CT 617

VI 228
f] [by] divine great speech. to revolve (t'eben,solarplane B). the existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; thou. existence. I. give., of [=as]. e] (the god) H'u [word/of saturn]. [for] existence (matrix).;
I am. existence (matrix). [by] decree of law.; d] H'u. [for] existence. I am. [for] existence. [by] decree of law.; c] [by emptyness (?) [shu] b] [by] to un-tie. [as,for?] the forepart [of body, or 'foreground'] (hat). [for] the divine Ka-double of saturn (?) (h'ekk,unknown). to manifest (per).; 
a] [by] thou. shoulders [axis] (h'eththtu). [of] adam-within., the coverings to go encircle (shenu). of [=by]. thou. eye., to make. [from] existence (eden's). the essence (áa). [as] words of ãnkh-life.; 
VI 228
f] the Ka-spirit doubles. this. thou. nine. of [=by,as?]. the divine 'one'/divine adamite soul+original adamite soul. this. N., e] [by?] this. thou. covering/wing/axis/ape (tcheneh'). my. existence. to open (un). [unsure];