CT 268

CT 268

CT 268 IV 6-5

a] the Sebek crocodile (deity). of [=by]. words (of speech) to transform.;
f] existence. to connect to. within., [by] the become place-T of the kh-house (not ‘every kind of’). of [=for]. this (pn). N’s (candidate). ãnkh-life., e] [by] this. N’s. h’esep gardens. [as] all [of]. Sebek.;
d] this. N’s. existence. [by, as?] the Ka spirit-double. [for] existence (matrix). [as] the praised m-b-s-adam-like imprisoned cube-H (Heni+).; c] repeat.
b] this (pn). light. of [=for]. place-T of beauty (nefer-t). [as] the field (sekht). [of] the [an-] face. the boat as place-T of the fire-drill (q- k-axis). the [an] face. the doubled-divine place of the word of t’ep. \\[for] place-T of the chalice. \\place-T to flourish. [by] the word of hail.; (?)
a] [through] this. N’s. nurse-mistress place (menãt, note). [for] the speech. [of] the bent-goddess [axis for plasma construct] (khabnut+). [as] the speech. [for] this. N. to make to flourish (via ad.soul)., [as] speech. [of] this. N’s. existence. [in] the place of the word of the djed-pillar (tchet’u). to give. speech. [of] the word of hail.;

IV 4

g] the divine inundation of Saturn’s dimension (h’ep+). [by?] Sebek. [for] the image (place-T of the word to connect to). [of] N-Osiris (candidate)., f] [by means of] the shores [of solarplane centre] (át’ebu). to come the words to orbit (khensu). [as] this. N. existence. [by] to orbit (khens, earth-moon related). e] the field (sekht). [of] the branches of willpower for the pillar (pillar+à+branches).,
[in order] of [=for]. this. N’s. existence. [as] ithyphallic one (pillar+willpower+phallus). d] [by] the face. [of] the crocodile divine-image (ãshem+). [as] the divine-image (ashem). [for] this. N.;
c] the place of the Cauldron (abt’u). which is. [for] the house as place-T of broadness (yellow cube, usekht+). of [=by]. b] the place of t’epu [word+wormhole] (=doubled). [of] existence. this (pu). to judge and command.;
of [=by] (means of). a] this. divine great speech. existence (matrix). [by] the divine secondary (eden). of [=as]. the sacrifice., [in order by] he. the divine secondary. of [=for]. to discover (gem). this. N’s. word of hail.;

IV 3

i] this. N’s. speech. this (to connect to). to devise (ka). h] [through] he. the lights of place-T-e to wander-astray to existence (neshemutu, note). of [=for]. ànkh-life., g] [by] he. the divine secondary (eden). [for] ãnkh-life, [as] the god., [in order] to come the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;
f] [for] he (adv.soul). the lights of place-T-e to wander-astray to existence (neshemut). of [=by]. he. the divine secondary. [for] existence. [of] ãnkh-life., e] [and so to] this. N. to come the advanced beautified-soul. d] [of] divine great speech. [for] this. N. existence to become new (unn, matrix).;
c] [by means of] the shores [solarplane]. the foreign land’s pool. to orbit (khens)., b] [as] the fields. [of] existence.; [and by] Sebek’s. field. [of] the branches for willpower of the pillar (pillar+ã+branches/qes). [as] this. N’s. cord to eden realm. [of] willpower.; a] [in order] place-T-m to flourish. [as] the fields. this. N. existence. to come the advanced beautified-soul.;

IV 2

j] the islands (glyph). the foreign land’s pool. to orbit (khens). to give. speech. i] [for] this N.’s. divine great speech. [of] existence. [as] divine m-b-soul-adam-like union [by copulation] (smai)., h] [for] the things of might. [of] the great pillar., f] [namely] the fields. the divine all [of]. the dimension to fill [north]. [as] the beauty. +
e] [of] the great pillar. [through] this. Sebek’s. workplace (ás). [for this N’s speech of hail]. [for] ‘reality’ (likely; nntt).;
d] [by means of] the things of the root to open [eden’s] (uptu). [by] Anubis. [for] he. existence (matrix)., [and so] existence (eden’s). to make. the Ka spirit-double bulls. [of] he. the ‘reality’.; b] [as] the sky of earth. of [=for]. this. N. existence. [as] divine olden one (áku+). [of] existence (matrix). [by] to descend hebrew-H.;
a] [and] this. N’s. existence. [by] the torso (tiles). having become the rump [word+border-sky] (tcherRu)., [by means of] the semut-goddesses (note). this. N.’s. existence. to make. +

IV 1

g] [as] the passive word [for the word-inside etc]. of [=for]. ãnkh-life.,
f] [by] he. to copulate (nek). [in order] to become new [or: with the passive doubled-cake].
e] [through?] the flesh alike-adam for hail [ámm-tree] (ámm+flesh). [for] this (pu). N.;
d] [by] Geb (eartgod,south). to become the words of mystery [for metal-T-m in soulpool] (shetau+). [being] the innermost sacred place. of [=for]. this. N., of [=by] (means of). the tile of place-T of the adamite soul (Set deity). [as] he the foremost-adam. the word to bear-up (fau). [for] existence (matrix).;
c] [and by this] divine dome of h’eh’u (chaos-god, note). the word to become new.; b] [through] the sebeq-thigh (bent axis). of [=for]. to manifest. this (pu). fenth worm. [as?] this. N.;
a] [by] the Kha lake [in plasma-construct] (lotus-kha). [of] existence. [as] the pool. [of] all [of] Sebek. of [=for]. words to transform.;

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