dreams of either of us; for a number of years now,
we experienced they give us clues for the next theme,
as well as indications what is happening in this point in time.
Randomly posted.

23.4: dream – the ‘Sight’ crossing-over
i was in a larger place, as a larger house,
it appeared as the house were to be split for two parties,
where before it had been a shared place.
From a familymember i received a few small things, like a coffeebottle,
so i d have those things for when being on my own, at the one side.

The scene changed a bit – the place was now merely a concrete floor,
as if the walls had been taken away,
and ad the edge of this now platform stood upright a frame with a double-door,
yet the frame stood at an angle – so i lifted one side up to have it right again.

I turned a bit, and next to the platform was a pool of mud, greenish mud,
and with a long stick (with something at the end, as what they use in casino’s)
i tried to move away the mud;
then there stood, a few yards away, across the mud, two small open vehicles,
in one of which my brother was seated, the other i couldnt see well.
I placed the stick just behind them, cause their vehicles would clear the mud,
[but i think that he himself drove forward and cleared it – rather then my pulling];
yet after crossing the pool, he fell forward, his face and eyes inside the substance.
It could have been ‘comical’ –
but the colour was more like that he generated himsélf so much power,
that he overestimated the friction, and hence fell over face downwards.
The last second before waking i got a shock though – because i saw him raise up,
but also starting to scream because of the mud being poisonous to his eyes..?

– there was a dream already, few weeks ago,
about “a larger shared house being made into two separate places”,
this must be the same theme – the illegal shared Root being dismantled.
The correcting of the ‘double gate’ may be because we understand a bit better
the complex region there;

the ‘greenish mud’ is again the mixed-realm colour of sorcery, in the outer-court,
where “mud” is the typical aspect of Tyre (of the Õn crystal castle);
now, if he was ‘at the other side of the mud pool’, then that must be ‘in the north’,
and is “crossing-over” to this now separating root, as the shared-root (diagram).
[again the ‘crossing over’.. see avicii ritual and previous dream].

We saw that Judah ‘is the lion needing to lay down inside the stargate again’;
so that part is allright –
just the screaming at the end was a bit surprising [and frankly, confusing];
perhaps because ‘starting to See will be painful’…?
There is only one comparison coming to mind: John 9,
where Christ heals a blind man “by anointing his eyes with spittle and mud”,
a curious (and rather long story), which makes little Sense at first sight.

But we learned now that ‘the mouth’ is the eden-gate,
of which He says “.. but they (their realm) hated the gate because it spoke flawlessly”;
making ‘the mouth’ to be another term for this double-door.
The “spittle” is the essence fróm the gate [see glyph PSG, ‘spittle to stretch-out’],
rendering the event in John to be “now clear essence of the gate, going through the
mud as mixture, makes clear again the Sight of adamite-male;
who has been blinded, until now, because of the sorcery mud [realm]”;
bit long sentence but that must be the idea.

Context of the chapter shows us that what happened there, was a play-out for right now:
the line “.. the night cometh, when no-one can work” is about any day soon now,
when the mixed-in aspects of the eden realm within this matrix, will be withdrawn.
Another curious addition is ‘the pool of Siloam’, as a spring within the walls of Jerusalem;
the Greek text adding helpfully “..which is. being translated. [as] having been commissioned”.

Yet the original term is a bit confusing, H7971 Shalach; “to send, send away, stretch-out, expel,
be divorced, dismissed, sent off” etc.;
used in Genesis as the expulsion out of Eden – yet here having to bathe in that pool carrying
the attribute of “being sent off”? In Ezekiel the same ‘stretching-out’ is connected to their worldtree
[as the mighty cedar]; Joel 3 “send in the sickle, cause the harvest is ripe” [Avicii Ritual];
Amos 1 “send a fire upon the wall of Tyrus (Õn)”,
this pool appears to be Eden’s – as opposed to Nineveh, their fish-pool (Nahum 2:8);
since the man has to go wash his eyes inthere, implying the “stretching-out (of that pool) is undone”.


two dreams
A]dream 21.4

dreamt, the door of my room.
and the man here I saw,
had at some time the past, placed a deadbolt on it,
[so i not leave?] but i was standing by that deadbolt and
suddenly noticed how very flimsy
was that, and that it didnt lock anything,
was more a bullying bolt..
and then i was unbolting and bolting back,
and concluded that i was not locked in,
technically the bolt was to give
me that impression…
but didnt work at all..

i know that we are to close the gate…
‘who will close the gate’

this seemed different, more as,
my soul seeing their tricks
were not as solid as i thought before…

was but a short dream..where i told
them [the man here being their guard dog] that their lock cannot hold, and showed
them how dodgy that and how I can easily open or close…

if thats the best they can do… was the point,
that its not going to hold for them..
i was young me
but the man here was old and decrepit
unable to do anything to prevent me
guessing of the flimsy dead bolt.

B] 21.4 dream
dreamt so strange at the end that i forgot all before
driving on the German autobahn
when crossing the river Moesel
suddenly it had gone night
but i couldn’t see the traffic well enough, no longer
If you ever have driven, while being exhausted, you’ll understand

it was scary – driving on intuition and good luck;
then the environment got more clear again,
and many trucks were crawling up a long slope, following the bridge,
we had to constantly change lanes, causing us to slow down as well

Arm. nmezzl; Belg. moesel; Pr. museau; Ital. mussok. ‘ Quasi mouth-seal,’ says Minsheu: but unluckily for the etymology it means also an unsealed mouth. The mouth of any thing or person; used contemptuously of man; a fastening or lock for the mouth : to muzzle is, to fondle with the mouth ; fasten or bind up

in all dreams through the years, ‘Germany’ is about ‘masculine’,
as the to them thrown house-H of 30 silvers;
the “crossing-over (the river)” is clear enough, and possible because
the bolt is not tightly securing (anymore) —
however the long hill is the odd one out: more trouble to come still..?

2] 12.04.18 two dreams
you know how we value dreams; they often present Clues to topics,
and show”where we are at the moment, in the general Timeline”;

A] dream: the changing eyes and the lost money
so weird dream; tried to remember before it got lost; i stayed somewhere in a hospital, that part was vague i went outside, this city was at the shore of a sea, but the water had risen some, because the boulevard had been partly flooded. I walked over the still dry parts of the pavement, and saw that a large platform of wooden beams had been constructed across the raised water, for the pedestrians, and wondered why they would spent so much wood on this; then remembered this was Scandinavia and obviously they had no lack of wood

i looked acoss the sea towards the north;
it was the East Sea – so this must be Denmark here;
the sky was halfdark as a hue of black and grey,
and the water very greenish, instead of blue

the dream changed
we stood in a street, where in a far past
some neighbours lived named ‘Williams’;
and in front of the small house had been
placed a hotdog selling tent,
with different type sausages for sale.
i decided to have one, picked,
and walked to the back of the house with it,
the man there informing me”very well; that is 4.35$ then”.
That was a bit much, i thought, for only the sausage,
where at its one end was attached some feathers or hairs
like a paint-brush, which i didn’t understand.
The man said ‘let me get some change and i be back’,
and when returned and handed the change,
he then said”i need to tell you something”.
At that moment i was forced to look in his eyes,
where until now i avoided, being courteous;
he was even a bit taller as me,
so i had to look up a bit,
a middle aged male, rough blonde curly hair,
and bluegreen eyes; but his eyes were…
as if blind, i saw white spots in the green-blue,
and only unclear pupils. I always fear the theme of ‘eyes’,
because of the possibility of being shown sudden horror –
that is why i deeply Hate horror-movies, as well;
– and indeed they changed: suddenly the eyes got ‘overlaid’
with drawn utcha-like-eyes,as the glyph for UTCHA;
yet not exact like that, and not exactly ‘egyptian’,
and much more detailed. As sudden it showed,
it also disappeared again,
and he said [this was what he wanted to convey],
“i need to tell you something. These –
and he showed some dollar bills –
fell out of the backpocket of the Pope (or cardinal?).”
I saw it was an amount of 22 $?…20?…24?…
i fail to remember,
and i felt that he had found double of this amount,
but half of it he was now offering to me
i woke


bit strange to dissect one’s own dream, but well;
– the ‘East sea’ is but the name, but is factually North;
in glyphs, the UATCH UR+pool is said as”the great green sea”,
but is the region of the Sekht fields; so the dream is at it’s shore.
The colour as ‘green’ is Sorcery; compare the chloros fourth horse,
– that the greenish wate had flooded the boulevard can be their
intrusion into the outer-court, as mixed dimension;
that a platform of beams was constructed over it, can relate to the
new-lampstand – which is also a temporary construct in order to
un-do their built area’s,
-“william”as the self-will + helmet,
the strange hot-dog must be the odd one out here, grin;
– this will+helmet had eyes corresponding to the colour of the sea;
the relation with”the Horus eyes”is obvious – but not exactly why both
eyes got overlaid,
– the amount i forgot but was definately”20 and something”,
suppose we stay with ’22’, because of previous context;
that they”fell out of the trousers’ backpocket”must be dimensional-backside,
and fell out legally from the represent of this”william”;
yet that it was apparently ‘half’ can show “william” has doubled it.
– loNe

#upd. + 1hr:
by silly chance there was now an article on Fox about (that same)”christian numerologist”
[contradictio in terminis, however], who again picked a date – as this april 23.
These type articles are produced to generate negative energy from the souls, who will read it
and think”oh cmon it won’t happen, anyway”- which is however a legal statement.
Yet the coin didn’t drop until reading — was the amount in the dream 4.25 instead of 4.35$..?

B] submitted dream: the Insane Male upon the table
“dreamt awful long and neither understand anything of it; i had parked my car at some parkinglot which appeared to belong to a school, because many youths stood in groups on the lot. In the background, behind the school, were high flats. Suddenly i saw a little boy making rounds over the square on his bike; and when all the youths had left, he still was riding his circles. I felt for him, thinking he had none to play with, and wanted to bring him home; and after asking him where, he pointed to one of the high flats behind the school.


The frontdoor was being opened, and in the half-dark room
i saw a woman standing on the balcony, smoking,
and it was clear that she completely had lost control
over the situation (whatever that situation could have been)…..
Suddenly i entered another room there,
and faced a male who was absolutely Nuts:
he was laying on his back upon the table,
with legs straight upward. He had a huge nose, and was looking
at me bewildered, while talking about ‘his enemies’,
“They are criminals!”.
I tried to understand what he was talking about.
He climbed down, and seated himself in a chair right in front of me,
and took in his hands a Lego (construction toys) device,
which he himself had put together. It was a type of platform,
with a pole upon it, and the pole had several branches,
as tree-like; and from these branches were hanging upside-down
those small lego-men. They were all grey coloured.
And he was terrified for these little dolls;
those were the criminals.
When i wanted to touch those, he virtually panicked,
“don’t! they are criminals!”;
and he climbed again upon the table, laying on his back,
legs straight up. But by that action his nose fell off –
or better, it appeared to be a glue-on nose,
which he himself had devised, which now had fallen off.
And with that scene ended the dream.”

The person who submitted the dream, is aware of a number of concepts (as this site proposes), but is not familiar with it, and certainly not occupied with them in daily life; and it indeed appears at first sight as a dream of Madness, as nonsensical dreams can be.
Yet it again shows how there are very deep archetypes, which we are unaware of, but showing in dreams as these. When you compare the tomb painting of Geb, to right, to the insane male with his upright legs, then we can reconstruct much truth in the dream:
  • – the ‘table’ we had in previous posted dream, as the offering-able in the stargate,
  • – so these”high blocks in the background”is their world-tree construct, the ‘mother’ can be hardly anyone else as Isis, and the male upon the table as Geb;
  • – the little-men upside-down as adamite originals per glyph SEKHT’, and furnaces in tuat XI;
  • – the glued-on nose is the ‘nostril’, as eden-place-T now standing upright in their North;
  • – and the ‘little boy’ must be an important attribute (of the 144,000), which literally has been ‘driving in circles’ here on earth (read: being blocked until now; and compare what we wrote in the intro of the FakeNews page!), but is now finally connected to its rightful place.
– loNe
# dream 09.04

was in a place
and was ground drilling, as when making a well
I had done that before and knew this place was seated upon an old riverbed,
containing water – therefore the place was useless
but now i did it again
and drilled further down – but this time though concrete

then suddenly i stood below the whole place, as if underneath it,
and saw i stood under a viaduct, a bridge,
with the whole previous place was actually sitting atop of the viaduct

this viaduct was build over a canal
and i found out that i stood upon a boat which was passing by,
while i was still looking up to the hole in the bridge

i thought how to get off the boat
but the water got constant more shallow and less deep,
until i could almost step with dry feet upon the boulevard of the nearby city

the symbology is clear enough – the concrete as their bordersky; the watercourse, etc.;
the drilling through their double-root……. it appears we succeeded…

16.3: dream – eden’s Masculine awakening

– it has been some time since last one; most recent dreams are but work-related, and on top of that the horrible desert of the past month (in this 40 day period);
we hope very much that their resistance is coming to an end from now on; loNe

I was some caretaker in a university or school, as the type guy doing the maintenance.
In some halfdark storageroom where materials were collected, there stood also some metal
ribs and plastic square plates, which appeared to me like belonging to some ‘system ceiling’,
as a construct where a new ceiling can be placed underneath an existing one.
Yet there were only few ribs left, where once they should have been much more; for now,
to suspend the plates as blackboard usage was perhaps an idea.
Still pondering, I went outside, but saw that the area was covered with some type high ugly grass,
as if for many years the land around the school had been neglected.

i considered the only way to make something acceptable out of it was to plough it over;
so i got me a spade and started to till, beginning at the corner of the school’s wall.
After a while i hit something, and when i pulled it up, it was a piece of rather bright blue cloth,
and someone said me? or i remembered? that my old man was buried there, in wrappings,
and there even was a notion *i* did that, long time ago?
Ofcourse i had no courage to continue that spot – but worked around it, as best i could.

the dream changed,
now i found me inside a halfdark large livingroom, in an unknown house,
and upon a low salontable in front of me stood a young girl, perhaps 5 or 6 years old;
her toys and belongings were strewn all over that table. But I needed the table, so i lifted up the girl
and put her gently down next to it, clearing the table after that; while saying to my girl
(who apparently had stood upon the table, as well) “c’mon doll, you step down too, please”.

the table had now turned into a cube of concrete, the size of a small car, almost sarcophagus-like,
and it was still at the same spot in the middle of that large room;
but now it showed that the room’s righthandside had been built as continuation from the lefthandside;
and i saw to my right the middleaged woman who had come to own the whole room, since. Apparently,
the young girl who stood upon the table previously, was her daughter.
Yet now the situation was changing – because my mum had just bought? her side, the lefthand side,
and wanted her area to be separated from the built-on side of that woman, and therefore it was required
to cut-off all the shared walls and utilities; I saw that the electricity had already been redirected

I found me standing upon that massive concrete block, and started to till again,
but though concrete, the spade went through it as if through half-frozen ground.
After one layer, something started to move inside the block, causing me to jump off it; and when i turned,
looking into the top, i saw that a huge giant had been imprisoned inside the block –
yet somehow the dimensions were distorted, because the giant was far too large to can fit inside the block:
he was laying on his back, his limbs had been shackled into the concrete with iron chains and pins,
and then had been covered up with that concrete on top.
But now he started to move, as if slowly waking, and pulled out the iron chains slowly by every move,
as if they were but feathers.

it is difficult to describe the being – it was ‘masculinity’, with colour of “sheer power”,
the power of olden; and it hadnt exactly ‘prettyness’ but neither was ugly;
the being was still covered at places by concrete (which was moving now), and only parts of its large
muscles were visible.
Then the being changed into a friendlier form of masculinity – but i fail to describe that
and woke

— — — — — — — —


Perhaps it’s a bit strange to go dissect it; but several things stand out here;
  • – the “university” is what you and we do here, “to learn (how to get Out)”;
  • – the “blue” as the cloth’s colour is the typical masculine colour, be it KHSBT’ in spells, or Sapphire as expanse and throne (Ezekiel); perhaps the system-ceiling is related to that expanse,
  • – the “extended room” must be the eden gate, which they extended, enlarged, as the BAKHAU pool, see recent posted CT’s,
  • – making the strange woman to be Isis,
  • – the “table” returns often, see the Sumerian basrelief or queen of Ramses (page); in one of the prophets (see pages) we understand this offering-table is within the eden gate (sic);
  • – it was definitely not a ‘negative type’ masculinity, within the block; just strange and unknown. Perhaps the giant represented “(will-) power”, glyph -Ã; or combined with the masculinity they feed upon, as glyph THA-, or perhaps both – that’s why it’s colour started to change because it was starting to come out of the block?
… the both girls are perhaps less clear;
the “standing upon the table” reminds of the Revelation woman “standing upon the moon”,
or the girl standing upon the arms of the males, vignette in Opening of the Mouth (pages);
that they both stand together upon the one table may account for them claiming to be part
of that same ‘goddess of speech of the heir’, until now.
We consider the nature of both attributes to be “union”; yet the one girl being their attribute,
the other one ours. That both needed to step down should be because until now
the nature of the masculine (which carries the attribute) was their masculine —
compare the buried earthly masculine, and later the eden-masculine inside the table.
For now, we consider it very positive,



dream #1 Maria 22.9
dreamt i worked at drawing blueprints as my job,
for a ‘company’ being typical american, as an empy Tomorrowland movie energy,
yet I was trying to do a good job.

Within the same town, the same company of the blueprints that I worked at,
had a client so i went see what blueprints he needed.
Then the dream got a bit unreal.

Since i had directions I walked to the house of the client
what reminded me of something from the 50s;
except the house was as a vortex;
i mean that the energy of it was very heavy,
and oppressive once I came closer to the house.

The male owner had a family, a girl and at least two boys,
and he tried to encourage me to leave the company and stay there with them.

The family was religious and viewed their house –
which was more like a compound – as a ship.
They were all very strict and constantly trying, and were waiting for God
to return and often preaching to me about it; yet they didn’t speak English
but some other language, some very physical heavy language, which
was more resembling a language as ‘the ‘olden people’
…of the civilizations before Plato.
Everything in the house was strange yet ‘everything’ was there…..
an example of everything that exists and had been made…..eventhough
everything seemed old and used; and the place was cluttered, as if
the people were hoarders – except they were very tidy,
as protestants or amish who love stuff and collect everything,
such as nick-nacks and recipes and extra appliances,
with all those things squeezed together and nothing wasted.

The man gave me a ‘tour’ of the house, and all the rooms downstairs,
many small and square or rectangle; he showed me the above floors…and
spent quite a lot of time with me, trying to convince me to stay with
them there in that house. The top floors were “the sky” and when I saw that,
I understood why he was running the house as a ship; it was a boat,
vaguely, and only the man himself, a very large muscled type,
as a pirate or genie, ruddy, as a sun-burnt peasant, and very strong,
knew where all things were located within his compound.

The wife there reminded me of the amish or an evangelical,
very efficient making the place more ‘compressed’.
Being only one building on the street apparently, they had to compress everything,
since they kept getting more stuff and adding more stuff.
And, though the house being a boat tethered to this world [of that town, the company],
they said they were leaving soon. Within that preparing they were so industrious,
with all their energy constantly making plans, as the pilgrims to the Americas.
They wanted me join their family and come with them but I was not comfortable there –
even though everything was ‘there’, it seemed to be arranged in a strange order,
and i felt exhausted….- perhaps it was the gravity being off,
yet all appeared so cozy and in place.

Since I was supposedly there ‘doing the blueprints’,
after a while I took the excuse that i had to go outside,
though I lost interest in the blueprints, and so, went outside,
thinking to be finished with the building, but with no idea
where to go next since not believing anymore in the blueprints
anyway and having stayed at that house a very long time by now.

When I got outside again, I saw that the house was a red cube made of bricks
and was at the end of a row of buildings, on the very corner of a cobbled street.
And then, a different man approached me, and he was very angry and hurt with the man inside,
and began to talk to me, showing me that the house was, in reality,
the design and property of the Company.

But the owner of the red-cubed housed had locked it up, in order to keep the
second man from getting inside. The man inside the house and the man outside
were fighting over the door; and the man outside was literally trying to open it,
while the man inside trying to stop him. The second man got very tired and sad and
walked away for a moment, to rest. And then I went into the house again, perhaps
somehow I was able to go in because the man inside wanting me to go back in.

Once inside i felt hurt, because i felt something was wrong. I could see they tried
be pious and the man felt in control of his cube-boat and worked very hard to never
let the outside world ever affect his family and boat; but i felt
something was wrong and they were somehow insane.

I also felt unable to go back to the company either…
because it now seemed to me the Company was but using me to make blueprints
of that man’s house. I sat with him at the dinner table to talk things over,
and told the man what i felt may be the truth. I felt he wanted to convert me
so would stay with him, since he said they were leaving soon and had
convinced himself of all his numbers of when was the time to go.

But I told him kindly that his house was very much “like Eden”
[because I understood now that the house was not Eden,
but a blueprint of Eden made by the Company,
just as the man outside showed me,
and I saw he got proud when I told him that, because this was
indeed how he viewed himself compared to the outside world: as Eden.

I said then to him ‘but Eden is below’, eventhough i
was not speaking english but i was showing him somehow that Eden is below,
and that his own house was as the blueprints of the cómpany, instead,
Upon that, i saw his pride melt and he got a very weird look on his face;
and at that same moment was a loud noise; the man outside had figured out
how he could break both windows at either side of the entrance door —
I saw him shatter one and then go to shatter the second.
The man at the table didn’t respond to the noise, at all:
he just sat at the table, totally stunned that Eden was below –
I then woke.


The owner of the house was very strong, yet seemed not to be evil
and was trying very hard; and it may be that all the things
he was collecting could be attributes – that being why the house was so full –
and their house was somehow cosy and everything was inthere…
perhaps as some Noah’s ark. These souls tried to stay away from the evil of that town,
and that’s why the house was so locked up;
and both of them working hard to keep out the Company.

I thought the man in the house must be Judah because he had ‘everything’,
and the man outside was out-powered, having but threads to wear, plain clothes;
the ‘angry man’ may very well be what RPT tries to achieve..
See next dream for more context,

dream #2 loNe 23.9

…the first part got lost
it was on a compound of us, but filled with spirits swirling around.
Dreams specifically about them is…unusual; and it is dificult to describe the type
absolute horror they caused – a bizarre mixture of ‘reality’, in which they like
hijack reality and continue it in the most gruesome shown events: the murderous
hate of them is undescribable

..the dream changed – we was now in a car waiting in a trafficline in some city,
and coming up to us at the opposite lane was a police type vehicle, slowly driving
along our line, checking out every car like police can do.
The men in the car were as if the human hosts of the spirits, before; and
when they even suspécted that a driver waiting in the line could be hostile
to them, they blew the driver out of his car, like ejecting, where the person would be
murdered in any devised similar event as the spirits showed, previously.

They blew the driver before me out of his car – and at the park entrance to my
right he got crushed below a dump truck. Then they stopped at height of mine,
i knew it was a bad sign, but they moved on, and i cant tell the relief…

Someone was winking to me at the smaller sideroad left to the avenue,
it was the German coach of Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp, asking if i’d like to watch
the highlights with him; for some reason we were connected, though we were rather
strangers to eachother.
I parked right, and walked to the street – yet passing his home; he stood outside
with a look like ‘but you knew where i live..?’;
when the young woman who was with me, wanted to talk in private with another
young woman, whom i assumed was Klopp’s daughter — and though i never got
a proper look at her, her features were of an outspoken….’royal type beauty’:
the part i could see, were the long curls across the beautiful neck; they both went
into a doorway to can talk.

Then i found me in a tiny kitchen-livingroom, in that same street, and opposite the
table were the same royal girl, and a girlfriend (?) of hers – to whom apparently belonged
the tiny house – but she was as a lonely bookkeeper type: glasses, straightcombed halflong
hair, a bit ordinairy; when she broke out in tears about “how deeply alone she was,
during the past years”; i felt so sorry for her, the other girl cried with her, as well

Finally, a van with cart was parked in that same street; it was supposed to be
a type ‘marriage van’, where the usual string with empty conserves was now replaced
by a cart full of vague tools, kitchenequipment, etc. I was rearranging the mess, with the
distinct idea we had made the same type cart a long time before already, as if we prepared
this cart for a 2nd time, because i recognized several equipment and several seemed to be
missing, compared to the previous time;

the only thing still required was a licenceplate, which had to carry the number ’11’,
yet how we would get one? Klopp drove out his [red] ferrari, and his licenceplate was also
a number eleven – highlighted in green colour, but as a slanted 11 – much like the glyph
‘magically-dangerous’, the doubleslash \\.
That point the dream ended – the only thing required still,
would be this slanted-11 number in order for the marriage vehicle to start rolling….


several aspects are similar to Maria’s dream, above;
-the ‘stacked equipment’ [whatever that may mean];
-the ‘double kitchen’, here probably as ‘the two girls’,
-the ‘vortex house, as a house being on the earth but with floors as sky’, here as Klopp, from
oldNorse ‘hölzerner Steg in einem Morast’, where Jürgen is from George, ‘land tiller’,
-again the ‘red’, typically as Root/Juda, mutilated in spells as redness T’esher,

…here perhaps as the female attribute “royal (beauty)”;
but it seems as the attribute has been Split, into the ‘royal’ and..”insight”…?
If this latter is what the bookkeeper-girl represented: she was typically the female soul who
had needed to protect her hurted inside using the outward smartness – just to can survive.

What we díd find out,
is that the juda [attribute] is ‘holding himself captive’,
very much like the bookkeeper-girl — because of inside lonelyness, having developed a most
stringent mindset of iron [christian] ideas,
where not the sóul anymore can make connections, using the mind for that; but instead the
mind now guarding the own soul [against false ideas etc!], resulting in a Bizarre type
self-imprisonment, as an iron ring around the soul, being kept in place because of the same
spirits, ofcourse, ultimately ruling the mind [as all spells address].
A kind of a catch-20.

That the bookkeeper-girl ‘broke down’, is similar to Maria’s dream;
we know that the Ba spirit-souls, who were the spirits in this dream, somehow created this
split in his attribute [Klopp’s], in order to can Cling to (this attribute); but we don’t yet grasp the
technics of it;
and the doubled-one or \\ must be related to this double Split;



9/30 dream (upd,) the split within Juda
…definitely relating to the Klopp dream;
a larger, somewhat older house with two floors, where a youth friend lived with his family;
the large stairs ended up in the middle of the floor, creating a kind of large hall,
where the livingrooms were to the left- and rightside of this hall;
the parents’ quarters were at the one side, while his’ on the opposite

a simple dream yes,
but making Sense in relation to both sisters – the bookkeeper and the queeny,
here suggested as ‘two generations’;
in Ramayana we posed that a major split should be the difference between the
“timeframe before the Deluge [8000BC] and our solarplane-reality áfter”;
and it appears that within Juda is this same Split, with the same characteristic;

and expanding,
the south kingdom has two tribes, Juda and Benjamin;
– He was born from Benjamin [not from the tribe of Juda’!]; where Ben-yamin
is, outwardly ‘”son”, but really as “building-block” (from -bana, ‘to build’);
yamin as “right hand” or righthandside, combined very much pointing to the
eden-tile as “cornerstone”;
we take it that the royal-looking daughter was about Benjamin, as the pre-deluge
part of the split – implying that Juda is the bookkeeper-type,
[perhaps supported by the sekhmet-lion in Rev.5 having mixed with Juda]

#dream 2
past thursday
..a scene of a park entrance and a part of the avenue alongside it;
people were doing their everyday things, sitting, chatting, walking along or buying
hotdogs — but from every person was “floating a word to above”,
and the words of each person were slowly forming a paragraph, up in the air –
there were twó paragraphs forming, and the one paragraph slowly drifted-off
towards heaven [and i had the idea it were ‘2 x 12,000 words.? ],
but the other paragraph drifted the other way, to ‘a bad place’

#dream 3
..the campus of an US university… and hundreds, perhaps thousands of youngsters
streamed to the exit gates, chattering with joy because they all graduated;
the gates were the type used in airports, and teachers stood next to them, handing the
students still their personal congratulations and remarks;
the students filled the smaller streets of the city centre;
..it is unusual to dream about the US – in 99% it is always ‘the east’

#dream 4
our other Maria in NZ,
same type gradation dream…but mixed with ‘selfwilled youngsters’

7/8: the iron castle

…not a recent dream, but from a few years ago;
suddenly popping in, probably because of fighting with the CT190 range,
the complex area of ‘the place of Õn’, above the line,

– it was nightfall, Transylvania, and we was besieging a castle:
but the ‘we’ was but some few poor tent encampments, positioned around this
iron castle, at respectable distance of 4 or 500 yards

and we had absolutely No chance, whatsoever –
our arrows did not hurt the castle in the slightest; in fact it was inverse:
now and then, the castle let out a sound, as a deep roar, and this beam
of sound would hit a campment of us, and totally annihilating it…

The dream changed –
the same castle, now viewed from some distance;
it was as if she was the guard of the bridge crossing the river behind it;
suddenly, one of it’s three towers started to collapse,
without it was clear whó could have crumbled the tower of this mighty castle –

the castle itself let out an angry deep roar,
and dozens of local farmers and people came obediently hurry to repair
the large gap with hewn stones and beams;
it was clear that this castle completely owned the people in the area

yet, however they repaired it,
the castle didn’t have the previous strength anymore,
and sat silent while i crossed the rope bridge across the river behind her
…the last notion of the scene was,
that “this castle was the doorkeeper of the HQ castle up north in Russia”;
and the vivid dream ended

– the comparison is obvious:
this iron castle as the Torso, on/above the tiles,
serving as doorkeeper for the M-realm north

…but it was Impossible for any human to have destroyed that tower:
it was an absolute miracle, and was caused by outside [Heaven];
the ‘slaves’ are all souls this castle rules;
be it by occult Rituals or by his own installed Self in them;

and now, 7 years later,
we are sweating with themes as “the place of Õn”,
and its illegal triplet rule….


6/27/2017 – dream: the skeleton

forgot the part about the ’22’
but the result was
that i found me in a morgue scene – yet it was outside?
i sat higher up upon something,
and to my left, a yard away, was a brancard with a being on it,
i didnt want to look at it further then it’s lower legs,
which pointed in my direction

A morgue-surgeon or was walking around the stretcher, while talking with me,
i didn’t know him, he seemed German to me, and wasn’t unkind,
obviously liking his job, and while talking to me about what he was doing,
ending sometimes a line to me, “.. that is clear – Ja?”

I hate these type scenes, but looked at the lower end of the stretcher,
and saw the feet of the skeleton laying upon the brancard; it was a female;
but though a skeleton already, ‘she was not dead – yet’.
While getting some tool and coming back, the surgeon said “…dont worry,
in a moment we’ll have the part and then it’s done – Ja?”

I kept looking to the grass beneath the stretcher, while he was at its head area,
telling me “..that’s how we do it – you find the place where the jaw is connected
to the head, and with both chisels you break it open”;
i couldn’t help it and put my hand as if protective across mine.
He continued, “we are almost there”, and reached for the saw;
i understood he was looking for something in the centre of its head,
something which was powering the construct, and that only after taking thát out,
the construct would officially be dead.
I braced me for the next scene…and woke.

yes obviously we all dream about the things we do when being wake,
and the symbology is clear enough in this one,
[though i’m not used to dream this type graphic things….],
– i consider it positive: whether the skeleton represented their matrix construct,
or this hopeless ape frame as their construct, it is almost done……..

5/27/2017 dream: two places

dreamt of two places
one was
a place of riches
flowing all around
as endless wine
and people were giddy
i’s going about happy with their
wants and needs
very modern and technic
and was no nature
all encapsulate metallic
everyone busy and ‘happy’

although I could see all that,
had no needs and wants
In that modern one…
was strange to me…
peoples eyes there were strange
like insects or shifty type

The other was medieval place
where I lived
was hidden in the other place
somehow were coexistent
but they couldnt see the
medieval place
and I could see both places

the stones and walls were rough
as a farm would have
and no niceties
very old but empty
and clean
and the air came through,
was open air, to the outside
was no electricity or tv
or technic
and not even modern clothes
the two worlds were there at once
but didnt touch

but it’s a strange feeling.. as if being alone in a house, after the last movers truck just left…

if both places are’ this world’, then the medieval place should be the aspect of eden, mixed with this modern world;
yet this place was void of even the basics now; therefore carefully suggesting that eden’s attributes are being evacuated óut of this world into safety…

5/23/2017 dream: showing the disputed area
i was at a place sitting at a table on a patio next to a nature area…could see the nature from where i sat,
the patio was east, in the right part of the pic below… the patio was attached to a house
what was split in 2 parts

the white box in the pic is where i was…seated at a table, and the light green area was a patio
where was that white box.
the patio seemed to be attached the house somehow, theirs,
and that was next to the nature to the right [darker green area]…which was
outside their area
the orange part in the pic was open french doors…the sba gates?
those went into the split up house…i was right by those doors, in the white area

suddenly a shaman came in,
felt as if he was there to ‘get me back for Them’ or such theme…
the shaman and whoever else was there, [shadowy figures i couldnt see],
went back and forth to the grey part easily, i was only in that white area of the pic.

the dream was that the shaman saw i had food with me [for me to eat],
what was considered unacceptable ‘food’ by him and he scoffed at me and the food
and said he refused to eat that… was beef of some kind, I assume the attribute, in four strips on a plate.
the food was very plain…. he got very angry and scoffed…
thinking that it would made me bend to his will by his anger

addition loNe –
reading the dream, i know immediately it was true;
because upon waking, there was a knot in the stomach which
felt foreign, it made me angry, as having something inside you which
is hostile but you can’t remove it; the best example i found would be this,

pic credit: gyrotron.org

– we suspect that this place in the centre, where everything
revolves around, or perhaps is better: the place where they attached to,
from where stárts their Inverse realm.. because that is how it feels

We struggle with the terminology, but also because they have made
their own copies: for example, this place in the stomach is what we
would call ‘plexus’, but that is a loanword from their type chakra-system;
yet we have little other terms to describe these concepts.
Similar with a word as ‘root’ — the quadruple-root as in the diagram should
be that which is in the centre of the torso (the stomach).
The dream has striking aspects: being “at the border of both realms”,
them having access to this place; the “double great door”, etc.

– we feel that the ‘birthsceptre’, AMES, must be a concept which ‘gives
them the legal right to énter this area, in the first place’, but it is not
clear ‘what’ this sceptre is (apart from MES being Ursa Major, which
links immediately to the Inversion)

5/23/2017 # harvest dream Update
– yes this is a site describing ‘texts’; but they are not some ‘static’ business — it involves many personal aspects; hence we decided to post dreams, as well; we are familiar with the type sites posting “calamity c,q quasi-prophetic dreams”, and are VERY aware all are usually Off; and therefore are most careful with posting ours;

…in this case, we had no Clue ‘what’ would be then ‘a harvest’, and why ‘two weeks’: and frankly, only now we gather what it [can be] about; and it’s not something we expected –

But the theme started to become ‘the root’, which is in particular related to Juda [comp.Gen.49]; – the southern kingdom got ‘dispersed into the [Western] nations’, after 70AD; and just like the Northern kingdom a few centuries before, where the Northern kingdom journeyed to Asareth [Europe] and dispersed with the people in Europe [and later to USA,etc], the same became true for Juda —- note: not jews, but Judahites

…we sense however, that Juda’s attribute, the staff of birth, has been hidden by the pantheon in Sumer, read, the pre-deluge situation, when this solarplane-matrix reality was nót, still; [and it cannot be coincidence he was ‘exiled to Babylon’, since he represents that pre-deluge timeframe] but that ‘western Juda’ had no contact anymore with his Attribute.

– for several reasons, we feel the ‘harvest’ pointed to “waking up all those of Juda [and perhaps benjamin too], that is, 2 x 12,000 in Rev. 7”; and the ‘grain’ in that dream should relate to the “masculine aspect” which Juda represents — as stolen physical attributes and willpower [the food and cake glyphs in many spells]

The above is not some ‘attempt to justify the dream’; if we did thát, then all the spells in our context would be useless; – we just hope that He will work in a hurry, now.

5/9/2017 double-post: harvest dream + ritual #17
much i forgot
about two glyph murals
they were related
of one the glyphs were worn out

a similar theme,
two large vials one could walk through
they exuded moisture or fog
but this time, walking through the one, would make it
impossible for the other to cleanse a person
– because no longer the rules applied as before

then near a bed, in an open place,
upon the bed was laying a very pretty female
very voluptuous, but the word ‘sexy’ did not fit her,
eventhough she was; but more the term ‘ripe’

it had been asked ‘which male would want to go with her’,
im not sure if it was an operation or other event;
and though i expected, sitting at the foot-end of the bed,
that dozens would have applied, none did!
…i saw the last three males standing two, three yards from her bed,
but none of those said anything,
so i said her courteously ‘i will go with you’,

it also implied that she was mine now, with every her fibre,
but her natural grace did not cause any wrong thoughts;
I reached over her to find a paper to write on, because of
to notice the others that something came up; i saw it had
previous scribbles on it i made earlier, and wrote that
“the harvest will be between one and two weeks”

then i was at a farm, ours?, and saw that it seemed overdue
already, the harvest; and yet needed still 1-2 weeks to wait?
we discussed what to do with the grain when coming in,
eventhough it felt that the farm was animal related

MONOYER, root MONO, ‘single’, read the “One”, UÃ
see Westminster ritual
the two vials and two basreliefs is the same theme;
— the harvest theme was related to the term ‘ripe’ of the female;
in context of Revelation woman;
but though the dream said ‘they left’, our goal is ofcourse to have áll of His 144,000 males together….perhaps the dream was about “all those males who do nót care”..

had a bad dream
some ‘christians’ approached me.
I could see they were wizards and cringed when they got near me…
felt dirty talking to them,

were dressed in religious
priest robes and were proud
of their ‘Christian’ powers
felt themselves holy

one of them especially
thought he was Christlike
and had white Christ type robes
and a flame on his head would appear;
he bragged he had that flame, a core,
but I knew was not Him gave that,
and that the man, who thought himself Christian,
was sorcery-powered and empty:
I saw he had no inside

although, had his wife with him, who ruled him
he did not notice how she was.

she was most conniving
and reminded me of those strident executive females
who give commands and run everything while acting like they help;
she was utterly dead, wore pants;
her hair was short and manly.

was she who very confident and was in charge of the flock…
she was proud and saw herself humble and sincere
and thought her job was to support the main priest in the white silken robe
by doing everything…
and he was just a figurehead who everyone admired as holy
because he had the flame on top his head,
what he could produce at will,
and mesmerize others with
when in reality he was a zoo animal and the female ruled him.

were 3-4 other males there with them, too,
deacons or something, dressed more simple….
utterly spelled and insane and following that first one and the woman
like puppets and thought those two could do no wrong.

the one in white robes was lighter hair as they and European, blonde,
and they had darker hair and all completely dead zombie
just following that one high priest and the woman;
all of them were tall….at least 6 ft

he was showing me how wizard he was, able to make a flame….
the woman encouraged him
and told me see, see how holy?
she was trying to get me to believe in their view.

they were bragging of what many followers they have.
I saw they were witches and told them
I would not do any of their sorcery.

next I saw they had a room of followers there
but could not see any faces,
was a sort of class room or chapel Bible study
and the woman was going to run that for the man in the Christ robes.
I woke me.

I think the male in the dream
was defenseless to her and believed whatever she said
because she was feeding his ego constantly in the dream,
what was that flame on top his head ruling him, which
— he thought — was his core!
(holy spirit)

he was ‘figurehead’ who she ruled,
producing him to impress people, like at circus.
he was emasculated.

his robes were very silky, white with red trimmings upon them,
a cross design in red right upon the chest
but no fish hat, was not catholic,
because I could see his hair was short and blondish…
and his head uncovered.

she wanted me to follow that
Judah male
but really, follow her.

they were in the dream trying
to get me to believe their way
and go with them.

was very strange,
feel dirty from that dream
because that woman and the male were specifically trying to
tempt me to enter their sorcery
and to butter me up so I would like them
by telling me I had talent ‘too’
And should ‘use it’
— that was when I told her I would not do sorcery.
Since she was in charge.

i felt me dirty to be near them…felt me somewhat guilty
to even let my eyes land on them…guilt by association…
thats how awful they were….
…that somehow some aspect of me they would have a hook in…
because merely i saw them….
that horrified me.

they are very very off
and sick sick energy…
so icecold
and automate and deluded.

thats Judah in the dream (I think)
wearing the holy spirit as an idol on his head,
believing himself represent, but having no core, no essence,
being empty vessel filled with ego instead of Love, having no sweet inside…

That holy spirit flame in the dream is an IT what has him in his ego,
completely mesmerized with own ‘self given’ holiness and forgetting
all about His very sweet love, what makes him (judah) blind…empty….
and cant to feel and be in his own soul, and not feel His love
instead only a mimic sorcery-powered flame on his head
the ka ‘mind’ powering his ‘faith’
but nothing sweet
of His nature inside.

only that icecold Isis female…
what authorizes Judahs rape by that ka.: (