TUAT V, part II


repeating overall picture for Your convenience

In the upper register are:-
1. The goddess AMENTIT
[no indication she is], standing with her arms stretched out in front of her at right angles to her body, and wearing the feather of Maat on her head,
[it may also be a ‘Shu feather’, axis; then her position with arms straightforward would indicate “a change of axis”… see next part about the axes],
– next to her it writes “the youth (ful)/land/[for] the son/to become (by) to carry-off the pupil/light”;

2. A group of nine large axes (four are broken away), the foremost surmounted by the Crown of the North, and the hindmost by the Crown of the South.
…the context here must be following the changed direction of the axis;
after this 90 degree bend, úpwards [to North], these 7 axes appear: their name is PESTCH, a stepdown from PEST’, ‘backbone’, which is “one string of the caducaeus going tó the anunna-face fróm the Eye;
interestingly, mr. Peratt found in the petroglyphs which describe this plasma-event south-east of earth, that the column [pillar!] appeared to have formed nine [!] minor Torusses [which, afterwards, went north and disappeared?];
here, the first axe has a white crown [south/speech], and the last one the red crown [earth];
near the first axe it writes”to transform. [by?] the goddess. the thing of the South”;
near the third “the place. to fill/the North (meh’t). to connect to. god. [and] goddess.”;
near the fifth “the neck. [of] aspects (food-glyph). [for] the b-soul-god. [and] b-soul-goddess.”;
…where ‘neck’ must be a description of an axis,

The mutilated speech of the god written above them reads, “Give me thy hand (i.e., help me) Amentet! Good is this water which leadeth to the tomb [where] rest the gods. Hail, exist ye, O nine gods who have come into being from my flesh, and have not come into being from your own forms,and who are firm in respect of your food, I avenge you, do ye avenge me.”
= the axes say:
“to become protection. this (to connect to). protection+counsel (pun). these (conn to). to become the word-blossoms. [for] existence (matrix). to become stable (men)., [by] these (conn to). designs. [of] existence (eden’s). to transform (kheper). to complete (kam). [by] the flesh of Áf., of [=by]. the words to transform. [for] the gods. who are. [as] the one (tu). Ennead (pestch). these. to open the windpipe [of the pillar!] (serq). [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
the gods’. peace [of saturn] (h’etep). \\ [is by] the Workplace. [for] the Watercourse [eden axis]., [is?] the innermost sacred [place] (khen). [for] (Matter) to fly upwards (pa). [to] existence. to connect to. the dimension. to connect to. willpower. to give. [to] the West. [through] the great pillar. this. god., [for] existence of the beautified-soul.;
to recite.;

Between the axes and the group of gods, is the line
“the star. \\ [of,for?] the house of the mother (mu)., to fill/the North (meh’t). [with] aspects (food-glyph). [for] the goddess like m-b-soul-adam.”;
…likely ‘the star’ is an Eden-aspect, and mother is Mut here, the goddess north of earth; indicated by the magically-dangerous \\.;

[so this next group of gods is apparently IN that ‘house north’],
3. The god who is the “guardian of those who are submerged,”
“the words. [of] the dimension. [by] the most-b-soul-adam to go fill [the north] (meh’i). [as] the dimension. [of] speech for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., [as] ‘the person sitting inside a vaulted dome’ (glyph). the dimension. [of] speech.”;
4. The god SATIU (?), horus-spirits+son
5. The god ANKH-AB hawk-headed, “the torso/of ãnkh-life”
6. The god BATH-RESTH (?) crocodile-headed,[by] to connect to. the South., to connect to. the Ba-solarplane-type-spirit.”;
7. The god ANP-HENI, jackal-headed, “[by] the most-b-soul-adam of hebrew-H. [by] the root. [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).”; ÁNPu is the Anubis title, who is a construct, because “the word. [of] the Root. [for] existence of the beautified-soul.”;

Of these five gods it is said,”They act as guardians of Tuat, and of those who are submerged in the Tuat, and they [protect] and make to pass on the boat.”
[by] the boat. to come. [from?] their (ad.souls). Eye [plexus]. [for] the Tuathouse. [with] words of most-b-s-adam to go fill/the North (mehiu). * which is. speech. [as?] Eden’s speech (rr). of [=by] them (ad.souls)., [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).”;
…the context that ‘the boat comes fróm THEIR Eye, may be that these gods are ‘the result of those things brought’, as depicted in their names;
[the glyphs behind the * trustfully following what Budge sees],

To these the Sun-god makes an address, which reads,
“This great god saith, O ye who stand by your waters, who keep ward over your lands, who go round about in the pool of those who are submerged in Nu, pilot ye these to the lands of the sea of the Tuat, unto your waters which never dry up, and rise ye up in your lands and let me travel over you in peace. This great god saith, O ye, lift ye up your weapons to your….. image, and protect ye the foreheads of your maat, and perform ye your work, in order that I may be able to pass by you in peace,”

[the entire line above them reads:]
“peace [of saturn] (h’etep). of [=by]. this. anunna-face (north vesica)., [by] the wandering of the root of willpower [Eden’s] (ãpt). this (to connect to). to become the eye. [for] existence. to make. [by] this (conn to). things sacrificed (maãtu). [!] to open [them] up (up+mult.). [as] these. words to guard.;
[by] to guide. this (root). existence (eden’s). to praise (?,glyph). this (conn to). cunningness? split-off thing? (partly). existence. [of] speech., [as] this (conn to). voice [from below] (kheru). [in] this. high exalted [place] (qa)., [by] this. great pillar. this. god. [for] existence for the beautified-soul.,
to recite.;

“the peace [of saturn]. of [=by]. this. anunna-face. the dimension. [by] the fire-drill (tcha). the shoulder/axis to bear up (glyph). the dimension. to open up [the root] and to tax? (h’eterup,comp.). [by] the invasion (ãqt). [of] them (ad.souls). [by?] covering of turquoise (fak=mãfkt). [of] existence. these (conn to). islands [in the pillar]. [to?] the island. [in] this (tn). high place., [as] their (ad.souls). diminished light as the word (sher+u?). nót.;
[by] this. dimension (eden’s). [is] existence. [for] the Tuathouse., [as?] the post-Eden dimension (agb,plexus+solarplane). [by] the islands., [by] their (ad.souls). existence. this (to conn to). dimension. which is. stable through m-b-s-adam (meni)., [by] the dome of the word-inside [south] (nu). [of] the words of adam-within., of [=for]. the dimensions (with) the word of most-b-soul-adam to fill (meh’iu). of [=as?]. the filled dimension/north.,
this (to conn to). to change a course (ut’eb-coil). [by] the islands [in the pillar]. [and] these. to guard (saa). this. dimension (eden’s)., [for] speech. to stand upright. [as] the dimension. [of] willpower. [through] the great pillar. this (pn). god., [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).,
to recite.;

– between the gods and the object in the centre, is the line”the word-inside hebrew-H. this (to connect to). existence (matrix). forced (by?) the son (sa).”,
…the object is the anunna-face itself, and all the events on the LEFT side, entering the LEFT side of the vesica [anunna-face], came to the north via the backbone PEST’ — the one snake of the caduceus;
8. Immediately in front of the god ANP-HENI is an object which looks like a chamber with a rounded roof; but whatever it may be, it is filled with sand, and from the fact that the sign of”night”or”darkness,”appears at the top, we may conclude that it represents some form of the dark underworld of Seker. To each side of it a hawk clings by his claws, and from the lower part of it emerges the scarab, which has already been mentioned.

Moving on to the right side of the vesica:
9. A huge serpent, and of him it is said,”He liveth by Ra every day, he travelleth over every place of maat in the Tuat, and it is he who setteth himself in opposition to the scarab.”
“to transform (kheper). existence (matrix). \\ [by] hebrew-H. [for] speech. his. existence to become new.;
[by] the Star. [as] completed thing (kamt). [for] all of. the adamite soul throne., [for] the speech. [of] his. existence (matrix). to come (walk-glyph). [to] him [hebrew-H aspect] (set). every. light. [as] light. of [=for]. his. ãnkh-life.”;

…note how the serpent is mottled again [‘mixture’]; it is not clear why it faces the east-side of the vesica – but it must be the óther snake of the caducaeus going upwards INTO this eastern side, that is, the aspects going into there;
remembering two CT, which stated”the áten to go upwards”, should then tell the same concept: that the áten, or part of it, was taken óut of hebrew-H, and placed”on the top of the backbone, the pillar”, as eastern-side of the vesica – every PT and CT is full of”the sky of earth/by the eastern/side”, which must denote ‘the adamite throne’ inthere;
To this serpent Ra saith,”Hail, thou serpent TER, whom I myself have fashioned, open thou to me thy folds, open thou thy folds wherewith thou hast doubly sealed the earth to protect me, and march thou against those who are in my following, in order that I may pass by thee in peace.”
“the peace [of saturn]. of [=by]. thou. speech [in] the anunna-face. (as my?) root of willpower. (my?) branch,staff (khet). of [=as?]. the horus-spirit of ‘reality’ (nttiu). [by] the speech. thou. go to arrange [speech/adamite soul] (ser). to dress (shes glyph). existence. (my?) word. thou. willpower. [by] the adamite soul. existence.,
[as] the land. thou. double-sealed-up (double royalty?). thou. solarplane-coil (glyph). to open [and become new] (un)., thou. solarplane coil. [of] (my?) existence. to open for existence to become new.;
[by] thou. willpower. (my) existence. to become sacred (t’eser)., [by] the serpent to erase (T’ER) [alt.’the serpent/to become/(by?) the hand/of speech]. [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).,
[through] the great pillar. this. god. [for] existence for the beautified-soul.,
to recite.”;
…. the glyph T’ER usually is ‘to erase’, but it lacks the knife-glyph, then the “to become the hand” may fit, since “Isis’ hand” is several times mentioned in CT, isis being the rule over the adamite throne;

10. The god BAFERKHEFTIU, ram-headed, [dualism + body],
= BA P F REKH, “to know. his. Root. [for] the Ba-solarplane spirit”;
11. The god IU-HER-APTESU, who holds a lasso in each hand. [the caducaeus?],
= H’ER ÁPTSu,”the cord. ‘to ad.soul’s roots, for the beaut-soul’(?). to go to. the anunna-face.”;
note how he turns his head back to the object –
12. The god ÁN-ÁT, wearing a feather of Maat [likely Shu, pillar + an-face],
“the father. to bring”, may be also a derivative of Áten, or adam’s staff TÁ,
13. The god ABUI, with his head turned behind him; he is provided with a shade,
..the two horns may be either H’ENu, ÃBu or T’EBu; ‘most-b-s-adam (in?) the (two) horns’; but since the topic is ‘head’ [the thing around his head], the glyph should be H’ENu, horns of Saturn;
it máy refer to the plasma-streams from saturn pouring into this north-place; comp. the sistrum in the next part; note how he also looks back = ‘to remain connected with’…?
14. The god ÃMU, bull-headed, ‘the word. alike [adam]. willpower’,
or “the word. to devour.”;
15. The god SET, bull-headed
..usually Set is named Setesh, or Set+stone, here it is a torture-stake,
“the torture-stake. [for] him [aspect of hebrew-H].” perhaps this stake is the pillar?
“the West. his. existence (eden’s). to fear (sent’).”;
17. The god HETEP-NETERU, “the gods’. peace [of saturn] (h’etep).”;

Of these eight gods [as doubling of 4?] it is said, “They stand by at the annihilation of the dead in the Tuat, and their work is to burn up with fire the bodies of the dead by the flames from their mouths in the course of every day.”
“every. light. [by] the posessions [below] (khertu). of [=for]. their (ad.souls). Mouth (east-anface, speaking creation). [for] existence (matrix)., [by] the fiery flames of eternal hebrew-H (HeH). to die., [so that] the dead bodies (khatu). to make the ámt-fire?. this [root] (pá). their (ad.souls). eye. the dawn [of the Tuat](?)., of [=by]. the lights to die(?). which is. the foremost [=adam] (nose-glyph)., [for?] the anunna-face. to stand upright.”;

18. A goddess, standing upright,
either the lights as things split-off. [by?] the divine builder-goddess.” [divine thing to build?],
relating to ‘blueprint from orion’,
since the man is like cutting his ówn forehead [brow] with the axe, and she appears to ‘bless his head’,
she must be “rebuilding the head by Orions blueprint, using the stolen light-aspects”;
probably in both physical sense as well as the construct of this place; this is about the ‘head’, compare the gizah king’s chamber [anunna-face] whose shafts point to orion [sah’, sqet’];
– alternatively SENEBT, fortress in the solarplane where adamite originals are kept,

with her hands stretched out to the top of the head of a man who is kneeling before her, and is cutting open his [fore-?] head with a hatchet; the goddess is called and lives upon the blood of the dead, and upon that which the gods give,”
[to,by?] the gods. eden realm within existence. to give. * [by] the adamite soul. to connect to. sharpness [the hand. (as,is) root. [of] the adamite soul] (sept’). of [=by]. * the death. dimension. [the word of] blood (senfu). of [=by?]. the adamite soul. [for] ãnkh-life.”;
(Budge lacked the part inbetween the *),

The text of the speech which the god makes to the eight gods reads:–
“The Majesty of this great god saith unto them, Hail, ye who stand at the blocks of torture, and who keep ward at the destruction of the dead, ye whose voices have come into being for you, who have received your words of power, who are endowed with your souls, who sing hymns to the accompaniment of your sistra, who take vengeance on the enemies, who annihilate the dead, who hack in pieces shades [of men and women], who destroy and cut in pieces the dead, who avenge Osiris and hearken unto words near Unnefer, provide ye yourselves with your slaughtering knives, fetter and bind with your hands [this] figure which is with you, so that I may journey past you in peace. Whosoever knoweth this shall pass by the goddess in peace.”

= text above the eight gods and the serpent:
“the peace. of [=by]. the adamite soul’s. speech in the anunna-face.,
[by] to make to go steal. of [=from?]. the adamite soul.,
to know. [how] became (áu). the peace [of saturn]. of [=by]. this (connect to). anunna-face., [by] the wandering root of willpower [eden’s] (ãpt+walk). [to] this (conn to). existence (matrix). of [=by]. the words of adam-within. to become to guide. [by] the anunna-face., [as] this. double-willpower. [by?] the words of the soul-pool [SH,south] (shetu?).;
[by] the word. [of] the adamite soul. to tie together. [in?] the inversed dome as the slaughterhouse. [of] existence (eden’s)., which is. [by] this (conn to). to split-off (t’en). the Root. [of] the adamite soul., [for] divine beauty (nefer). [of] existence to become new.;

[by] the anunna-face. to command. the word. to listen to., [as] Osiris’. face. to become the words of protection.;
this. which is. this. breast (glyph). of [=by]. to cut from anóther (ki)., [by] existence (matrix). the lights of the most-b-s-adam’s throne of the adamite soul to destroy (h’ástemi)., [and?] the shadows [energyfield of body]. to cut-off [‘by sand’] (shã)., the lights to die. [by] these (conn to). to make to destroy the adamite throne (s-h’ástem). [of] the enemies., [and] to protect (restored?). [by] the teeth (beh’enu). [of] the sistrum [sounds of saturn].;
existence. to worship (uash). these (conn to). ba-souls (solarplane spirits). [by] existence. to become sharp, watchful [‘to become. the hand. (as) root. (of) the adamite soul’] (sept’+scroll). [by] these. words of Sorcery (h’ekau,saturn). existence (eden’s) [as] a thing acquired (shept)., [for] this. to become the voice. [for] existence (eden’s). to transform (kheper).,
[by] the lights to die [by horus-spirits]. [of] the existences (mult.). [of] the foremost [adam]. [as] the anunna-face. [by] the cords (by) the most-b-s-adam to stand upright., [by] speech. [from] eden’s speech [rr]. [in] the slaughterhouses of the horus-spirits., hail?. their (ad.souls). existence (eden’s). [in?] the great pillar. this. god., [so that] existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).,
to recite.;
The entrance into the Sixth Division of the Tuat is made through a door in the lower register, which is guarded by a serpent “who openeth it himself,”here, too, appears the large five-rayed star which is the symbol of the planet VENUS, and is described as the “living god which journeyeth, and journeyeth, and travelleth.”
^^^ we will see how that is… – this is the last line of Budge’s version of the 5th hour;
but in the topline of the upper register is the following text,
“the land. head. [head-land] their (ad.souls). existence. the thing to rotate [solarplane] (t’ebent). [by?] the word. his. dead bodies (khatu). thing to build (for) the beautified-soul (same as qet’t, top right).,
[by] thou. existence (eden’s). to split-off. [for] existence (matrix)., [as] seker [speech/of perishing adamite soul]. [as] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
[lit.:] ‘the stability/for the beautified-soul/(by) to make the house of fat [adam aspects] (ãt+house). [for] ãnkh-life. [by?] the light (?,glyph). the Star (glyph). which is. [for?] Áment [the West]. of [=by]. […missing..],
to guide. alike-adam (miá). the Eden realm. the Eye. to become. [by?] he. the adamite soul. his. Watercourse [eden axis]., [for] existence (matrix). this (root). to guide., to make. the season (?,ter,no endglyph). [by] the light (eden’s). nót.;
[as] to become the light’s. season. nót.;
the mysterious, hidden words (shetau). [by] them (ad.souls). [are] the words. [for] existence. [of] speech.”;

“existence. [by] their (ad.souls). images. [for] the Tuathouse. [of] the words of adam-within., to become the Ba-spirit souls., [by] to know. the head. to become the words. [by] light?. of [=by]. the pupil (tchet).”;

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