dream #2 loNe 23.9

dream #2
loNe 23.9

…the first part got lost
it was on a compound of us, but filled with spirits swirling around.
Dreams specificly about them is…unusual; and it is dificult to describe the type
absolute horror they caused – a bizarre mixture of ‘reality’, in which they like
hijack reality and continue it in the most gruesome shown events: the murderous
hate of them is undescribable

..the dream changed – we was now in a car waiting in a trafficline in some city,
and coming up to us at the opposite lane was a police type vehicle, slowly driving
along our line, checking out every car like police can do.
The men in the car were as if the human hosts of the spirits, before; and
when they even suspécted that a driver waiting in the line could be hostile
to them, they blew the driver out of his car, like ejecting, where the person would be
murdered in any devised similar event as the spirits showed, previously.

They blew the driver before me out of his car – and at the park entrance to my
right he got crushed below a dump truck. Then they stopped at height of mine,
i knew it was a bad sign, but they moved on, and i cant tell the relief…

Someone was winking to me at the smaller sideroad left to the avenue,
it was the German coach of Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp, asking if i’d like to watch
the highlights with him; for some reason we were connected, though we were rather
strangers to eachother.
I parked right, and walked to the street – yet passing his home; he stood outside
with a look like ‘but you knew where i live..?’;
when the young woman who was with me, wanted to talk in private with another
young woman, whom i assumed was Klopp’s daughter — and though i never got
a proper look at her, her features were of an outspoken….’royal type beauty’:
the part i could see, were the long curls across the beautiful neck; they both went
into a doorway to can talk.

Then i found me in a tiny kitchen-livingroom, in that same street, and opposite the
table were the same royal girl, and a girlfriend (?) of hers – to whom apparently belonged
the tiny house – but she was as a lonely bookkeeper type: glasses, straightcombed halflong
hair, a bit ordinairy; when she broke out in tears about “how deeply alone she was,
during the past years”; i felt so sorry for her, the other girl cried with her, as well

Finally, a van with cart was parked in that same street; it was supposed to be
a type ‘marriage van’, where the usual string with empty conserves was now replaced
by a cart full of vague tools, kitchenequipment, etc. I was rearranging the mess, with the
distinct idea we had made the same type cart a long time before already, as if we prepared
this cart for a 2nd time, because i recognized several equipment and several seemed to be
missing, compared to the previous time;

the only thing still required was a licenceplate, which had to carry the number ’11’,
yet how we would get one? Klopp drove out his [red] ferrari, and his licenceplate was also
a number eleven – highlighted in green colour, but as a slanted 11 – much like the glyph
‘magically-dangerous’, the doubleslash \\.
That point the dream ended – the only thing required still,
would be this slanted-11 number in order for the marriage vehicle to start rolling….


several aspects are similar to Maria’s dream, above;
-the ‘stacked equipment’ [whatever that may mean];
-the ‘double kitchen’, here probably as ‘the two girls’,
-the ‘vortex house, as a house being on the earth but with floors as sky’, here as Klopp, from
oldNorse ‘hölzerner Steg in einem Morast’, where Jürgen is from George, ‘land tiller’,
-again the ‘red’, typically as Root/Juda, mutilated in spells as redness T’esher,

…here perhaps as the female attribute “royal (beauty)”;
but it seems as the attribute has been Split, into the ‘royal’ and..”insight”…?
If this latter is what the bookkeeper-girl represented: she was typically the female soul who
had needed to protect her hurted inside using the outward smartness – just to can survive.

What we díd find out,
is that the juda [attribute] is ‘holding himself captive’,
very much like the bookkeeper-girl — because of inside lonelyness, having developed a most
stringent mindset of iron [christian] ideas,
where not the sóul anymore can make connections, using the mind for that; but instead the
mind now guarding the own soul [against false ideas etc!], resulting in a Bizarre type
self-imprisonment, as an iron ring around the soul, being kept in place because of the same
spirits, ofcourse, ultimately ruling the mind [as all spells address].
A kind of a catch-20.

That the bookkeeper-girl ‘broke down’, is similar to Maria’s dream;
we know that the Ba spirit-souls, who were the spirits in this dream, somehow created this
split in his attribute [Klopp’s], in order to can Cling to (this attribute); but we don’t yet grasp the
technics of it;
and the doubled-one or \\ must be related to this double Split;



9/30 dream (upd,) the split within Juda
…definitely relating to the Klopp dream;
a larger, somewhat older house with two floors, where a youth friend lived with his family;
the large stairs ended up in the middle of the floor, creating a kind of large hall,
where the livingrooms were to the left- and rightside of this hall;
the parents’ quarters were at the one side, while his’ on the opposite

a simple dream yes,
but making Sense in relation to both sisters – the bookkeeper and the queeny,
here suggested as ‘two generations’;
in Ramayana we posed that a major split should be the difference between the
“timeframe before the Deluge [8000BC] and our solarplane-reality áfter”;
and it appears that within Juda is this same Split, with the same characteristic;

and expanding,
the south kingdom has two tribes, Juda and Benjamin;
– He was born from Benjamin [not from the tribe of Juda’!]; where Ben-yamin
is, outwardly ‘”son”, but really as “building-block” (from -bana, ‘to build’);
yamin as “right hand” or righthandside, combined very much pointing to the
eden-tile as “cornerstone”;
we take it that the royal-looking daughter was about Benjamin, as the pre-deluge
part of the split – implying that Juda is the bookkeeper-type,
[perhaps supported by the sekhmet-lion in Rev.5 having mixed with Juda]

#dream 2
past thursday
..a scene of a park entrance and a part of the avenue alongside it;
people were doing their everyday things, sitting, chatting, walking along or buying
hotdogs — but from every person was “floating a word to above”,
and the words of each person were slowly forming a paragraph, up in the air –
there were twó paragraphs forming, and the one paragraph slowly drifted-off
towards heaven [and i had the idea it were ‘2 x 12,000 words.? ],
but the other paragraph drifted the other way, to ‘a bad place’

#dream 3
..the campus of an US university… and hundreds, perhaps thousands of youngsters
streamed to the exit gates, chattering with joy because they all graduated;
the gates were the type used in airports, and teachers stood next to them, handing the
students still their personal congratulations and remarks;
the students filled the smaller streets of the city centre;
..it is unusual to dream about the US – in 99% it is always ‘the east’

#dream 4
our other Maria in NZ,
same type gradation dream…but mixed with ‘selfwilled youngsters’

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