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BD 156

real theme: obscure [rubric:] his. treshing-floors (stripping ad.originals, see note). [for] the anunna-face (north). to become new., [for] existence (eden's). [to be] nót.;  thou. willpower like [adam] (mã). everything/masterholder (nebt). the egyptians (rethu). the prisoner. Sight. the gift of speech (ret't). thou. nót.; [=?] within. 5] to become sacrifice [in general] (maã). to become the Shes-garment-body (from sh-pool). the land. speech. his. willpower (Ã). the sky of earth. speech. his. willpower. his. speech. the way (axis, Watercourse). existence. mysterious,hidden (shetau). […]