dream #1 Maria, 22.9

dream #1
Maria, 22.9
dreamt i worked at drawing blueprints as my job,
for a ‘company’ being typical american, as an empy Tomorrowland movie energy,
yet I was trying to do a good job.

Within the same town, the same company of the blueprints that I worked at,
had a client so i went see what blueprints he needed.
Then the dream got a bit unreal.

Since i had directions I walked to the house of the client
what reminded me of something from the 50s;
except the house was as a vortex;
i mean that the energy of it was very heavy,
and oppressive once I came closer to the house.

The male owner had a family, a girl and at least two boys,
and he tried to encourage me to leave the company and stay there with them.

The family was religious and viewed their house –
which was more like a compound – as a ship.
They were all very strict and constantly trying, and were waiting for God
to return and often preaching to me about it; yet they didn’t speak English
but some other language, some very physical heavy language, which
was more resembling a language as ‘the ‘olden people’
…of the civilizations before Plato.
Everything in the house was strange yet ‘everything’ was there…..
an example of everything that exists and had been made…..eventhough
everything seemed old and used; and the place was cluttered, as if
the people were hoarders – except they were very tidy,
as protestants or amish who love stuff and collect everything,
such as nick-nacks and recipes and extra appliances,
with all those things squeezed together and nothing wasted.

The man gave me a ‘tour’ of the house, and all the rooms downstairs,
many small and square or rectangle; he showed me the above floors…and
spent quite a lot of time with me, trying to convince me to stay with
them there in that house. The top floors were “the sky” and when I saw that,
I understood why he was running the house as a ship; it was a boat,
vaguely, and only the man himself, a very large muscled type,
as a pirate or genie, ruddy, as a sun-burnt peasant, and very strong,
knew where all things were located within his compound.

The wife there reminded me of the amish or an evangelical,
very efficient making the place more ‘compressed’.
Being only one building on the street apparently, they had to compress everything,
since they kept getting more stuff and adding more stuff.
And, though the house being a boat tethered to this world [of that town, the company],
they said they were leaving soon. Within that preparing they were so industrious,
with all their energy constantly making plans, as the pilgrims to the Americas.
They wanted me join their family and come with them but I was not comfortable there –
even though everything was ‘there’, it seemed to be arranged in a strange order,
and i felt exhausted….- perhaps it was the gravity being off,
yet all appeared so cozy and in place.

Since I was supposedly there ‘doing the blueprints’,
after a while I took the excuse that i had to go outside,
though I lost interest in the blueprints, and so, went outside,
thinking to be finished with the building, but with no idea
where to go next since not believing anymore in the blueprints
anyway and having stayed at that house a very long time by now.

When I got outside again, I saw that the house was a red cube made of bricks
and was at the end of a row of buildings, on the very corner of a cobbled street.
And then, a different man approached me, and he was very angry and hurt with the man inside,
and began to talk to me, showing me that the house was, in reality,
the design and property of the Company.

But the owner of the red-cubed housed had locked it up, in order to keep the
second man from getting inside. The man inside the house and the man outside
were fighting over the door; and the man outside was literally trying to open it,
while the man inside trying to stop him. The second man got very tired and sad and
walked away for a moment, to rest. And then I went into the house again, perhaps
somehow I was able to go in because the man inside wanting me to go back in.

Once inside i felt hurt, because i felt something was wrong. I could see they tried
be pious and the man felt in control of his cube-boat and worked very hard to never
let the outside world ever affect his family and boat; but i felt
something was wrong and they were somehow insane.

I also felt unable to go back to the company either…
because it now seemed to me the Company was but using me to make blueprints
of that man’s house. I sat with him at the dinner table to talk things over,
and told the man what i felt may be the truth. I felt he wanted to convert me
so would stay with him, since he said they were leaving soon and had
convinced himself of all his numbers of when was the time to go.

But I told him kindly that his house was very much “like Eden”
[because I understood now that the house was not Eden,
but a blueprint of Eden made by the Company,
just as the man outside showed me,
and I saw he got proud when I told him that, because this was
indeed how he viewed himself compared to the outside world: as Eden.

I said then to him ‘but Eden is below’, eventhough i
was not speaking english but i was showing him somehow that Eden is below,
and that his own house was as the blueprints of the cómpany, instead,
Upon that, i saw his pride melt and he got a very weird look on his face;
and at that same moment was a loud noise; the man outside had figured out
how he could break both windows at either side of the entrance door —
I saw him shatter one and then go to shatter the second.
The man at the table didn’t respond to the noise, at all:
he just sat at the table, totally stunned that Eden was below –
I then woke.


The owner of the house was very strong, yet seemed not to be evil
and was trying very hard; and it may be that all the things
he was collecting could be attributes – that being why the house was so full –
and their house was somehow cosy and everything was inthere…
perhaps as some Noah’s ark. These souls tried to stay away from the evil of that town,
and that’s why the house was so locked up;
and both of them working hard to keep out the Company.

I thought the man in the house must be Judah because he had ‘everything’,
and the man outside was out-powered, having but threads to wear, plain clothes;
the ‘angry man’ may very well be what RPT tries to achieve..
See next dream for more context,