AM TUAT TITLE, context and graphs

the words of the throne of the adamite soul to destroy [by Saturn,H’] (h’ástemiu). [for] the gods. to become the word to praise (uashiu). to know. [by] them (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). it. to become the word of the Mountain [God’s] (t’uu). [as so] to know (rekh). the light. [for] existence (matrix).; [and by] them (ad.souls). to become spirits., to know. [that by] their (ad.souls).  gods. [for] the Time-dimension [to become new] (unnut). [by] the words having wandered-astray (shemtu; adam-related).;

to know. [that by] their (ad.souls). the gods. [is] light for Time-dimension [to become new] (unnut). [of] adam-within.; [as] to know. [blank]. (= ‘insert candidate name’? see BD**). the word. to know. [of] them (ad.souls). [IN] the anunna-face (vesica north).;
becoming the great pillar (ãa+scroll). [by]  to move / the root of eden/by Willpower (of matrix) (ãpp+walk,compare ãpep). [as] things of the way [axis, eden’s Watercourse] (uatu). [by?] the SBA-stargates [of hebrew-H cube]. to know (?, rekhrekh). the words of the (mysterious) Turtle [the sh-pool,south] (she-ta-uu, comp.). to know. to know. the divine SBA-stargates [of hebrew-H cube]. [for?] the Ba-souls (solarplane-type-spirit)., to know. to know. the [word of] darkness (KKu?). [as] the word (eden’s!). \\ (of) the hidden root of Saturn (peh’). [as] the wéstern (ámentt). house of the horizon (vesica north; = left-side vesica). [for] existence (matrix)., [as] the Star. [for] the West. the word/of speech/to make (not: ‘image’). [by] the Khu-spirits. [for] the shadows [energyfields]. [of] the gods., [who are] [as] Ba-solarplane-type spirits. to come. [by] the words of sekhem-power.; becoming the hidden thing (?, áment+scroll). [by] willpower. [from] existence (eden’s). designs. [as] designs.;

A] notes :
^^ the core of that flower is where they put the plexus now,
and use it as théir core;
'earth' has to be in the circle, left from the core [somewhere],
earth has folded dimensions, remember ?
so it may well be it is in one of them circles.
'...and He will come from the South; yea, in a most amazing way he will come from the South' --Henoch
credits: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Finland (Finland), Blind Spot Pictures
[but it is not hollow earth but the sky next to earth]
'you see the same geometric tree of life'; depicted as 'three pillars';
note the centre pillar going Upwards to the anunna-face,
and note the chequered floor:
Henoch enters "a crystal castle, with a chequered floor" -
that is the castle of ÕN,
the hostile universe ruling the south.
- depicted with 'corner-glyph', which is always about hebrew-H as cube,
when the ãrrit's are in the deep South,
it may very well be "the horizontal eden existence" as opposed to "the vertical pillar",  as their constant talk of "matrix-existence standing upright";, the corner may depict a 'bend' of eden's realm, very likely "a river out of Eden made to bend Upwards, to create the base of the pillar"
the term ÃRRIT as "the corner/bend/of the most-beautified-soul-adam's/eden speech (RR)/by willpower (Ã) (willpower of the matrix)",
all ãrrit's are present in the first and second hour of am-tuat, very likely representing the geometric construct dubbed 'tree of life', where they are the centre out of which RÃ rises up -- the inversion of ÃRrit;
...and it is very possible that "two rivers out of Eden" are involved : because not only does the first hour depict two boats, upon two rivers, but also the term UR-NES is depicted as either a 'pool' or as 'dimension'(water-glyphs);
all together making a serious case for "two rivers out of Eden being made to bend Upwards";  

tutankhámen crypt,
bas-relief dubbed 'enigmatic book of the netherworld' see the "standing upright theme",
by [!] the both vesica's south and north,
and the plexus as the centre by which the Sekht-fields come into being;
- neHt has the sáme corner-glyph , and note it reads also "protection"; see that "Rã rises out of them", which is exact the same concept as the ãrrit : just here termed differently, as 'the doubled-tree / (by) hebrew-H / (for) existence (matrix)';
the "tree" is a solid indication for 'their construct as the geometrical so-called 'tree of life', creating the pillar [djed], which is phrased in Ez.31, "...the tree, higher then all the trees of eden";
this neH is the inversion of Hen, 'head-box',
literally depicted with the áat-glyph ['regions/of Eden'],
making the assumption more then probable, that : the seven regions of Eden are made to be part of their geometrical 'tree of life',
whereby the seven regions depict the RIGHThand-side of that tree [see graph] , and are 'copied' into the "seven áat's of Horus" [the left-hand side of that tree];
with as 'centre' the seven ÃRRIT's; may be no surprise, that He is most angry in the line
"...The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with chiseled stone;
the sycamore fig trees have been cut down, but we will replace them with cedars";
it is up to you to know by which event, in recent history, these words were uttered;
produced by: 3DS MAX artist Adam Spriggs
all credits: Prometheus the movie
Note, however much the gist of the scene is true, several detail are Off; the very concept of AM TUAT visually represented here -
the "stream" towards earth,
the area of the northern-half of the ãnkh-torus,
inclusive the "fire-drill", the plasma beam, pillar, from south to North,
-and the artificial Dome being 'supported by the main deities':

^^ the deity SHU, pillar+anunnaface
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