CT 709

CT 709 VI 341

e] to divinely complete (Tem). existence of hail.:
d] [by] to become the ring as/of the hand to build by blueprint [at q-axis] (sqett’++). alike-adam (miá).,
[at] the bordersky (tcher). [of] speech. [by] me. existence (matrix). to give. speech.; to become. +
c] the sky of earth (north). [by] the word of the lionmouth (gate) at the bordersky for the speech of the chalice (nebrcherRu).:
b] the god Tem (‘to divinely complete’). am I.;
a] [as?] the island of the horizon. [at] the bordersky. of [=by?]. me. [for] the house of Saturn.; to become. +

VI 340
s] [by] the son-construct for the word for the word-inside (as) the hand (t’enuu+, unusual). [for] the speech.,
[as] the word. [by] me. [for] the great pillar.;
r] [as] the great speech. [by?] the stairway (rut’, diagrams). [as?] the speech. [for?] me.,
[by?] the bone-pole to make the k-axis (via ad.soul) (kes+).;
[and by?] me.; to become. q] the eterninity (of saturn) for existence. [as] the divine all.,
of [=by]. me. the willpower to rise and be crowned.;
[and by] me. to become. p] the stability of hail (ámen). [as] existence of hail (án).;

[by] imprisoned hebrew-cube-H (Hn). o] [for] the West. to become willpower. [for] the [an-] face (north).,
[by means of] the island of the horizon. [at] the bordersky. of [=as?]. me. [for] the house of Saturn.,
[and for] the serpent. he. the intestine [solarplane] (kha). speech for the an-face. [by] me. the divine he place-T of hail (‘father’).,
me. eye (damaged, unsure). the word of hail.;
the island of the horizon. [by] which is. the foremost (kh-house). of [=for]. divine great speech. to become the speech as hebrew-H (Hr+).,
[through] the place of Õn. of [=as]. the double place for the word-inside to become new. [as] the hand. [of] all. [of] me. (which) I am.;

l] to divinely give hail (átem). [by?] (to desire) place-T of speech for the M-realm.,
[as] the speech. [by] me. the eye. to make., to become the high place (at q-axis).; (note)

k] [..1x lost..]. the house of Saturn. [by] which is. the foremost’s (kh-house). divine [an-] face.,
[by] the kiln at place-T of the sh-pool (‘mysterious’, shetta) [Tao gate, furnace]. [for] my.existence. [of] sight (maa).,
to become. j] [for] the doubled-divine Ba spirit-souls. the house. of [=as]. my. hail., [by] the pole-bone to make the k-axis (via ad.soul).
[for] my. word. [and by] the double-place-T for existence. i] the falcon. of [=for]. to manifest (per).;

the eternity (of Saturn) for existence. [as] the divine all. [for] existence.,
[by] thou. hand of the serpent-hand (tch-t’). h] [in order for] to come the adamite-soul. [for] hail.,
the divine summit as the place-T of the cherubs (now) for existence as the serpent-hand. [of] hail.; (note)
g] [through] the word. to make the doubled kh-house of existence (via ad.soul; likely). within., [by] me. to manifest [that word] (per).;
[by] to enter (ãq). [for?] me. to make below (via ad.soul). to make stability (via ad.soul)., [for?] Geb. [as] existence of hail.;

f] [through] the adamite soul. the original throne of adamite. to give. speech.,
[for?] the divine ear. [at?] the divine axis (shu). [for] existence of hail.;
e] [by] he. the eye (ár-t). to make (ár). to become the doubled willpower. [..2x lost..]. to divinely complete. the doubled hail., (note)
[as] he. existence (matrix). [by] the most-b-soul-adam to make (literal?).,

d] [through] the divine H’etep field (of offerings; south). [as] place-T of adam-within.,
[in order for] the house of Saturn. existence to make (via ad.soul).,[by] to become the ring as the hand to build by blueprint (sqett’++).,
c] [in order fór?] Seshat (the flame, see pic). [as] the willpower of Saturn. the divine word as the fire-drill (prob.’health’). to bring.;

b] the divine essence for the (serpent-) hand of existence for the solarplane (bent’/tch+). [by] the “One” [eden’s]. divinely to copy (sn+).,
[through] the willpower of Saturn. [as] divine great speech.
[by?] the kiln at place-T of the sh-pool (‘mysterious’) [Tao gate]. [as?] doublespeak. to come to the M-realm (m+walk).;
a] [through] the aspect for the H’etep field (of offerings). [as] place-T of adam-within., the one. my. house of Saturn. [of] speech.,
[as] the things of the island of the horizon. [for] existence to make (via ad.soul). to become to bear-up (fa).;

VI 339

q] [by] the divine image (for to make). [for] the throne-G to make by he [eden] (via ad.soul; sefeg).;
p] [and by] the divine words of great speech. this (pu). existences to make (via ad.soul). [by] the names (of souls, sic). me. to know.,
o] [and so] existences to make (via ad.soul). [by] me. to know. my. word of hail.;
n] [by means of] the h’etep field. [as] place-T of adam-within. [for] the word. to connect to. the house of Saturn. [of,for] speech.,
[in order for] the things of the island of the horizon. existences to make (via ad.soul). [by] to make the hunting-net (via ad.soul; sekht+).;

l] the divine word for the fire-drill. to watch over (res). the divine word of Saturn.,
[and so] to become the word of the voice [of speech and nature]. [of] the [an-] face (north). [for] the land (south).,
[by] to stop the hail (glyph; Á+x). [for?] the q-axis (q). [of] hail (á).;
k] the sky of earth (eden’s). to tremble (by to make the hand, st’a+).,
j] [by means of] the West. of [=as]. the house of Saturn. to become (by) the ring of/as the hand to build by blueprint [at the q-axis] (sqett’++).;

—- end CT 709