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title: changing the nature of light (the so-called ‘coming forth by day’) click pic for full size map BD LXXI rubric; scribe Thenna: the goal (sep). [of] existence (matrix). [for] millions [of spirits] (h’eh’u)., [by] to sacrifice [in general] (eden) (maã). [for] to become the garment. [ás] every. light (eden’s). [for] existence (matrix).; [by means of] the light (eden’s). to become the posessions below (khertu). [in order] of [=for]. the phallus (*pic*) [inversed pillar] (met). to manifest (per).; [and so] […]


title: (transformations) connecting the leg to the treshfloor and backbone click pic for full size map BD LXXIV [by] the cemetary below. of [=as]. their (ad.souls). thing of masculinity (thaat). [for] the shores of the solarplane (át’ebuu). [of] the [an-] face (north).; 4] [by] the double treshfloor. [of] me. the passive eden realm [to] me. to wander-astray. [to] the double treshfloor. [and by?] me. the passive eden realm. to be hail. [as] divine spirits-light. [for] the [an-] face (north].; [to?] […]


draft posted: first revision: 17/5/17 scribe: Nu given title: ‘chapters of transformations’ status: 90 %, first revision 17/5 notes: below; about Eve, or revelation-goddess first draft: from draft, many words remained the same; streamlined Renouf link: below situation: red and blue circle see also: bd172, and all bd of (transformation) title: (transformations) essence for the apes by Eve’s root for theirs BD LXXV the place of the word of T’ep (*pic,red circle). [of] speech. [to] he. the one to come. […]


title: (transformations) the golden phoenix and quadruple root BD LXXVII 10] my. head (main). doorkeeper. of [=for]. my. sekhem-power. [is] the throat [between red-blue circle] (h’eti). [to] the corn-god (neperá,tuatIII). [for] my. existence. [by] existence (eden’s). to give.; [in order for] my. torso (centre). to acquire., [and for] me. to become abundance (bãh’,saturn/solarplane). [by means of] he (eden). within.; [in order for] me. to become a spirit. [by] he. within.; [and for] me. to go feed upon (unem). [through] my. […]


title: (wormhole) the djed-pillar as oil-well sending up the liquid gold BD CLV rubric: the goal (*pic3). [for] existence (matrix). [for] millions [of spirits] (h’eh’u)., [by means of] to sacrifice (eden,maã). [for] to become the garment. [of] Osiris (as construct).; [by] to come the branch (former ãpp; khet). [of] the word of adam-within. [for] the alike-adam (miá). things of the season (tertu). [via] the roof (tep-glyph). [of] existence (eden’s). [for] the light (eden)., [through] the cemetary below. \\[of] adam-within. to […]


title: (wormhole) the treshfloor as pupils for eden’s gold BD CLVIII to dress. the land. [as] united [by copulation] (sma). [through] mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). [as] this (pn). divine word of spirits light. [for] existence (matrix). [by] the throat (between sep circles). to give.; [for] he. the [an-] face (matrix). [by] this (pn). mouth (eden’s). to design (sesh). the gold. [for] existence (matrix). [as] the width (usekh,). [for] the [an-] face (matrix). to recite.; (*pic 1) Geb (earth south). their […]


title: (wormhole) the treshfloor being the two islands as the throat BD CLVII rubric: the treshfloor (sep) [for] existence (matrix). [as] the two islands (glyph). the thing to complete. [namely] the garment. of [=for]. the land. united (sma-ta)., [in order for] the mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). to become perfect (áqr). [as] this (pn). noble word of spirits-light. [for] existence (matrix)., [and] to become the protections. of [=by] (means of). to make the tool [via adamite soul] (of willpower/speech; s-rtã). [for] […]


BD  CXXV B the not so-negative  so-called “negative confession” – ofcourse eventually, the góal is “negative” — to eden, that is — but the syntax is NOT about “declaring to the gods that the candidate did well”, by pouring every line into an ” i did nót…”; but the character of the legal declarations is quite different: as in ” what is [theme] stolen for me, will be stolen back by existence (eden’s) nót.; “, fourty-two themes, as regions, termed […]

CT 488

VI67 k] the divine light of willpower of speech (rã?). existence (eden’s?)., [via] the truth (maãt). below., he. to become. my. shadow (shut, energyfield). [for] the áakhu-spirit. existence. [as] my. B-soul (solarplanetype spirit).,  [by] existence (eden’s). things to pass along (lit.’to make new the way,axis’, suatu). [by?] opening [and become new] (un). i] the above (h’ert). sky of earth. [as] [word] inside. [from?] the SBA gates (windows of cube). [for] the words. [of] speech for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; to […]