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searching for the doubled root-P

[draft,19/7/17] searching for the doubled root-P, below description — this root they are so eager to have back, must be deep inside the lampstand, as the goal they built the Ramayana-bridge to. We suggest it is an actual place, probably “the top of the mountain”, but before adapting the main diagram we needed to go through the term ‘root’ again, below, in order to make sure that the links are solid. (as rather dry read, but necessary).   observing the […]

introduction to ezekiel 10 – part IV

— belonging to introduction to ezekiel 10, part IV — after 3500 years, you are the first to read: ——– OPENING OF THE MOUTH Ritual ——– INTRODUCTION we are amazed about the graphic lines of this ritual; it completely confirms the conquering of the gem/stone, so far; the plates are part of a ritual, covering all these aspects, and the first thing we need to do, is to translate them exactly plate for plate — and but after that go […]

Introduction to Ezekiel 10 – part III

PART III necklace and throat ——– the gem / stone as necklace ——– A] many names for the same concept: depending upon which aspect, the name changes, accordingly; for example – from the “solarplane point of view”, the necklace uses the B-glyph: BABAT, BEB, BEGST, all ‘pectorial’, but also SHEB [which was the sceptre!], USEKH, etc; when the ‘throat’ as Vital concept – is the wormhole, the pectoral likely their disk as ‘iris’; as “multi-faceted disk”, Hebn\\r “the collar (for,of) […]


BD XXXIX Set speaking: [by] Ãpep [serpent] (double-root of eden). the speech. [for] Rã., [being] the word for true voice. [as] the things to tremble for. [of] saturn’s house of Horus. [for] the mouth., [by means of] to tow sight (likely,tega+). of [=by]. the Ennead. the word of hail. [for] existence. [as] the word to be victorious. hail.; [and so through] Geb. to stand upright. the Nut dome (torus-dome)., [by means of] the foremost kh-house. he. to make to copulate […]


title: transferring the quadruple-root to the north side (important chapter) click pic for full size map click pic for full size BD CLXIV rubric: every. serpent (of?) the mouth [the 4 of cross?]., [by means of] the prisoner (su,Cain). [to be] be adam-within. existence (eden’s). nót.; (serpents are not, anymore) he. the side (eden’s; ges). [of] speech. \\[for] which is (which is for). speech. to snatch away., [in order for] he. to make. the son of the boundary [-sky] (tcheráu). […]