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reading observations:1] as always, every glyph remained in the original singular or plural
2] our additions for readability in [brackets]3] glyphs or terms in (dark green);
4] doubtful words, contexts or lines slanted ;
5] all smooth-running lines in normal yellow font;
6] notes about text: end of page;
7] divisions within stanzas marked with -;
8] apparent continuing stanzas suffixed by a +.

9] when quoting directly from Budge,quoted text is in orange color .
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theme : cutting the rivers in order to let the double-house to rise
scribe : Nekht
given title : "introductory hymn to Ra the sun god"
status : 90%, complex concepts; useful
summary : cutting the rivers in order to let the double-house to rise
notes : below,
first draft : from draft, many words remained the same ; streamlined
locations : please open new tab as diagram page to see if the area is listed
text note : PT is written in followable segments as stanza-like lines; but where CT is written in staccato-style, PT is even more rudimental, using many abbreviations of concepts
foreign concepts : pending
translation: pending
renouf link: see below

[by?] the divine dimension of the dome of Nu [top of cube]. [as] thou. father (átef). [of] existence (matrix)., [and] the dome of nut [torus dome]. [as] thou. mother., one. to value (áp).;
forever. existence (matrix). [of] totality (144,000). [of] thou. torso (centre)., [by] the setcht-flame (in torso). existence (matrix). to revise (sáp). the Nák serpent (=neká).,

[by] thou. Kar shrine [Ka spirit-double]. [in] the innermost sacred [place]. of [=for]. the torso of totality (‘joy’). thou. to acquire.; [for] all. the gods. thou. to become to rule (h’eq). the divine Westerners [horus-spirits]. [as] the Ba spirit-souls (birds). [of] thou. existence. household [of hebrew-H] (Hennuu)., [and] the divine easterners. the Ba spirit-souls (birds). [as] one. to follow. +

thou. head in the background of saturn [=eden eye] (h’a tep). [as] double protection [as seals of earth] (SaII). of [=as]. their (ad.souls). willpower (ã). [for] the willpower (matrix).; [by] this (pu). boat (*pic,thes-dome) (uáa). of [=as]. one., [by] thém (ad.souls). to make to rise and be crowned (s-khã).;
[as] Nebh’et (*pic,chalice). [of] the willpower of saturn (h’enã)., [and] Isis (ruling throne of adamite). to make \\ the one [through ad.soul] (s\\tu,unusual). existence., [by] the original adamite soul. his-Self. to transform. the land. [as!] doubled-Substance,matter [to fly upward]. [to?] thou. praised. [an-] face [white hole].;

3] [as] the thing of the eastern foreign land. [and] the thing of the western foreign land. [for] the land \\ in the north. [and] the land \\ in the south., [by] to drag (stautu). \\(by) the original adamite soul. to come the backside [of eden] (peh’) (see note). [of] the original adamite soul., [in order for] existence (eden’s). to perish (sek). [by] the sektt evening boat [all óut of white hole]. [of] beauty (nefer)., [and by that] sacrifice [‘in general’] (maã)., of [=for]. Rã. existence (matrix) to become new (unn).;
[by] it (the). [flesh] spines [rivers of mountain] (thesu+flesh). [as] the thing to cut off [fróm hand-T’] [knife-t- T’] (t’emt)., [and so] existence (eden’s). to mutilate (h’esq)., [in order for] (the word) to fetter (qasu; bone). [as] he (the). \\ willpower (eden’s). [for] willpower (matrix). (eden willpower) to bow for speech and nature (kher). [of] the Sbá serpent [in thes-dome]. [of] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; (see important note)

of [=by]. to transform. the double knife. [of?] existence. [into?] the [sh] pool-land (see note)., [to become] the totality. [for] thou. torso (centre)., [as] the dome of thing of speech for the an-face (*pic,thes-dome). [for] thou. to come to dissect (what?). [fór] Nut [dome ãnkh torus). thou. mother. [of] existence.;

[by] the staff (of adam rule,tá). to make healthy. every. light (eden’s). which is. [in] the dome of the thing of speech for the an-face (*pic,thes-dome). of [=as]. thou. tcha [firedrill] boat., of [=as]. every. light (eden’s). [fór] thou. beauties (neferu). [of] sight (maa).;
[as] the speech. to rejoice [in] (h’ã). of [for]. the hereditary people [willpower root] (pãt). to manifest (per).; [by] thou., the lights to shoot out as seed [of eden’s eye]. [for] sight (maa). [of] existence (matrix)., [as] things of joy [words/of foremost-adam/in sh-pool] (reshtu).; of [=by]. the land (south). thou. to rise and shine (uben). [for] existence (matrix). [as] household [of hebrew-H] (Hennuu). of [=as]. the Ennead [pantheon].;

[by] the original adamite soul. [in] the innermost sacred place (khennu)., [and by] the prisoner (su,cain). [as] stable weight (men+weight). [for?] the sky of earth., to create (qema). light (eden’s) inside eternity [of saturn] (h’eh’). to can make. ãnkh-life. [as] the god. [for] all]. gods. [of?] Áti (m-b-soul-adam staff fór beautified-soul?).

Forever. rule (h’eq). [of] light (eden’s) inside eternity [of saturn]. [as] every. justice,right. [to] the royal south land (nesut,simple)., [for] the land. [of] all. [and] sky of earth. [of] all. [by] thou. to repulse (khesef)., [to be] of [=as]. the land. [of] the [an-] face [white hole].; [by] them (ad.souls). to appoint to higher rank [+forehead] (t’eHen, T’+Hen cube). thou. stake,staff,branch (glyph; original adam-staff T?). [for] thou. existence. to rejoice. all [of] the season (terá). [of] speech., [by] justice (maãt). the one. to embrace [the square,rudder][top of cube] (h’ept). [by] thou. [an-] face [white hole]. [for] existence (matrix).;

6] [by] \\ existence \\ [for] existence (matrix). [of] Nut dome [torus ]. [so that] existence (matrix). to make. the gods. [as] the royal south (nesut)., of [=by]. the staff (tá, adam rule). to rise and be crowned (khã). [as?] thóu. backbone [not shining yet, so south] (pest’). [for] the people (glyph). [of] thou. [an-] face [white hole].;
[by] ãnkh-life. the thing to love. [for] all [of]. ãnkh-life. [namely] the god. he. the words of birth [ones to birth]. to be made sacred. [by] (using) the prisoner (su,cain). [for] the child [of name] (ren). [being] the divine dimension dome of Nu [top of cube].;
[by] the prisoner. to drag to. [that] dimension. of [=for]. [it] to manifest (per). [as?] the foreign land of áugert [G-plexus, to ákeru]. [as] the foreign land beating grounds (qen,S-fields). head+an-face. [for] the tuat house (*pic,yellow cube). to become to rule (h’eq). this. land [south]. [as] royal south (nesut,simple).;

[by?] his-Self. the word to make [through prisoner] (s+u). to birth., [and by] (using) the prisoner (su,cain). to beget [the image] (tut+ph.). [as] light (eden’s) in the eternity [of saturn]., [for] the flesh and bone of willpower of the Heir (ad.originals?). \\ to become the god. [of] Youth [saturn] (h’un). to fly upwards. \\ [from] the house of the horizon. [to] Horus. [as] this. light of willpower of speech [rã]. [as] turquoise [from ravine] (mfkt). [for] the two lands.;
[by] thou. thing to shoot seed [eden eye]. [for] the sky of earth. which is. [by] the house of the horizon (south)., of [=as]. the thing to rise and be crowned (khã). [as] thou. light to rise and shine. [for] existence. praised hail. [by] them (ad.souls). to give., [and] to bow (kes). of [=for]. the double \\ átert shrine [north+south cube]. [of] thou. existence. the word to come.;

8] forever. existence (matrix). [as] the totality (144,000). [of] thou. torso (centre)., [for] the masterholder. [as?] throne of adamite. of [=for]. thou speech for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., [for] to become to rise and crowned. Horus’ house of saturn [stacked-cube glyph]. [as] thou. mother. [of] willpower (ã)., [by] the innermost sacred place. of [=for]. the Áten light [disk]. of [=by]. the staff (adam rule,tá). [for] the light of the season [matrix] (terá). [as] this. speech (error). [by] the staff (tá). [of] beauty. [for] the people (glyph). [as] thou. [an-] face [north]. [of] existence. [by] the mouth [south]. of [=as]. thou. existence of hail.;

[bý] the sky of earth [south]. which is. [of] the house of the horizon (south). of [=as]. a thing to rise and be crowned (khãt)., [and so by] thou. to become (áu). the doubled-house of the horizon of Horus (1 glyph). [by] to divinely complete (Tem). to become the zodiacal light (?,sept’). [as?] the staff [tá]. [of] the áakhu spirit., [for] thou. [an-] face (north?). [as] protection. [of] hail.;

closing line sloppy:
he. to say. the noble [scribe].: the bowmen? (glyph). to belong to/tongue. to make the image [via prisoner] (z-sesh). [for] existence of hail. Rã. to praise.;

B] notes :
3] "peh'", backside; ...buttocks, backside: the western- and eastern foreign land are depicted as two mountains; but vieuwed from the Torus'-inversed dimension, the pillar is now 'the phallus', and "inserting" into the middle of the two, now upside-down-mountains: the 'backside'; Note: a] the imprisoned adamite original, and the prisoner, are 'weights' holding the torus in place; b] by cutting the rivers, as supports, they inverse the supports to make the torus by them;
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