CT 335 – part C

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
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text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
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CT 335

[15.02feb.2021 : CT 335 posted in sections – long spell , difficult themes]  

part C :

  • 1. Râ (‘our sun’) is “fed” by the 7 torches         (see Nahum chapters)
    as ‘the eden-willpower’ (Â) for Râ ;
  • 2. Râ as “the cat at the Persea tree” story :
    Râ could keep existing
    because the 7 torches maintained the eden-vector (+gate) ,
    but because the place of the 7 torches was moved (to the matrix) ,
    the eden-vector “is not powered , not sustained by them , anymore” ;
    therefore Râ can cause continuous darkness in eden
    (since Râ exists at their matrix-vector) ;
  • 3. and therefore ,
    Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’) kept being ‘the dimensional foreground’ ;


starting at page IV 289, and read from down to up

(about ôn – Mystery-Babylon :
see the worldtree depiction in ‘Babylon and sun’ theme page ,
and see how the glyph Ôn as shown in line IV 283 reads
“the city. inside. the pillar”….)

IV 292 repeat [start of Faulkner’s CT 335 part II]
IV 291
c) [and because by] (-T of) the east. [of] [eden-] speech. + (‘sh-pool of 7 torches’)
this. existence to make (‘as concept’). to enter (‘the matrix’). , +
[and so to be] the willpower. [for] the warrior (‘Râ’). , [291 : introduction to part C]
[as] [matrix-] existence. [by] this. [matrix-] daylight (-Hru). ,
[by means of] place-T to establish. [for] [matrix-] speech of hail. ; +
[and so] this. [matrix-] existence to make (‘concept’). [for] [matrix-] existence. +
[by means of] place-T to make. , [<< relocated eden-T] [through] the helpless serpent (at -T) (‘the SH-pool of the 7 torches’) (-btsh-t+). +
the [matrix-] words to birth. [as] [+their] sacrifice (-maâ). ; [‘eden-wp to sacrifice’] IV 290

C :

[next theme : now Râ as ‘the warrior cat’, “fed” by the SH-pool of the eden-tree’ :]

IV 289
c) [because] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [to be] the [dimensional-] side. [of] speech. , +
[by] +
the place-T (‘torches sh-pool’) fór the [eden-] tree . to split-off (‘the sh-pool from him’). ,
[and then] to establish (it) as [matrix-] place-T. [for] [matrix-] speech of hail. ;

context so far :
… remember, “Râ” translates as
“the [matrix-] sun. [fed by] [eden-] willpower. [for to be] [matrix-] speech” ;


to right , the ‘cat’ :
… as “the skin. [for] the word. alike-eden’s” ;
important here is the SKIN glyph
because that is what Râ really is
(and therefore could contain the land in him) ;


the cat cutting the serpent :
… the serpent represents “eden-willpower”,
which is BY the SH-pool of the 7 torches
(see previous IV 289 a) ;
in other spells this serpent is termed NÂU
as “the serpent. [as] the eden-word. [of] eden-willpower. [for] matrix-existence”,
but in previous IV 289 a) as B-T’-SH , “the serpent (of willpower) for the solarplane” ,
including the SH-glyph as the standing-place for the 7 torches ;

the relation of the ‘serpent’ with the eden-tree (as pictured) :
… the eden-tree is still at the (eden-) cornerstone (now as “Damascus”) ,
while the tree’s SH-pool (of the 7 torches)
is now “within the (eden-) gate which the matrix stole”—so , as ‘separated’ ;
and because
the pool of the 7 torches is directly related to the tree (Nahum chapters ; Is. 5+4) ,
the point here is not that “the tree itsélf is split-off”
but that “something is (continuously) split off FROM the eden-tree” :
namely the SH-pool of the torches ;
per glyphs :
in the tree-glyph Á-SHT’-T the main component is glyph SH-T’ “to seize”,
and the latter contáins already the (-SH) as the SH-pool ;
… same in ‘to split-off’ P-S-SH or P-SH-N ;

conclusion : Râ’s “daily existence” is by ‘daily being fed by that willpower’ :
… and it makes perfect Sense that God tells us “to identify and name these things”
in order that this cycle will END ; (see also Isaiah ‘sun-chapters’)

[text resumed :]

b) [and so for] this. cat (‘Râ’). [to be continuous] [matrix-] existence. ,
[in] his. name. [of] ‘transformed speech’. ;
a) [4 glyphs corrupt] a2)
[=because by matrix-existence?] the [matrix-] word to make (-Su). ,
[as] the word alike-eden’s (‘pun upon the glyph ‘cat’). [for] existence of hail. ;
IV 288 [repeat] IV 287 (‘we cannot imagine ‘a speaking sun’..)
d) [and so to be] the wise. sayings. as. + [<< Nahum 1 !] c) [he.] the speech. [of] the cat (‘Râ’). ,
[by means of] the [matrix-] word. to connect to. saying (-things). +
b) himsélf. , [namely by] this. Râ. ;

a) [because he is] the great. this. cat (‘but as veil – of the word alike-eden’s ‘). +
[as] the speech of light (-tr). +
[by] this. (doubled-) place-T of adam (-it). to come to the (corrupt-type) adam-soul. ;
IV 286 [repeat] [a : this ‘place-t’ is the SH-pool of the torches’]


[next : tricky , but likely the moved eden-gate :]

IV 285
b) [because by means of] he (‘SH-pool of torches’). within (‘the matrix’). ,
[to become] the border of all [matrix-] speech (-nb-r-tchr). inside. ;
[and so?] the lights of place-T of he (‘place of the eden-gate?’). to destroy (-h’tm). ,
[through?] this. [matrix-] daylight (‘of 6 aspects’) (-Hru). ; [<< unclear intention] a)
[and so] +
the adversary’s (‘eden-dimensional-vector’) (aka “the plumbline” in prophets). +
lights (by eden-place-T) to guard. , [<< place of eden-gate] [by means of] place-T (‘the moved eden-gate’) to make (-ár+t). [for] [matrix-] existence. ; +
IV 284 [repeat]

context of 285 :
… the problem in this section is the enigmatic SBÁ+axis glyph ,
often in spells as “the direct enemy of Râ” —
glyph SBA (or -SB) is usually “star” and often “star-GATE”,
then here glyph SBÁ+axis must be “eden’s dimensional (=vertical) Vector” ,
the SBÁ literally as “the axis of hail for to make the solarplane” ,
yet that axis (-vector) was “in eden’s possession – and thérefore was ‘the adversary’ ”
(but now Râ exists by it – as the vector in the ‘right’ position) ;
the relation between the eden-vector and place-T (of the 7 torches) :
… the matrix has relocated the powersource FOR maintaining the eden-vector
(namely the 7 torches) ,
therefore the eden-gate cannot re-appear again (as the thing being guarded) ,
otherwise – through the power of the 7 torches – the eden-vector would be restóred ;

IV 283
c) [and so by] the willpower. [of] the warrior (‘Râ’). +
[to be] [eden-] existence. [of/in] darkness (-grh’). ; [<< but becáuse of his Hru-light] b)
[and instead,] Ôn (‘Mystery-Babylon’). [to be] the [dimensional-] side. [of] speech. ,
[by means of] +
the place-T (‘torches sh-pool’) fór the [eden-] tree . to split-off (‘the sh-pool from him’). ;
[and so to remain] the great. Cat (‘Râ’). [whom] I am. ; [<< Râ speaking] IV 282 [repeat]


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