IN the scene which illustrates the SIXTH DIVISION Of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the SIXTH HOUR of the night, we see, in the middle register, the dead Sun-god AFU-RA.
“the light + flesh”

once again standing in his boat, under the canopy, accompanied by his usual company of gods. He is no longer in the serpent boat wherein he passed through the domain of Sekri, and he is no longer being towed along. [because now he is powered by the stolen heads in the fifth hour];
In front of the boat are:–

1. The god Thoth, in the form of a man with the head of a cynocephalus ape, seated on a throne, and bearing the name TEHUTI-KHENTI-NEB-TUAT ÃT NEB SBAU,
“the SBA-stargates. all [of] (the solarplane,Neb). to assemble? (crocodile)., the Tuathouse., [for] all [of]. the Kh-house. the second áat of Thoth.”;
.. the crocodile-glyph can be ãt, or others; also in SAAQ is the crocodile as in ‘to gather together, to assemble’; hence we chose for this crocodile because of context;
….if the name makes sense: he is sitting upon a box-like chair, which after the fifth hour we may interpret as “sitting upon the cube”; and where the “head áat” was the oval, according to the Edfu texts, here he must be telling that “the KH-house is the second áat”;

2. A female figure, with her hands turned behind her, holding in each the pupil of an eye of Horus or Ra; she is called AMENT-SEMU-SET ÁMENT SEMU S,
“the adamite soul. guiding. áment., he [set,hebrew-H aspect]. to become guided. [bý] áment.”;
The text above the boat reads:
“This great god travelleth through this city, being provided with [his] boat, on the water; be worketh the paddle in this country towards the place of the body of Osiris.”… “The Majesty of this great god [speaketh to] the gods who are in this country when he arriveth at these houses which are hidden, and which contain the image of Osiris. This god crieth to the hidden forms which are in them, and they hearken to the voice of this god, and then he passeth them by.”

[lost?] his. mountain [t’u, God’s]. this. god., to become (áu). Osiris’. existence. to guide. [as] the things below. (khertu)., [by] to become the things of the turtle. [for] the houses of saturn., [by] existence (eden’s). opened word-inside.;
the name [existence/speech]. [of] he. [is] the mooringpost [mená]. this field.;
the words of adam-within. the [three?] gods. existence. the great pillar. this. god. (to serve/existence/for existence for the beautified-soul). Osiris’. thing of dead body (khatt). the words of the [invaded] hebrew-H. [for] speech. [is] this. field., of [=for]. the thing of the voice., [for] his. Eye. [for] the dimension. [of] the anunna-face (vesica north)., [by] the boat. to equip (ãper). [in?] this. place. [for] the great pillar. the god., to travel to make to build [by blueprints from Orion] (seqt’t).”;
….several times it uses the end-T, it can hardly be ‘feminine’ so we leave the ‘thing of’;
the hebrew-H is the Cube glyph;

In the abode of Osiris are sixteen gods in mummied forms. The first four are bearded, and wear the menat and the White Crown, and each is described by the title suten, i.e., “King of the South.” The second four are bearded, and are described as HETEPTIU, the third four are bearded, and wear the menat and the Red Crown and each is described by the title bát [‘king of the north’, also ‘honey/iron cluster], and the fourth four are bearded, and are called KHU, i.e., “Spirits.” [spirits by the word of kh-house]. Immediately in front of these gods is an enormous serpent with five heads, which is called ASH-HRAU, i.e., the “Many-faced.” The body of this serpent is bent round to form an oval, and within it lies on his back the god AFU, who is holding upon his head a beetle, which is the symbol of the god KHEPERA. The text written above reads:–

“Saith the Majesty of this great god to the kings of the South, to the HETEPTIU, to the kings of the North, and to the Spirits who are in this City:–May your royal state and condition be with you, may ye receive your White Crowns, and ye HETEPTIU [may ye receive] your offerings, and ye kings of the North may ye receive your Red Crowns, and ye SPIRITS may ye receive your appointed rites; may your offerings be unto you, and may ye be in peace. May ye have power over your souls, may ye be adored(?), may ye have sovereignty over your city, may ye have peace in your fields, may ye join yourselves to (i.e., attain to) your secret things with your crowns (?), may your appointed rites be paid to you, may your sacrifices of propitiation be made to you, and give to the gods their mouth. Avenge ye me in [this] land, and hack in pieces the serpent Apep, O ye kings of the South, ye Heteptiu, ye kings of the North, and ye Spirits, who dwell in [this] land.”
“Those who are in this picture stand up in their places, and they hear the voice of the great god, the lord of the dead body, that is to say, KHEPERA in his own flesh…… in the act of guarding.”
Of the Serpent of Many Faces it is said, “Of him who is in this picture, with his tail in his mouth, his work is to rise up with this image, to journey to the West in his form, and to travel to every place of the Tuat. Through the voice of Ra it is that the figures who are in him advance.”
[see full text below],

…. the texts and pictures consist of five plates, the fifth being the serpent;
reading correctly the entire text, as continuous line, starting by the serpent,
as the text runs through all 5 plates, and is seperated in “an introduction”, a part about the serpent, and a longer text about the sixteen gods:


…. it is crucial to realize, that the term ÃSH has as root ‘many, multitude’,
which is the Multitude of Revelation — that is, not exactly the ‘adamite souls in their bodies, living on earth today; and who will get saved when soon this world will get Dark’,
– but their originals, who are imprisoned in the south-east of earth, and being vampired upon and stripped, to such extend that [only] that what we call ‘the soul’ is born into this physical body [of saturn]; our soul therefore being “a split-off part of our originals” [!];
for reference please compare the book of Revelation, where “the souls below the altar cried out ‘how long still’, and they are told to wait just a bit longer”;

…..the above context is important to see their puns:
inside the serpent is depicted a person called “flesh” [there is only the flesh glyph, multiple],
the serpent then would be “the face. [of] the multitude.”, because their goal is to steal all the fáces of them; but also to ‘use them for the anunna-face’, vesica North; and to give the faces to théir sons — as the type deities lined up in this mid register;
…the word ÃSH is also ‘cedar oil perfume’, related to the áspects they steal, and in the text, those aspects return as “food-offerings tó the Saturn h’etep-field” [see text below]; this tree is the same as the step-down ASHT’, the tree where the cat Máu [Rã] every morning cut-off the head [!] of the serpent; and a dozen other links, but too extensive now for this note;
note also, when these aspects become ‘sand’, in the first-Áat, the fifth hour, as the inversion SHÃ; contextually, the entire ‘mound’ in the 5th hour “is built from thése aspects’!;

[full text top line]
[start introduction:]
“his. words of adam-within. to go guide. [as] the word. to come (walk glyph). [as] this (root). light., [for] the divine light. [as] the Voice. [for] the Tuathouse., which is. [for] all [of]. Osiris., [as] his. existence (matrix). [by] to wander the root of willpower (eden’s). [as] he (the). blueprint. alike-adam (miá).;
[for] the West. to rob. [and] this (root). to become to guide. below [south].; [for] it. to extend (t’un). [to] this. his. Eye [hour 5]. [to] his. Mouth [North, speaking creation]., [by] the set’-island [flint-knife,7-poly of heart,tail; the tail perhaps representing the ‘fish-hook into hebrew-H-cube?]. [for] thse. designs, natures, etc (sekheru). of [=for]. his. existence to become new.”:

[text about the serpent ÃSH:]
“to guard (saa). the adamite soul. of [=by]. [..lost, ‘the gods’?..]. to become the son of the multitude (ãsh+son+scroll). his-self. flesh of Áf. of [=by]. this. divine transform (kheperá). the dead bodies of the horus-spirits. [by?] all. [of] the great pillar. this. god.;
the voice. [by] them (ad.souls). to become to listen to. [and] of [=by]. them. to become (áu). [as?] their. lands of manifestation (pert-lands,unknown)., [by] speech. [from] them (ad.souls). to stand upright., [as] these. designs,nature,etc (sekher). [by] them (ad.souls)., existence to become new.”;

[text about the sixteen gods:]
the land. [of] the words of adam-within. [for] the Khu-spirits., the divine bát-north-king(s)., the h’eteptiu-horus-spirits., [and the nesutu kings].; [by] ãpep’s [made to represent God]. words to cut [..lost…][as] thou. existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;
the land. [by] speech of the anunna-face. to become the words of protection., [as] these. who are. [by] them (ad.souls). [for] existence (matrix). [of] the gods., [by] the Mouth [north]. [as] the word. [of] willpower (matrix). [of] speech., [by] the aspects offered into the h’etep-fields of saturn. of [=for]. to become the word of h’etep.;
[skipped line]
this. wasps? honey?. of [=by]. to become the turtle [south cube]. [by] this. to unite (khenem). [with] these (conn to). cultivated lands (ah’tu,saturn). [for] this. peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; [as] this. place. [as] this. Seth’s royal south [nesut]. to praise (lasso+sh). [by] these. Ba-solarplane-spirits. [as] these. to become (by) sekhem-power. [by] this. peace [of Saturn].;
[by] this. existence (eden’s). aspects offerings in the h’etep-field [of saturn]. [for] these. khu-spirits. [as] this. existence. which is. existences. [for] khu-spirit-life? [some pun]., [and] the bát-north-kings. existence. which is. existences. [for] bát-life / [same type pun]., [by?] the h’etept horus spirits. existence. which is. peace [of saturn] (h’etep). [..lost..],
[by] this. white crown [of speech around earth]. this. existence (eden’s). to acquire., [for] this. existence (matrix). this. to becomeas the m-b-soul-adam’s places in the royal south [nesutu]., which is. [as] the place. [of] adam-within. [by] the words. [for] the Khu-spirits., the divine bátiu., the divine h’eteptiu. [and] the nesutu., [by] existence (eden’s). [in] the great pillar. this. god., [for] existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence for the beautified-soul.,
to recite.; ”

… there is a readable line above the sixteen gods, against the ceiling of the middle register:
“the field. [for] existence (matrix). name [is].: the divine SBA-stars. [as] everything (nebt,master-holder of solarplane). the dimension. [..lost/invisable..] this (root). god. [by] them (ad.souls). to become decree by law.;
of [=by]. their (ad.souls). speech. [as] the light. to transform (kheper). their (ad.souls). aspects of totality [144,000!] (au+food)., [by] them (ad.souls). [in] the fields. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to become sekhem-power. [by] this (root). [of] them (ad.souls). [for] Sight (maa)., [for] existence (matrix). [by] their (ad.souls). speech. to stand upright.;
[for] the gods of the Tuathouse. [as] the gods. [of] existence (matrix). [of] peace [of saturn].;
[as] the god. [by] the gift. [from] this (root). god. to command. “;

…it is not clear yet what SBA are, apart from relating to the portals of the Cube;
10 of sun and real-moon, 12 for the winds;
perhaps the sba-gods mentioned, are the stars representing these portals;

– why the serpent ÃSH H’ER has ‘five heads’,
may relate to Áf+1; everything of Áf, the cube, is always “four”,
perhaps the serpent – since he imprisons – is “the fifth”;
the same concept we have by “Horus and the four sons of Horus”, etc;
[question: this 5-headed serpent is the same as the star in the door of Hour Five?]

[question: was this physical earth within that corner of hebrew-H cube; or just outside it?
and moved after the fall to this place?]



The text which runs in the border above the upper register reads:–

[This is] the hidden path of Amentet, on the water of which is transported this great god in his boat to arrange the lots (or, plans) of those who are in the Tuat. If their names be uttered, if their bodies be known, if their true forms and the knowledge of their hours be known, and the qualities of this secret figure of the Tuat (which are unknowable), by any man whatsoever: or if an exact representation in drawing be made of what is in the Hidden Place (Ament) of the Tuat, which is to the south of the Ât of Amentet: whosoever knoweth this thing shall be one who is fully provided with food in the Tuat, and he shall partake in the offerings which are made to the gods who are in the following of Osiris, and he shall have (i.e., receive) the offerings which all his kinsfolk are in duty bound to make to him upon earth.”
“the field. [for] existence (matrix). name [is].: the divine SBA-stars. [as] everything (nebt,master-holder of solarplane). the dimension. [..lost/invisable..] this (root). god. [by] them (ad.souls). to become decree by law.;
of [=by]. their (ad.souls). speech. [as] the light. to transform (kheper). their (ad.souls). aspects of totality [144,000!] (au+food)., [by] them (ad.souls). [in] the fields. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). to become sekhem-power. [by] this (root). [of] them (ad.souls). [for] Sight (maa)., [for] existence (matrix). [by] their (ad.souls). speech. to stand upright.;
[for] the gods of the Tuathouse. [as] the gods. [of] existence (matrix). [of] peace [of saturn].;
[as] the god. [by] the gift. [from] this (root). god.,
to recite. “;

In the upper register are:–

A company of nine gods and goddesses, all of whom are represented as seated, but their seats of state or thrones are invisible; they may be thus enumerated:-
[..we saw this throne, a cube, is hebrew-H; that they are now “invisible”, unlike Thoth’s in the middle register, must denote that these nine are ‘artificial constructs’..?]
1. The god HETEP-KHENTI-TUAT H’ETEP ÃT TUAT, ‘\\ the Tuat. \\ [of] the KH-house. [of] peace [by saturn]., [is] the Tuat. rage (ãt). peace.”,] in the form of a mummy; his hands project from his bandages, and on his head he has symbols of meat and drink. [..anything “upon the head” means “covering, a power to stand under”: ‘aspects upon his head’ means it is a creation, this Tuat, from aspects; the projected hands are unclear],
2. The goddess ASTH-MEHIT, Or AST-AMHIT, with the Crown of the North on her head. The name means “Isis in the North.”
H’IT ÁM ÁST H’IT M TH SUH’T, ‘[saturn’s] throat [of the pillar]. within. the throne of adamite (north)., [by] saturn’s throat. for. to connect to. the egg [the proto-anunnaface-north. ‘; it’s a mouthfull, but apparently it must denote the construction of the ãnkh-torus];
3. The god [goddess] ASAR-AM-AB-NETERU, i.e., “Osiris in the heart of the gods.”
NETERU ÁMI ÁB ÁSÁR NETERU ÁB ÁMI R SUH’T, ‘the gods. [of] adam-within. [by] the Torso., [are by] the Torso. [of] adam-within. [for] speech. [t] the egg [the proto-an-face,north].”];
4. The god HERU-KHENTI-AHET-F, i.e., “Horus at the head of his field,” hawk-headed, with his hands projecting from his bandages,
F ÁTH [!] KHENT H’ER F ÃT [lost] UA, ‘he. Saturn [H’]. the father [át]. [of] the KH-house. [of] Horus., he. to assemble?. (lost). the Watercourse [eden axis].”;
….since there are virtually no scribal mistakes in amtuat [what strange thing to say..], the word must be ÁTH’; for the crocodile ‘to assemble’ see Thoth, above;
5. The god BENTI-AR-AHET-F, or ape-headed, with his hands projecting from his bandages.
F ÁH’ ÁR \\BENT RETHT N BET, ‘his. moon. for speech of beautified-soul. \\ [for] the Ape [of the solarplane]., [by] the thing to connect to speech’(retht).
[remember the apes of the solarplane had no head = no speech!];
6. The god MAA-AB-KHENTI-AHET-F,wearing the White Crown and menat, and with his hands projecting from his bandages.
F ÁTH’ KHENT ÁB MAÃ F THET M MAÃÁB, ‘his. father. saturn. kh-house. [by] the torso. to sacrifice., he. to the thing to connect. by. the torso to reap.’; the menát, “mooring post”, is the floating Swamp in front of the plexus;
7-9. Three goddesses, the first two of whom are called HENBETHEM
‘by. to connect to. the solarplane. [by] existence. [of] saturn.’;
and THEHBITH. THEH’EBÁÁTH, perhaps a doubled-concept?

The text which refers to this company of the gods reads:
[skipped; see below]

10. Three sceptres of the form each surmounted by the WHITE CROWN; from the base of each projects a knife.
… the H’EQ sceptre, “rule [by sorcery]“, we saw in the first hour; the white grown is “great speech [around this earth]“, and the knife must represent “phallus power”, which is a sorcery-construct [the crook-staffs, themselves];
11. Three sceptres of similar form, each surmounted by the RED CROWN; from the base of each projects a knife.
12. Three sceptres, of similar form, each surmounted by a uraeus; from the base of each projects a knife. The text which refers to these reads:
[skipped, see below]

13. The lion KA-HEMHEMET, couchant, and facing the two companies of the gods described above. Above his back are the two Utchats, between which is the sign [brainstem – RXcomplex?]
HeMHeM KA, ‘the mimicked hebrew-H-cube. [for] the ka-spirit-double. ‘, the mimicked cube within their flower of life; the positioning should tell that ‘the sphinx is carrying this entire construct’?
14. A form of the goddess Isis, in a sitting position, but without a throne.
SUTH’ THTHATHÁ ‘the beautified soul.to connect.to masculine (tha?). to connect to. the egg (north). ‘,
see next two deities about ‘masculine’;
…both this one and lion look backwards, backwards in time, like the sphinx? or look to the hebrew-H cube to ‘remain connected with it’..? Interestingly, the sphinx is a construct of 4 aspects – 4 is always cube –
15. The god HETCHEFU. it has no determinative of ‘saturn’s light’, h’etch, so “the word / by he / the serpent / of saturn’?, it is a nude male figure, perhaps a blueprint? but he still lacks ‘the masculine’, hence the next deity holds a knife – saturn’s masculine as phallus power – and phallus rule, the crook of sorcery, h’eq?
16. The god THATH-NETERU, in mummied form, holding a sceptre [h’eq] in one hand and a knife in the other,
“the gods / to connect to / masculine”, THa, which may account for the mummy-body;
17. A chamber, with an opening under the roof, through which a snake, which stands on its tail outside it, belches fire; under a vaulted covering is an “image,” of Ra, in the form of the hind-quarters of a lion. The chamber is called HET-TUAU-RA.
H’ET TUA, the divine/praise/saturn’s house;
….the lion backpart must be the PEH’, “saturns hidden root”, which is very often used in CT and BD, as far we understood it is “the stripping-down of Cain”, this hidden root;
18. A similar chamber, with an “image” of RA in the form of a hawk’s wing; the name of the chamber is HET-STAU-KHER-AHA.
either “to battle/below/to drag to/the house of saturn’;
the image in the Vault reads “the wing / to guide”; watercourse? and its things to haul?
19. A similar chamber, with an “image” of RA in the form of a human head; the name of the chamber is HET-TEMTET-RA.
…first, there is no indication it is Rã, it is just a head, and like previous, here “the head / to guide.”;
the presented plate does not show the glyphs, but if we follow Budge, it should read H’ET T’EMT’ UA + light; ” the light / of the Watercourse / to cut-off and complete / by the house of saturn”; where any stepdown of TEM is always denoting the “head of the pillar”with root “to complete”[tem], here ‘to connect to to complete’;

…the very fórm of the three vaults may be “the mimicked cube HmHm”, which’ top is still ruled by the Torus”; hence it is “filled by the fire of the upright [!] standing serpent”,

The texts read:
..the texts read, as complete lines, starting in upper-right corner, going left across the middle register:

[missing in Budge, mib][by] them (ad.souls). to die. the serpents., [by] decree by law. [for] the Domes. [for] existence to become new.”,
“the Tuathouse. this. existence (eden’s). to become to guide. [as] his (mib). flesh [of saturn] (h’ã). his. existence. to cut for to complete (t’emt’). the head. to become the voice. (of the person) within (ám). to become the flesh [of saturn] (h’ã). to illumine [by saturn light] (h’etch). the Tuathouse., [by] existence (eden’s). to become the Turtle (sh-ta+scroll). [and] this (root). to become to guide. [as] to become the words to descend from hebrew-H-cube (Hau, ‘to descend = to north!). [as] the speech. [to be] this (root). god.;
[as] the cord, word of serpent-speech (tchet’) [alt.’serpent language’]. [for] the voice [from below]. [for] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep). of [=by]. existences (eden’s). [as] the thing for the anunna-face (vesica north).;
[by] to wander the root of willpower [eden’s] (ãpt+walk). to become (áu). a higher rank (?,thena). [..lost..], his. flesh [of saturn] (h’ã). existence. to open the windpipe [of the pillar] (serq). [by] their (ad.souls). words of darkness (kku, no darkness-glyph!). [by] existence (matrix). to illumine [by light of saturn] (h’etch)., [by] this (conn to). to become to guide. existence (eden’s)., to connect [it] to. become words of protection [=defense] (netchnu)., of [for]. to become great speech. [for] the gods., [by] connecting to. great speech. thou. to guide (no scroll!)., [by] to guard. the divine h’etchtchut [‘winged disk’north, h’et’t’?)., [by] to become the great pillar. this. god., [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).,
to recite.; ”
[text ends above the back of the sphinx]

[text resumes:]
” the thing of existence. (rather as ‘which is’). [is] the connector/of[speech/to the gods] [‘unguent’] (nethert). [as] the words of willpower of speech. of [=by]. the divine Gatá [their plexus G]. [in] the adamite throne [north] (ást)., [for] existence (eden’s). to go guide. [for] existence to become new.;
[by] he. the connector speech to the gods (nethert). the anunna-face (vesica north)., [as] the face? (Budge). [of] light. [by] peace [of Saturn] (h’etep)., [as] the mimicked-hebrew-H-cube (HmHmt). [for] the Ka-spirit-double bull. to become within (scroll glyph!). existence (eden’s)., [by] the Tuathouse. [as] the light [of]. the divine mimicked-hebrew-H-cube (HmHem+divine)., [as] the SECOND DOME (dome-glyph+II). of [=by]. them [for] existence to become new.;
[7 tricky glyphs:],
the light. this (root. the connector / to the speech / for the gods (nethert)). — the word ua. s. willpower. khemt?. nót.;
[resume text:]
[by] to cut-off things to complete the beautified-soul (átemtu). of [=by]. their (ad.souls). [of] anóther. willpower., [by] their (ad.souls). fingers (tchebãu) [vertices of cube?]. [for] the anunna-face., [as?] the Tuathouse. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [for] the Ba-souls [solarplane-type-spirits]. to stand upright.;
[..lost..] to offer to the Ka-spirit-double of Saturn (h’eken, restored). the land., [by] the heads’. words from the most-b-soul-adam to transform (kheperiu). [for] this (to conn to). existence (matrix)., [as] these. throats (glyph). [for] existence (matrix). to open the windpipe [of the pillar] (serq).;
[by] them (ad.souls). [is] Ba-soul (so Budge). existence. [by] vampiring ãnkh-life (that is ãnkh!)., [by] this. decree by law. existence (eden’s). to sacrifice (maã)., [by] the adamite soul. within (ám). this. peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).;
[by] to become a transformed thing (khepert+scroll). [as] the Tuathouse., which is. this (conn to). existence (eden’s). [by] these (conn to). islands., [for] the Ba-souls. of [=for]. existence (matrix). [..lost..],
the words of the shoulder [axis]. [by?] the white crown [speech around Earth]. the support rising up (thes). these (conn to). to reap [sickle]. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; [?],
[for?] the Tuathouse. [of] the words of adam-within. as the noney?bees?. the gods of Set’s royal south [likely not the 4 nesut-gods here]., to serve (h’em). the great pillar. this. god., [by] existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., to command by decree of law.;
[end text]

[resume text,]
“to become the great pillar. this. god. [by] existence (eden’s). Mouth [speaking creation, north]., [as?] the head. [of] totality (au)., of [=by]. the willpower. [of?] the anunna-face. [by] them (ad.souls). the peace [of saturn] (h’etep). [?],
to steer [the Root] (kherp). [for] the Tuathouse. [of] the gods., [for] existence (matrix). [of] peace [saturn].; [by] the willpower. [of] speech. [for] the Tuathouse, of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [in?] this. Eye., [for] his. speech of the beautified-soul.;
[by] the words to steal (scribal mistake!). which is. the opened word-inside. [for] existence (matrix)., [by] the words. to make (not ‘images’). of [=for] Osiris., [and by] this. to become protection.,
[by] existence (eden’s). [for] this (conn to). sekhem-power.; — by the root to connect to light? —
these (conn to). Might [jackal staff of adamite soul’s speech] (user). these (conn to). the images (áru). [of] light., to become the thing (by) the great pillar. these (conn to). to become the images. [for] existence (matrix)., to become the high place [for north vesica] (qa). [by?] the legs [south] (glyph). [by] the word to sacrifice. [as] the words of every. divine posessions [below] (khertu)., [for] the words. [of] peace [of Saturn] (h’etep).;
this. which is. [by] all [of]. the light. [by] them (ad.souls). within. this, peace [of saturn]., [for] this. these. cultivated lands [fields of saturn] (scribal mistake). [of] this. peace [of saturn]., [by?] their (ad.souls). triple all [3 x neb]. triple speech [?, 3 x spech]. [for] the H’eteptiu-gods [horus-spirits of field of saturn]., [as] the Tuathouse. [of] the words of adam-within., [as] the words to sink down [to the north!] (h’eft’u). [for] existence (matrix).;
hail!. [to] this. field. head [main-field]. [for] the gods’. existence (matrix). [through] the great pillar. this. god., [by] existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).,
to recite.; ”


“máu cat [Rã] cutting the snake head daily at the tree in õn”

A] notes :

khent-thronestairs is corner of cube ?
= legs ?
the 4 horns ab is the inversal of the 4 side of cube point?

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