great balance

BD xxxe

rubric:the places. [of] the houses. [of] the mouth (sing.,eden's). of [=as]. the thing to revise (sápt).;[from?] the eye (eden's?). [as] speech. it. to come [as] imprisoned eden's word ['Way'] (ua). [and it] of [=by]. the prisoner (su,cain). to discover (gem)., [via] he. to give. [to] Horus. [in order] me. to make the son [through prisoner] […]

BD XII or cxx

I am. the olden one (nkhkh)., me. [as] the one to come. [and to] me. to be given. the land (of cube). to plough over [by solarplane] (baa).; [by] my. word. [is] thou. willpower. of [=for] (protection). [as] every. light of willpower of speech. [by] the adamite soul. within.; to become the (legal) rights. it. […]

BD aa

Ani Osiris'. existence. [is by] the Ka spirit-double. [for] existence (matrix). [as] true voice. [of] the land [south]., of [=by]. Osiris. the phallus (met) (*pic). to acquire (shep). [as] the god. the tcha [fire-drill] boat. [for] Hru light [mutilated eden's]. [of] the sekkt evening boat [all óut of white hole]., [by] the adamite throne (ást). […]