BD xxxe

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : golden sealring of eden eye
scribe : Men Kau
difficult topic
status : 90%
summary : golden sealring of eden eye
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
situation : balance; see BD 31, w.o.h and aa-ff
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
renouf link: see below

the places. [of] the houses. [of] the mouth (sing.,eden's). of [=as]. the thing to revise (sápt).;
[from?] the eye (eden's?). [as] speech. it. to come [as] imprisoned eden's word ['Way'] (ua). [and it] of [=by]. the prisoner (su,cain). to discover (gem)., [via] he. to give. [to] Horus. [in order] me. to make the son [through prisoner] (sa+Su). [for] existence of hail., [as] the true voice. [of] Men Kau (scribe).:

[by] to make existence [through prisoner] ('they'?). existence (eden's). [as] servant (h'em). [by] to descend hebrew-H [cube]., [and] of [=as?]. his-Self (tches). the god. to become the image (sesh). of [=by]. the words [cords?] of the south (shemãu). [for,to] the iron double island in the solarplane (bátu). [of] existence (matrix)., [as] the Tile [of solarplane upon hand] (t'ebt). to máke the [an-] face (white hole) (s-h'er, seperate).;
to become the noble. this. god., [by] existence (eden's). to serve (h'em). existence. (matrix). [by] the legs (ret'). below.;
the place of Khemenu, the hill on which the heavens rested ['eight'; name ís sesennu]. [as] this. mouth (*pic). the one. existence (matrix). to discover (gem)., [bý] he (khemenu). [for] the throat [pillar] (khkh). [of] speech. [for] the noble spirit. [of] existence (matrix).;
[by] the word of willpower of speech. [as] the gold. of [=by]. he (the). sealring [of eden eye!] (ãnt, see note). [as] the golden Tchãm sceptres., of [=by]. to plate (it) with metal [for the pool of the deep place to birth] (mes-beb)., [in order for] the [sh] pool (eden contents). he. to fill., [as so] existence (eden's). to [can] transform (kheper). [by] the [an-] face (white hole)., to recite.;

[by] true voice. of [=fór]. the staff of Adam rule (tá). to become new [sic].; (staff = stream)
[by] thou. to elevate [the way] (*pic,watercourse). [by] thou. willpower. of [=for]. the West. [for] all [of]. the great pillar. the god. [being] the phallus (met). the god. [in order the pillar to] the side. [of] speech. [of] Lies (ger). [and] words to weep [about] (qemt'u). [=eden's side]. of [=for]. the words to command. [in order] to judge (utchã). existence (eden's).;

[and by] the torso (centre). [of] totality. ('joy'). the divine to listen to. existence. [of] beauty., [bý] existences (eden's). [for] existence (matrix). [of] beauty.; [by the torso] to become the post,station,provision [to stand upright]. of [=for]. the [divine] egyptians., [in order for] the words of m-b-soul-adam speech to make., [through] the olden ones the thing of m-b-soul-adam to encircle (*pic,lower white hole). [for] existence (matrix). [for] me., [in] name [of].:

[by] to make to stink (s-khenesh). of [=fór]. within., existences (edens'). to go to plough ['come the phallus of saturn?] (h'enn). [for] the beauty. [of] the solarplane (B). [as] the speech. [for] thou. existence. to manifest (per).;
my. fats (eden aspects). to make healthy. [by] to divinely build/unite (khnem-god). my. belly [south!](khat). \\ [of] adam-within. [for?] my. Ka spirit-double.

[as?] thou. who are. the great balance [scales] (mãkhait). doorkeeper. [to?] the phallus (met). [and by?] the mouth. thou. to come m-b-soul-adam to revolt (reqi)., [through] the eye (eden's). of [=by]. the divine judges [in the pillar]. of [=by]. mý. speech. to repulse (the eye) (khesef).; [in order] of [=for]. the middle [equilibrium] (meter; witness). of [=by]. my. speech. to go stand upright.;

[and so] of [=for]. me. to transform. existence (eden's). [as] my. torso (centre). [in] the dimensional foreground (h'at)., [by] the double treshfloor. [as] my. divine thing of the mother. (mutt+). [of] existence. [for] me. [and] the torso. he. to say.:
[by] the cemetary below. of [=for]. he (the). existence (matrix). [of] speech and nature (kher). [for] true voice. [of] Ani.: [for] all. the gods. [of] existence (matrix). [as] the god. [of] peace [of saturn] (h'enã).; [by] the image (sesh). [of] Osiris. existence (eden's). [by] the torso. to repulse., [in order for] the tool (wpower of speech). to complete. existence (matrix). [by] the mouth.;

B] notes :

likely the original mountain re-named (not inversed),
since the word ÁuKHEMU is "motherland";
however, the glyph writes SSNU, "word-inside of adamite soul", so perhaps the 'imprisoned mountain';

-ÃNT, 'sealring' is also claw / tooth glyph; see bd 31;
but also ÃNT' morning-boat, bringing contents óf the hand tó the white hole TCH [serpent hand];

perhaps this gold as willpower (Ã),
is the golden TCHÃM sceptre, "(eden)gold/as/willpower/fór the serpent-hand";
or 'sceptres'; unclear concept, but maybe the lightnings of 4] ..?
and is another term for "from the eye speech to come" (see line 1)..?

see for "repulsing eye by my speech", the weighing of heart and 31;
also here, the problem with the 'great balance' isn't clear enough, yet;


...imagine the core as 'eden's eye on top of that mountain'
and they having it encirceled, SHEN [the glass]; constantly says in these BD series, 'lights to shoot out as seed';
perhaps this may be the NEH'T-sycamore tree, (the tree of lightnings which shows),
see bd 31,

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