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BD 14

bd 14 the speech. [in] thou. Torso (áb, south). of [=by]. which are. all (nebu). ashamed of (shept) [of eden's speech!]., to erase (t'er). [by] existence (matrix). [of] peace (h'etep, saturn).[into] he (adam). within. ãnkh-life.;  he. within. thou. ãnkh-life. [by] the aspects offered to Saturn. [of] the adamite soul. [for] thou. existence. [by] existence (eden's). to bring.; the protector. [is] Gen (god who presided over offerings, giants/existence). of [=by]. aspects offered to saturn (h'etep+food). [for] every. beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).[as] thou. […]