title: (transformations) the golden phoenix and quadruple root

10] my. head (main). doorkeeper. of [=for]. my. sekhem-power. [is] the throat [between red-blue circle] (h’eti). [to] the corn-god (neperá,tuatIII). [for] my. existence. [by] existence (eden’s). to give.;
[in order for] my. torso (centre). to acquire., [and for] me. to become abundance (bãh’,saturn/solarplane). [by means of] he (eden). within.; [in order for] me. to become a spirit. [by] he. within.; [and for] me. to go feed upon (unem). [through] my. phallus [inversed pillar] (met). [for] divine peace [of saturn] (h’etep). \\[for] the field (sekht-h’etep). [of] existence. to become established (uah’). [through] the goddess of the mountain of the place for existence (see note). [for] existence. [as] the divine firstborns. these (numbering). gods., 8] [through] the word to connect to. \\adam-within. [as] the speech. [for] me. to dwell in.;

[by] every. light of willpower of speech. he. the word to command. to listen. the [an-] face (eden’s)., [in order for] Rã. to enter [eden’s eye?] (ãq). [and as?] the Bennu bird [phoenix]. [for] gold(en). existence. [of] beauty (nefer). 7] [for] the falcon (bák).;

[in order] of [=for]. me. to become united (t’emt’). [and so for] me. to become to rise and be crowned. [by] the words of praise. [of] existence., [by] them (ad.souls). to give. [as] the words to bow for [eden should] (kesu)., [and] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [as] the Matter [to fly upwards, in mid-gate]. [of] words of adam-within. [to] me. existence to bring (ánn).; [this] to become (áu). [by] the ãnt’ boat [all tó white hole]. of [=for] existence., 5] hoovering over (khenn; that construct). the land (eden’s) \\[of] the east., [in order for] the mountain. of [=for]. my. torso (centre). [ to] me. existence to bring.;

[this] to become. [by] the Sektt boat (all out of white hole). [for] the box of the hand of he [eden’s] (fet’t+). [as] willpower. of [=for]. existence (matrix). to manifest (per).;
4] [by] the lights of the south (thes-dome,not real south shemã+). [fór] the (emerald) sceptre (*pic,stars). of [=by] \\he. the two wings [axis] (t’eneh’). [for?] he. the backbone [not ‘shining’ yet] (pest’). of [=as?]. the four (4). shoulders [axis] (remen-glyph). [for] existence (matrix)., [for,as] the falcon (bák). of [=for]. existence (matrix). to hoover over (khenn). existence (eden’s). [in order for] the one wing to fly-up [of root] (paa; mid-gate). [tó] he. the egg [utchat-eye pupil] (suh’t). of [=for] to manifest (per).;

[by] the gold. [of] existence (eden’s). to become the great pillar. [through?] the falcon (bák),;
of [=by] (means of). the double treshfloor. me. to become to rise and be crowned (khã). [through] my. word of hail (áu). [for] true voice., [as] the noble primeval child. [etc]., to recite.;

the gold (eden’s). [for] existence. [for] the falcon. of [=by] (means of). the images to transform. [for] the eye. [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth.”;

————————– end BD LXXVII