [for]\\the house of the horizon
(*pic,yellow cube)., [by] existence (matrix). the sebekht-gate. to open (un).”
[2] –    text in the side wall:
“to become to bear up. this (2x). god., [by using] them (ad.souls). to make to breathe.
the words. [of] adam-within. [by means of] this (tn). sebekht-gate. of [=for]. to enter (ãq).
existence (eden’s). this. sebekht-gate. [for] the speech. this. god., [and] existence of hail.
to arrive (seper).”,
[3] –    ÃMUÁ QÃH’F Ã-Ã (unreadable)
(unr)/ willpower/willpower/(of) he the/ shoulder/(for) the Heir/ to devour”;
where first willpower and Heir are eden’s; shoulder is thes-dome-axis;
the “light(e)/existence/he the/ willpower/(for)willpower/(of)the shoulder/,
existence/(for)existence/the word/he/existence/to make the khabs(star)“,
the puns are complex, but khabs is the inversion of sbekht (gate),
[5] –    the “fire-drills of the double-watercourse / (to become) the sharp thing”
[6] –    top ureaus, “divine light(m)/(by)their/flames to shoot out(e)
lower ureaus, “light(e)/(of)them/flames to shoot out/(for)divine light(m)“,
the ‘to shoot-out’is eden-eye related; perhaps the re-ordering is on purpose?
[7] –    “the serpent-coil intestine of (the m-b-soul-adam-like) solarplane”,

The texts referring to the entrance of Ra through this gateway read:–

“[When] this god cometh to this gateway, to enter in through this gateway, the gods who are therein acclaim this great god, [saying], ‘Let this gateway be unfolded to KHUTI, and let the doors be opened to him that is in heaven. Come then, O thou traveller, who dost journey in Amentet.’ He who is over this door openeth [it] to Ra. SA saith unto AQEBI, ‘Open thy gate to Ra, unfold thy door to KHUTI. He shall illumine the darkness, and he shall force a way for the light in the habitation which is hidden.’ This door is closed after the great god hath entered through it, and there is lamentation to those who are in their gateway when they hear this door close [upon them].”
[text surrounding the serpent Aqebi:]
[by] this (pn). great door [of pillar] (glyph). to descend hebrew-H [cube] (Haa). [for] them (ad.souls). to listen.; [by] them (ad.souls). the sebekht-gate. [of] adam-within. [for] the speech and nature (kher). [as] the thing of hebrew-H [cube]. this. god., [by] to enter. the branch,staff. of [=for]. this. great door (glyph). [of] existence of hail (matrix).;
[as] the seal. [of] the West. [for] the house of fat (eden aspects)., [through] the light (eden’s). to acquire. [and] it. the words to unite., [by means of] darkness (kk). he (eden). to repulse (khsf)., to become (áu).\\the house of the horizon (*pic,yellow cube). [of] existence (matrix)., [by] thou. the great door. to make to open. [for] the [an-] face (white hole). [of] existence. [and so] thou. the tuathouse. to open [and become new] (un).;
the Aqebi serpent [solarplane coil]. [in] the equilibrium. [of] existence. [for] the side. [of] the [an-] face (white hole). [fór] existence to become new.; [by] this. great door. [of] the [an-] face (eden’s)., [bý] he. existence to become new.”;

B] notes:

…perhaps ‘the staff may enter thróugh that door’, but it is not clear what nature this staff is;
the glyph used is AQ which could be writing of ÃQ,’equilibrium’, or an inversion of QA, high place – but the former seems to be more probable;

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