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SIXTH HOUR MIDDLE REGISTER IN the scene which illustrates the SIXTH DIVISION Of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the SIXTH HOUR of the night, we see, in the middle register, the dead Sun-god AFU-RA. “the light + flesh” once again standing in his boat, under the canopy, accompanied by his usual company of gods. He is no longer in the serpent boat wherein he passed through the domain of Sekri, and he is no longer […]

CT 681

VI308 j] [for] N (candidate). [by] the prisoner (su;Cain). existence (matrix). [is by] the hidden root of Saturn [buttocks] (peh’).; apep [repres.God]. i] [by] justice (maãt). cord the word to fetter (qasu). to grown saturn’s light (h’etch+rut’). [of] speech.; h] [for] this. N. [by] the prisoner. existence (matrix). to come as hidden root of saturn (peh’+walk)., f] [by] the flesh and bone of the Heir. [by] the cord to tie together with (thes). [is] the head-event [‘beginning of Time’] sep […]

BD 153 A

his. willpower. of [=by]. the divine woman-prisoner (sut\\div.). Horus. the limit (tcher). existence. 35] Rà (rã glyph). his. divine father (átef, adam staff). his. existence. existence. the Eye. this your (connect to). the Maqt-ladders (vertical axis in ankh-torus). [to?] the anunna-face (vesica north). [for] the true voice. [of] primeval child. (etc).; Osiris. to manifest (per). within. their (ad.souls). ãnkh-life. of [=by]. ãnkh-life. Ka-spirit-double. 34] existence. their (ad.souls). household (Henu, hebrew-H). of [=by]. the household (same). their. eyes (ártu). of [=by]. […]

BD 140

BD CXL rubric: one (1). roasted-meat [sheb-dome] (asher). [for] the flesh of Áf.; one (1). basket (t’ená). lights of the half-month of the q-axis of the hand (t’eq+).; one 1). basket (t’ená). lights to make speech to connect to existence as the god (senther+).; four (4). lights of the q-axis of hail for the solarplane (báaq). [as] lights of m-b-soul-adam’s willpower by sh-pool (shãi+).; four (4). aspects of saturn-light (+zodiacal light?). 15] [as] lights of halfmonth for plexus of the […]

BD 07

BD VII [by] the double treshfloor (note). [for] me. to come health., [as] me. [by only] having become the root of hail [ámen-corner] (áp+). nót.; [but] \\[by] which. I am., [as] to divinely complete. [by] the willpower of Saturn (h’enã). [for] existence (matrix). to manifest (per).; [by] the original adamite soul. the word of place-T of adam-within. am I.; [in order for] millions [of spirits]. the speech. [by] the throne of adamite. to become sacred. [in] name [of].: to make […]