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BD LXXX the doubled-light of saturn (h’etchh’etch+). [through] the place-T-m of the prisoner (=sut,Cain). to become. the dark word of doubled-k (kku+). [for] existence (eden’s). to destroy (=sek)., [in order for] speech and nature (kher). [of] existence (matrix). [for] to come hail as advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).; to become (áu). [by means of] the […]

introduction to ezekiel 10 – part IV

— belonging to introduction to ezekiel 10, part IV — after 3500 years, you are the first to read: ——– OPENING OF THE MOUTH Ritual ——– INTRODUCTION we are amazed about the graphic lines of this ritual; it completely confirms the conquering of the gem/stone, so far; the plates are part of a ritual, covering […]

Introduction to Ezekiel 10 – part III

PART III necklace and throat ——– the gem / stone as necklace ——– A] many names for the same concept: depending upon which aspect, the name changes, accordingly; for example – from the “solarplane point of view”, the necklace uses the B-glyph: BABAT, BEB, BEGST, all ‘pectorial’, but also SHEB [which was the sceptre!], USEKH, […]


BD XXXIX Set speaking: [by] Ãpep [serpent] (double-root of eden). the speech. [for] Rã., [being] the word for true voice. [as] the things to tremble for. [of] saturn’s house of Horus. [for] the mouth., [by means of] to tow sight (likely,tega+). of [=by]. the Ennead. the word of hail. [for] existence. [as] the word to […]

INTRODUCTION to Ezekiel 10

click pic for full size map 1] INTRODUCTION to Ezekiel 10 This is where we arrived, so far: as in above pic, “the throat” is a most vital concept to them; since their head-rule, as their Behemoth-realm, and connects with their stolen inside, perhaps read ’emotions’; while at the rightside is how the situation will […]


title: changing the nature of light (the so-called ‘coming forth by day’) click pic for full size map BD LXXI rubric; scribe Thenna: the goal (sep). [of] existence (matrix). [for] millions [of spirits] (h’eh’u)., [by] to sacrifice [in general] (eden) (maã). [for] to become the garment. [ás] every. light (eden’s). [for] existence (matrix).; [by means […]


title: (transformations) connecting the leg to the treshfloor and backbone click pic for full size map BD LXXIV [by] the cemetary below. of [=as]. their (ad.souls). thing of masculinity (thaat). [for] the shores of the solarplane (át’ebuu). [of] the [an-] face (north).; 4] [by] the double treshfloor. [of] me. the passive eden realm [to] me. […]


title: transferring the quadruple-root to the north side (important chapter) click pic for full size map click pic for full size BD CLXIV rubric: every. serpent (of?) the mouth [the 4 of cross?]., [by means of] the prisoner (su,Cain). [to be] be adam-within. existence (eden’s). nót.; (serpents are not, anymore) he. the side (eden’s; ges). […]


title: (wormhole) the djed-pillar as oil-well sending up the liquid gold BD CLV rubric: the goal (*pic3). [for] existence (matrix). [for] millions [of spirits] (h’eh’u)., [by means of] to sacrifice (eden,maã). [for] to become the garment. [of] Osiris (as construct).; [by] to come the branch (former ãpp; khet). [of] the word of adam-within. [for] the […]


title: (wormhole) Isis’ knot as uterus sucking-out eden’s light BD CLVI rubric: [by] he. the treshingfloors. [for] the [an-] face (north)., to become new. existence (eden’s). nót.; thou willpower for (not ‘protection’,mãk). everything. [of] the divine egyptians.; [but by] the prisoner (su,Cain). [for] the sight (maa). [as] the tool (willpower/speech). [of] thou. nót.; 5] [but […]