4/10: two dreams: the Mandrake (or satan’s apple), and the sorceress

4/9: two dreams: the Mandrake (or satan’s apple), and the sorceress


# dream
Maria, NZ,

woke after an awful dream.. I don’t want to try remember the details… Was heavy..and blurred….  I wouldn’t think me to scheme like that against an ugly soul with an IT… I wouldn’t put thought or time to that..id have no energy or ability to free other souls that way…  But in the dream I did have
Was a hard cold  female soul who had an high intelligence..and she had the ugly personality  of It…she had power….power what deceived…there was nothing in her but lies… It was that kind of power what is had  by a corrupt and wicked ruler of a country what would keep it’s citizens in slavery by deception and lies.. And conceal what they really are… These others were simple souls.. they were  half happy..they  didn’t really  know   how  scrappy was their lot.. They had an acceptance and strange half contentment mixed with a kind of undirected restlessness… They had a kind of confined energy .. like  children who are cooped up inside a while but need to go outside and play.. They only half  questioned  their imprisonment and the female with HQ…Because they didn’t really  know they were imprisoned.. The scraps she gave kept them half happy…just happy enough to not question… she kept them occupied or enslaved by menial things what they all had  a collective hollow happiness in… Though they knew things weren’t as they should be.. And were wrong.. But they were clueless… These ones were all mine… They belonged to me and I’d some mild influence with them… not as a figurehead of power like the woman with HQ.. but because they belonged to me.. Though they didn’t really know it…the influence was through kindness and because I saw the lies and scheme of this hard cold woman with the HQ, whom they kind of half  knew was responsible  but did not understand the lies of her…and nor all the lies of her which was individually onto each one.. Her power on each of them was by remaining  hidden… Neither they knew she ruled the domain what was their confinement through each lie she had on each one of them… Nor that she ruled each of them through that concealed lie… They half knew the lie.. but because she’d twisted it into something mild and not dangerous they didn’t fight.. but just remained half content, immobilised  and restless
…. It was a Spell over them all… It was cunning and baffling…… They didn’t know they were enclosed by the specific  lie…  she triumphantly accused me and hated me night and day.. with each specific lie she had over them which was a projection of her own ugly personality.. I was her rival… Their ignorance is what gave power to her accusations which she hated me with.. and what imprisoned us all.. I was in some dark enclosed place…where I worked and planned with vengeance that each one would stand up to her with the exposed lie and angrily accuse her of it and that would free us all… It was like a rebellion…I worked separate to them in some underground place what felt like being  locked up in a dark tower… I was separated from them by this wicked woman.. so she could accuse and punish me.. as I was the object of all her hatred which she used these ones for by the concealed lie on each.. I was close to feeling triumphant against her with my plan. She would be dethroned as I told each one the lie she spelled them with… And the real underlying  nasty truth of  that lie… each would know and see they were imprisoned and the real  freedom what was theirs which her Spells had blinded them to have any knowing of…  and they’d  be furious  at her for it. They’d no longer be half content but furious  and would stand up and  fight her and not be jelly fish… They would angrily  accuse her with her Crime… Then we’d all be free
But what happened instead.. was they seemed to all get free just before the finale as to how I thought and wanted it to go..  So it felt like a half victory ..but I hadn’t yet told them all of it.. I’d only half told them.. what really had them imprisoned….and the real hatred and evil of her… What should make them so angry and fight…id imagined she would  stand before them and they each accuse her of the lie what spelled them… And the hateful reason for it..to keep me imprisoned  and therefore to keep them imprisoned.. I was suspicious this early freedom what they rejoiced in was another  trick..a scheme of hers…a counterfeit  freedom to counteract the real freedom what would only come when she stood before them and be put on  trial and be judged crimes…

note loNe
– well that is what we do here, right… ‘to expose’… as in attacking mode.
the dream is true, in every aspect; though last paragraph is a bit worrying – does that imply the upcoming false light, soon?

# dream

again that city in the east
[what i think represents Õn] ..walking endless through the centre,
not having a clue neither this time;
in a narrow alley my brother passed me
with two or three friends of his,
and asked ‘if i could
find the root for her on the market’
– the ‘her’ was for a female he particularly adored –
he said ‘you know which one’,
i responded ‘yes i will’ and lost sight of him
in a corner of the large market was a table with different type herbs,
owned by a younger woman who was dressed in witchy type clothes,
she had ravenblack long hair and her face showed witchcraft;
she handed me like a small rosetta of different type plantroots, for me
to sniff and locate the Mandrake out of them – because that was the herb
i was supposed to bring to the woman –
but i couldn’t locate it, or didn’t remember well enough it’s fragrance,
so i handed back the rosetta to her – on which she responded icecold
‘well you will have to pay anyway for the service i gave to you’;
and the male with her started to draw something from black glass?
[then again endless walking, seeing a dark castle next to the road, then
there was a part with huge hailstones falling down in a field – it was really
horrible to can barely hide, never knowing where a stone would fall]

the Mandrake,
so unusual to dream this herb that i tried not forget its name,
wondering what this root has to do with anything –
the root as old Germanic ‘Alãruna’, keeper or begetter of secrets’ [the term in the dream],
and Mandrake perhaps from Persian ‘resembling a man’ [because of it’s shape],
perhaps from  the Greek name compounded of mandra, an ox-stall, and agauroe, cruel,
from its effects on cattle when mixed with their fodder;
or Sanskrit ‘mandra’, ‘pleasant’ and ‘ghora’, ‘magic formulas or chant’ (both RigVeda);
The alkaloids make the plant, in particular the root and leaves, poisonous,
via anticholinergic, hallucinogenic and hypnotic effects. Josephus [a historian] calls the plant Baaras, which produces a root of the same name with itself;
its colour is like to that of flame: and towards the evenings it sends out a certain
ray like lightening; the plant being used to expel demons (book 7, chap. 6)

Genesis 30,
– more strange, the plant seems to appear in Genesis as well;

During wheat harvest, Reuben went out into the fields and found some mandrake plants, which he brought to his mother Leah. Rachel said to Leah, “Please give me some of your son’s mandrakes.”
15 But she said to her, “Wasn’t it enough that you took away my husband? Will you take my son’s mandrakes too?”
“Very well,” Rachel said, “he can sleep with you tonight in return for your son’s mandrakes.”
16 So when Jacob came in from the fields that evening, Leah went out to meet him. “You must sleep with me,” she said. “I have hired you with my son’s mandrakes.” So he slept with her that night.
17 God listened to Leah, and she became pregnant and bore Jacob a fifth son. 18 Then Leah said, “God has rewarded me for giving my servant to my husband.” So she named him Issachar.”
Mandrake, H1736, “duwday”, as “mandrake, love-apple”, from “boiling, cooking, loving, basket”,
from H1731, “duwd”, as “pot, kettle, jar, basket”; the term dû-dah’-e being surprisingly similar to Dudâel, described in Henoch as the region where Azazel was banned to, often translated as “God’s cauldron”,
but being ofcourse the Cauldron
we know as glyph ABT’U…
what is going on here?

  • the context of the chapter is that Leah gives birth to Issaschar, from “price, wages, reward, fee, hire, payment, contract” etc, and “lift, bear, endure, support, cause to bear, carry off” etc (nasa’);
  • whereas Leah is “weary, grieved, offended, to go exhaust” etc.; “weary” is a typical description of the Ba spirit-souls, in the BAG-cluster, rather often used throughout the spells, until they got what they wanted; and the ‘price, wage’ resounds to the witch in the dream wanting payment; is the Mandrake root related to an aspect of the Ba spirit-soul?

    …does the strange story of Jacob begetting sons even by handmaids represent the mixture of Ba-soul aspects [which Adam, as we saw, had to share legally with the latter]..?

  • Bilhah, root H826, ‘bahal’, ‘to terrify, to hasten, to tremble,
    confounded, to perish, to strike with terror, sudden destruction’;

but Stinehart has a far more contextually sound proposition – namely as
loanword from Hurrian, the region adjacent to this Genesis event,

“The west Semitic ending of Bilhah and Zilpah means that although they had Hurrian
fathers, these servant women were native west Semitic speakers (based on their
mothers being lowly concubines who were native west Semitic speakers).
The pronunciation of the Hurrian name Bali-ya (which is based on the
Hurrian verb pal-) may have been quite similar to BLHH. The Hurrian name
Bali-ya means “God Knows”, or perhaps, “God Speaks” or “God Judges”.
  • Zilpah, ‘to drip, sprinkle, pour [of myrrh etc]’, (unused root zalaph?),
    another source tells ‘as in arabic zlp, ‘to draw near, to approach’;

but again Stinehart notes, “being ZL-P – H, has a Hurrian root and a west 
Semitic feminine ending, and means: “Woman Who Witnesses”,

Note how the meaning of the name “Bilhah” is very similar to the meaning
of the name “Zilpah” on the foregoing Hurrian analysis. The idea seems to
be that Zilpah and Bilhah “witness” and “know” the marriages of Leah and
Rachel, and they “witness” and “know” all of the childbearing trials and
tribulations of Leah and Rachel.”
….that is what we need – this kind of sound context!

the four sons of the two handmaids,
a peculiar story is found in the apocryphal book ‘Joseph and Asenath’,
about the son of the pharaoh plotting, thereby gaining help from the four
sons (Naphtali, Dan, Assher and Gad);
— Chapters 23-28;

in previous dreams we suggested the ‘split within juda’, which could relate
to these the four sons, begotten by the handmaids — and strangely, they fall
for the pharaoh’s son’s lies “that their other brothers do not consider you as
their real brothers”.

There are a couple of spells which mention the “belonging of the Ba-souls
to the praised family of (imprisoned) hebrew-H”, glyph HENNU;
the theme apparently is most important to them, and makes the apocryphic
story most plausible because of its context, where is presented a ‘play-out’
of this very theme,

Dan, ‘to judge, to govern’
Gad, ‘to invade’,
Asher, ‘to stand upright’,
Naphtali, ‘cunning’

…which sound very much like the much used glyphs UTCHÃ, HA, ÃH’Ã and SAÁ,
even in the set of ‘four’, which directly relates to the cherubs
[as the four of the hand of he, FT’4]

– is it very outlandish to suggest that these four represent the main aspects of the
Ba spirit-souls, perhaps even linked to the fourfold solarplane-animal in Revelation,
as their antipode of the four masculine cherubs..?
And by extension, in the “double birth” by both mothers, who appear to play the represent
of the Ba-souls’ realm, birthing yet sons from the same father – and these sons
[with exception of Dan] all re-appear as the tribes of the 144,000, implying complete cleansing
of any (pro-eden) previous attached mixture —
while both mothers carry names as being the antipode of “the two witnesses” in Revelation,
as if they are meant to be the ‘witnesses in front of the Ba-souls’, as the legal carriers who Un-do
the physical mixture which the Ba-spirits are, by birthing their sons….

[was that followable?
question remains ‘why is the Dan tribe missing in the 12 of the 144,000 —
probably because ” [after the interval], satan has to be loosened a little while, still”;
so only then is the real judgment – and where Dan means “judgement”, perhaps that is
why he, as his attribute, is not present yet with the other eleven]
Several aspects in the Asenath story are less clear however:
the story uses “stones” as the weapon of Benjamin, the youngest,
whose name we saw in previous dreampage
is related to ‘building-block’,
representing the eden tile; throwing stones which
hit ‘the temples’ of the heads of the enemies –

compare pic to right of Ramses II, and notice how the lock
was worn on one side, [compare how also Khensu,
earth’s moon has the same lock],
we can make a connection to the temple-lock as S-MA,
“the covering / to make to reap” [eden’s], the same glyph
used for reaping the covering of the disk [the head] in lampstand,
as well as the ritual sacrifice of the cherub\\bull, and then perhaps
the ‘stones’ may relate to the eden tile;

but atm, these are unclear themes we fail to place in any sound context

masculinity glyph,
to right, at top, THA N UNSH, ‘mandrake’, and at lowest position THAÁTÁ,
the hebrew he added showed in Strong’s H1736, but he made the connection
because of ‘lovesongs 2,7 and 11’;
the glyph THA- is “eden’s masculine”, cherub-related; and is thé aspect they
wanted to have; but the glyphs don’t make things more easy —
“the blossoms / (of) the staff-tá / (as the passive) hail / (of) eden’s masculine”,
where the staff-tá was originally within the lampstand as halfstaff-T-e;
and the ‘wolf paw’ is even more tricky,
“the (wolfs-) skin / (by) the sh-pool becoming new / (as) existence / (by?) the paw / (of) eden’s masculine”;
next position writes,
“the crocodile / (of) existence / (by) the son-construct \\ (of) eden’s masculine”,
where the crocodile, MSEH’, is the typical (matrix) masculinity, and
“the (wolf-) skins / (by) the sh-pool becoming new / (as) existence / (by) the son-construct \\ (of) eden’s masculine”

interpretation so far,

  • the Mandrake is “a very deep root”, 3-4 feet into the ground,
  • but it is a poisoned root, or became a sorcery root,
  • where this ‘root’ in Rev. 5 of the Sekhmet-lion is used negatively
    [countered by rev. 22 where He is ‘the root’; context showing that
    this very root is a disputed one],
  • this root of masculinity is a mixture, became a mixture,
    shown to be in possession of the sorceress, but also because it was
    ‘placed next to other herbs’ within the rosetta she handed me,
  • the mixture itself showing in the composite-glyph THA-, as TH+A,
    vulture-rule + the masculine of hebrew-H by place-T (th),
  • the nature of the root implies the Cauldron, ABT’U,
    and by extension ABBAIT as Apollo, representing the Ba spirit-soul
    [where the BA-H’ cluster is ‘phallus, virility’, with Ba-spirit glyph],
  • in a number of spells, this virility is what is praised as stolen victory,
    annulling the weariness BAG- (Leah) of the Ba-souls,
    which is their ‘reward’ (Issaschar) perhaps in glyph TCHE-BA,
    but probably works the other way around as well, namely as
    “price, fee, payback, taxing” eden;
  • the sorceress in Maria’s dream may well be “the power this mixture
    has upon all souls”,

that is all we have, so far;

….but why the nasty feeling we overlooked something?

1] https://www.botanical.com/botanical/mgmh/m/mandra10.html

2] https://markgoodacre.org/aseneth/translat.htm

13.00 PM —  addition,
– there must be, as usual, a load of connections we did nót discover yet:
if the above context is true, then other aspects should be related – and so it seems:


was related to the eden tile,
and his blessing includes similar themes:

Gen.49: Benjamin zab wolf  he-is-tearing-to-pieces in·the·morning he-is-devouring further and·to·the·evening he-is-apportioning loot:
…the context reminds very much as the antipode of their “morning and evening boat”, SKTT and ÃNT’, both tile-related;
but notice the “wolf”, and compare the glyph picture of Mandrake as “wolf’s paw”;
we let the hebrew ZAB, ‘wolf’, in pink –
strikingly similar to glyph SAB, “the jackal making the solarplane”, where the glyph is depicting a mere canine, possibly as ‘wolf’;
see PT 420-480 range,
Deut.33: to·Benjamin he-said darling-of ieue he-shall-tabernacle to·trusting on·him one-overspreading over·him all-of the·day and·between shoulders-of·him he-tabernacles
– same context here: the “shoulders” are of the lampstand, glyph REMEN,
and the ‘inbetween’ can hardly be else as the tile;


one of the four sons,
Gen. 49: Naphtali hind being-sent-free the·one-giving sayings-of one-seemly
..the deer-glyph, ÄU, as Heir [imprisoned adamite originals] must be represented here;
many spells describe they live by the word-of-hail from the Heir, the word of hail also being Á+U,
and the line “giving sayings of sweetness” should fit in this same theme,
Deut. 33: and·to·Naphtali he-said Naphtali satisfied-of approval and·full blessing-of ieue sea and·south tenant-you!
…is not too clear; perhaps meant as freed-adamite-originals, since the satisfied and blessed?
the West as sea [dimension] may imply ÁMENT, and the south “the land, south;
it is obvious that the literal positioning in palestine but represents the larger fractal of the Eastern sky;


one of the four sons,
Gen. 49: from·Asher nutritious bread-of·him and·he he-shall-give luxuries-of mlk king
…. ‘bread’ is in all cases “a mixture of aspects” in the spells, be it ‘cakes’ or ‘foods’;
making a strong case of these four representing aspects of Mixture;
the odd one out here is ‘king’, MLK (into Molech etc), which is a most Negative term –
perhaps intended as “bringing báck the luxuries from the Ba-realm.?
Deut. 33: and·to·Asher he-said being-blessed from·sons Asher he-shall-become being-approved-of brothers-of·him and·dipping in·the·oil foot-of·him:
…. the first part is amazing – again this theme about “belonging to the family”, see above;
the ‘feet dipping in oil’ is nót the canaanite version as if it were “the crude-oil field found off-coast of this israel”,
but probably refers to the “standing solid” instead of “hanging upside-down head in fire” in their inversed reality, glyph SEKT’T’;
[alternatively, something literal concerning ‘foot’, see glyph “magical name of the left-foot of the deceased”, and see Gad, next],


one of four sons,
Gen. 49: Gad raiding-party he-shall-raid·him and·he he-shall-raid heel
[Gad, a troop shall overcome him: but he shall overcome at the last] …. but the word definitely used is ‘heel’; so “gad shall raid the heel” — what heel?
Dan, Gen. 49: he-shall-become Dan serpent on way horned-snake on path the·one-biting heels-of horse and·he-is-falling one-riding-of·him backward
… the “horned viper” is the hieroglyph -F, as “he, his, it”, to right;
but here the line seems to tell that “though Gad
[as the attribute being raided by the Ba spirt-souls] was raided,
he now bites their heel”;

Deut. 33: and·to·Gad he-said being-blessed one-widening-of Gad as·parent-lion he-tabernacles and·he-tears-to-pieces arm indeed scalp
…. where Juda is a lion-whelp, Gad is the “parent lion”,
probably equated with the solarplane realm’s lion/sphinx representing their rule —
the term ‘widening’ sounds like “being used to open the solarplane realm” as the Torus-fortress, aka Leviathan;
that “he tears to pieces the arm” should be glyph -Ã, ‘willpower’ of the matrix,
the final two words are dark – is ‘scalp’ the same as chakra-crown? as the seat of willpower in Sekhet Áaru?
the verse should be in the same context as the one about ‘biting back in the heel’, as raiding-back;

– addition;
there is another use of the term Gad, said as “fortune”,
Is. 65: and·you ones-forsaking-of ieue the·ones-forgetting mountain-of holiness-of·me the·ones-arranging for·the·Gad table and·the·ones-filling for·Minni blend
[But you who forsake the LORD, Who forget My holy mountain, Who set a table for Fortune, And who fill cups with mixed wine for Destiny]

Mini as H4487 manah, ‘to divide, to allot, to number, to count’;
the context of the term sounds a lot like glyph H’ESB, “to calculate”,
also having “tablets”as det., reminding of Marduk who “took the tablet of destinies”;

while Gad may be equaled with glyph SHAI, “destiny (fortune)”, or it is a combination:
the glyph incorporates “m-b-soul-adam-like new north”, as all region above the tiles;
to right, as SHAI, where the interesting is that another Shat is “a mythological animal,
father-parent of Menu”, which is ofcourse very close to ‘manah’;
the picture shows “…who reckons the days of men”, shown with HESB, ‘to calculate’,
(but it says something else),

..and finally we have MESKHENTu,
the doubled birth-stone, in the North,
as the birth-cradle of Osiris (as concept);
one of these as SHAI, see previous,
the other one as RENNUT,
“the stealing of the names of adamite originals”,

– we still examine the aspects above,
but the context of Gad in all prophecies is, that
“he will bring back, as attribute, their duplicated tablet of destinies [as tile?]”,

[to be continued]


Open Sesame

all credits:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Sesame_(song)
the sorceress looked very much like this… same sphere and colour, and haughty type
as some gatekeeper… ‘open sesame’…
holding her youth in a trance