CT 225 and 226 : the “double door” at the dome

CT 226

readable and comprehensible lines in bold
not yet understood concepts or/and nonrunning lines in black

themes : the double-door at the dome opened , as the doubled-place-T ,
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
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III 259

g) [by means of] [place-T of] the most-beautified-soul-adam. within [=within matrix]. ,
thou. [for] existence [=matrix]. the aspects for the voice to manifest. to aquire (shp). ;
e) [and so] thou. to drink [=the dimension to make great speech] (s-ur). ,
d) [and] the [eden-] foods (sbt). thou. to feed upon. ;
b) [in order for] the darkness [=for eden]. of [=as]. the [mutilated eden-] light (‘day’,Hru). to manifest. ;

III 258
c) [for] the hereditary gods [=matrix class of spirits] (rpã). [to be] Geb [=land north]. ,
[being?] the (h’nnu-) boat of the [eden-] word for the word-inside as the blossom for [matrix-] existence. ;
of [=by?]. the risen and crowned. (h’ennu-) boat of Seker [=eden-speech to perish?, death-god]. ,
[to be?] he. the fortress-wall [as?] the south [for?] Pteh’. [for] thou. existence. ,
[in order for?] existence [=eden’s]. to give. speech. ; +

a) [by] he. place-T of redness [=former eden-nostril] (t’-sher-t). [of] adam-within. ,
[for] he. the red things [=nostril] (t’-sher+). [of] adam-within. ,
[and so for] this (pf). Ram-Ba-soul spirit. [to be] thou. existence [=matrix]. ,
[by means of] existence [=eden’s]. to give. speech. ;

III 257
c) [through?] the divine ‘those who are’ spirits (t\\u+). [at] the location [=city]. +
which is. the one. place-T of the Uãr-thigh land. above. , the [matrix-] word to manifest (peru). ,
[as]. the word. [for] the dimension to purify [=matrix, north]. ,
[to be] the dimension of the opened-word-inside. of [=for]. thou. to drink [=make great speech]. ;

b) he. the name. to know. , [namely] the doubled-place-T for hail [=north]. ,
[for] the divine great pillar. the god. ,
the [eden-] word. [for] existence. [to become] the words to assemble [by q-axis to inverse] (saqu). ,
[and so] the word to manifest [=for matrix] (peru). ;
[and so by] the word. the dimension to purify. ,
[to be] the word for the solarplane. [as] existence [=matrix]. [by] the opened-word-inside. ;
of [=by]. thou. to become the place(s)-T of the sh-pool [=cistern north, Thebes] for hail (ásht+). +
thou. to feed-upon. ;

III 256
f) thou. Western (=ámen). [dimensional-] side (gs). above. [=north]. the word. [to connect to]. give. ,
e) [and] thou. East (áab). [dimensional-] side. above. the word. [to connect to]. the support [to rise up]. ;
c) [and so by] thou. mouth [=now matrix stargate of sound]. [of] thou. existence. +
existences to make [=as concept]. to open [and become new] (un). ;

b) [by?] the cord of the most-b-soul-adam [to?] he the circle (qrfi). +
[to be?] thou. fingers [=bent axis] (tchbã+). [for] thou. existence. existence to make (s-n). ,
[by means of] the [eden-] cord to extend [=to north] (t’un). ;
a) the sight of doubled-place-[eden-]-t for the solarplane in the new-north (shabt\\). +
[for,to be?]. thou. two eyes. [for] thou. existence. , existence to make. to open [and bec.new] (un). ;

III 255
a) thou. essences at place-T for [matrix-] willpower (ãt+). [to be] the words. to doorkeep. ,
[as?] the words. [by] the cord of he [=eden] [to?] the circle (qrf+). [for] thou. above [=north]. ,
[to be] existence [=matrix]. [of] sight of eden-speech of praise (áarr+). ,
[and so] existence to make [=by eden]. to erase (t’r). ;

III 254
a) he. the bones [axis] of speech to connect to (?). [as?] speech. [of?] Sept’u (Soped). ,
[by?] he. the foods [for?] wick-H’to grow (?). [for] speech. [of] the divine ram-Ba-soul spirit. ,
[through] the word. [to connect to]. make health (s-uatch). ;

III 253
a) [for] the hereditary gods (pãt+essence). [to be] the speech. [as] thou. speech. above [=north]. ,
[by means of] he. the Jaw the double-place-T [=eden’s] to ascend [=to north] (ãr-t). ,
[and so?] Geb’s [=land north]. existence. to open [and become new] (un). ;

III 252
a) [by?] he [=they]. the divine rekhit people [class of spirits]. +
the stargate as double-T of the [eden-] word for speech (rutt). thou. existence [=eden’s]. to open (snsh). ;
a) the dome’s double-T of the [eden-] word for speech (rutt). thou. existence [=eden’s]. to open (snsh). ;

III 251
d) [in order to be] the doubled-place-T for great speech [=matrix, north] (urt). +
the stargate as double-T of the [eden-] word for speech (rut+). thou. existence [=matrix] . to open (un). ;
d) the dome’s double-T of the [eden-] word for speech (rutt). thou. existence [=matrix]. to open (un). ;

c) [and so] the land. [and] sky. [as] thou. existence [=matrix]. to open [and become new] (un). ;

End 226



general idea :

c) Geb , land north , as h’nu boat (?)
this is also new for us –
Geb is an artificial construct , first appearing in the lower register ;
then it makes sense that he ‘rises up’ (namely above eden) ,
and he can be there ‘a fortress’ in ‘the south’ (SHEMÃ) ,
where upper-egypt , the south , was also SHEMÃ “new south” ;
and be a fortress for Pteh’ in the north (Memphis) ;

the different versions of south and east we also see in scripture ;
where RES is in glyphs the south as eden ,
SHEMÃ is their new-south right above eden :
“the south , (where) eden-willpower wanders-astray (to)” ;

c) the ‘those who are’ spirits ,
to right , NT + a spirit bird ;
one of the most tricky concept in the spells ,
not even it’s proper reading is clear : Beni Hassan renders it
as T\\U , “the word + double-place-T”, which makes little sense .
That it is such a prominent bird should imply ‘a spirit being’ ,
but we fail to find what type it can be , since it shows up in
a wide range of glyphs : ‘westerners’ ÁMEN-Tu’, ‘easterners’
‘ÁAB-Tu’ , ‘sins’ ÁSFT-Tu , ‘myrrh’ ÃNT-Tu , etc. ,
but also in PETCH- and PESTCH , ‘bow’ and ‘new moon’ ;
and also KHENTT ÁABTT-T\\U suggests that the eastern spirits
relate to the double-T of the KH-house (see CT 225) ;
perhaps the -q from -qdr (kedar) is the KH from KH-house..?
The KH is an illegal construct : as K+hebrew-house-H ,
certainly as a construct that should be ‘sent away’ (Jeremiah 2) ;

click pic to enlarge

Scripture mentions Kedar as ‘sons of the east’ (ÁAB-Tu) ,
where in this spell the double-place-T of the east must be raised up
to their north (through the support THES) ; considering the context ,
these T\\U *may* be the class of beings existing before eden ,
as “the sinners” which were thrown off the pre-eden land (Job) .
The double-T implies ‘dualism’, and it can make sense that these type
beings “were (made) by the word of double-place-T” T\\U ;
and now had to bring the double-T to the north again ‘to keep existing’.

The is “-T” concept can be ‘crystalline energy’ , through gemstones ,
see ÃRT , below ;

linked to this theme is NT , Neith (Athena) ,
who has four forms in tuat XI , implying a double-T of the east
and a double-T of the west ;

e,f) west and east to give ,
according to Henoch , mt. Tsiun , carrying eden ,
stands ‘upon’
the western-foreign land and the eastern-foreign-land ;
the latter being divided by a deep abyss .
It was the goal of [the spirits of] their dualistic dimension
to re-unite their western and eastern land again ,
and they did that by creating a new land abóve eden ,
containing the aspects of both those lands

to right ,
one of the few examples where it writes ÁAB and ÁMEN ,
east (in e) and west (in f) , without the -T or -TT suffix ;
and the reason the -T’s are lacking must be because of the
second part of this spell , which is about adding the places-T .


when the east is supporting something towards their north ,
and after that are addressed the places-T themselves ,
then does it make sense that the T\\U spirits are somehow
involved in “connecting the -T’s” above ? (III 275)

a) the sight of double-T-eden for the new-north ,
to right shows either the usual T\\ , but also an elongated-t ;
we still fail to see the concept of the latter , though it must
be an eden-concept ; and probably termed ‘lawgiver’
in Gen. 49 (at Judah’s feet) .
The glyph ‘eye’ is “place-T for speech to make”, ÁRT ,
which is a stepdown of ÃRT (see next note) ;
the line here suggests that these two places-t áre the eyes
(or , as per glyphs , perhaps “it’s two pupils” which are brought
to the north in tuat IV) ;
these turning into KHENTT ÁRTu , popularly translated as
“Horus having eyes” ? , which involves again the -KH as possible
candidate fort he Kedar problem
(perhaps the two pupils are “the two gemstones” , see next) ;

a) jaw ,
to right , 1 , ÃRT and ÃRTT ;
it is not ‘that they believed the jaw existed of two parts’ ,
but the double indication-glyph occurs all over in the spells ,
denoting a doubling of the following glyph – here the -T
(also shown in this same example, where it writes ÃRT\\ ).
Whý exact “a jaw”, we’re not sure ; but it is the same type
glyph as ‘to reap’, MAA , the sickle ; having the same meaning ;
here perhaps as related to the eden-gate as the mouth .

1 – rpt
this cluster continues in ÃRTT , ‘door’, 2 , to right ;
reading “the double-door as double-place-T to ascend”,
and also “..as double-place-T of eden-speech for willpower” ÃR .
Moreover , the second position (where it writes ‘tablet’) ,
the forms resemble very much the two square-formed gems which
Jeremiah placed into the wall at the entry [=gate!] of Pharaoh’s house .
Micah mentiones the “double leafed door” , and for us to close it ;
Judges writes how Samson took the doors of the gate in Gaza ,
bringing them back to a place near Hebron – as the same concept ;

2 – rpt
a) the dome’s double-place-T for the eden-word ,
to right , either with dome-glyph or stargate-glyph ;
we have a double-place-T at the eden-gate (at inner-court wall)
and the double-place-T they made to ascend to their north ,
to be at their gate, as the gate in the outer-court wall .


This ‘double-place-T’ must be the “double-leafed door” in scripture
(for now, the “two gems” Jeremiah hid must be these places-T ,
the same concept as the two onyx stones at the priest’s shoulder) ;
though it is very hard to distill from the context whether he means
with (RUTT) the inner- or outercourt wall ,
we assume for now it is about the inner-court one ,
since R-R-tt is their lionmouth [-gate] , with the lion-R ;

also, the strange REKHIT-people (‘place-T of most-b-soul-adam to know’)
indicates that these know “eden’s place-T of the most-b-soul-adam” ,
therefore this dome should be the gate in the inner-court wall ;

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CT 225

readable and comprehensible lines in bold
not yet understood concepts or/and nonrunning lines in black

themes : same theme as 226
notes : for each subsequent paragraph ; below main text ;
perhaps open new tab for side-by-side comparison
CT 225

III 250
a) [to cut-off] the eden-word to inverse [it] at the sh-pool [=north]. , +
[in order for] to make the m-realm (s-m). [of] speech. , [through] thou. tongue [=construct] (nes). ;

III 249-248
e) thou. words of breath-air. [for] the dimension of the kh-house. thou. ‘to remember’ (ukha). ,
d) to stand upright [=the words?]. [and at?] place-T to dwell (h’mst). ;
a) [by] thou. East. above [=north]. the word. [to connect to]. the support [to rise-up] (thes). ,
[and] thou. West. above. [existence or word]. [to connect to]. to give. ,

III 247-246
h) [by] place-T of the cemetary below [=eden]. of [=for]. the land. head [=main-land]. +
[to be] thou. speech. [through] place-T to make (ár-t). ,
to become the words by decree of law. of [=as]. thou. sekhem-power [=rule of word-constructs]. ;
g) place-T of the cemetary below. of [=for]. thou. speech. the divine words. [of] speech. to make. ,
of [=as]. thou. sekhem-power. ,
f) [by means of] the most-beautified-soul-adam. to give. within [=in matrix]. +
the aspects for the voice to manifest. of [=as]. thou. sekhem-power. ;
e) [to be?] the á-ter pools (upper and lower egypt?). of [=of?]. thou. sekhem-power. ;

d) the East. thou. [dimensional-] side. above. the word. [to connect to]. the support [to rise]. ,
c) [and so for] this N [=candidate]. [to be] the essence of descended-hebrew-house-H. ;
b) [by] thou. [double-] place-T of he [=eden] for the kh-house (khftt). of [=for]. thou. sekhem-power. ,
a) [in order to be] the solarplane-shores. of [=by]. thou. sekhem-power. ,

III 245-240
[thou legs by thou sekhem-power, thou dimension by thou sekhem-power, etc] a) the [foreign-land’s] location [=city] of the adamite-soul’s [nostril for] words as the áten disk-light. +
[now to be at] the doubled-place-T of the foremost kh-house [north] (khentt). ;

III 239-238
b) Hathor [saturn house]. place-T [=eden’s] succeeded to aquire and made to inverse. , of [=for].
a) the myrrh [=essence for ‘those who are’ spirits at double-T for existence of willpower (ãn-t\\u+). ,
which is [by]. the [eden-] neHt (or áma) tree’s. coverings to unite [=make to reap] (sma+). below. ,
[by means of] thou. speech. within [=in eden]. to dwell (hems). ;

III 237-236
b) [and so] the dimension to purify [=north]. [as] the word of the solarplane (bu). ,
[as?] speech. [by?] place-T of white [saturn-] light. [being?] the double-place-T for spelt (bat’tt). ,
[for] existence. [to be] the beer (h’eqt =must be ‘food’?). of [=by]. thou. to be made to be devoured (s-ãm). ;
a) [and by?] place-T of redness [=former eden-nostril] (t’sher-t). [to be] the doubled-place-T for emmer. ,
[for] existence. [to be] the foods (shbt= must be ‘beer’?). of [=for]. thou. ãnkh-life. ;

III 235-234
c) [by] to make the place(s)-T (s-t). thou. to be fed-upon [=by eden]. nót. ;
b) [but instead,] this (pu). thou. evil place-T of the eden-word for the solarplane (but+). +
a) [for?] Geb [=land north]. existence. the foods (shbt). within. [for] ãnkh-life. ;

III 233-224
b) [for] this N [=candidate]. [to be] thou. hand of the serpent-hand. alike-adam. ,
[by] he [=hand]. the speech of hail (ár). to birth. [for] the word of hail. ;
a) [through] place-T of the cemetary below [=eden]. of [=for]. thou. speech. place-T to make. ,
to become the word by decree of law. , of [=as]. thou. sekhem-power. ;

III 221-223
a) the [mutilated eden-] light (Hru). of [=as] the darkness [=for eden]. of [=for]. within [=in eden]. ,
[by means of] place-T to manifest (pert). within [=in matrix]. ,
[and so for?] thou. torso [=region] (áb). +
[to be] the word of desired speech (meru). [as] the word of the solarplane. [for] speech. ;

III 219-218
d) the [mutilated eden-] light (‘day’,Hru). of [=by]. thou. to manifest (per). , +
[through] the son-construct [the land] place-T as the blossom for existence by wick-H (h’ent+). ,
c) [by] the son-construct place-T as the blossom for existence by wick-H (h’ent). [for] existence of hail. +
thou. the [eden-] mouth [=gate of sound]. to open (sensh). ;
b) [by] the son-construct place-T as the blossom for existence by wick-H (h’ent). [for] existence of hail. +
the mouth [=now matrix]. [for] thou. existence [=matrix]. to open [and become new] (un). ;

III 217-216
b) [for] the land. the speech. [by means of] thou. within [=in eden]. ,
he. the willpower. [through] the cord of the double-place-T [eden’s] to make to connect to (sthtt+). ;
[and by] thou. within. he. the willpower. [as] the desired dimensional-garment. [for] existence of hail (án). ;
a) the word. [to connect to]. the [7-fold eden-] cord to un-tie (sfkh). [and] to guard. [for] existence of hail.;

III 215-212
[B10C: the sight at double-place-T for speech of light at the new-root (ptret\\). , +
[by] the dome’s double-place-T of the word for speech (rutt). thou. existence [=eden’s]. to open (snsh).,
[to be] the divine double-place-T for great speech (rutt). thou. existence [=matrix]. to open (un). ; ]

c) [for] the sight by double-place-T for speech of light at the new-root (ptret\\). +
[of] the house of saturn. head [=main-house, of 9]. ,
Geb. [by] the branches at place-T at the high-place [=hill] (qaat+). thou. existence [=matrix]. to open (un).,
b) the land. [and] sky [=north]. [of] thou. existence [=matrix]. to open [and become new] (un). ,
a) [and to be] this N’s [=candidate]. speech. [by] the essence of [the descended] hebrew-house-H. ;

a) [conclusion:] the place-T of the cemetery below [=eden]. +
of [=for]. [to be] he. place-T of he [=eden] for the kh-house (khft). [of] speech of hail. ;
[and so for] my egyptian-adamite-soul (‘s). to become the true voice. ,
[for] existence [=matrix]. [by] the mouth [=now matrix gate of sound]. ;

End 225



general idea :

a) tongue ,
as NES , but still an unclear concept ;
obviously related to the ‘mouth’ as gate ,

a) soul’s word as áten light ,
the light should now be át the double-place-T of the kh-house ,
as the line before said “double-T of he for the kh-house” ;
in next line 239 this eden-double-T is inversed (now as KHNTT) ;

click pic to enlarge

a) NEHT (or Á-MAA) tree coverings to unite ,
we had this one also , ‘the coverings to reap’ ,
there is little option but that this is “the eden tree of life” ,
mentioned by Henoch as standing upon the mount (tsiun) ,
and by Christ in the book of Revelation ;
Á-MAA as “the tree’s coverings to reap for hail” ;

a) beer and foods ,
… we don’t know yet , even it are stolen aspects ;
the different coffins don’t have the same version ,
but to use it seems that ‘beer’ must be ‘red’
(just as the silver-light of saturn must be ‘white’ (bread) ] ;
conform the story of the Sekhmet lion being appeased by red beer ,
which then is equated with ‘blood’ .
Expanding on that , beer must be related to ‘blood and drunkenness’
(compare vampirism) , and since it is linked here with ‘spelt’ ,
it could represent the source of growth of our physical body
(compare the reaping of the corn in the Rephaim-valley , soon) .
The ‘white aspects’ should then refer to the (outward) physical aspects .

A clue that it can be about our physical aspects is ‘spelt’ BT’TT ,
“the spelt by double-T of the hand for the solarplane” ;

a) the dome’s double-place-T for speech ;
to right the relevant section ; read from down to up ;
the idea is that “the outer-court wall and gate are constructed”
(as the gate Ezekiel saw when looking to the north from the inner-court) ,
first by the dome double-T of eden to open (sensh) [next to the ‘g’] ,
then move it to north (double-T of great speech , at the new-root Thebes) ,
because there existence ‘is opened and becomes new’ , as matrix ;


08.04.19 submitted — first version — hetreport
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