CT 436

CT 436

CT 436 V 289

b] the serpent namely the evil adamite soul of the intestine (kha-s+,lit.). [for] thou. existence. [as] place-T of sight (maa-t)., [in order for] existence (matrix). to return (h’em).;
a] [and as] thou. speech. [in order for] thou. divine mother [-T] (mut). to manifest (per).;


c] [2 x lost]. the divine mother. [of] thou. existence (matrix)., [by means of] existence (eden’s). to give. speech.; b] [in order for]. thou. the mouth. the head (main-mouth). [of] the opened word-inside. [for] the [an-] face (north).; [through] thou. torso [tiles]. [for] the great pillar. [of] existence of hail.;
a] [through] he. the legs. [of] willpower [for] willpower (matrix). [to be] the word (eden’s). nót.;
[but by] the serpent pupil/wheel of the Ba spirit-soul as the blossom of existence by Saturn (h’embaa+, note). [of] hail.;

V 287

c] Osiris (construct). [word-] inside. [as] the (enemy) things of he for the kh-house., [by] these (numbering,ápu). three. necks (neh’bt,saturn/dragon). [as] the knife of the fish-soul (án+knife). the head (eden’s). to slaughter [through sand] (note). [for] hail.;
b] [and so] the serpent (eden’s). [through] the Ka spirit-doubles. [by] the light of Saturn [to destroy] (h’etch).] to repulse.;
a] [other version:] he. the seed. to ritually sacrifice [cherub] (sma+knife].; [through] the serpent RRK. [for] to repulse.;

—– end CT 436