CT 682

reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : SBA-stargate lines
status : complicated
summary : CT 682
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending

q] the season. [ of willpower. of the adamite soul. thing to yoke? (neh’t) ] this (word/root). light.;

p] to yoke for eternity [by Saturn] (neh’eh’). [by] the deep place (BB, solarplane, root of apollo/Beb). to hurry. of [=by,for].

o] his,he (the). double-truth, two-truth (maãt+II) [!]. existence. the god of light of the Watercourse, as the ultimate willpower for the adamite soul (one glyph: sãã+axis+light). of [=by]. divine great speech. [from] the deep place (BB,see above). to hurry. of [=by,for].

n] the sky of earth. of [=for]. to make stable (s-men). the sky of earth., of [=for]. stability. [for] this. N (candidate).;

m] the castle of the house of speech (per, vesica north?). of [=by]. to manifest (per). Beb [apollo/abaddon] (proto-osiris). [by] aspect-offerings to h’etep field of Saturn. of [=for]. to manifest. [by?] the divine Sight [for adamite] (petrá). [for] this. N (candidate). [stop?]

l] the red crown [adamite aspects] (teshert). [of] the word of adam-within. k] to make to cut the words of the soulpool-sh for the solarplane (s-beshu). of [=for]. N. to become new (un).;

j] [and] to make pleasant (s-netchem, ‘hold hostage’). the divine things of youth (setchtt, ‘female youth’? by the flame of Eve in the Eye). [for] existence of the beautified-soul.;

i] the divine vulva [female Ka-double?] (KA-t;concept unclear). he. of [=by,for]. to become the possessions [multitude-related] (áshtu). of [=by]. the aspect-offerings in h’etep field of saturn. the double land as double-saturn-field succeeded to acquire (comp.glyph, unclear). aspects of the double cake (glyph,unclear)., to become (áu).

g] the divine [spiritual] coverings opened op [at ‘top of head’] (upt+coverings). [in] the North. [to be replaced by?] the coverings of the sh-pool which are cut-off and separated (seshemt, “place sacred to Horus”, from Shesmu, see note). [as] thing of adam-within. [for] N. which is. [by] the throne of adamite soul (north)., to become (áu).

f] the house of Saturn. to revolve (pekhar). of [=for]. the divine Look-outs [split-off adamite soul = wé] (neHesu,hebrew-H). [by] the speech. [of] the divine word of the firstborn (semsu,Cain)., [by] this (word/root). within. the “One” [real-moon]. [for] ‘reality’(matrix).;

e] the most-b-soul-adam. knows. [that] they (ad.souls). perish (sek).;

d] [by] speech to connect to them (ad.soul) (senther, “unguent”). Horus. of [=for]. this. N. existence., [in] name [of].: their (ad.souls). existence.,

c] to make. ‘unguent’(see before). Horus. of [=by]. images of horus. to connect to. the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

b] the house of the horizon (vesica north). his. existence. to come [by] the hidden root of Saturn (peh’, south). the land. his. existence (eden’s). to shoot [seed] (stu).

a] [as] the speech. [for] the roof (tept, see note). it’s. children., [by] his,he (the). ureaus (áãrt). of [=for]. the sky of earth.
[for] N’s. existence (matrix). to become by the flesh and bone of the Heir.;

l] divine great speech. his. existence. the adamite soul. phallus,seed,offspring. great speech.

k] Shu [pillar+an-face]. of [=for]. the sky of earth. the speech. his. existence (eden’s). to be empty (shu).

j] [by] the divine words. to transfer (Hab, from hebrew-H to solarplane B). [to] the North, to fill (meh’t, both meanings possible). the dome of speech for the anunna-face (h’ert+dome). [bý?] to rotate (teben,solarplane). the anunna-face. [by] his,he (the). word. [of] the double. shoulder [Watercourse+false axis]. [for] this. N. [by] existence (eden’s). to open (un). (see note!);

i] the divine look-out’s [split-off ad.soul, wé] (neHes). word. [as] [the word-] inside. the Lotus [ãnkh-torus] (seshenu, blossom/by the word/ from sh-pool). of [= by]. the speech.
[of] the anunna-face (lotus is bý that speech)., he (the). KAr shrine (KA-spirit double; north?yes,see below). speech. [for,in?] the high exalted [place] (qa). the speech. his. existence. to become a spirit.;

k] [for?] this. N. existence. [by] the high [place]. [stop?]

Nu [all of dome by word-inside]. place of Õn (ruling Eye,south). which is. in front of. of [=by]. to yoke forever by saturn (neh’eh’). existence (eden’s). to become willpower of speech (sic). he. to carve,to sculpt [‘by birthing’] (mesi). the adamite soul., to become (áu).

i] [by?] the red crown [adamite aspects] (t’eshert). [of] adam-within. [the word-] inside. [by] the divine words. [as] [the word-] inside. the shoulder [axis]. [in] name [of].: (not: remenu,nor rennu) speech.

h] [by] his. speech., to invoke (nás). [by?] the divine firstborn (semsu;Cain). to beget. the sacred words. [for] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

g] [by] them (ad.souls). the divine word for the word-inside the shoulder. [in] name [of].: the speech. to be mighty [jackal staff of speech] (user). of [=by]. to connect to. the beautified-soul. [for] he. to alight, hover.[?]
** or: ‘he. to hover over.’

f] the light for the áakhu-spirits. [in?] the sekhet-field succeeded to acquire (comp.glyph). as the face? of the anunna-face? doublet?. [by] his. existence (eden’s). to give. speech. [to?] Nu [dome by word-inside]. [for] existence of beautified-soul.;

e] the sky of earth. [by] the divine words of all (nebu,not:’masters’). divine words of great speech. the side (ges). [of] great speech. [of] the anunna-face (left side!). [by] aspects of the word to copy (sennu). of [=by]. the divine word of Saturn (the god H’u; ‘taste’). [for] his. existence (eden’s). to give. speech.;

d] Nu [dimension by word-within]. [by] the word of adam-within. the side. [of] speech. the divine words. which are. the word’s boundary (tcheru). to penetrate (khet). [doublet?]. of [=by,for]. his. existence. to manifest (per).;

c] the divine he/his. ‘things copied’? (senutu, but prisoner-s). which are. in front of. of [=by?]. his,he (the). feather [axis].

b] [by,as?] the diminished light of speech of the soulpool-sh (sherr). of [=for]. the divine all. of [=by?]. his. talons,claws [glyph: hoofs] (áafutu, stepdown of Áf, sun-god Adam?, ‘hoof’is typical uHem, to renew,hebrew-H). [by,as?] the divine word as light for? the Ka-double bull. of [=by,for]. his. seed (metutu).,

o]  his, he (the). KAr shrine (speech/Ka-double). [in] the North (meh’tt). the flame [of the master-holder?]
(nebá). everything/master-holder. of [=by]. his. ‘horn’ [word-inside/saturn] (h’enut,context?)., to become (áu). the two/double. divine branches (khet; unlikely ‘pauti-god). the Ka-double bull. of [=by]. the two lips/rim [vesica,south] (sept)., to become (áu).

m] the divine images [by word/ wander-astray / willpower] (ãshemu). [for!] the Ka-double bull. of [=for]. this. N., to become (áu).

l] Nu [dome by word-inside]. the land. speech. the sky of earth. sacred. existence. within. the divine words. which are.the possession, nature, character. [as] the thing carried-Off.,

k] [in] his. name [of].: the hidden. house of Saturn’s. walled grounds [areas of imprisoned ad.originals] (senebu,solarplane). [for] speech for the anunna-face (vesica north). [by,via?] the great [pillar]., this. horus-falcon (bák). [is] of [=by]. his. existence. [by] to hover over something from the father? [át,’father’] (comp.glyph; like KHA-lake hovers over SH-pool?). his. existence (matrix). to fly upward.;

j] [by?] the two breasts (mentchu,unclear). [is?] the cord of disorder,confusion,wrong order (tekhtekht). [as] the protection [of earth] (sa,North). (see note) great speech. his. speech. [by?] the adamite soul’s. word. [of] the shoulder [axis]. [by?] his. mother [Eve].;

i] Geb [earthgod,south]. the dew [eden’s] (it). speech for an-face. to make to hover over (s-khen). [for] he. to give. he. the passive one of very great speech [adam]. the speech to the beautified-soul.,

h] [bý] the prisoner. [to let him]  existence (eden’s). to bring (án).
[bý] the prisoner. to carry-Off., [so that] he (candidate). to become a spirit. [as] existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;

f] his. Ba-soul (solarplane type spirit). [by] the innermost sacred [place]. of [=by]. his (ad.soul’s). existence. to wander-astray.;

f] [by] he. [in the place of the mooring-post] the divine nurse [Eve] to rock [see picture below] (menãt). [for] the speech. [of] the divine North-wind. (meh’it)., being (áu).

e] his. divine female nurse [on the bed] [the divine nurse as the image (thut) to connect to] (athut,’nurse’, ‘bed’). [for] speech. [of] the south-wind (resu). [for] this. N., [by] existence (eden’s). to give. speech.;

d] to injure, to behave beastly (h’en, saturn, virtually h’enn, ‘phallus of Rã). the roof (tept). of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [in?] the pools. of [=by]. to build [by blueprints of Orion] (qet’)., to become,being (áu).

c] great speech. [by?] the áteru shrine (likely in south-vesica). which is. in front of. of [=for,by]. to dwell [in] (h’ems). [the word of] outstretchedness. the nails? of sept’. [of] strength (nash).;

b] the gods. [of] adam-within. great speech. divine -most-b-soul-adam’s-willpower to be filled by (meh’ãi, comp. glyph,not ‘divine cubit’ meh’ã). of [=for]. existence. to make.

a] his. existence. to make. the season (ter). to give. of [=by].+

q] the H’enu boat [of Seker, Osiris, of Saturn]. of [=by]. the two II, or ‘magically dangerous’\\. feather [axis] (shut). his. existence. to make to run (sekhes,context?)., to become (áu).

p] the ást garment-body? (ást). of [=by]. his. speech for the beutified-soul. he. to fly upward.,

o] this. N.’s. legs [kha and sh-lake]. the shoulder [false axis?].
to grow (rut’). [in] the season. [of] the offering to the Ka-double of Saturn (h’enk). of [=by].

n] hís. shoulder [real axis,Watercourse]. [by?] the sacred place (Eye south). of [=by]. to become tied-together. [by?] he. to become the thing tied-together (some pun). [by] the thing of the prisoner/female prisoner [when about Eve].;

m] the H’enu boat of Seker. the forepart [of body?] (h’at). of [=by]. adam-within. this (word/root). the [iron] tile of the solarplane (t’eb, there are 4). thou. to bring. [’tile’ probably is the flatness of solarplane].,

l] [by?] the adamite soul’. word. [of] the shoulder [real axis,Watercourse]. the dimension. [for] [the word-] inside. to tie together to. the speech (and nature of KH-house). [as?] the egg (suh’t) [likely proto-anunna-face]. [as] the devised thing (ka-t). to bring.,

k] [for] the gods. to manifest (per) [=north, so egg is north]. [by] divine great speech. [as] ‘the heron’- phoenix [here: insect / speech / opened-word-inside] (nuru). of [=by].

j] this. reed [=beautified-soul] (áar,from sekhet-áaru fields of Saturn). to connect to. existence (eden’s). ‘as new Man’? (unknown glyph). [in] the season. to give. of [=by].

i] the adamite soul., saying.:

Nebh’et [mimick-Eve, ruling masterholder]. his. divine secondary [‘sister’]. Isis [ruling throne of ad.soul,north]. this. N. who is. [by] the divine mother’s [Eve’s].
substance (uter). of [=by]. the gods. of [=by,for]. to manifest (per).

g] [lost]. this. insect-heron (see above). of [=by]. the prisoner (su;Cain). the adamite soul. to milk out (sesher). [!].

f] [by] the prisoner., [by] the adamite soul. to birth [physically] (mes).

e] Nut (sky dimensions of earth). [bý?] his [ad.soul]. divine mother. [for] existence (restored?) (eden’s/matrix?). to cry out, to lament (sebeh’) [inverse of h’eseb, tablet of destiny, see note]. the [lamenting] voice (same glyph!). [in] the anunna-face.;

d] [but by] Nu [dimension of word-within]. the word. [of] adam-within. the dimension (of eden). to slaughter (shã).,

c] [by] Thoth. the Nest [sesh, SH-pool,south]. of [=by]. the adamite soul’s. speech. [by] the god Nemt [dissecting of Cain]., to build,to unite (khenem). the Tamarisk tree [áser, to: Osiris] (see CT**). [into?] the Sekht-field [of Saturn]. of [=for?].

b] Nut (sky dimensions of earth). [as] his. mother. [of] the prisoner (su;Cain). existence (matrix). to birth (mes).,

a] [as] the divine-double word of union (t’emtu). to divide [root and sh-pool] (pesesh). [by] the copied divine word. to open up [the root] (up). this. god. [being] the Workplace (ás,stripping down). [for] ‘reality’(nntt).;

q] [by?] their (ad.souls). names. the word. to hunt. alike adam (MM).;

p] to become the willpower. [for,of?] the frontpart [of the body] (h’at). [by] the speech. [of] the great [pillar]. [for] this. N.; [and] thou. discover.

o] the divine he/his. offerings [of aspects] (áãbtu). [of] the frontpart [of body]. [of] adam-within. [by?] he, it’s. woman breast (mentch) [see notes]. [of?,by?] divine great speech.

n] [for]  thou. [by] the word. [of] the shoulder [axis]. [to] the head [rule north]. to birth (mes). the head [=new head].;

m] to become the things raised-up on high (ãkhátu). the neb-festival [of completion of the solarplane]. [by] their (ad.souls). speech to make to come (s-R+walk).

l] the sky of earth. [for,by] existence. the innermost sacred thing. the house of the horizon. the sacred innermost. of [=by].

k] the great [pillar]. by forcing eden’s speech RR in the cave,south (qerr+whip). [to be the] [word-] inside. [as] the divine words to arrange, decree. to manifest (per).;

A] notes :

context :

line g]
..some concepts are so hard to [first understand] then try formulate -
SHESEMT has a glyph akin to "stripped animals hanging down fom a butcher's rack";
 next in cluster is Shesmu, the butcher of Osiris, stripping down adamite aspects;
it appears that thóse are now used  

line f],
..it makes contextually some Sense, that the covering is replaced by the cut-up ones from the south,
making the entire ànkh-torus to revolve around its vertical axis,  

line b],
tept, 'head', but here umbrella-type, "roof",
compare Gog "rooftop", so He addresses exactly their imprisoning the place of rule, North;

aeongroup pic credit

- note also "the two riverbanks of the solarplane", [glyph] ÁT'EBU

311 line j],
...compare the picture in cosmology-page of "churning the milky ocean",
the "rope" which the Vedic gods hold, are the "double axis",
[they are depicted on bóth sides of the pillar, pulling],
where the pillar itself + the anunna-face on top [depicted there as shiva/anubis],
rotate as an entire dome,

VI310 line j],
...the root of mentch is MEN, likely the same cluster as where Eve is imprisoned ['mooring-post', MENÁ],
it appears to be a very dirty cluster,
f.e. MENMENMUT-F, a title of the god ámen (Menu/Allah/etc), "bull of his mother",
but reads "his [adam's] divine mother [eve] to rock", where to rock is the word for "bull";
...a host of other tell the same, MENMEN, 'to quake', 'to approach', 'thighs' and 'breasts';
it seems that they have "turned around Eve",
hence, in the text, "the cord of wrong order (of words) which goes to Earth as its protection",

310 line f],
..in another CT is described 'how they make from her' [that is, the words she "emits"],
the four winds of the cardinal points for the ãnkh-torus,

..in the derivation of MENÁ and MENÃt [that is pictured,above],
come the two snakes towards the North - that what we know as "the caduceus staff" [the medical emblem],
the two snakes being MÃNNU, in the text mentioned as 'cord of rearranged [words]',  
the same as the 'morning-boat' MÃNTCHt, bringing the stolen words [from Eve]  to the North;
..the word is immediately related to MENTCH, 'woman breasts',

309 f] and b],
...the Mimick is só close always, that it is difficult to distinguish 'who' is addressed;
it is contextually Just, that "the adamite soul births Nut bý his divine mother [Eve]",
but that existence [matrix]  comes "into béing" through the prisoner",

- H'ESEB, "to calculate", tablet of Destinies of Marduk (Sumer), were property of the real-moon [adam attribute],
it incorporates the SBA-stargates, now under Saturn (H').;
here the word is backwards, SEBEH',

more notes pending

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