CT 629 VI 250

v] the cemetary below. of [=as]. the soul-pool (sh). [of] the prince (áti,see note)., [for] the land as solarplane intestine (qabu). [by] he. existence (eden's). to make to be sacrificed (s-maã).; u] [in order for] to build [by blueprint] (qet'). alike-adam (miá)., [through] existence (eden's). the word (eden's). to give. [to] speech (matrix).; to become. t] [by] to go sacrifice (maã). this. god., [in order for] Shu (pillar+an-face). to manifest (per).; [and] to come as. s] divine great speech. [by means of] the coverings of the prisoner [body-energyfields] (sutu,Cain). of [=as!]. the áshest-garment-body. of [=for]. he (the). speech of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [for] thou. to dress in (h'ebs).;
q] [and through] the things of speech of adamite soul for the anunna-face (h'erset,'precious stone', carnelian?). of [=for]. the beautified-soul's. ãnkh-life., [and] the lapis-lazuli (khesbet'). of [=as]. my. ãnkh-life., o] [in?] the áshest-garment-body. of [=for]. he (the). speech of the beautified-soul., [just as] thou. ãnkh-life. n] Horus. of [=for]. the beautified-soul. to manifest.; [because] to become new (un). of [=by]. my. entering (ãq). the áshest-garment-body. alike-adam's (miá)., [and] it. the speech for beautified-soul. thou. to manifest.;

k] this (to connect to). he (the). speech for the beautified-soul., [and for] thou. to enter. j] [by] the divine thing to beget (utt). [as] (word) inside. [as] blossoms of kha (lake) (khaau). of [=for] existence., [by means of] the adamite soul. to grasp and hold tight (khefã). [in order for] my. existence. to become filled., [and] to become. i] the beautified-soul. [of] the willpower of Saturn (h'enã). thou. this. to make. the beautified-soul. [from] the light. [of] anóther (eden's) (ki). speech.;
h] [by] them (ad.souls)., existence (matrix). to divinely beget. thou. hail. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit), [by means of] existence (eden's). to go sacrifice., to become. g] the speech for the beautified-soul. [through] the flesh and bone of the heir. of [=for]. mý. existence., [as for] thou. this. to make.: it (the). speech for the beautified soul. [as] this. áshest-garment-body (stolen eden body).;
f] [through] the divine offering [mixing aspects] (ããbt). [of] the willpower of Saturn (h'enã). [by] the divine ascended Watercourse [eden's] (ãrt+ua). [for] existence for the beautified-soul.; [fór] within. which is. this (root) (eden's). [as?] ÁTI (prince,see note)., [in order for] the [an-] face (white hole). the word. to connect to.. [by means of] it. to drag to. he (the) speech for the beautified-soul., [and] to give. of [=for]. exístence of hail.;

d] he (the). speech for [an-] face. [as] the divine images. [by] the great pillar., [by] the word. to travel [north] (shas)., the great pillar. this (root). to make the Khem-land [through ad.soul]. [by] the [an-] face. [for] me. to travel [around?] (unclear).; [by means of] it. the event (sep). [of] to elevate the watercourse (*pic,then). [for] he (the). speech for the beautified-soul., [for] thou. to travel. a] the divine light for sprits (áukhu). [to] the [an-] face (*pic,áten). [for] me. to come to rest.;

VI 249
v] [by] Shu. (is) the [an-] face (*pic,north). [for] me. to manifest (per).; u] [and] the áshest-garment (eden's). [by] the anunna-face. [for] he (the). speech for the beautified-soul., [through] thou. to manifest. t] the divine great speech. [as] the Ka-double bull. [for] existence for the beautified-soul., s] [by means of] the word. to connect to. drag. he (the) speech. to give. of [=for]. existence for the beautified-soul.;
r] the divine great speech. [is by] the original adamite soul. [for] the solarplane house. [for] existence for the beautified-soul.; q] (repeat) p] the foreign land of he [hebrew-H / or.ad.soul] (set). [is now] all [of]. Ánpu (anubis). [for] existence for the beautified-soul.; o] (repeat)
n] [as] the gods of the royal southland (suten=nesut, 'existence by the prisoner')., [through] the workplaces (ástu). [fór] the beautified-soul. existence. to make. m] [as] the land. [by means of] the lands to un-tie. [in order for] the beautified-soul. existence (matrix). to make stable; l] [by] things to drag to. the beautified soul. [by] existence (eden's). to go sacrifice (maã). k] [in] the place of the turtle (*pic,thes-dome) (sh-pool). [of Áti; staff]. [for,as] the intestine coil of solarplane (qabu). [for] me. existence (eden's). to make to be sacrificed., to come hail. [of] speech. [for] the beautified-soul.;

j] [by?] the place of Djedu [pillar base]. [of] speech. [for] the manifestation (pert). [of] speech. [in] the qerrt-circle (see amtuat hrs.)., [there,] thou. existence (eden's). to open.
i] [as?] the divine royal place of the south (see above)., [through] the Workplaces. [by] thou. existence (matrix). to make. the land., [by] the fowls to un-tie (ad.souls) (uhã). [in order for] thou. to become stable (smen).;
g] [as] things to drag. [for] thou. [by] to make to be sacrified.; f] [in] the place. [of] the prince áti. [in,for] the intestines of the solarplane (qabu)., [by] existence (eden's). to sacrifice. [for] he (the). speech for the beautified-soul. to give. of [=for]. existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
e] [as] Osiris., who is \\. [by] aspects offered in the H'etep-field [of saturn]., of [=from]. the divine "One". [as] the posession below (khert). [for] the gift. [of] eden's speech (rr). [for] the beautified-soul's. existence. [as] advánced beautified-soul.;

d] [having] the áshest-garment-body. [of] speech. [by means of] the watercourse [eden's] (ua). [in] the great pillar. [as] thou. speech. [for] my. existence. [as] advanced beautified-soul.; c] the divine thing from the root (pet+div, composite). this. am i (nuk).;
b] the post-eden dimension [solarplane] (ageb). [of] the Ka-spirit bull. [for] the divine án-fish-souls., [is] the beautified-soul's. existence. [as] advánced beautified-soul., a] to give. of [=for]. the season (matrix). the image (thut).,

VI 248
p] [therefore] them (ad.souls). [by] the divine words. to guard (saa)., [in order for] the beautified-soul. existence. to make stable (smen)., [through] them (ad.souls). within. the divine "One" (wh-circles). [as] the posession below (khert)., [in order for] me. to make [from m-b-soul-adam] (ári). n] my. cultivated land (áh't, saturn). [for] me. to acquire.;
m] [and by] my. posession below. to make [from m-b-s-adam] (ári). l] 'breads' [aspects of eden hand for KH-house] (khat'tu). of [=as]. divine words. [for] all [of]. existence (matrix)., [because] within. [being the] offered aspects [eden's] (food-glyph). [as] the gift being given (tiátiá);
k] [as] Osiris. who is\\[by] aspects offered in the H'etep-field [of saturn]., [in?] the field (sekht). [of] speech. [of] the Dawn (t'ua)., [as] the dimension. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., [by] existence (eden's). to go sacrifice (maã).;

j] the plumbline (khai). [of] hail. [by] to make the sacrifice (eden)., i] [for] the double-truth [maãt!]. [to] the beautified-soul. to be given. h] [in] the place of ÁTI (prince). [as,for] the intestine land of the solarplane (qabu). [for] existence. [of] the beautified-soul.; [by means of] to sacrifice (maã)., g] [for] my. posession below. my. existence. to make.; f] [as] the cultivated land (áh't, saturn). [for] me. to acquire (shep). [for] my. existence. [as] advanced beautified soul.; e] [unclear]
d] the mama fruit tree [to: mañnu-snakes, pillar]. (word)inside.\\ the equilibrium (likely)., to become. the cultivated field. [of] speech. [of] beauty., [by] the thing of the Watercourse [eden axis]. [for] my. existence. to make. c] my. [an-] face (*pic,áten). [of] my. sight (maa).;
b] [and by] the island of fire [in torso]. of [=as]. their (ad.souls). speech., [by] them (ad.souls)., the torso. existence (eden's). the words. to make. the beautified-soul's. existence. [of] sight (maa)., to become (áu). a] the sky of earth., [b [through] speech. the maqt-ladder (*pic,lower pillar). to tie together.;