PT 264

——- DRAFT —— last few lines poor —-

350c] the pillar (djedu). of. his. existence. [by] stability-of-adam-within (djed=pun). – [to?] the house of the horizon. of. his. existence. [as] áakhu-spirit.;

350b] The image. of. this. N. [by] the Workplace. [for] existence. dies. nót.;

350a] Osiris’. existence. [to] the prisoner. his (osiris). existence. to give. nót.; – the below. willpower. of [=by]. N.’s. willpower. was. snatched away (neh’em).

349b]  [by] the chords. [of] the-word-connected-to-existence. he (N). unties.; – the chords. [to] the prisoner’s. high exalted place (qaat, the place of vesica north). he. unties (uhã, to untie heaven & earth).;

349a] Thou. existence. [by] his (ad.soul). existence (eden’s). [as] the coming word. [to] the beautified soul (canaanite spirit). – [for] thou. existence. [by] his. existence (eden’s). [for] the advancing beautified soul. + (next line)

348c] the staff (tá, adam rule). [of, for?] the house of the horizon (áakhet). [for] the horus-spirit’s. existence. [in] his. name. of.: Their (ad.souls). support raising up (thes). [to] the light. [of] existence (eden’s) (in east-vesica)., [for] N.’s. existence. [in] name. of.:  [by?] their (ad.souls). language (átcht). + (next line)

348b] [is] the sky of earth. [by?] the Tchãm-sceptre (willpower). [in?] the anunna-face (north vesica). standing up/mast (ãhã)?

348a] The gods. numbering. 4 (four). [staff in 4?, see note] [of] them (ad.souls). [for] his. existence. is brought.;  – [for] this. N. [by] their. existence. [in] the Workplace. [of] existence (matrix).

347b] the Workplace. [of] speech. [for] the adamite soul. commanding. his. existence. of. listening,obeying (setchem).; – [because] the Workplace. [is] the god. commanding. his. judgement.;

347a] the sky of earth. [in] the belly. below. [!] [for] the speech. [of] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). [is?] this. Star (sba). of [=by?]. his. speech. [of? for?] his. standing upright. N. to perish (sek). ?–false–

346c] the 4th light/day/light-by the opened word inside for existence {nu+star}.; the third [etc]; the second [etc]; the first [etc]  .  —  the coming word. [to] the beautified-soul.;

346b] The Workplace (ás). [for] the Staff (tá, adam rule). [for,in] the house of horizon (áakhu). [is] the worplace. [of] Horus. —

346a] Nehebkau to yoke forever with Ka-spirit-doubles. [is] existence. [for] [the beautified-soul’s]. property/posessions (ákht). [by] his (ad.souls). existence. [as] gift.;  – [by] the light. [of] existence (eden’s). [for b-soul]. [as] N’s. speech. [by] the Workplace. [of] existence (matrix).;

345b] the 8th light {etc}. [for] existence. — the 7th light {etc} — the 6th light {etc},

345a] the 5th light [etc] — [is?] the light of 2/second. morninglight (beka). [of] existence. [from] the root (P).. day/light/hour/time. [by] the coming word. [for] the beautified soul  (— fractal 8 of Time )

344b] to be new/young (renpu). to reap/sickle (sickle glyph). within. one. born (mes). his. birth (mest). – within. the gods. the prisoner. to give birth. [by,to?] the house of solarplane (bu). [byto?] speech. [of] beautified-soul.;

344a] the sky of earth. existence. [by] the eastern. side. [of] speech. – within. N’s. firedrill-boat.;

343b] [by?] the dimension. [of] sekhet-áaru (fields of solarplane). filled (meh’t). of [=by]. Saturn (h’).  ;

343a] the Kha-lake (below). [of] existence. [is] the pool. [or SH] . flourishing (áakh) [for?] the canal (menã). of [=by?]. the SH-pool. chakra-tool of Ba-soul (h’emba).;

342c] the Staff (tá,adam rule). [from/to] the house of the horizon (áakhu). [of?] the horus-spirit. [as?] the speech. [for?] the house of horizon. [as] speech. [for?] the beautified-soul. within. his. firedrill-boat.;

342c] shes-tá (place sacred to horus + tá staff) — N’s. existence. sky of earth. [by] the two lands. to embrace (sekhenu). [and] plant/establish (uah);

– to recite [this] spell;