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murals of book of gates, tomb seti I THIRD DIVISION Gate of the AQEBI serpent – the coil of the solarplane sarcophogus seti I THE boat of the sun having passed through the Second Division of the Tuat arrives at the gateway which leads to the THIRD DIVISION. This gateway is unlike the first, which has already been described, for its opening is protected by an outwork, similar to that which protects the door of a fortified building. The outwork […]

Nasa’s Deflection to the Solarplane

Nasa’s Deflection to the Solarplane [no, we did not mention Superbowl, and the starry Tuat entering earth, as the same stars were around the podium; it just wasn’t important enough], however- this one is – and it is an extension of the previous Rituals, but then understood as ‘the location‘. Yes we worked hard, and yes we’re late, our apologies; but that has a good reason: we tried to get to the Core of ‘their’ rule, s-east of earth; then two […]

CT 612

VI 226 e] [from] the adamite soul. the images [to make] (áru). of [=as]. the thing to become to rise and be crowned (khãt).;d] [by] divine great speech. these (to connect to). [and] to [being] split-Off [agáin] (t'en). nót.;c] withín. me., to give. of [=by]. b] the heads [of adamite originals]., [as] the thing of the house [of Saturn] (h'ett). a] [through] the divine (thing of) great speech. [by] the bull to sacrifice [Adam] (smam).; VI 225m] the ureaus goddess […]


TENTH HOUR pic credit:sofiatopia.org UPPER REGISTER Over the upper register runs a line of text, which reads: “[This is] the hidden Circle of Amentet, where KHEPER uniteth himself to the form of Ra, and where the gods, and the spirits, and the dead hasten (?) in the hidden forms of AKERT. If a copy of these things be made according to the figures which are depicted on the east of the hidden chamber of the Tuat, and if [a man] […]


pic credit: sofiatopia org NINTH HOUR HAVING passed through the EIGHTH DIVISION of the Tuat, the boat of the sun arrives at the NINTH DIVISION, which is passed through by the sun during the NINTH HOUR of the night. The opening text reads:– “This great god taketh up his place in this Circle, and he addresseth words from his boat to those who are in it. The divine sailors join the boat of this great god in this City. The […]

BD 189

real themes: to remove the faces from the adamite originals, south; and stealing word as Eve status: very revealing, but 2nd part is difficult the true voice [from below]. [of] the primeval child (this scribe). [of] the covenant (khetem). belonging to? (nes,tongue). the house of the tongue [real-moon] (nes).: Osiris. speech. [of] ãnkh-life. [by] existence (eden’s). to make to know (serekh). nót.;  (not to adamites, read on!) the Torso (Eye,south). ‘to anoint’ (sán; fish-soul using adamite). speech. Osiris. existence. the […]

BD 181

BD 181 [short rubric skipped, start text:] [by] his. existence (eden’s)., existence (matrix). to stand upright (ãhã). [for] the land. to return (khet). he. to fear. the word of fear (sent’tu). [as] the most-b-soul-adam willpower of speech (ãri). the great [pillar]. [by] sekhem sceptres. it,he. to be victorious (nerr). 23] the pautu primeval gods. the phallus (pillar). [for] the true voice. [by] his. existence (eden’s). [as] the-m-b-s-adam willpower of speech. 22] the place of the abzu (abt’u solarplane dimension). of […]

PT 269

——— DRAFT ———-          382b] Forever. he (Adam). within. N. [as] to hunger. nót.; – he. within. N. to thirst. nót.;  382a] he (Adam). within. N. [by] wandering-astray (shem). [as] he. [as] root. [in] the land. + (next line) 381d] sweet date/palm wine (benrát). to make to receive? (seshept). father (át). white light (h'etch, saturn). [through] these two (Adam & Eve,áptu). connected to. the milk (ártht). this. N. suckles (seneq).;  381c] his (N's). mouth (vesica, north). [is] the head. […]

PT 365

[adressed to adamite original ] 625d] within. thou. Mer-lake (fiery lake, south). – [for] all of. the house of the solarplane (buu). of [=by]. thou. legs (ret’). existence. [has] boundary. nót.; 625c] within. thou. wandering-astray (of adamite,shem).  – all of. the house of the solarplane (buu). of [=by]. thou. to be repulsed. nót.; 625b] the sacrificial bull of speech (adam,sma). of. restoration (tcheb). – [by] the Staff’s hidden root (peh’+tá). [in] the great pillar. [for] this. áakhu-spirit. standing upright. + (next line) 625a] [to] his. throne […]

PT 241

246b] thou. Self (tches). starts the fire (rek). thou. mouth (vesica north). of. – manifestation. – [by] the opened word inside. [from] the most-beautified-soul’s (adam). existence (eden’s).+ 246a] [as] the tile’s (T’ebt, solarplane, see note). word. [of] willpower. [in] the high exalted place (north). – [by] the fortress’ (sh-pool). outpouring (áshet’). – to recite [this] spell;

PT 366

[contains a major concept, see notes] 633b] his. father/staff (átef?). protects. the son. Horus’. existence. [in] his. name. of.: – the word. connected to.his. protection., + (next line) 633a] [by] the boat of the divine word (eden’s). to erase. [and] to split-Off (t’en). Adam-within. [for] the Khu-spirit’s. existence., [in] it’s. name. of.: – he (adam). within. thou. existence. [as] Khu-spirit.; 632d] Sirius (sept’t). [of] Adam-within. [for] Horus., of [=by]. thou. within. to. manifest (per). [as] the sharp, ready (sept’= pun). Horus.+ 632c] [by] Sirius (sept’t). […]