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CT 768

VI 402 i] [through] the prisoner (su,Cain). the thing to praise (t’uat). [namely as] the thing of the original adamite soul. the word of birth. [by] Sirius (spet’t)., [for] the divine secondary thing (‘sister’). [for] existence of hail (matrix).; (dangerous!) h] the sky of earth. which is. [by] the East(ern). side (ges). [of] speech., [for] the fire-drill boat (of speech). [..2 lost..]. the house. [as?] the island (glyph). which is. the east. side. [of] speech. [for] this. N’s (candidate). fire-drill […]

13/4: Enki’s white house drops MOAB on Cain’s Myrtle

13/4: Enki’s white house drops MOAB on Cain’s Myrtle – trust that we try upload the rest of the Gates, this weekend; and to quote from the famous movie, “we really are Too Old for this sh*t..” – but they continue doing it – not we; E-KUR, ‘white house of Enki’, ..it isn’t too difficult why the seat of rule is named ‘white house’; it is analogue to the white hole (*pic) of azazel, Enki; MOAB – …it isn’t just […]


ELEVENTH DIVISION Gate of splitting-off the lights from the original adamite soul HAVING passed through the Tenth Division of the Tuat, the boat of the sun arrives at the gateway SHETAT-BESU,[1] which leads to the Eleventh Division, or, as the opening text reads: “This [great] god cometh forth to this gate, this great god entereth through it, and the gods who are therein acclaim the great god.” [2] The gateway is like that through which the god passed into the […]


SEVENTH  DIVISION Gate of the dead bodies KHATU, connecting to Cain 1] gate fragment THE boat of the Sun having passed through the Sixth Division of the Tuat arrives at the gateway which leads to the SEVENTH DIVISION. This gateway is similar to that which guards the Sixth Division, and is guarded by nine gods, who are described as the “Seventh Company;” at the entrance to the corridor, and at its exit, stands a bearded god, with arms hidden, the […]

CT 590 VI 210

CT 590 see textnote and pic k] union (t’emt’). [by] the h’enu boat of Seker-osiris (*pic,chalice). [for] the things of craftmanship [chakra tool] (h’em)., j] [by] it. the wealth [of the the corner] (khut’). to acquire. [for] the anunna-face (white hole). [in order for] the divine finished aspects (cake).; i] [by] the prisoner. [from] he. the speech. to make. [for] Rã’s. existence. [by] decree of law.; h] [and by] his-Self. the h’enu boat of Seker. [as] the golden chalice (*pic) […]

CT 600 VI 216

f] thou. within [me]. [as] the adamite soul of helplessness (begst)., [in order for] thou. existence (eden's)., [to] me. existence to bring., e] [for] my. existence. [as] advanced beautified-soul (canaanite spirit 2.0).; d] [because through] the prisoner (su,Cain). the word to steal (ãuau). [of] willpower (Ã). of [=for]. c] he (the). divine father (tef). to be protected by (netch+passive).;b] this. Horus. thou. divine son. am I.;

CT 601 VI 216

CT 601  cedar-tree talking: m] [by] the divine m-b-soul-adam-like thing of great eden’s speech (urrti+div). [for] existence (matrix). [of] this. beautified-soul (canaanite spirit)., [in] name [of].: of [=for]. me. [is] the speech. [because of] them (ad.souls). [in] the Torso (áb). [of] existence (matrix)., [for] great speech. [by] the anunna-face (white hole).; l] [by] me. within. the Tool [thing of willpower / speech] (rãt). [being] the crown of the thing of great eden speech (urrt). [in order for] existence (matrix). to […]

CT 626 VI 243

CT 626 the god Shu speaking, representing pillar f] the West. [for] all. am i (nuk).; j] [as] the divine word. [it’s] doorkeeper. head (main doorkeeper). [for] the [an-] face (north)., [and by] me. [in] the exalted [high place] (qa). i] the words the dimension to fill (meh’u). of [=for]. the house. to give.; [by] them (ad.souls). am I. [!] (nuk).; h] [as] the divine r-r-t (see note). of [=for]. Osiris’. post-eden dimension [solarplane] (agba). am i (nuk).; g] [as] […]

CT 629 VI 250

v] the cemetary below. of [=as]. the soul-pool (sh). [of] the prince (áti,see note)., [for] the land as solarplane intestine (qabu). [by] he. existence (eden's). to make to be sacrificed (s-maã).; u] [in order for] to build [by blueprint] (qet'). alike-adam (miá)., [through] existence (eden's). the word (eden's). to give. [to] speech (matrix).; to become. t] [by] to go sacrifice (maã). this. god., [in order for] Shu (pillar+an-face). to manifest (per).; [and] to come as. s] divine great speech. [by […]


[by means of] the adamite soul. withín., to become a spirit. [of] the West.; [by] death (a.soul)., to complete. the land. the head (main-land).; to become (by) to found. the great pillar. [of] the thing of adam-within. [for] the speech. [of] the land. [in order for] it. to become united [by copulation] (sma)., [by] the prisoner (su,cain). [in] thou. workplace. [of] the divine neh'ebkau serpent [to yoke forever by Ka-spirit-doubles]. [for] my. word. this (to connect to). to make to […]

Giza pyramid reveals our Black Hole Matrix written in stone

Giza pyramid reveals our Black Hole Matrix written in stone after 4000 years, all hieroglyphic texts confirm the dimensional Gate insertion: UPD. April 2018: this original article was from one year ago; in the mean time, we have re-constructed many aspects, which we did not understand, backthen. However – the question and the importance of “the Gate” only proved to be completely Valid: since this theme turned out to be THE crucial aspect we started out searching for. Therefore the […]

CT 629

VII 250 v] the cemetery below. of [=as]. the lake [sh?]. [for,by?] the prince (áti, staff-related), [in] the land of solarplane intestine (qabu). [for] he (the). existence (eden’s). to make to be sacrificed (s-maã).; u] [and] to build [by blueprint] (qet’). alike-adam’s (miá). existence matrix)., [by] the word (eden’s). to give speech., to become. t] [by] to go sacrifice (maã). this. god., [for] Shu (pillar+an-face). to manifest (per)., by to come (m+walk). s] divine great speech. [by] the coverings of […]


[pic of 7 hr] sofiatopia org SEVENTH HOUR MIDDLE REGISTER THE scene that illustrates the SEVENTH DIVISION of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the SEVENTH HOUR of the Right, is introduced by three lines of text, which read:– [note: we are unable to find this text in any of the seventh hour; where Budge obtained these lines from is a mystery to us, because they are certainly not presented in his own book – but […]


FIRST HOUR MIDDLE REGISTER IN the scene that illustrates the FIRST DIVISION of the Tuat, which is passed through by the Sun-god during the FIRST HOUR of the night, we see that the centre of the middle section is divided lengthwise into two parts by a river which flows along it. In the upper part is the boat of the dead Sun-god AF, [no name] who is in the form of a rain-headed man; he wears a disk upon his […]

CT 137

II172 j] to become the design. [for] me. [by] existence (eden's). [for] existence.; i] my. speech. [by] them (ad.souls). [by] the anunna-face (vesica north). to dress in the set-garment-body (h'ebset).;  [?]h] this. primeval gods (pautu). [for] hail of the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).;g] divine great speech. [by] the Eye (south). [for] me. [by] existence (eden's). [for] existence (matrix). [as] the gods of great speech., —f] the gods of the house of the horizon (vesica north). [of] the word of adam-within. [exist […]

CT 114

II133 f] the beautified-soul. within. to strip (kef). [from] sekhem-power. nót.; e] the slaughterhouse (nemmt). [of] speech. [for] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit). to enter (ãq). nót.;  the double treshfloor (north+south vesica). [for sake of] the baboons (Hetht, hebrew-H, see note). d] [by] the image [to make] (áru). [by] the great [pillar]. of [=for]. the beautified-soul. to become (áu).  c] the beautified-soul. the two. shoulders [axis to an-face]. [in] name [of].: the anunna-face (north vesica). [for] the beautified-soul. [by] the two. […]

CT 684

VI314 k] the cemetary below. of. the aspects of totality [144,000!]. to acquire.; j] to give. of [=by]. thou. speech. the season (ter). thou. existence for the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; the god. who is. the beautified-soul., the god. who is. this. N., h] to give. of [=for?]. the season. the image [to connect to] (thut). g] N’s. existence. [by] the opened word-inside. to bring (án). the equipment [other/] (t’ebeh’). [to] the beautified-soul (canaanite spirit).; f] [via?] the double treshfloor [south+north […]

CT 682

VI312 q] the season. [ of willpower. of the adamite soul. thing to yoke? (neh’t) ] this (word/root). light.; p] to yoke for eternity [by Saturn] (neh’eh’). [by] the deep place (BB, solarplane, root of apollo/Beb). to hurry. of [=by,for]. o] his,he (the). double-truth, two-truth (maãt+II) [!]. existence. the god of light of the Watercourse, as the ultimate willpower for the adamite soul (one glyph: sãã+axis+light). of [=by]. divine great speech. [from] the deep place (BB,see above). to hurry. of […]

CT 681

VI308 j] [for] N (candidate). [by] the prisoner (su;Cain). existence (matrix). [is by] the hidden root of Saturn [buttocks] (peh’).; apep [repres.God]. i] [by] justice (maãt). cord the word to fetter (qasu). to grown saturn’s light (h’etch+rut’). [of] speech.; h] [for] this. N. [by] the prisoner. existence (matrix). to come as hidden root of saturn (peh’+walk)., f] [by] the flesh and bone of the Heir. [by] the cord to tie together with (thes). [is] the head-event [‘beginning of Time’] sep […]

CT 763

VI393 i] [by] he. to become noblemen (sãh’, Orion). existence. [by] the head’s. speech in anunna-face (see note). [as?] a thing of the prisoner (sut;Cain).; h] his. thrones [left side of vesica] (nesteg). [of] divine rule (h’eq, to ‘hekau’, sorcery). of [=by?]. within. thou. existence to become new (unn). the divine light. [by] decree of law., to become (áu). g] the sky of earth. [by?] the SBA stargates. [of] thou. existence (eden’s). to open [their sh-pool] (sensh). (see note) f] […]

CT 492

VI71 i] the land. head. the seed,offspring (mett). the adamite soul. his. existence. the most-b-s-adam to give. speech. [to] the West,áment. the Ka-double bull. existence., [ánd??] this [ultimate] (pupu, word/root). Ba-soul (solarplane type spirit). g] [by?] the prisoner [Cain] (su). [as?] (the foremost-adam) to shut in (in KH-house, khenr). [but] this (to conn ect). nót.; [?] within. f] this. Ba-soul. speech. \\ [of] existence (eden’s)., the horus-spirit. to be far from (h’er,’from the axis’).; e] Osiris’. hidden,mysterious (shetau,SH-pool). words. [are] […]

CT 489

VI68 e] the divine egyptians. [by?] the prisoner [Cain, as it looks now] (su). to pass along ('avoid Watercourse'). d] the lips,rim [=vesica south] (sept). the Veil (h'ap). this (word/root). light. [as] thing to pass along ('avoid axis', suatu). his. existence (eden's)., to make. c] [for?] thou. [by] the things wandering-astray (adam-related, shemt). to sacrifice [them] (maã). [for] speech., b] [for] thou. existence. to become a stable thing (ment). to make sweet (s-netchem, 'by holding hostage'). speech.  ; a] thou. […]

CT 859

VII62 thou. existence. them (ad.souls). to split-Off (t’en). Set (fallen adam construct). torso. to stretch out (petch). existence. to give. y] Set. torso. stretched-out thing (petcht). [by?] to bring. Horus. two eyes. thou. existence. to bring. this (root). [for] N-osiris (candidate).;  the land. speech for the beautified-soul.[as?] he (the). split-Off (t’en). [for] thou. existence. [as] most-b-soul-adam’s gift (tiái). speech. them (ad.souls). of [=by]. x] within. their (ad.souls). name [of]. ‘to flourish (ákh). the solarplane’. of [=by]. Horus. two eyes. existence. […]

CT 1004

n] the triple-divine word of speech (seperate div.). to beautify (tcheser). the existence for the beautified-soul. [by] the aspects offered (food-glyph). [at] the double-shrine [of copying] (sensensent+island; south vesica). his. existence. [as] something made (ári, m-b-soul/to make). m] the place of the battle,below. speech. he. the one to come. [by,to] the place of the word-inside in õn. speech. to wander-astray (shem, adam-related). l] his. divine neHt’. [neHt sycamore tree,south] (geom.tree of life). [of] adam-within. the adamite soul. side. [of] speech.  […]

BD 17

note – it is not clear whether the paragraphs “to say another” and “the prisoner speech” are linked in some causual relation; until then [and also to break up the wall of text for now]  we put them separate; the phrase “another” return in many BD, referring to the Mouth [vesica north], so that may be the context here; note II: the scarey possibility arises, that ‘Cain is the “prisoner” (su), as depicted in amtuat VII and in BD **, […]

BD 99

real theme: mãkhent = the boat/ferrying fróm the sacred-innermost-place (eye south) the willpower-alike-adam";  using imprisoned Cain as 'adams willpower' [because Adam is too dangerous?]  ; the relation between cain and "his mother";  and that of 'gold' and 'making a body'; see for Cain also CT spell **   status: important themes thou. advanced beautified-soul. thou willpower like [adam] (mãk). 32] ãnkh-life. of [=by]. to become the Ka-spirit-double for existence by Saturn (henk, 'offering'). [by?] Ãqan [Cain!]. existence. to make to […]