BD 15 A

the true voice [from below]. [blank space for name].  Osiris. Nut [sky dimensions of earth]. the mother (mut+flail=rule). the one (tu). to embrace (qená). (it *may*  read, ” the mother, BY the one (mother) to embrace”, since qená is in the rape-cluster, “to beat”..) all,every. light. [for] the divine light of willpower of speech (rã-glyph doubtable!). [by] the Staff of rule (adam rule, tá). the beauty. Manu ‘mountain’ (the foreign land/dome/of word-inside/by cut-off-adam, see below). which is. the house of the horizon (vesica,north, ákhet). of [=by]. thou.

24]  boat (uáa). which is. the tow-rope of the stern (h’at). them (ad.souls). to acquire (shep). their (ad.souls). nostrils. speech. breath-air (nefu). thou. to give. existences (mult.). their (ad.souls).

23] evils [of the mountain] (t’u,God’s). to repulse (khesef). they (ad.souls). evil [shoulder of hebrew-H north, Hamu). thou. existence. to erase (t’er). the funerary box (tchebt, solarplane+serpent). of [=by]. \\ which is (linked). existence.

22] to beg. thou. to listen (setchem). the one (tu). they, their (ad.souls). Sight (maa). their. torso’s (physical). the word \\ of joy (hã\\u, flesh of Saturn). thou. existence. Sight. existence. spread out, unbolt (sesh). the prisoner (su; = by cain?). them,their (ad.souls). word \\ [of,for] the both eyes (?,glyph). áment/the West. the shining ámm-trees (unclear still, but are 7, BD**; plasma-cords?). thou. existence. to make to illumine [w. saturn light] (s-h’etch). the sweetness (netchem = hostage). them,their (ad.souls). torso’s (physical). the house of the Tuat (not:sba). words of all [of]. their (ad.souls). existence. the brilliances by the light of the backbone (pest’, unclear). thou speech for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit; árk).; [stop?]

to return,to penetrate,to wander (khet). of [=by]. the masterholder/everything (nebt). their,they (ad.souls). to arrive (seperu). thou. existence. them (ad.souls). to say.:
thou. Ka-spirit-double.
18] existence. the praises. of [=by]. them (ad.souls). word \\ of ultimate willpower. they (ad.souls). the cavern [of the heads] (teph’et, s-vesica). of [=by]. ochre, coloured earth (qenertu; qen cluster ‘to beat, to rape’). the words all [of]. forever. divine rule (h’eq, to ‘sorcery’). Osiris. the great [pillar]. the god. existence. within. thou. to make to illumine (s-h’etch).
16] joyous (h’ãã, flesh+saturn). of [=by]. the words of/for the nobleman (shepsu). the word of m-b-s-adam the vulture rule [as] the thing within (ámtaiu, comp.). the Manu ‘mountain of the West’ (see above). which is. the house of the horizon (áakhet, north vesica). of [=by]. (to become) the totality, outstretchedness. thou. Torso (Eye, south). the beauty (nefer). thou. to become peace (h’etep, saturn). Nut [sky dimensions of earth]. thou. divine mother (mut). the one (tu). to embrace the hidden root of saturn (h’ept). all, every. light. [of] divine light of willpower of speech (no specific rã-glyph!). of [=by]. the Staff of rule (tá, adam rule). his,he.
14] beauty. apep (made to represent God). the thing to go (glyph,walk+t). thou. existence. to snatch away (neh’em). thou. enemies (kheftiu). goddess ás? áakhu-spirit. existence. to make to fall down (skher). [by?] the Staff of rule (tá, adam staff). to become peaceful (see above, saturn). thou. forms. to become peaceful. of [=by]. the Nu-dimension [of the word-inside]. thou. existence. their,they (ad.souls). existence. to come the leg to Nem (as nemmt). the household [or ‘praises’] (the word-inside existence (matrix) by hebrew-H). to become joyous (same type glyph). of [=by]. the ãnt’t – morningboat [from Eye south to n-vesica]. of [=by]. the Torso (Eye,south). to become totality, outstretchedness. of [ =by]. the Sektt-evening boat [going south from n-vesica]. to become (áu). his,he. the [‘symbolic’, scroll-glyph] second (2nd). masterholder/everything (nebt). the adamite soul.
11] ‘the sight of knowledge’ (sáa+eye). the gift of speech (rt’t). speech. his. divine Khu-spirits. the broad hall [upper half of ãnkh-torus]. speech. the land. to make. \\ his (linked). two eyes. ‘to go a course’ (to go/stretch out (the dome) /of saturn’s hidden root; h’eptt). speech. sky. to suspend high in the sky (ãkh). 10] the gods. to make. thou. existence. the household, or praise [hebrew-H] (see above). the boat. [of?] the forepart [the front of the body?] (h’at). to transform (kheper). the doubled-Substance, double-Matter. his-Self (tchesef).
7] to transform. to become a god. the god. the doubled-divine double-house \\ of the house of the horison (áakhet, vesica north). Horus. the god Tem (‘to complete’, repr. an-face). he,his. to become peace (h’etep,saturn). of [=by]. R~(rã glyph added). thou. anunna-face (vesica). to become the protection (netch, unuseal ‘to becéme’, here). [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [stop?]
the sky of earth. existence. áment/the West.
3] the house of the horizon (áakhet, vesica north). of [=by]. his. (to become) peace (saturn). of [=by]. the doubled-divine double-house \\ of the house of the horizon (see note). Horus. the divine light of willpower of speech (no rã-glyph added). to become praised.;