Set speaking:
[by] Ãpep [serpent] (double-root of eden). the speech. [for] Rã., [being] the word for true voice. [as] the things to tremble for. [of] saturn’s house of Horus. [for] the mouth., [by means of] to tow sight (likely,tega+). of [=by]. the Ennead. the word of hail. [for] existence. [as] the word to be victorious. hail.;
[and so through] Geb. to stand upright. the Nut dome (torus-dome)., [by means of] the foremost kh-house. he. to make to copulate with the root of hebrew-H (s-neHep). [for] the gods (matrix)., of [=by] (means of). the things to plunder [by dimensional background of saturn] (h’aqtu). [in order for] he. the speech to make. [namely by] the thing of the Watercourse [eden’s]. he. to find (gem). [and by] he. to manifest (per). 21] [for] the gods (matrix). [of] the words of adam-within. [as] existence of hail.;

[by means of] he. the root. to divinely become sweet (netchem+). [as] the speech. [for] the Nut-dome (torus). [of] existence (matrix).; [as] the thing of m-b-soul-adam (it). [because of] me. [fór] the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [as] this (tn). speech.; [and using] the prisoner (su,Cain). [for] to be declared [by the adamite soul to make alike-adam] (smiá). to become the praised words (áauu). [for] he. existence (matrix).[through] the word (eden’s). to be given. [as] the things for to become a spirit., [by means of] he. existence (eden’s). m-b-soul-adam-like speech to make. 20] [as] he (that speech). [for] within.;
[and so through] the Ennead. existence (matrix). to manifest (per)., [namely by] the divine KAr shrines (Ka-double+speech). to become the great pillar. [in order for] existences (eden’s). to snatch away.; [and so] existences (eden’s?). [as?] the stars. to become the great pillar., [and] to come hail of willpower by. turquoise (mfkt). of [=by] (means of). the soulpool-lands (sh+). to rotate (pkhr)., [and] their (ad.souls). Matter-substance to fly upward. [of] adam-within. 19] [for] these. gods (matrix). [as] hail.; [and] it. to be repulsed. [as]\\the thing nót.;

[by?] the divine border of speech of the chalice [circle on top dome] (neb r tcher). the evil words of m-b-soul-adam’s willpower for willpower to harpoon (?uã+ã+).; of [=by] (means of). the prisoner (Cain). [as] he. the fire-drill boat. [by?] he. the KAr shrine. [of] adam-within., [in order for] to come m-b-soul-adam-like advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0). [as] this (m-b-s-adam/word/of root). divine willpower of the serpent [=matrix] (tchã)., 18] [in order for] existences (eden’s). he. to repulse.; [and so] to come m-b-soul-adam’s willpower by. the dome the thing for word-inside [no deity; nut]., [and as?]\\m-b-soul-adam-like (i\\). this (tn). metal thing (weapon) as the word for the tongue (nesut+). to acquire (shep)., [as] the house of saturn of Horus. [of] the thing of m-b-soul-adam., [by] this (to connect to). \\word of willpower [for] willpower (matrix). [for] the [an-] face (north). [as] this (tn). existence (matrix). [by] the words of m-b-soul-adam to be given to., [as] these (to connect to). lights of metal as MSQ (note). [through] this (tn). thing of the Watercourse (eden’s). to acquire.;

[by] kheperá (transformation-god). the boat (*pic, thes-dome,uaá). [for] the words of the torso as speech for an-face., [and so] of [=by]. them (ad.souls). [to be] the throne (matrix,get). [of] the words of adam-within. this (tn). to make stable (s-men). [by] Geb. [for] hail., [and] the divine judges [in pillar]. of [=by]. the divine willpower of the serpent (tchã). existence. existence. existence. to repulse.; (3x)
16] Rã. my bowmen (glyph,?). this (to connect to). the face(s). the word to tie together. to divinely complete (Tem). existence of hail.; [as] this. he. the torso (centre). [of] the divine solarplane of the serpent of existence (literal;netcheb). alike-adam (miá). [by] the sky of earth. which is. [of] the house of the horizon., [by means of] the word for the word-inside as the innermost sacred [place] (khennuu). of [=as]. Set’s circle-dome of tempest [gem/stone] (qerá,note). to force Set’s words for the word-inside for existence to ferry-over. [by] to seize and disembowel [eden] (shet’).; the divine Set-dog. am I.;

Rã speaking:
my. speech. thóu. the one to make. of [=as]. my. speech. [by] thou. mouth., [but] of [=as]. the evil word of the mountain (when eden’s). all [of] the (evil) stake (glyph). to manifest (per). nót.;
[but by] the beauty [or, throat-crossing](nefer). to make to come the root to the kh-house (s-khep+walk). [to] the house [of speech]. speech., [and by] thou. eye (eden’s). to make to come the root to the kh-house (s-khep+walk). [to] the house. [of] speech.; [and by means of] the double-treshfloor. to make to come the root to the kh-house (s-khep+walk). [for] within.,
[by] thou. to become the words as the product of Saturn. [for] within.; [by] thou. the peace [of saturn] (h’etep)., [through] the double-treshfloor. to become the blossom of existence by saturn. [as] thou. blossoms. [for] to become áppt [double-root thing to value].; [and] Rã. [as] existence (matrix). [by means of] the serpent \\ [as] the thing of he for the kh-house (kheft\\)., [and by?] ãpep [double-root of eden]. the divine fire (?,ker). [in order for?] thou. existence. [as] one. 13] he. to revise (sáp).;
thou. fat. to slay (beh’)., [and] thou. bones. to break (set’). [for] he. the land (south). \\[of] adam-within (when matrix).; [by means of] thou. head (*pic). to violently split-off (t’ent’en,’doubled’)., [and] the doubled-Watercourse [eden’s] (2 glyphs). [as] the thing of the Watercourse [eden’s]. alike-adam (mm,weak form). [to] the head., [through] to come to copy the island of the word for the word-inside (snnu,note). [for] the [an-] face (north)., [by] the original adamite soul’s. hand. the head (main-hand). to split-off (t’en; real-root in watercourse). [in order for] thou. head in the dimensional báckground of saturn (h’a-tep). [and so by] thou. existence (matrix). [of] sight (maa).;

12] Rã. the word to hate [the evil word the hand to birth] (mest’t’u). [therefore by] thou. speech for the an-face. to repulse. the original adamite soul.; Rã. existence. [by] the serpent \\ the thing of he for the kh-house. ãpep. thou. to emit seed (t’a). nót.; thou. to come existence solarplane (ben). nót.;
Forever. the original adamite soul. to become below. the original adamite soul. [for] existence (matrix). [as] the staff of rule (tá)., [in order for] the pain (mer). [of] thou. speech. 11] [now by] the original adamite soul. existence. [for] the eye. [as] great speech., [by means of] the divine h’t’t’t scorpion [thoat/disk]. [as] the torso. [for] the [an-] face (north)., to become vultures? (a+scroll+). mb-soul-adam-like one. the tongue to taste [island/tongue/wormhole] (t’ep+, note). [of] speech., [and] thou. existence. [as] the thing to taste (as before). [for] great speech.; **

Rã. existence. [by] the serpent \\ [as] the thing of he for the kh-house., [from?] Ãpep. to descend hebrew-H. [in order to] to overthrow (kher). Ãpep. [for] the peace. of [=by]. Rã., [and] to make healthy. [by] the double-treshfloor. [of] Rã. [for] the peace [of saturn]., [by] to divinely become designs (seshu). [as] the thing of m-b-soul-adam., [by] the thing. [of] the dome. [for] the [an-] face. [using] the prisoner (su,Cain). [in order for] existence (matrix). the word to fetter (=qasu). [ás?] the fiery divine adamite soul (?,rekes,before:ker).,

[using] the prisoner. [in order for] existence (eden’s). to make to bow for speech and nature (matrix,s-kher+). [as] he (eden). within.; [by] them (ad.souls). the word to fetter (qasu). [for] the east-lands., 9] the west-lands. [and] the north-lands., [as] the words of the south-land. [for] the gods. [of] existence’s (matrix)., [by] the word to fetter. [as!] thou. word \\[for] the thing to destroy [with] (sekt\\u). [in order for] existence. to overthrow. Apep.;

to become (!,áu). Rã., [by] thou. cords to fetter [nuh’ cord]. [and so by] descended hebrew-H. to make. Rã. 8] [as] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; of [=by] (means of). me. to make. [by] the double-treshfloor. [of] beauty [as throat?] (nefer).; me. to make. [as] Rã. [by] the double treshfloor.; [by] thou. the torso. [for] me. to make. [in order for] to cut the words of the root for the tongue (nespu+). of [=for]. the helpless [plexus] (geh’u). he. to manifest (per).;

Rã. [as] the willpower. the head (main-willpower). [for] the house of the horizon (north). [through] the house(s) of the star(s). to open [and become new] (un).; [and] to rage [imprisoned-H] (neHemneHem). the Set-dog circle [- dome] (qerá). [of] the word of voice. [for] the [an-] face. [as] the sky of earth. [for] the east-land. of [=as]. the land of power (ãnt,sigil). to come hail as the word of speech. hail.
Rã. existence. [by] the evil \\[as] the thing of he for kh-house. Ãpep. the fish of health (?sbn+). to overthrow., [by] the doubled Watercourse [eden’s]. [as] thing of the Watercourse [eden]. [for] the words of adam-within. [by] the one. original adamite soul. to make to bow for speech and nature (matrix,s-kher+). to become truths. [for] existence of hail.;
thou. to murder (nkn). [by] to shoot-out [of hand] (ut’). the h’et’t’t scorpion. [for] existence of hail.;
thou. the words to fetter (qasu). [by] the thing to shoot-out. the maft’t lynx. [for] existence of hail.;
5] [by] thou. the torso (centre). [as] the foreground of saturn. [for] to seize and disembowel [eden] (sht’). [for] the gods. [as] existence of hail.;
[by] thou. the speech for the an-face. [through] the upside-down boat (penã). [for] thou. words to command. [as] Rã., [by] existence (eden’s). to overthrow. [for] he. the light to acquire.; [and] the words to slay [by flint-knife] (t’esu). [in order] of [=for]. me. [through] to force the stargate-enemy (sbi+). [to be] thou. head in the background of saturn. [and] he. existence (eden’s). to tremble (st’a). [by]\\adam-within (matrix).: Rã. am I.;

[for] thou. to tremble. the thing of adam-within. [being] Rã. who is. [by?] the one. divine Meskhent birth tile. [of] speech. [as] the Watercourse’s word of speech for the an-face. [for] within.;
[by] thou. the slaughtered pieces of meat (shãtu,from sand). [for] the eye (utchat). [and by] thou. the divine father. to become the things by decree of law. [as] the word of the solarplane (bu). [of] speech.; [and through] the dome of Nu [in top cube]. [for] the soulpool-land sh. [as] the speech. thou. the dimension to fill [with] (north,meh’). [as so] to come hail in a hurry.; [from] the serpent he the root for the great pillar. [as] the willpower. of [=for]. the ántt-fish [or ravine] (ántt). to advance., [through] thou. head in the background of saturn.; 2]……[for] me. the god. of [=for]. to birth (mes+m+axe)……existence of hail;

the cemetary below. [in order] of [=for]. he. the serpent RRK (fiery eden speech?). to repulse (khesef). [for] existence (matrix). [by] the mouth.”;

———— end BD XXXIX