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BD C click pic to enlarge original title: the book of making strong the khu BD C to double place-T for speech of the phoenix bird rubric: [for] eternity (h’eh’). place-T-e to sacrifice. [in order for] to become the realm-garment. [of] every. light of willpower of speech. which is. the mutilated eden light (Hru,’day’). [by] the posessions below.; of [=by] (means of). pleace-T to descend (of hebrew-H, Ha-t). 13] [in order for] place-T-m to manifest (pert). of [=as?]. (the divine […]

BD XIII or cxxi

rubric: the bandage to wrap up for burial (qerás). [is] the light of Hru [“day”, but mutilated eden light]. of [=for]. the original adamite soul’s. [an-] face [eden eye]., [as] the true voice. [by] the divine perch of Menu of Youth [same region]. [in order for] existence (matrix). to birth. the word of true voice. [for] my. ãnkh-life.; [by] it. to become (áu). Osiris. existence., [in] existence’s (eden’s) name [of].: \\ speech to make. [for] the garment to spread-out [dimensional] […]