the report: earth to be invaded by the spirits-army of Õn, Jer. 6 — 144k: bring back your hand (executive region) ! —

jer 6

the report: earth to be invaded by the spirits-army of Õn,
Jer. 6 — 144k: bring back your hand (executive region) ! —

strengthen-you ! sons-of Benjamin from·within-of Jerusalem and·in·Tekoah blow-you ! trumpet and·on Beth~Haccerem lift-up-you ! lifting that evil she-gazes from·north and·breaking great
O ye children of Benjamin, gather yourselves to flee out of the midst of Jerusalem, and blow the trumpet in Tekoa, and set up a sign of fire in Bethhaccerem: for evil appeareth out of the north, and great destruction

  • – ‘gather to flee’, H5756 uz ‘seek or take refuge’ 4x, colour unclear, -az matrix-power;
  • ‘benjamin’, -ben as ‘son’ but related to -bana ‘to build’ and -abn ‘stone-tile’ (cornerstone), the -yamin as ‘the right, the rightside, righthand side’; eden-tile at the righthand side”, as opposed to the Horus-tile in the serpenthand TCH), tile -sela’ and Horus as -Oreb;
  • ‘teqoa’, H8620 teqoa 2x; Amos was from Teqoa, and Amos writes about the dead-bodies KHAT; taquoa ‘trumpet’ 1x; taqa ‘to blow (trumpet)’ (to encamp) 68x; teqa ‘blast (of trumpet)’ 1x; 8625 teq-al ‘tekel’, from the mene teqel; to weigh; teq+deity -el; into shaqal ‘to balance’; Teqoa is also ‘a wilderness’; teKa ? unclear story about Teqoa in 2Sam 14;
  • 2) t+q ?, qo and qe ‘to vomit up’ 8x; qav ‘measuring line’ 18x; we can’t help thinking an “axis (q-axis) + place-T”, the inversed section; “trumpet” is in Revelations equated with the “great pillar (flyph ÃÃ) imploding”,
  • ‘beth hakkerem’,H1021 beth-hakkerem; -kerem 3754 ‘vineyard’ 93x; Is. 5, the lament of ‘my vineyard’ can indicate this is an eden-term; yet the -hak prefix
    may show it is a polluted term;
  • – ‘sign of fire’, H4864 maseth ‘(raising-up-) burden, tribute, gift’ 16x;

chapter and line context:
situationed for the days right now – not directed to old-israel; we saw “the image (Cain) of jealousy in the Õn gate” (Ezekiel); and their evil is about to arrive to this earth.
axis and vineyard context:
we wished we could pinpoint them more clear, but for now it appears that this earth is bý their inverted section, and ás the polluted vineyard,
“seek-refuge-you ! / sons of / Benjamin (son of eden-tile) / from within / Jerusalem (this earth) /, and in Tekoah (inverted-axis-section) / blow-you ! / the trumpet /, and on / the house as the (polluted) vineyard / lift-up-you ! / the (at-)tribute (gift raising-up) /, thatfor / she – the evil (rã) – is looking-down / from the north (Õn gate) / andas – great – destruction /;

the·homestead and·the·one-being-delicate I-still daughter-of tziun to·her they-are-coming ones-being-shepherds and·droves-of·them they-pitch on·her tents round-about they-graze man hand-of·him
I have likened the daughter of Zion to a comely and delicate [woman] The shepherds with their flocks shall come unto her; they shall pitch [their] tents against her round about; they shall feed every one in his place

  • – ‘flocks’, H5739 eder ‘flock’ 39x, negative, Assyr. stormgod,
  • – ‘feed’, H7462 ra-ah ‘to tend a flock’ 164x, but -ra evil; used as “shepherds, pasturing, to feed upon (as to graze), etc’,

line context:
in previous line Benjamin (representing the eden-tile) has to lift-up his attribute, from that moment onwards, earth will not be supplied no more by the eden-tile, but only by the serpent tile TCHET, “place-T of the serpent (hand)”; terms used for the daughter a bit Negative (compared to Micah), likely because she is still on earth and therefore a bit polluted,
his hand context:
we saw that “the king-hand” was the serpent-hand TCH, ruling the hand where Adam is, if this earth is invaded by them, then only the “type life from the serpenthand will be on earth”, no longer countered by the life from the eden hand,
” I liken – the daughter of – tsiun (adamite image) – (to be) the comely / and the delightful one (jest) /; to hér / the shepherds (executing matrix rule) – are coming (from the gate north) /, and their droves (army) / pitch – (their) tents – round about – on her (at this earth) /, (and so) man (-kind) – (is caused) to feed upon – his hand (horus tile) /;

hallow-you ! on·her battle arise-you ! and·we-shall-go-up in·the·noons alack ! to·us that he-faces-about the·day that they-are-being-stretched-out shadows-of evening arise-you ! and·we-shall-go-up in·the·night and·we-shall-wreck citadels-of·her
Prepare ye war against her; arise, and let us go up at noon. Woe unto us! for the day goeth away, for the shadows of the evening are stretched out Arise, and let us go by night, and let us destroy her palaces

  • – ‘noon’, H6672 tsohar ‘midday, noon, (window 1x)’ 24x; difficult line as Is. 16 “send you the butting-ram fromas the horus-tile (sela) in the wilderness-region (to rule m-realm) to mountain of daughter of tsiun”, and “set you as the night shadow of you in midst of noons”, we still study that; Jer. 15 “the devastating one in noons”; the -im must be “doubled”; mid-day as typical attribute of Rã, glyph METER ‘noon, exact middle, etc’; Amos 8 “I bring down the sun (rã) at noon”;

change to eden-dawn context:
tricky line,

  • 1) the term ‘to ascend’ (olah) is often Negative, and never used by themes related to eden – therefore not “IEUE and Watercourse will rise”, but rather “the noon and the night”,
  • 2) the ‘woe to us’ *must be* about “identifying”, compare line 25 below; any other option would make this line to be legally very dangerous;
  • 3) we saw that this matrix’ day is the eden night; we suggest that a reversal is to start here, back to Genesis 1;

“consecrate-you (matrix) ! (qdsh) / the battle – on her (the daughter) /, [review]
arise-you ! / andforwe shall (cause to?) ascend / inas the noon (inbetween-realm?) /, woe ! to us (identifying with adamite-souls on earth) /, thatfor / facing – the day / that / the shadows of – the evening (arab) – are being stretched out /; arise-you (high) ! / andfor we shall (cause to) ascend / inas the night /, and – her citadels – shall be destroyed /;

that thus he-says ieue-of hosts cut-down-you ! otze tree and·pour-out-you ! on Jerusalem earthwork she the·city he-is-checked all-of·her extortion in·within-of·her as·to-scoop-of cistern waters-of·her so she-scoops evil-of·her violence and·devastation he-is-being-heard in·her on faces-of·me continually illness and·smiting be-admonished-you ! Jerusalem lest she-shall-strain nphsh·i soul-of·me from·you lest I-shall-place·you desolation land not she-is-indwelt
For thus hath the LORD of hosts said, Hew ye down trees, and cast a mount against Jerusalem: this [is] the city to be visited; she [is] wholly oppression in the midst of her. As a fountain casteth out her waters, so she casteth out her wickedness: violence and spoil is heard in her; before me continually [is] grief and wounds Be thou instructed, O Jerusalem, lest my soul depart from thee; lest I make thee desolate, a land not inhabited

  • – ‘mount’, H5550 solel-ah ‘siege ramp’ 11x; sela+el (deity) “Horus-tile +deity”,
  • – ‘oppression’, H6233 osheq ‘oppression’ 15x; ashaq ‘oppress’ 35x; eseq/aseq ‘contend’; as “oppress the tree” ? “oppress by man (-kind)” ?
  • – ‘casteth out’, H3363 yaqa ‘to severe oneself (to hang someone, be disgusted by actions)’ 8x, to dislocate, abandon;

tree context:
no further information is given; we are not sure if this refers to their created ‘world tree’, because cutting down thát construct appears to happen a bit later (see Revelations); perhaps referring to the cutting-off of eden’s life still given to this earth (comp. line 3 above),
“thatbecause / thus / he – IEUE of – hosts – says /, cut-down-you (matrix) ! / the tree (axis supporting this earth?) /, and cast-up-you ! / on / Jerusalem (this earth) / the siege ramp (by Horus-tile) /, she – the city (earth) / it is visited (to judge) / all of her / oppression (by mortal man-kind?) / in her midst /; As – the cistern – to scoop of – her waters (dimensions) /, she scoops / her evil (rã) /, it is being heared – the violence (Canaan-cham) – and devastation – in her /, (being) the continuous – illness (eden-life+deity) – and smiting – onin – front of me /; be-disciplined-you ! / Jerusalem (this earth) /, lest (unless) / she – the adamite-soul (made by me) – shall be severed / from you (concept of earth) /, lest (unless) / I shall put you / the land (as earth-concept) – desolate (no-name) /, (and)nót / she is inhabited /;

thus he-says ieue-of hosts to-clean-glean they-shall-clean-glean as·the·vine remnant-of ishral bring-back-you ! hand-of·you as·one-picking over trays on whom ? I-shall-speak and·I-shall-testify and·they-shall-listen behold ! uncircumcised ear-of·them and·not they-are-being-able to·to-pay-attention-of behold ! word-of ieue he-becomes for·them to·reproach not they-are-delighting in·him
Thus saith the LORD of hosts, They shall throughly glean the remnant of Israel as a vine: turn back thine hand as a grapegatherer into the baskets To whom shall I speak, and give warning, that they may hear? behold, their ear [is] uncircumcised, and they cannot hearken: behold, the word of the LORD is unto them a reproach; they have no delight in it

  • – ‘glean’, H5953 alal ‘mock, defile, abuse’ 19x, by extension to glean, double-deity el+el; very strange doubled-term (as is next),
  • – ‘grapegatherer’, H1219 batsar ‘fortified (walls)’ by implication ‘to gather (grapes)’ ? cut off, clip off; b (solarplane)+tsyr (Tyre, Õn);
  • – ‘baskets’, H5552 salsill-ah 1x; salsal+el ? (comp.galgal?) sela+sela+el ? solelah ‘siege ramp’ (previously); sela-tile+siege-ramp ? salal ‘cast up (siege-work)’ 12x; (-sela as Horus tile), as sel+selel+ah;
  • – ‘warning’, H5749 uwd ‘to testify, to warn’ 44x; root colour: ‘to repeat’;

glean context:
it is unlikely “that the spirits will glean the remnant, after the invasion”, because then it is too late already; but rather implies “these very days” – in order for them to get to and secure the eden-hand (now!) which is still feeding the horus-tile;
reproach and ear context:
it is no coincidence that the “onto whom I shall speak” immediately follows upon previous line, which addresses concepts as ‘the new hand’ and ‘siege ramp’: were it an (humanly-) understandable line, then this exhortation would be superfluous – needless to say that the scribes searched a word being forced to relate to “vine”,
“thus / he – IEUE of – hosts – says /, as the eden-vine – the remnant (144,000) of – Ishral (all eden-souls) – shall be gleaned (and) abused: / return-you (remnant; to Watercourse) ! / your hand (containing the eden-tile) /, (being) (now) as the (gathering-) fortress / overfór / the horus-tile’s siege-ramp: / onto / whom (which adamite-soul) / I shall speak (the right direction) / and shall repeat (the above) /, and they shall listen (the report?) ? /, behold ! /, their ear – (is) uncircumcised / andfor – they are – nót – able – tofor to listen /; behold ! / the word of / IEUE / becomes / toas the reproach – forto them /, (for) they are – nót – delighting (desiring) / in it (the word) /;

and fury-of ieue I-am-full I-am-tired to-contain-of pour-out-you ! on unweaned-child in·the·street and·on deliberation-of choice-young-men alike that moreover aish man with woman they-shall-be-seized old-one with one-full-of days
Therefore I am full of the fury of the LORD; I am weary with holding in: I will pour it out upon the children abroad, and upon the assembly of young men together: for even the husband with the wife shall be taken, the aged with [him that is] full of days

  • – ‘children’, H5768 olel ‘children’ 21x; also as “children made by Õn” (dashed on the rocks),
  • – ‘with’, H5973 im ‘with, unto, as long, neither, from between, from among’

“andfor / I (Watercourse) am full – (of) the fury (Canaan-cham burning) of – IEUE /, (and) I am tired / to contain (it) /; pour-out-you (matrix) ! / (the fury) on / the children / in the street (‘outside places’) / +
and on / the assembly of / the choice young men / alike /; thatfor – also / the (type-) man(-kind) / with /(its) (type-) woman / shall be seized /, (and) the olden one / with / the one full of / days /;

and·they-are-turned-about houses-of·them to·others fields and·women alike that I-shall-stretch-out hand-of·me on ones-dwelling-of the·land averment-of ieue that from·small-one-of·them and·unto great-one-of·them all-of·him one-being-greedy-of gain and·from·prophet and·unto priest all-of·him one-doing falsehood
And their houses shall be turned unto others, [with their] fields and wives together: for I will stretch out my hand upon the inhabitants of the land, saith the LORD For from the least of them even unto the greatest of them every one [is] given to covetousness; and from the prophet even unto the priest every one dealeth falsely

  • – ‘turned’, H3457 sabab ‘to turn, surround, etc’ (but not inside-out);
  • – ‘covetuousness’, H8267 sheqer ‘falsehood’ 113x; shaqa ‘sink down (Babylon etc)’ 6x; shaq-ah ‘to drink’ 67x;

first line context:
suggesting that in times of rioting, the Brute peoples (humans) will take over,
“and – their houses – are handed-over / to others /, (being) the fields / and women / alike /; thatfor / I shall stretch out / my hand / onupon / the inhabitants of / the land (earth) /, (being) the declaration of / IEUE /; thatbecause / from the smallest of them / and unto / the greatest of them / it all / (are) greedy ones of / unjust gain /; andfor unto the prophet / and unto / the priest / all of it (them) / doing / falsehood (giving no drink?) /;

and·they-are-healing breaking-of people-of·me on one-being-made-light-of to·to-say-of peace peace u·ain and·there-is-no peace they-acted-shamefully that abhorrence they-did however to-be-ashamed-of not they-are-being-ashamed even to-be-confounded-of not they-know therefore they-shall-fall in·the·ones-falling in·era I-check·them they-shall-stumble he-says ieue
They have healed also the hurt [of the daughter] of my people slightly, saying, Peace, peace; when [there is] no peace Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush: therefore they shall fall among them that fall: at the time [that] I visit them they shall be cast down, saith the LORD

  • – ‘slightly (made light of)’, H7043 qalal ‘to curse’ 82x; qal+deity, qal ‘swift’ 13x; qal ‘sound’ 7x; qal-ah ‘roasted (grain)’ 4x + qali 6x; qal-ah ‘dishonour’ 6x; qala ‘to ling, carve-out’ 7x; qela ‘(door-) screen, sling, (curtain)’ 22x, a type dimensional veil;
  • – ‘ashamed’, bosh, inverted Watercourse ?
  • – ‘abomination’, H8441 toeb-ah ‘abomination’ 117x; tub ‘reply’8x; Tub-al (Cain); teb-ah ‘ark (noah)’ 28x; tebu-ah ‘produce, crop, fruit’ 42x; (related to ‘Void’),

u-ain eye context:
here impossible to relate to ‘eye’, so we left it;
“andfor they are healing / the smiting (no-Watercourse) of / my people / +
onas / one made (to be) cursed= /, toby to say: / (eden-) peace /, (eden-) peace /, andyet there-is-no / peace /; they acted shamefully / thatbecause (of) / the abomination (no eden produce) / they did /, howeveralso / tofor (to be) ashamed (inverted W-course?) / they are – nót – ashamed /, even / toas(to be) disgraced / they know – not /; therefore / they shall fall / inas the fallen / in the timeframe / (when) I (will) visit them (to judge) /, (and) they shall stumble (by Canaan-cham) /, IEUE – says /;

thus he-says ieue stand-you ! on ways and·see-you ! and·ask-you ! for·tracks-of eon where ? this way-of the·good and·go-you ! in·her and·find-you ! respite for·soul-of·you and·they-are-saying not we-shall-go and·I-set-up over·you men-watching pay-attention-you ! to·sound-of trumpet and·they-are-saying not we-shall-pay-attention
Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where [is] the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk [therein] Also I set watchmen over you, [saying], Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken
line, said by Watercourse to the potential 114,
“thus / he – IEUE – says /, stand-still-you ! on / your ways /, and see-you ! / and (instead,) ask-you ! / for the paths of / eternity /, where / (is) this / (eden-) good – way /, and go-you ! / inon her /, and find-you ! / rest / for your adamite-soul /; andbut they are saying / nót / we shall go /; and I set up – watchmen – overfor you / (to be) attentive-you ! to the sound of / the trumpet /; andbut they are saying / nót / we will (be) attent /;

therefore hear-you ! the·nations and·know-you ! crowd which in·them hear-you ! the·earth behold ! I bringing evil to the·people the·this fruit-of devisings-of·them that on words-of·me not they-care-attentive and·law-of·me and·they-are-rejecting in·her
Therefore hear, ye nations, and know, O congregation, what [is] among them Hear, O earth: behold, I will bring evil upon this people, [even] the fruit of their thoughts, because they have not hearkened unto my words, nor to my law, but rejected it

  • – ‘congregation’, H5712 ed-ah ‘congregation, company’ 149x; many times in exodus, term virtually absent in prophets; ad-ah ‘to adorn, decorate’ 10x; ada ‘removed’ 10x, ed ‘filthy (garments)’ 1x; ad ‘forever’ 53x, into -eden;

thinking context:
steered by the occult Rituals and false beliefs as social engineering, shaping ‘reality’,
“therefore / hear-you ! (you) nations (on earth) /, and know-you ! (you) (adorned) assembly (believers) / which (is) / ininbetween them (nations) /; hear-you ! the land: / behold ! / I (am) / (causing) to bring / evil (rã) / to – this – people / (being) the fruit of / their thinking /, thatbecause / onto / my words (in the right direction) / they are – nót – attentive /, and they are rejecting – as her – my law /;

to·what ? this to·me frankincense from·Sheba she-is-coming and·reed the·good from·land-of far-off ascent-offerings-of·you not for·acceptance and·sacrifices-of·you not they-are-congenial to·me
To what purpose cometh there to me incense from Sheba, and the sweet cane from a far country? your burnt offerings [are] not acceptable, nor your sacrifices sweet unto me

  • – ‘incense’, H3828 lebon-ah ‘(fran-) incense’ 21x; to -laban ‘whiteness of m-realm’, glyph ÃNtiu;
  • – ‘cane’, H7070 qan-eh ‘stalk, reed, branch (of lampstand)’ 62x; qen ‘nest’ 13x (eden gate); qana ‘jealous, zealous’ 70x; Qaiyn (Cain) – glyph QÃN; qin-ah ‘lament’ 18x;
  • – ‘acceptable’, H7522 ratson ‘favor, acceptance’ 56x; ruts ‘to run’ 130x; as -ra evil+ts ?
  • – ‘sweet’, H6149 arab ‘pleasing’ 6x, but to -arab ‘darkness’,

line context:
bit unsure — the “good reed offered” can hardly be “not acceptable”, we interpret first line again as an exhortation “whom of you…”; we are not sure yet about the colour of the term ‘sheba’ in this context; neither about the ‘good reed’,
“toby whatwhom / this – frankincense (realm ‘whiteness’) – (will be) coming – to me – from Sheba (this earth as ?) /, and – the good (-type) – reed (lampstand branch) / from – the far-off – land (this earth) ? /; (for) your (believers on earth) ascend-offerings / (are) nót / acceptable (because of haste?) / to me /, (and) your sacrifices – are – nót – pleasing (because darkness) / to me,

therefore thus he-says ieue behold·me ! giving to the·people the·this stumbling-blocks and·they-stumble in·them fathers and·sons alike neighbor and·associate-of·him they-shall-perish and·they-perish thus he-says ieue behold ! people coming from·land-of north and·nation great he-is-being-roused from·recesses-of earth
Therefore thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will lay stumblingblocks before this people, and the fathers and the sons together shall fall upon them; the neighbour and his friend shall perish Thus saith the LORD, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised from the sides of the earth

  • – ‘stumblingblocks’, H4383 mikshol ‘stumbling block’ 14x; kashal ‘to stumble’ 63x; into Cush (kuwsh), read, “(Cush-) Canaan deity”; people will believe Canaan’s lies about IEUE;
  • – ‘sides’, H3411 yerek-ah ‘flank, rear, remote’ 28x; as Ez.38 ‘remote parts of the north’,

peoples context:
juxtaposed in the line the peoples on earth vs the spirits coming down;
“therefore / thus / he – IEUE – says /, behold-me (just watch me) ! /, giving / to / these – people / stumbling-blocks (believe Canaan’s deity) /, and – (both) the fathers – and the sons – stumble – inover them /, (and) the neighbour – and his friend – alike – shall perish /; thus / he – IEUE – says /, behold ! /, people (spirits) / (are) coming / from – the north – land (gate north) /, andfor – a great – nation (of horus-spirits) / is being awakened / from the remote – land (above eden) /;

bow and·dart they-are-holding-fast cruel he and·not they-are-showing-compassion voice-of·them as·the·sea he-is-clamoring and·on horses they-are-riding being-arrayed as·man for·the·battle on·you daughter-of tziun we-heard report-of·him they-fall-slack hands-of·us distress she-holds-fast·us travail as·the·woman-giving-birth
They shall lay hold on bow and spear; they [are] cruel, and have no mercy; their voice roareth like the sea; and they ride upon horses, set in array as men for war against thee, O daughter of Zion We have heard the fame thereof: our hands wax feeble: anguish hath taken hold of us, [and] pain, as of a woman in travail

  • – ‘spear’, H3591 kidon ‘spear’ 9x; same spear Joshua conqered the new-hand with (city Ai), often as ‘axis’,
  • – ‘cruel’, H394 akzari ‘cruel’ 8x; exact same lines in Jer.50 (40-43), added there, “the king of Babylon (Thoth) heared the report, and he gets in distress”; this “cruel” related to “venom (of asps)”, no further root;

locusts context:
lines sound similar as the locusts “looking like (type-) men, riding horses” in Revelation; the “bow and spear” are théir attributes, already (related to having power by dome and axis ?)
report context:
we have the option here, “heared the moment the report is released”, being the “in 1 year after the report has been told (June 5), war will start”; since ofcourse IEUE and Watercourse know already what will happen – but this line rather denoting ‘a moment in Time’, since related to ‘start birthing’;
“they (spirits) are firmly holding – the bow (by dome?) – and the spear (by axis?) /, hethey / (are) cruel (venom?) / andfor nót / they show compassion /, their voice / (is) roaring (multitude) – as the sea (matrix-dimension) /, and they ride – onupon – horses (chakra-fields) / as (the type-) men – arrayed / +
for the battle / on you / (you) daughter of / tsiun /; we (IEUE and Watercourse) heared / he the report / (and) our hands / tremble /, distress (narrow place) / grips us / as the woman birthing / (in) travail /;

al must-not-be you-are-going-forth the·field and·in·the·way must-not-be you-are-going that sword to·one-being-enemy shrinking-fear from·round-about daughter-of people-of·me gird-you ! sackcloth and·wallow-you ! in·the·ash mourning-of only-son do-you ! for·you wailing-of bitternesses that suddenly he-shall-come the·one-devastating on·us
Go not forth into the field, nor walk by the way; for the sword of the enemy [and] fear [is] on every side O daughter of my people, gird [thee] with sackcloth, and wallow thyself in ashes: make thee mourning, [as for] an only son, most bitter lamentation: for the spoiler shall suddenly come upon us

  • – ‘fear’, H4032 magor ‘terror’ 8x; guwr ‘sojourn’ 98x; gor ‘lion cubs (matrix)’ 2x;

clip context:
we are always careful to not present the wrong colour (and not link to ‘sci-fi’), but the start of the clip below is how we interpret the power them spirits have – the “spears and bow” appear archaic but be sure it should be akin to that [another theme is whether the construct, at the end, is related to their new-hand, as new-adamite-throne, which is asked in this chapter to bring back..?];

come upon us context:
the line suggests IEUE and Watercourse “identify with their adamite-souls upon earth”, hence the used ‘shall come upon us’;
(it) must not be / (that) you (adamite-soul on earth) are going out / (into) the field (that time) /, and – (it) must not be – you are walking – inon the road /, thatfor / the sword / toas the enemy / (is) the terror (matrix-lions?) / from all around /; gird-on-you ! sackcloth /, daughter of / my people /, and throw – ashes (burnt nostril) – over you / (as by) the mourning (abel) of / an only son /, do-you ! / the wailing of / bitternesses /, thatbecause / suddenly – the destroyer – shall come – on us /;

credits in the link

lookout I-gave·you in·people-of·me fortress and·you-shall-know and·you-test way-of·them all-of·them ones-withdrawing-of ones-being-stubborn ones-going-of talebearing copper and·iron all-of·them ones-bringing-ruin they
I have set thee [for] a tower [and] a fortress among my people, that thou mayest know and try their way They [are] all grievous revolters, walking with slanders: [they are] brass and iron; they [are] all corrupters

  • – ‘tower’, H969 bachown 1x; bachan ‘to test, to try’ 29x; bachin ‘tower’ 1x; bochan ‘tested (eden-stone)’ 1x; no root -bach;
  • – ‘grievious (withdrawing)’, H5493 sur ‘to remove, turn aside, depart, withdraw, turn-away’ 300x;
  • – ‘slanders’, H7400 rakil ‘to slander’ 6x; rakal ‘merchant’ 17x; rak+el; rak ‘frail, weak’ 16x; as -ra ‘evil’ +deity + -k ‘thou’ ?
  • – ‘brass’, H5178 nechosheth ‘bronze, brass, copper’ 140x, mixture; nechush-ah, same, 10x; into -nachash, ‘serpent’ (compare copper serpent standard in exodus);
  • 2) Sanskr. kâMsya ‘brass, consisting out of copper’ RA; kâMsyanIla ‘dark as copper, name of a monkey’ RV; kaMsa ‘cousin of, and slain by, kRSNa (Osiris)’, MH; (cousin being ‘of the related but other house’ ); kam ‘love, sex, desire’ RV; tâmra ‘made of copper’ RV; tam ‘exhausted, faint away’ RV; tamra ‘darkening, opressing’ RV;
  • 3) iron: ayas, RV; kâlâyasa ‘iron’ RA (kâla+ayas), root -aya ‘a die (dice?)’ RV; see iron and copper note in Micah 4 (posted);
  • – ‘corrupters’, H7843 schachath ‘to decay, to corrupt, to destroy’ 147x; shachath ‘pit, dungeon’ 43x; shach-ah ‘bow-down, worship’ 173x (glyph KES ‘to bend’?); seach-ah ‘to swim’ 3x;

chapter turn and tower context:
we are not sure where this ‘tower’ comes from, or why addressed as ‘you’ here; but this and next line must be a kind of conclusion whý the described horror must take place — because their realm keeps on producing (creating) evil beings, therefore we interpret the line to be about ‘matrix creations’, not about adamite-souls (since just ago the souls were identified with);
line, said to tower containing the eden-tile,
“I placed you – the tower (to test) – inas my people /, (being?) the fortress (now as Õn) /, and you shall know / andfor you test / their ways: / all of them (creations) / turn-away / (being) stubborn / (and) walking (around) / slandering (rã is thou god?) /; all of them – (are) copper (nature as serpentine-mixture) / and iron (solarplane nature) /, all of them / they – (are) bringing ruin (by bent k-axis?) /;

he-is-heated bellows from·fire-of·them lead to·the·futility he-refines to-refine and·evil-ones not they-are-drawn-off silver being-rejected they-call to·them that he-rejected ieue Yahweh in·them
The bellows are burned, the lead is consumed of the fire; the founder melteth in vain: for the wicked are not plucked away Reprobate silver shall [men] call them, because the LORD hath rejected them

  • – ‘bellows’, H4647 mappuach ‘bellow’ 1x; said from -naphach ‘to blow, to fan, to boil’; mappach context ‘expiring’ 1x (Job); -pach ‘snare,trap’ 27x; +m-realm,
  • – ‘burned’, H2787 charar ‘charred, burnt, scorch, parched, kindle’ 11x; chor ‘nobles’ 11x; chere ‘dung’ 1x; char-ah ‘(burning) anger’ 90x;
  • – ‘lead’, H5777 ophereth ‘lead’ 9x; used by the woman in the coffin (Zech.,page); the “ophir” is the “gold-dust (stardust)” where (also) adamite-originals are made of; from -aph ‘nostril’ (as cherub-wheel); here ophereth as “mimicking the gold-dust”, glyph T’EH’T, rootword of Thoth, T’EH’UT; new-hand (inversed adamite throne); the ‘lead’ (as coffin’s lid) likely being “the quality of light by the inversed wheel”;
  • 2) quicksilver (lead) as mimick-silver; ‘lead’ strangely absent in RV and RA;

“the snare (of m-realm) – is the burning (anger of nostril north) / fromas the fire – (of) lead (matrix) /, to the futility (shua) / he (the lead-fire) refines – to refine /, andfor the evil ones / are – nót – torn off (it) /, they are / named / ‘rejected – silver’ /, thatbecause / IEUE – rejected / them /.

21.06 submitted; first version – loNe

21.06: call to anguish – David Wilkerson

all credits at yt page
…we stumbled upon this (gorgious) vid again from a few years ago;
and it catched our attention because of several reasons —
please compare the theme he tries to address unto previous posted pages,
and compare how (in his way) he factually sustains what is being said there;
but moreover, you can féel how true his adamite soul is in describing the reasons.
David was killed in a strange “car accident”, and we had our questions backthen
about the circumstances and timing of his death —
he was an absolutely genuine adamite-soul with genuine Care, and he understood the Core
even we here would change the expression ‘build the walls’ into ‘go Out to eden’


ill try describe
you know the russian dolls, one inanother
in the inside one is the soul
the second one around that is the problem
the third one around that is what i d call the self – this body etc

i can feel that 2nd alien one
moving, hostile and independent – and blocking
past week also
this 2nd one is feeding upon the soul
keeping it blind

this 2nd one is a bit smaller as me
but in me
and refuses to let the soul to see
it wants the soul to be silent and so serving him
it is like an angry 5 y old holding an item you need but refuses to give it to you

except it is very smart
and i cannot hear what he is all saying but i can feel it
continually discussing and argueing

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