IN the scene that illustrates the FIRST DIVISION of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the FIRST HOUR of the night, we see that the centre of the middle section is divided lengthwise into two parts by a river which flows along it. In the upper part is the boat of the dead Sun-god AF, [no name] who is in the form of a rain-headed man; he wears a disk upon his head, and stands within a shrine in the SEKTET boat, i.e., the boat in which the god travels from noon to sunset.[1] In front of the shrine in the boat stand the three deities, AP-UAT,[2] SA, [3] and the “Lady of the Boat,” who wears on her head a disk and horns.[4] Behind the shrine stand five gods, each having the head of a man; the names of the first four are HERU-HEKENU,[5] KA-SHU, i.e., the “double of Shu,”[6] NEHES, i.e., the “Look-out,”[7] and HU, [8] and the fifth is the Steersman KHERP. [9] On the high prow of the Sektet boat hangs an object which is said to be a carpet by some, and a reed mat by others,[10] and on the side, near the curve of the prow, is an utchat. [11]

  [1]-   the boat hasn’t any name, but is the tcherru-stream (*pic), entering the
top of the cube; note how there is a double stream here – the lower one
will encircle eden’s eye and ascend her mimick, see part II,
  [2]-   as ‘the things of eden’s watercourse / to open (the root)‘,
  [3]-   as ‘intuition’, with backwards-glyph,
  [4]-   H’athor-Saturn’s ‘boat / (for) the chalice’ (*pic),
  [5]-   as ‘the word-inside of saturn / (as,for) Horus’,
  [6]-   as ‘the dimensional axis / (of,for) the Ka spirit-double’,
  [7]-   as ‘(to wake up by) the imprisoned adamite soul / the imprisoned cube’,
  [8]-   as ‘the word / (of) Saturn’, (god of taste)
  [9]-   as ‘to steer the root for speech of the kh-house’,
[10]-   both; likely T’EMAT, as in ‘constructed reality’,
[11]-   the boat being part of constructing the utchat-eye, which is the
combination of eden eye and white hole, together,


In front of the boat march:–
1. The two goddesses MAAT, the one as the South of Egypt, and the other the North.[1]
2. The god NEKENT-F, who holds a spear, or knife, in his left hand,[2]
3. The god KHENTI AMENTET, in mummy form, wearing the White Crown and the Menat.[3]
4. The god SEKHET, or as it is written here SEKHMET, lioness-headed.[4]
5. The god SEHETCH-UR, ram-headed.[5]
6. Four Terms, the first of which is called UT-METU-RA, the second UT-METU-TEM, the third UT- METU-KHEPERA, and the fourth UT-METU-ASAR.[6]
7. The leader of the company, who is called TCHA-UNNUT; by his side is a serpent, called SA (?), that stands on his tail. [7]

[1]-   left goddess writes ‘double-axis / (of) truth’, MAÃT+,
the other one ‘the axis / to sacrifice’, MAÃ, ‘to sacrifice’,
[2]-   as ‘he (eden) / (for) the word-inside / to murder /,
(in order for) the word-inside / to murder’,
[3]-   as ‘the West / (being) the foremost’,
[4]-   as ‘to make sekhem-power (via ad.soul) / as sekhemet’,
[5]-   as ‘great speech / to make to illumine (saturn/light) /,
(by) to make great speech / (of) saturn’s light ‘(?)
[6]-   as ‘to make / the adamite throne / to go command’,
next, to transform’, ‘to complete’, and ‘for the mouth’,
each ending with the phrase ‘to go command by decree’
[7]-   as ‘the star of the time-dimension / (as) fire-drill’,
and the serpent ‘the son / (of?) the stars / (as) firedrill’,
the serpent being stars lined-up standing-upright,

A] context:
….as in every hour, it is difficult to interpret each single one; here, the opener of eden’s watercourse is in the boat, and relates to the ‘axis to sacrifice’, and ‘creating a double-axis’; the heavy puns in the names of the figures we understand as first naming the thing they feed upon, then the mimick (where 2] is a good example),

This scene is explained by the horizontal line of inscription written above it, and the hieroglyphic text, based on the editions of Lefébure and Champollion, reads:–

“The name of this Field is ‘MAATI.’ This god arriveth in the SEKTET BOAT, he maketh a way through the Court of this city, which is two hundred and twenty measures in length, which he travelleth through to URNES. He passeth through the water, which is three hundred measures in extent, and he bestoweth the fields upon the gods who follow him. NET-RA is the name of this Field, ARNEBAUI is the name of the guardian [of this Field]. This god beginneth to declare in this region the words which perform the destinies (?) of those who are in the Tuat.”

[line in ceiling above both plates; starting righthandside:]
“these. fields. [for] speech. [as] thing of the Sba-gate (tuathouse). [of] the words of adam-within. [for] the designs (skhru). [bý] the eye (eden’s).; to become to command by decree of law. this. god. [in order for] to become the new-north (sha). (gap 1x?). [for] existence. [of] speech of hail.;

[as] existence. [in] name [of].: the double-flame\\(as) the word of Nebá (‘reed’). [by] this. field (sekht). [for] existence (matrix)., [in] name [of].: the divine light of willpower of speech (matrix). [for] the dimension. which is. [by] he (the). branches,staffs (khetu). [of] adam-within., [for] the gods. [of] existence (matrix). to become speech (unusual). [for] the solarplane (b). [of] existence. [as] the blossom (glyph). to birth (mes).;
of [=by]. this (pu). 300. (mile) áteru-island. [as] the dimension. [by] the original adamite soul. existence of speech. [for] existence (matrix). [of] great speech., [through] speech. coming (as) the branch,staff (khet). of [=fór]. the dimension., [by means of] he. to wander the double-root of willpower (eden’s). [to?] this. 220. (miles) áteru-island. which is (this). place. which is. the ãrrit-house. of [=for]. to come to make by blueprint., [for?] the Sekkt-boat. [as?] this. god. nót.; (?)
the axis (shu). \\ the true axis (maãt). (end of first plate; unfinished).”;

B] notes:
…the term áter is still a strange concept – not only is it related to the
measurements of new jerusalem as ‘mile’, but this “double-átert-shrine”
suggests that it is a copy of eden’s eye, see KV9 picture, below;
– the seperate mentioning of 300 and 220 strongly suggésts that the 220
is the lower stream; since the 300 is ‘this place’;


In the lower part of the middle section of the scene we have another boat, in the centre. of which is a beetle; on one side of the beetle is a god with his knees in the direction of the prow of the boat, but having his head turned behind him and his hands raised in adoration of the beetle, and on the other is a god who also has his hands raised in adoration of the same object. The legend reads “the coming into being of Osiris”; [1] as the boat has no reed mat or carpet hanging from the prow, we may assume that it is intended to represent the Atet or Matet Boat, i.e., the boat in which the Sun-god travelled over the sky from sunrise to noon.[2],[3]
In front of the boat glide three serpents, which are called SEK-RE, SEFA, and NEPEN,[4]

[1]-   you can see the obvious Mirroring going on in that boat:
as ‘to make / the adamite throne / (as,for) Osiris’; both
use the same glyphs, but in Inverse order; see KV9, below,
[2]-   the most Sensible interpretation is that here in this double
stream is depicted the coming split into the Sektt-boat in the
above stream, and here the Ãnt’-boat, bringing everything
fróm eden’s eye tó the white hole (*pic);
[3]-   the glyph above kheper writes KHEPEN, as ‘existence
(matrix) root (for) the kh-house’, referring to their copied
throne of adamite as under 1],
[4]-   as ‘to perish / the mouth (eden’s eye)‘, ‘(by) he / the original
adamite soul / (for) hail’; and ‘the root / (for) existence / (by)
existence (eden’s)‘; context suggests these three are ‘a result
of creating the false-throne of adamite (ást)‘,


in front of these march four man-headed gods and two hawk-headed gods, each with a serpent in his left hand, a god called NABTI, who holds a crook in each hand.[1] The two hawk-headed gods are called TCHATUI and METI,[2] and the four following gods ABENTI, BENBETI, SEKHTI, and SEKHET (?). [3] and in front are NET, or NEITH, goddess of the South,[4] NET, or NEITH, goddess of the North,[5] and the goat goddess ARTET.[6]

[1]-   seven figures, from right to left, starting with d-crook,
NABT\\NABT\\, ‘\\the thing of the cauldron’s existence /
(repeat)‘, his double-rule (the two heqt-sceptres) must be
the result of the two NABT-guys, just befóre:
[2]-   as ‘\\(by) the word / (for) the fire-drill / (is) the fire-drill’,
and ‘(by) the m-b-soul-adam’s hand (mountain) / to command /
(is) the double-command’,
[3]-   one as ‘the boat / (of) the cauldron’s existence’,
then a BENBT SEPT’UAI (?), while the four deities together
may be called ‘the four sekht-fields’, written above two of them;
[4]-   the white crown, as ‘rule over the (south) eastern sky’,
[5]-   while here she wears the red-NT crown, related to torus, where
neith is the weaver of the energetic-physical-body; next to ‘her’
is ‘the thing to ascend’, suggesting ‘to the Torus’;
[6]-   as ‘the goat, the thing to ascend’; where goat or ram is a dualistic
construct of any kind,

The explanation of this scene is given by the horizontal line of hieroglyphic text written above it, which reads:–
“[The god cometh to]this Court, he passeth through it in the form of a ram, and he maketh his transformations therein. After he hath passed through this Court, the dead who are in his following do not [go with him], but they remain in this Court, and he speaketh words unto the gods who are therein. If copies of these things be made according to the ordinances of the hidden house, and after the manner of that which is ordered in the hidden house, they shall act as magical protectors to the man who maketh them.”

[full line in ceiling above both plates:]
[through] the adamite soul. (for me). to become protection (khu). [as] the m-b-soul-adam-like speech. [of] existence (eden’s). willpower (Ã). [for] existence (matrix). to become hidden (ámen)., [by] to become sacred (t’eser, to t’esher). [as] this (root/existence). to become blueprint to build (qet’nu). [as] the house of fat [eden aspects] (restored). which is. to hide. of [=for]. eden realm’s (nen). Eye.;
to become (áu). this. ãrrt house. [of] the words of adam-within. [for] the gods (matrix). (end plate). to command by decree of law.; [and] it. to become. this. ãrrit house. [of] existence (eden’s). [for] existences (matrix). to stand upright., [by means of] willpower. he. to come the branch by the enemies (?,mix-up). of [in order] [=for]. to come to ascend (ãr+walk). lacking,without. this. ãrrit house.,
[by] he. to wander the double-root of willpower. [as?] the staff,branch (khet). of [=for]. to transform (kheper). existence (matrix). [through] the word of speech to make. [for?] the ram (ser) [see ãrtet,above].; of [=by] (means of). their (ad.souls). [an-] face (eden’s). this. god., to wander the double-root of willpower (ãpp+walk). [tó] this. ãrrit house. (end of plate).”;

A] context:
….there may be glitches – but we hope, because of the sheer
importance, that the context stands of ‘the adamite throne
wandering fróm her original place (top of mountain) to a
copied-place right above her;

source: alamy

B] notes:
……it is very probable that the above scene from Ramesses’ tomb
depicts the lower stream in this mid-register; where the two arms
hold up a mimicked eden-eye, akin to the boat with the beetle in it;
note how the disk has the sigil ‘adamite throne’ next to it, just as the
boat shows;
and where only later, in hour V, this mimick-eye as ÁST is being
divided into both lions and ropes, here the ‘ram goddess’ must refer
to the eye. At this point we suggest that the ÁTERU-double-shrine
may be “the double-stream” in this register;


amTuat— first hour links:

middle register: thes-dome or boat of Rã stream
upper register: the realm above the thes-dome


A] context:

….where the middle register is the created Thes-dome (*pic),
here the giant mirroring of aspects is created – as many type
dieties are in the lower register (in top of cube), so as many
opposite deities are here, with related but altered names;
– the puns are often impossible, and by a number the text is lost;
As is middle register, we keep the first part of the names as
‘feeding-upon the eden aspect’, the second part as ‘their goal’,

In the upper register are the following:–
I. Nine apes, who are described as “the gods who open the gates to the Great Soul,”[1] Their names are:–1. UN-TA, 2. BA-TA, 3. MAA-EN-RA, 4. ABTA, 5. ABABEN, 6. AKEN-AB, 7. BENTH, 8. AFA, 9. TCHEHTCHEH.

a] apes representing the pillar-construct, as ‘nine aspects’,

[1]-   as ‘to become the great pillar / (for) the Ba spirit-soul /
(by means of) existence / the great door to open / (by)
the word of m-b-soul-adam to become new /, (by) the
gods (the apes) / word-inside / the names’,
[2]-   as ‘(by) the land (eden’s) / to become new /, (in order for) the land (eden’s) / to open (un)‘,
as ‘the land (eden’s)/to plough-over (Ba) /, (for) the land / (of) the Ba-soul’,
as ‘the light willpower of speech / (by) existence / (of) sight /, (for) the light / to rotate’,
as ‘the land / (for) the torso (áb) /, the land / (of) solarplane of hail (áb)‘,
as ‘the torso / (by) existence thou hail / (for) h’ekennu (?)
as ‘(part of the staff tá) for the ape / (as) the ape (bent)(?)
as ‘hail by he for hail / repeat’
as TCHEH’TCHEH’ T’EH’T’EH’, totally impossible,

II. Twelve divine beings, who are. described as the “goddesses who unfold the portals in the earth,” [1] Their names are:–1. QAT-A, 2. NEBT-MEKET, 3. SEKHIT Sekhit, 4. AMENT-URT,
5. SHEFTU, 6. REN-THETHEN, 7. HEKENT-EM-SA-S, 8. QAT-EM-KHU-S, 9. SEKHET-EM-KHEFIU-S, 10. HUIT, 11. HUNT, 12. NEBT-ANKH [2] Each goddess stands with her arms hanging by her sides.

a] goddesses representing likely aspects of the torus balloon itself,

[1]-   as ‘(by) the land / (of) adam-within / (for) the words / (as) m-b-soul-adam to breathe
(by) the goddesses / (as) word-inside / the names.’,
[2]-   as ‘(by) willopwer (eden’s) / (for) the high place /, (as) willpower / (of) the high place’/
as ‘the things of another / for / the chalice /,(to?) the other / the willpower /(of) the chalice’,
as ‘foremost (adam) to make the kh-house /, foremost(adam) to imprison in the net’,
as ‘(by) thing of great speech /(for) to hide /, great speech / to gide’,
as ‘to become by the word of might /, the word of the ram (of might)‘,
as ‘(by) existence (eden’s) to double-connect to the name / to d-conn the name’,
as ‘the orig.soul to the son for to offer /,
as ‘orig.soul / for the khu-spirit/for/the high place/, impr.soul/sekhem power/ high place’
as ‘orig.soul/enemies/ for/sekhem-p./, orig.soul/enemies/of? sekhem-power’
as ‘throat / by the thing of m-b-s-adam-like word of saturn/ as throat (pillar)
as ‘youth /the thing to bec.new by saturn / (for) youth’(?)
as ‘the ãnkh-life / (for) the chalice /, (as) the ãnkh-life of the chalice’,

III. Nine seated gods, each with his hands raised in adoration of Ra; they are called the “gods who praise Ra.” [1] The first three are man-headed, and are called HETCH-A, MAA-A, and HES-A, the second three are jackal-headed, and are called NEB-TA-TESHER, AP-UAT, and AP-SEKHEMTI, the third three are crocodile-headed, and are called TCHAT-TUAT, SEKI, and SEKHEM-HRA.[2]
a] praising gods, is usually created masculine aspects;

[1]-   mutilated line, ‘…the lights as word of m-b-soul-adam of the star (?) /
(for) the gods / the word-inside / the names’,
as ‘(by) willpower (eden’s) / to illumine /, (as) willpower (matrix) / to illumine’,
as ‘(by) willpower (eden’s) for sight / the mat (t’ema,mid-register)/ (of) willpower to make’,
as ‘willpower (eden’s) / to praise /, (for) willpower (matrix) / be praised’,
as ‘the foreign land (eden’s) / (for) sacred / land / of all /, to make sacred / the land’,
as ‘(by) watercourse 9eden’s) root to open /, the way to open’,
as ‘(by)\\the thing (eden’s) for double-sekhem-power/ to open /, as d-s-power tó open’,
as ‘(by) the SBA-t house / as the thing for firedrill /, (for) the star / (as) the firedrill’,
as ‘(by) the (an)face (eden’s) / to become sekhem-power /, as the an-face / of sekh-p.’,

IV. Twelve divine beings, in the form of women, who are described as “the goddesses who guide the great god.” [1] Their names are:–1. TENTENIT, 2. SBAI, 3. MAT-NEFERU-NEB-SET, 4. KHESEFET-SMATET, 5. KHUAI, 6. MAKET-ARI-S, 7. URT-AMT-TUAT, 8. HER-AB-UAA-SET, 9. MESPERIT, 10. USHEM-HAT-KHEFTIU-S, 11. SHESET-KERH-MAKET-NEB-S, 12. TESET-TESHERU,[2]

[1]-   as ‘to become the pillar / the god /, (for) the things of m-b-soul-adam to guide /
(by) the goddesses / the word-inside / the names’,
[2]-   as ‘to split-off / thing of m-bsoul-adam / (as) thing of m-b-soul-adam’,
as ‘m-b-s-adam (i) star / (for) the sba-star /, (as) sbait-star (sothis name) ‘,
as ‘thing or.soul / all/beauties/thing of sight/, thing soul/all/beauties/the eye’,
[skipped rest]

the ÃRRTU as in most spells, ending with ‘corner glyph’;
where corner as geometric figure pertains typically to the Cube
– we will revieuw BD asap, note how in next hour will
return the same corner-glyph, in terms as QENBT,
The Address which the Sun-god makes to the gods in the First Division of the Tuat reads: —
[full text as cited in Budge, not visible on the plates; part of his translation, in brown below:]
“Rã. [as] (word-) inside. [of] the enemies. [for] the dimensional foreground [of Õn] (h’at)., of [=by] (means of). the soul-pool (sh). the word (ushem,image). [for] existence (matrix). the ãrrtt-house. to guide., [through?] the star of the time-dimension (matrix). [for?] the pool. [of] the original adamite soul. [for] existence.[of] great speech (ur-nes)., [as] the field. of [=for]. existence. [through] the original adamite soul. he. to come existence. [by] the original adamite soul. the branch,staff (khet). of [=as?]. their (ad.souls). word of hebrew-H-house (Hetu)., [by] their (ad.souls). [an-] face (eden’s). [for] the great pillar. this. god.,

[by] to wander the double-root of willpower (eden’s). [to?] these. shores [of solarplane] (át’eb). [as] speech. [of] this. mast [pillar]. to give. [by] this. throne of adamite (ást). of [=for]. this. stability.; to wander to the new-north (shas). [for] divine speech and nature (kher). [in order for] to come words. [of] willpower. [for] existence. [as] my. speech and nature. to come the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;
these. branches to sift (?,nqrtu). [in order?] to seal up (khtm). these. great doors., [in order for] existence (matrix). to grow [!]. [ by] this. ãrrtu house., [and] existence (eden’s). to battle., [through] this. ãrrt house., [by] to arrive (sper). the branch,staff (khet). of [=as]. this (pn). god., [in order for] existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence of hail (matrix).;
[and] to command by decree of law. the lights.; to become (áu). thou. existence. of [=by]. [?]. thou. to give. [to] thou. the enemies’. speech. [in order for] thou. to make true voice., [through] the ureaus of things of m-b-soul-adam of the imprisoned cube-H. [of] existence. [fór] thou. existence (matrix). to become the word to praise (áau)., [through] the pool. [of] the original adamite soul. [for] existence. [of] great speech., to become goddesses. to connect to. to praise (glyph)., [and] he (eden eye?). to bear up (remen). the divine ring of willpower for the solarplane [by white hole?] (tchebã+ring+scroll)., [in order for] thou. existence (eden’s). to strip-down (kef). it. [as] thou. divine light of willpower of speech. [for] the dimension. which is. [by means of] thou. existence (eden’s). to open [the root] (up).; [and] to weave (nt). existence. [for] thou. existence. the hidden, mysterious (sheta). of [=by]. the divine h’enbet-island [solarplane-house of saturn]. [of?] lights., [by means of] thou. existence (eden’s). to plunder [the masculine] (tha). [for] hail. the torso (?text). thou. boat. [for] thou. peace [of saturn] (h’etep).;
the time-dimensions (matrix). to spread out (?tch+x). [as] the word as image (tutu). [by means of] to connect to. the mutilated eden light (‘day’,Hru). thou. to bring [to existence] (án).; [using] darkness (gerh’,solarplane+saturn). [in order for] thou. the thing to carry-Off., [namely] the land (eden’s). [tó] the fields (Sekhtu). [as] lights by decree of law. [for] thou. peace (of saturn).; [and] thou. of [=by]. thou. double-ureaus. (as?)\\the double-son. to connect to. to tow. thou. the thing of adam-within., [in order for?] the hour-goddess. [as] one. to come. of [=for]. to guide. the divine light of willpower of speech. [for?] the m-b-soul-adam’s star (?,damaged).; [and] the darkness (kk). thou. uraei. [fór] the khu-spirit. thou. existence (matrix). to make to illumine [light/saturn]., [through] thou. uraei the things of m-b-soul-adam to make to open. the word (eden’s). to connect to. praise (glyph)., [so that] to breathe [physically] (sns). the apes (by) the one hebrew-H-house (Hettu+)., of [=by] (means of). the great double-door. [for] thou. existence. existences (eden’s). the door to open (sensh). [fór] \\the apes [of solarplane/existence] (bent||). of [=by]. the word. the double door. thou. existence. to open [and become new] (un) (matrix).;

the foreign land. thing of great speech. which is. Sbau-gates (?,damaged). to enter (ãq). [and so] the spirits-light. to open the windpipe to breathe [pillar] (srq)., [as] thou. existence. words to praise., [for] the land. the double door. the mouth. speech. the divine light of willpower of speech. existence. to become m-b-soul-like hebrew-H (Hi+).;

to become (áu). the Western. foremost(Adam)(-like) \\ house of Kh. [of] Osiris., [through] below. the word of the solarplane. [as] the speech. [of] divine willpower of speech. [for] existence., thou. existence. [of] speech., of [=by] (means of). thou. the watercourse to ascend [eden’s] (ãr+). [to?] the house. [by means of] the adamite throne to destroy. [in order for] thou. to open the windpipe to breathe [pillar] (srq). [and] the darkness (kk). [of] existence (matrix). to make to illumine [saturn/light] (sh’etch). [through] the thing of great speech. [in] the place. [of] existence. the great double door. thou. existence (eden’s). to open (sensh).;

to become the words to make [images]. the thing. hidden,mysterious (sheta). [for?] the thing to hide (áment). [through] thou. existence (matrix). to open [and become new] (un,matrix).; to become the great pillar. the god., [through] them (ad.souls). to become to breathe [physically] (sns). [as] the light of willpower of speech. [for] existence (matrix). [by] this. ãrrt house. [for] the gods (matrix). these (to connect to). the fields (*pic,S-áaru). which are. this. existence. [of] cultivated land [saturn] (ah’t)., [by means of] this (to connect to). the throne of adamite. of [=as]. these (to connect to). designs (skhru).; [and] this. of [=as]. \\the doorkeeper [speech/of hail?]. [of] the ãrrt house. the divine Sba-stars [t’ua?]. existence. this (to conn to). to make. the hidden, mysterious (sheta). shore [of solarplane] (át’eb). [of] existence (matrix). [as] this (to connect to). m-b-soul-adam-like stability.; [by means of] the pool-dimension. [of] the original adamite soul. existence. [for] great speech (ur-nes)., existence (matrix). this. to stand upright., [namely as] the tuat house. \\the kh-house. this (to connect to). existence to become new (unn,matrix).;

to divinely transform (kheperá god). existence. [through] this (to connect to). to transform (2x). (me). [for] the gods (matrix). (me). [for] the Ba spirit-soul. of [=by] (means of). the things to transform. to become the things of the gods (matrix)., [in order for] the ape as horus-spirit of the solarplane (bentiu+). [through] the ãrrit houses [mult.]. existence (eden’s). to open (sensh).;
[and so fór] the bentiu-apes (see prev). this (to connect to). willpower (eden’s). [for] willpower (matrix). existence (matrix). to open [and become new] (un).; [for] the divine Westerners. \\ of the kh-house. [of] Osiris. (my). images [to make] (áru). to become by plexus of yesterday (sfg). [in order] of [=for]. the windpipe to open to breathe [pillar] (srq). (me). to give. [by] the original adamite soul. the speech. [for] the word to make. (me). [by means of] to destroy the throne of adamite. (my…)., [and through] them (ad.souls). m-b-soul-adam-like to stand upright. [for] hail. (my). flesh. it. existence. original adamite soul. (my). within (=dangerous!). (my). [an-] face. my. protection. (my). existence. to come hail as advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).;

(my). to become spirits. [of] existence (matrix). [through] this (to connect to). (my). to create. (my). the Ba spirit-soul. existence (matrix). [by] existence (eden’s). [in] name [of].: [for] this (to conn to). (my). existence (matrix). to make. (my). the dead bodies [spirits] (khatu). [through] existence. this (to conn to). to make. this. (my). the words to command. [by] decree of law.; (my). [as] the flesh. of [=by]. the words to transform. (my). [for] the word to come. of [=by?]. to come to perish (sek,eden’s). (my). existence (eden’s). the words to make. (my). [for] existence (matrix). [through] the flames the thing of the original adamite soul (+st). this (to connect to). the ãrrit house(s). (my). [in order for] existence (eden’s). to open (sensh).

these (to connect to). houses of the star (lit.glyph). (my). existence. to open [and become new] (un,matrix)., [through] the original adamite soul. [of] the words of adam-within. [for] the gods (matrix)., [by means of] the eden realm. existence (matrix). to become to command by decree of law., [and so] this (tn). speech to ascend (ãrr). [as] the speech. [of] he (the). peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; [through] the branch,staff (khet). of [=as]. this. god., existence (eden’s). to serve (h’em). existence of hail (matrix). (by to stand upright). (end presented line-up).”;

B] notes:
….you see how the (my), halfway, starts to complicate some;
we do not know how the guys read the text; and then even it
may be that another scribe may have supervised that part, and
the ‘me’ is sometimes passive (arm behind head), also; or reads
as ‘personal’ like in many BD; either way something is Off because
the ‘within’ can never follow after ‘me’;

– oftentimes, the word ‘to give’ is a stopglyph;
in 1], ‘to give by the throne’ would make more sense as ‘the mast to give’;

– double-ureaus, in 3], and ‘double son’ and ‘to tow’, are themes used
in every hour of Book Of Gates – it may refer to the double-ureaus in
every corner-gate as STT; another possible clue for the copying of
eden’s eye, and to ‘work with the latter’,

The Address which the Sun-god makes to the gods in the First Division of the Tuat reads: —
The Majesty of this god standeth up after he hath taken up his position in this Court, and he addresseth words to the gods who are therein, saying, “Open ye to me your doors, and let me come into your Courts! Give ye light unto me, and make ye yourselves guides to me, O ye who came into being, from my members, my word hath gone forth to you. Ye are made of my bodies, I have made you, having fashioned you of my soul, I have created you, I have made you by means of my enchantments, [and] I have come to avenge myself the blood of my members which have risen up against me, and I will bring to destruction that which hath been made for it. I will make perfect with the…… of my forms Osiris Khenti Amenti. Open to me the doors with your hands, O ye Apes, unfold to me the portals of the Courts, O ye Apes, [and welcome] the gods (or, goddesses) who have come into being from my divine Souls, come ye into being, come ye into being for (?) KHEPERA, O ye who have your being at the head of the Tuat. Stand ye up, in URNES, and stablish ye yourselves on the secret banks thereof, and work ye for the gods of Tuat in the Court which ye guard, possess ye your plans in your seats, in your domains and in your fields.”

Link to Budge translation: https://www.sacred-texts.com/egy/bat/bat04.htm

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