BD L b

the words of the great pillar (*pic). [for] the gods. [by] the sins [Heir-glyph]. of [=for]. me. to become (áu). the divine \\ pent [thing existence root (see CT). am I.;the divine images (ãkhemu). [for] the gods. to be birthed. [by] existence (eden's). nót.;to become the truths. my. sight (maa). nót.; (?) [by] to make […]

BD L a

the words of the great pillar. [for] the gods. [by] the phallus (*pic) [pillar inversed] (met). [for] me.; to become (áu). my. \\ thing of the root. am I.: [as] the divine images (ãshemu). [for] the gods. the flesh to birth. [for] existence. [as] the truths. [of] my. sight (maa).; [by] existence (eden’s). [as] root […]