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LXXXIX Osiris. he. the flesh for the solarplane to encircle (shenbet+)., [by] the original adamite soul. existence (eden’s). word to give speech. the stones the thing of the great pillar (glyph). of [=for]. to become to fill. the gold. [for] existence. [for] the Ba spirit-soul. the [an-] face., to recite.; Forever. the thing of the serpent (tch-t). [for] existence. he (eden). to un-destroy the adamite throne (h’ástem). nót.; it. to be destroyed (sek). nót.; he. the image of royalty (sãh’+mummy). […]


FOURTH HOUR UPPER  REGISTER In the upper register are:- 1. A goddess, wearing the crown of the North, apparently a form of Neith [1] 2. A serpent, with a human head, and two pairs of human feet and legs [2],[3],[4] 3-5. Three serpents, which move side by side along the ground “upon their bellies”. Of them it is said, “Those who are in this picture make their passage to every place each day” [5],[6].[7] [1]-   [2]- totally obscure what this […]


NINTH DIVISION Gate: HAVING passed through the Eighth Division of the Tuat, the boat of the sun arrives at the gateway called AAT-SHEFSHEFT [1], which leads to the NINTH DIVISION, or, as the opening text reads: “This great god cometh to this gate, and entereth through it, and the gods who are therein acclaim this great god.”[2] The gateway is like that through which the god passed into the previous Division, and its outwork is guarded by nine gods in […]

tuat VIII – lower register

pic credit vanosta.be HOUR EIGHT In the lower register are also five Circles, and an open door, which may be thus described:– 1. This Circle, which is called HETEPET-NEB-S, is entered through a door having the name of TET-SEM-ERMEN-TA, ” the land (south) / to carry (bear up) / to guide / the hand (eden eye) “, ” the land / to bear up / the son / (of) speech / (by) the flint-knife”; in it are:– 1. A goddess […]

CT 578 VI 194

Horus speaking to eden eye i] [as] the divine firstborn., the completion of the solarplane below. to make mysterious and hidden. of [=by] (means of). h] me. to make mysterious and hidden. existence. [as] the [an-] face (eden's). [in] the innermost sacred [place] (khennu)., of [=fór]. this (pn). mouth (*pic,white vesica). to become the image (sesht). g] [for] divine speech. [for] the son. [of] divine speech. [as] this. N (candidate).; f] [by means of] my. divine staff of rule (tá,adam's). […]

CT 581 VI 196

VI 198 x] the divine son. [of] the word of the square,rudder [top cube] (h’ep)., of [=as]. the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., [by] thou. to exalt hail (?). [and] the beautified-soul. [by] thou. to rise and be crowned (khã).; w] [by means of] the divine staff of rule for tillage but now of Saturn [adam’s] (h’en tiu tá). [for] the beautified-soul. existence. to acquire (shep).; v] [in order for] the beautified-soul. [by] thou. [to be] the advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).; […]

CT 592 VI 199

i] the thing to fill [northern] (meh'tt). the sky of earth (present). [by] speech. [in order for] the land [south]. to unite [by copulation] (sma).; h] Horus. existence. [by] the throat [pillar] (khkh). [of] the speech of hail. [as] this (pu). cord of health (utcha). [to] this. workplace [for]. existence of hail. [for] reality (ntt).;[by means of] the destitude eden speech (h'urr). it. [as] the fortress to make to open [soul-pool] (sensh+). f] [by] the Kha-lake., [in order for] existence. […]

CT 590 VI 210

CT 590 see textnote and pic k] union (t’emt’). [by] the h’enu boat of Seker-osiris (*pic,chalice). [for] the things of craftmanship [chakra tool] (h’em)., j] [by] it. the wealth [of the the corner] (khut’). to acquire. [for] the anunna-face (white hole). [in order for] the divine finished aspects (cake).; i] [by] the prisoner. [from] he. the speech. to make. [for] Rã’s. existence. [by] decree of law.; h] [and by] his-Self. the h’enu boat of Seker. [as] the golden chalice (*pic) […]

CT 622 VI 238

difficult but useful – see notes and pics q] [from] the adamite soul. the aspects (glyph). [by] the child (mesu). to snatch away (neh'em).;p] [and] to become new. [through] the prisoner (su,Cain). to connect to. the workplace (ás).;o] [because] this. N's. willpower. of [=by]. (means of) the aspects in sh-pool for the solarplane (shebu). [by] the gods to snatch away. to become a new thing (unt). nót.;[but by] to connect to. the workplace. n] [for] my. word-inside to ferry-over (khennu). […]

CT 623 VI 239

CT 623 Hathor-saturn talking n] (eden) within., [by] my. word of Saturn (h'u). [of] beauty.;m] the season (ter). head (main season). [of] speech. of [=by]. Sirius (sept't). [for] my. word. [as] the boat. which is. to make to be the foremost.; l] [as] the divine manifestation. [of] existence (matrix). [by] inundation (ákhet)., [by means of] existence's (eden's). light. the dimension to encircle (shen-related glyph). k] [by] H'athor-Saturn.;j] [and] the words of beauty. these. to connect to. aspects of the moon-months […]

CT 624 VI 241

f] [by] (double) justice (maãt). [to] me. the hidden root to come [inversed eden realm] (peh').;d] [and by] justice (maãt)., the light of yesterday [of ad.soul] (sef). of [=as]. sin (ásfet)., [but through] the prisoner (su,Cain). [for] mý. existence (matrix)., [is] the word. to say. nót.; (don't tell) n] [by] the prisoner (su,Cain). [is] the hail for the beautified-soul. [and by] thou. to know. me., to become (áu). m] forever. existence (matrix). [as] the season (ter,matrix)., [by means of] to […]

CT 570 VI 170

e] to tremble (t'a). the flesh of Áf [contents of cube]. [by] he. to overthrow (kher)., [as] the Dome (glyph). to fall down (kher).; [and] to tremble (t'a). existence (eden's). [because of] the thing of the watercourse (eden's). to make d] the thigh in Ursa Major (mastu, why mult.?). [as] the cord to extend (t'un).; c] [for] to come to the things to dissect (nemmtu). [in order for] existence (matrix). to spread out (petch)., b] [as] the light for spirits. […]

CT 610 VI 224

u] this. setcht-flame (in torso). of [=for]. manifestation (pert).;t] the yoke for eternity [by Saturn]. [by] the divine all [of]. ãnkh-life. [for] this. N's. existence., to say. nót.;s] this. N (candidate). whose. body (khat). of [=as]. the characteristic (sep). to become (áu). he (the). [physical] backbone [of prisoner Cain] (bqsu). [for] this. N's. existence., [in order] to make the dimension to cool-down (sqebb) (cool eden's)., to become (áu). he (the). covering [through slaughtering] (sma). [for] this. N's. existence. [as] un-rolled […]


the peace [of saturn]. of [=as]. the true voice. [of] Ani.:he. the [sh] pool. [of] justice (maãt). to make the image [through prisoner] (su-sesh)., [because of] the place of the garden for all of the east (abetch,see note). [for] all [of]. existence (matrix). [by] the double throne of the tongue [upon the inverse dome] (nes). [for] all [of]. the gods. [of] existence (matrix). [as] the god. [of] peace [of saturn] (that throne).;to calculate (h'esb). the image (sesh). [for] Osiris. [as] […]

23/3: London Westminster ritual

[ see update V below! ] 23/3: London Westminster ritual [with our deepest sympathy for the relatives of the poor victims] conservativefreehouse.com for the first time, a defensive Ritual – instead of an attacking one! – main theme: WESTMINSTER …from West + monastery, Greek root of ‘single, alone, solitary’; read:  “the One of the West”; the realm of Áment; see glyph, above: UÃ is the white circle surrounding the white hole, as the place of Õn; …from ABU, “father of”, IZZ, “strength, honour, […]