CT 108

CT 108 II 121

d] the house at place-T of the t’ua-star (tuathouse). my. existence (matrix). (the door) to open [and become new] (un).;
[in order for] the divine spirits-light [of the word for the kh-house] (áakhu+). [of] adam-within.,

[and so for] existences to make (via ad.soul). [by] the thigh (of sight) of the throne-G by the new-hand (t’ega+).,

c] [and by] he (=thigh). the multitude [of proto-spirits] (at -T of vulture-rule). alike adam (mm, weak). to manifest (per).;

b] [through] he. the shining backbone [curved-axis] (pest’+). [for] the divine “One”.;

( T1L adds, but see note: )
a] [and this way?] the adamite-soul. within (the matrix). to enter (=soul). [for] place-T to manifest (per-t).;
[and so] the house at place-T of the t’ua-star. (the door) to open [and become new] (un, matrix).;

—— end CT 108
A] notes:
  • – line d] tuathouse to open,
    in textglyph to right; however one of the coffins has SB-gate,
    it is what caused us problems long time; but here again shows that
    it is the same stargate but mentioned in it’s different character;
  • the star is of the Watercourse – well, ‘was’ – but became the morningstar
    who was in the eden-gate, but became polluted (see Isaiah page);
    now termed also SB star, “to make the solarplane (via ad.soul)”.
    the problem now still is the ‘multiple’, not likely as ‘several stars’
    but either “double gate”, ” houses” or “things by”;
  • – line d] thigh,
    unusual; textglyphs to right;
    the left column writes the T’GA+leg, otherwise always T’GA+sight,
    but we saw in CT112 that they placed the [now inversed] cherub-leg
    into the north, this T’G must be either another name for it, or offshoot;
  • in right column is T’I+leg (skip the -S, belongs to previous glyph);
    also unusual — “the thigh of? the most-b-soul-adam-like new-hand”
    we are not yet sure if this thigh is, on its turn, another name for “backbone”,
  • – line b] backbone,
    as PEST’; we are not sure if root is SET’+P or PES+T’,
  • added line a]
    T1L rather violates the syntax, if she is crossing through stop-words;
    reading as whole, the context can be “the adamite soul goes thróugh the
    shining backbone, to enter the matrix, in order place-T to manifest”,
    and while it is very tempting to read it like this, because indeed something
    like this is going on, we can’t vow for this last line, but we keep the idea in mind,