draft posted: first revision: 17/5/17
scribe: Nu
given title: ‘chapters of transformations’
status: 90 %, first revision 17/5
notes: below; about Eve, or revelation-goddess
first draft: from draft, many words remained the same; streamlined
Renouf link: below
situation: red and blue circle
see also: bd172, and all bd of (transformation)
title: (transformations) essence for the apes by Eve’s root for theirs



the place of the word of T’ep (*pic,red circle). [of] speech. [to] he. the one to come. the place of root-P (blue circle)., [as] the speech. [by] the double treshfloor.; [by] he. to come the root to the kh-house (khep+walk). [as] the doubled-divine word \\[for] to battle (=to battle with)., [and by] it. to pacify [peace of saturn]. [namely] of [=as] the original adamite soul’s. speech for the an-face.;

[through] Thoth. to come the thing of root to the kh-house (khept+). [being] the thing to becóme sacred. [as?] this (mbs-word-connect to). thing of the Watercourse (eden’s). [for] the [an-] face (north). [as] my word., [by] them (ad.souls). to give.;
of [=as]. the god. [of] my. royalty (sãh’, Orion). [for] me. to advance (bes). [and] me. to rise and be crowned.; [through] every. light (eden’s). within. Rã., to become the exalted high place (*pic,top of stacked domes). [of eden] ‘within’. Rã., [through] the thing to rise and be crowned. [namely as] the dome of the East. [for] the [an-] face. [as] my. word., [by] the original adamite soul. to give.;

5] [by means of] the divine thing to subdue [or ‘goddess’] (seksekt). [namely by] the the divine mother. [of] existence (eden’s). to make a divine transgressoress (s-khebent+). [in order for becoming] the divine secondary woman [divine sister] (sent+goddess). [of] existence. [for] my word. [as] the adamite soul’s existence. [by] decree of law.;

[as] my. speech. \\[by] the original adamite soul’s. word \\of willpower [for] willpower (matrix). [through] the Tet [isis’ womb]. existence (eden’s). to give.;
4] [and through] speech. to divinely doubly-complete (kmkm; guess). [in] the house [of speech]. [of] the [an-] face (north)., [in order] existence (eden’s). to halt (x+walk). [by means of] the words to become sacred. [through] the corners to make to open [of eden] (senshu+). [in order for] existence (matrix). to advance (bes). [through] the divine he the doubled-original-adamite-soul for the kh-house of hail (ákhessef; construct). [of?] the houses of saturn (bd172).;

[to] existence (matrix). to come the backside (eden/Eve; peh’). [for] the divine doubled-tear (see note). [to] the houses of saturn., [by] existence. to double-transfer (khebkheb; to slaughter/distribute/). to become the restored words (tchebu). [of] the thing of adam-within., 3] [and so] the dimension to purify. [by means of] the houses of saturn (9). existence (eden’s). to make to Spin-around (s-khes). [for] the ape’s (ããn). [of] existence (matrix). [to have] the body-intestine (besek). [of] speech. [and so for] me. the (feminine) intuition (saát). to acquire.;

[by] the land’s (eden’s). words of the Watercourse at the border-sky (*pic,tcherru-area; eden-wat.). of [=for]. existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; [as] the primeval child. [etc]. to recite.;
[for] within., the adamite throne (ást). to acquire (shep). [by] the place of Õn., [for] the speech (matrix). the thing to wander-astray [=the word] (adam-related,shemt). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth (eden’s).”;

——————–end BD LXXV
A] Renouf link: (orig. link missing)
B] notes:
line 6] Thoth,

in Manchester Ritual we saw Ariadne, the construct of both circles,

was captured by Dionysus – Thoth,

line 6] T’EP and P,

we keep, for now, that T’EP is the red circle; “root / of the hand”,

where other clusters of ‘four’ also use the T’ (as át’en, fent’, t’en, etc),

indication hére, is the “word”, feminine; as well as “thing of the root”

in next line,

line 4] doubled-soul,

very obscure, but in the ‘fishnet spells’ is many ásst, as double-S;

we post the mentioned BD, “the 9 houses of saturn”;

line 4] backside and tear;

the distinction between Eve, and the revelation-woman as construct

is often so blended, that it’s hard to see here which one;

but that they address ‘physical intestines’ and here ‘tears’, should

address Eve; egyptians were said ‘be born by tears of Rã’ REMU,

but read: essence as illegal offspring of eve;

and again we have this ‘four’:

in same cluster REMIT, having four names;

as ” the ureaus as the female-most-b-soul-adam for the tear”,

‘the aspects/for the son/of the h-saturn/by the female-foremost-adam’,

‘the goddess/of beauty/adamite throne/female-foremost-adam/to flourish’

‘every kind/house of saturn/by female-foremost-adam’

line 9] apes and intestine,

the ‘intuition’, SAÁ, is close related to intestines, ‘gut’,

and apparently the very [non-eden] concept of intestines is created

by rotation..? The last part of the line does not run good enough;

Tet – imagining the thing as an ãnkh-symbol, the ‘arms’ are at the border,
and the ‘vulva’ as like ‘hovering over eden eye’, waiting for ‘lights as seeds to receive’;