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book of Ezekiel — part II

click pic for full size map book of Ezekiel — part II E] next event, chapter eight – the cube and Gates: 2] and·I-am-seeing and·behold! likeness as·appearance-of fire from·appearance-of waists-of·him and·to·downward fire and·from·waists-of him and·to·up·ward as·appearance-of warning·as sparkle-of the·amber 2) Then I beheld, and lo a likeness as the appearance of fire: from the appearance […]

book of Ezekiel, first chapters: describing cube-H, scroll-sky, and future

click pic for full size map first chapters: describing cube-H, scroll-sky, and future [careful draft; just observing what we could recognize] related to BD LXXX 1] and·he-is-becoming in·thirty year in·the·fourth in·five to·the·month and I in·midst-of the·deportation on stream-of Chebar they-are-opened the·heavens and·I-am-seeing appearances-of Elohim 1) Now it came to pass in the thirtieth year, in […]

5/13: ritual #18 – the two eyes of Horus canonized-sanctified

Update ritual #20: on ‘times’ square [quote BBC:] “The crash follows recent deadly car-ramming attacks in London, Berlin and the French city of Nice.” read: Canaan intended it to be linked to his same previous Rituals; the name of the perpetrator makes little sense, except Rojos as “red”; which in context can only be […]


BD  CXXV B the not so-negative  so-called “negative confession” – ofcourse eventually, the góal is “negative” — to eden, that is — but the syntax is NOT about “declaring to the gods that the candidate did well”, by pouring every line into an ” i did nót…”; but the character of the legal declarations is […]


16] my. goal,purpose (sep). to advocate (usheb). of [=by]. me. the thing to be understood [backwards] (matrix) (saart). [which] existence (eden’s). [does] nót.; 15] my. divine father. of. me., [after?] thou. youth of destitute (nemeh’+). [by] the body,belly (south,khat). of [=for]. existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; (?) [by means of] the divine he to illumine […]

CT 148

— start halfway in — after many repeats from 149 — “deer glyph”is”heir” II219 c] the land. [by] the anunna-face (north vesica). to manifest (per)., to give. of [=for]. b] the gods. all [of]. the god Tem (other name of north vesica). [for] existence of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; this (tn). beautified-soul’s. body (khat). [of] […]