INTRODUCTION to Ezekiel 10


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1] INTRODUCTION to Ezekiel 10

This is where we arrived, so far:

  • as in above pic, “the throat” is a most vital concept to them;
    since their head-rule, as their Behemoth-realm, and connects with
    their stolen inside, perhaps read ’emotions’;
    while at the rightside is how the situation will be at the time when
    the Interval will start – that is, the end of the book of Ezekiel, and
    befóre the last chapter of Revelation – where the masculine realm
    will be cleansed, and connected with the cube;

A] the Stone

1] the middle Sba-stargate: a circular, flat gem / stone /

  • we suggest that this ‘doorway’, the connection between cube-H and
    the realm above [at present un-directed] must be a type of ‘gemstone’,
    not in the types we know but representing some character, (compare
    the stones in priest breastplate; the 12 gates of new jerusalem, etc);
  • but that at present, théy “rule” that stone, having now théir character,
    and that may be “lead”, T’EH’EN, the Thoth cluster;
    the term is also ‘crustalline energies (of Saturn,H’), and it would make
    sense that Thoth, as chief, would rule this vital place,
  • in Ezekiel, the firmament is “over the heads of the four cherubs”,
    that is, when they stand upon the eye – just as the pic now shows –
    the “firmament sparkling like ice”, we take that as the gem,
    while “the sapphire-blue throne is abóve that firmament”.
    However, in Revelation 4 the cherubs (who now have six wings) stand
    “around the sapphire-blue sea of glass”: so we take it that the nature
    of the gem-stone has turned into eden’s,


MESKHENT, ‘doubled birth stone’; the term was used in Ez.9,
in bd80 is an extensive note about the ‘stone’, always present in the Set-glyph,
and see next section over the MEN cluster;

  • they cannot be “two birthstones”but a doubled one,
    compare how the gem apparently can be used by both realms;
    the picture next to it shows again another version of AMES, ‘birthsceptre’,
    MAS here, as also the “bull” – but with ‘reaped-glyph MA’: we may have here
    one of four cherubs – and context strongly suggest so.
    For now, the important ‘birthsceptre’ appears to relate tó the gem-stone: aMES
    and MESkhent, now coupled with MAS, is very promising,

Sumerian Tablet of Creation IV:

121. He took from him the Tablets of Destiny that were not rightly his,
122. He sealed them with a seal and in his own breast he laid them

[source below]

..the multiple is disputed: some say it is “tablet of destinies”,
but the reason may be the ‘doubling of the tablet’, compare above;

However, it states that Moses had twó tablets – which he broke…

  • the name of the mountain, Horeb, at the shore of east-present-arabia,
    as Hareb, ‘dry place’, the same meaning as Tziun: the dry place
    relating to ‘not inside their dimension’ [the same theme Horus used,
    the start of his thes-domes was for him ‘a dry place’; yet the same
    glyph of dryness is the deity SHU – we will come back to that];
    the mountain Horeb then likely represented this place of fire,
  • he had “two tablets, inscribed on both sides”:
    the same we saw in Ezekiel, the scroll being inscribed on both sides;
    yet the tablets were One theme, hence must mean “a split”,
    then the doubled-birthstone of Osiris can be valid,



2] the gem / stone as ‘mouth’,

    • a clue was given in previous Ezekiel chapter,
      starting with “loud voice”, combined with the region he is in;
      it is true – we have often problems locating aspects described in glyphs,
      but also because this one is particularly dangerous: as part of RÃ;
      as it is often difficult to understand the concepts themsélves: why would
      there “be a mouth as gem to a tainted realm”..?
      above glyph:
      “he / the mouth / of the adamite throne” (and see *pic),

Sumerian tablets, same chapter:

96. And the evil wind that was behind (him) he let loose in her face.
97. As Tiamat opened her mouth to its full extent,
98. He drove in the evil wind, while as yet she had not shut her lips,
99. The terrible winds filled her belly,
100. And her courage was taken from her, and her mouth she opened wide.
      • where Tiamat is the cube-H,
      • the ‘face’ obviously the region of rule, in the picture where Anubis’ head is;
        in spells we use the “[an-]face” for this, which however also can point to
        eden’s eye, hence the brackets;
      • the evil wind is MEH’IT,”north-wind”, inversion of beHEMoth or B’HEMÃH,
        we will return to that theme,
        … see for connections to “the opening of the mouth ritual” below;

      • an important glyph, the circle;
        however not every circle is the sun-god: when the circle with dot is on
        it’s own, it is “eden light”, as non-polluted – but when connected to any
        óther glyph, it is usually theirs [flanked by a deity, the perch or axe, then
        as “the divine light” (matrix), but you see also “the light the essence of
        the serpent” (matrix); the problem is the combination of willpower (Ã),
        speech or mouth (R) and the type light;

– same thing here; Hru as “mutilated eden light”,
this is the light addressed in the text of Ezekiel, made out of 6 parts;
as “the light as the word of speech (or, mouth) of hebrew-H”,
but the circle+dot standing alone means real eden light;
there are ’30 gods’ (*pic), which are the 30 judges MÃB, also belonging
to this theme, see later on – we must assume that they “compartmentalized
this place” and made it is the iris of the eye in S-áaru;

B] the gem / stone as ‘doubled-place’ and ‘ring’,
we are atm not sure whether the place, as sapphire sea of glass,
is a circle, or a square – but we think the former; because of the
rings of the four cherubs, who in revelation surróund the sea, yet
no longer is mentioned their ‘wheels’;
On the other hand, tuat VII, the six knives in H’A H’ER, addresses
a square pool (book of gates) with the same dimensions as the base
of the Giza pyramid — we might have the case of ‘circling the square’
here; but for now we stay with circular,

      • starting with NU and connecting onwards,
        as root NU, pot-glyph, “word-inside”,
        but witch chisel, as “opened word-inside”,

1] as ring –

NU, ‘circle’
NU, ‘secret shrine of Osiris’, either with ring or house,
NU, ‘on which a door turns’, showing the two-way direction,

2] as place,

this is the same “cross in circle” as the TETH in Intermezzo;
likely based upon the point-in-circle, before; and perhaps using
the cross TAV to incorporate the ‘four aspects’;

      • also the T’UAT glyph is a circle, but with star inside [see later on],

3] as dome of the double place,


      • “thing for existence (by) eden realm”
      • “the dome (as) the double-place”
      • “the inverse dome (as) the place of eden’s realm”
      • “the divine dome (as) the place for existence (matrix)”,
      • “the goddess, the dome (as) the double place”, etc,

4] as dimensional place,

      • “the dimension (of) great speech (by) the place”,BD110,
      • the ‘singing’ is “to create”, already in tuat hour I,
      • and the location in S-áaru,

5] as dimensional pool-land

– “the land (as) the pool (for) the dimension + nui”,
now and then appears in spells, see bd165,

6] as weapon,

NUT, ‘the thing (chisel) for the opened word-inside”,
see Sumerian tablets, above; where Marduk [Saturn] used iron
(as BAÁ, the nature of their dimension); Marduk used the ‘mace’,
being glyph H’ETCH, “light of Saturn”, but the meaning is the same;
– spear, talon, harpoon, knife, pole, derive from the concept,
ant turn into ÃNT, ‘claw’, MAFT”T, ‘lynx with claw’, etc,

7] the Nu dome and passive nu,

      • bottom of picture, ‘the sky god’, is the glyph used for the dimension
        dome of Nu, in the top of the cube;
      • but in the first position you see the ‘passive guy’, combined with the
        ward-off glyph telling it is a dangerous concept – hence the original
        word for the word-inside is ãpep/eden,

C] NU, adding -B
into NUB, “(the gold) (for) the solarplane (being) the word-inside”,
there is often a difference between ‘gold’ and ‘divine gold’ (or worked
gold), again, depending whether the glyph stands alone or not;

      • that “the gold in Eden was good”, Genesis, should be of the same
        nature as the “amber” used here in Ezekiel — since it is related to NU,
        the ‘gold’ must be ‘the word / amber / feminine”,
        as opposed to “willpower / speech”,

1] as gold,

      • “(by) the foreign land to restore existence (as) the gold”,
      • “the dimension (as) extence (of) the gold”,
      • “the place the thing of m-b-soul-adam (for) the gold”,
      • “the word (as) the gold”
        interesting is the upside-down (eden) áat-glyph, ‘region’,
        which turned into the gold-glyph,

2] as Set’s place

– “Set’s (place) \\ (for) the gold”,
the number of BD’s show it is part of the cube, this ring;

Dendera crypt, the infamous light-bulb:
has nothing to do with that, but depicts the thes-domes, see the children
sitting as (eternal) ‘youth’; the ‘bulb’ containing aspects of eden’s light,
represented as serpent, and above the bulb “willpower / the gold”;
but since we cannot find prints of the related columns, this is for later,

D] Nu, adding -S of adamite soul,

1] crown and lead,

NUS, ‘crown’, not just the crown is ‘on top of the head’, it also
shows the chalice (*pic), which has ‘sunk partly into the circle’,
NUS, ‘block of lead’; we cannot know if it’s indeed ‘lead’ as he tells,
yet it would make a case for what we presumed, above;
Note that we had ‘pool’ and ‘dimension’ for this place: now we
get ‘stone’ as well: apparently the ‘stone’ is related to the S
of adamite soul (see meskhent and Set, before),

NUSA, “ring’; also the stone, or ‘island-glyph’,
“the ring inversed (as) the word (for) the word-inside, etc”,

doubling of adamite soul, illegal constructs, and ÁNER:

…for long time now, we tried understand how can the glyph TCHES,
‘Self’, appear, as adamite soul+serpent TCH; or ‘son’, SA, vulture +
adamite soul, etc; but even the doubled-SS;
it should mean that théir nature of this stone is ÁNER, there is even
a ‘doubled stone, the two rocks near Al-Kab’, see dictionary; but as
“the doubled stone (of,as) the mouth for existence of hail” or wierd
names as “the secondary stone / for existence / (of?) the áner-stone”;

…now also starts to make sense the T’ES glyph, stone knife, as a
derivation of TCHES, above; entire tuat VIII is sitting on both sides
of this gem/stone as gate;
where the area of this gate is the neck-bosom, it is presicely where
our split-off adamite soul is being imprisoned: namely inside the
physical heart [topic too long now to continue; see bd 80 note, soon],

E] NU + prefix MA-,

1] mountain,

MANU, ‘town (?)’, pyramidtexts;
clearly the cross-circle, the Nu, but now added with the sickle,
actually “reaping”, “the place / of the word-inside / to reap for sight”,
That may sound as nonsense to us – but the “seeing” they adress
here, is apparently the same as ‘speaking’, read, to create; a hint
can be the lines in Genesis “..and God saw that it was good”.
MANU, ‘mountain’,
also “the dome (of foreign land) for the word-inside to reap”,
we have the oldest CT about it posted, but [sigh] will need revision,
the KHEMENU-mountain (kh-menu) is higher, reaching into S-Áaru;
this is the mountain He adresses saying “you will be a burnt-out
mountain”, Jer.51:25,

rings, eyes and to reap:

      • if this MA-cluster contains so many ‘slaughtered-bull’ glyphs, combined
        with ‘sight’, MAA, then how fits here the fourth cherub — the bull?
[continuing MA- cluster, later on],

F] NU + prefix M, very large MEN cluster

1] as fortress,

MENU, ‘the house of the word for the word-inside for stability’

      • next, “the things of the adamite throne (for) stability”,
        this MENU, fortress, is frequently used, and since it is related
        here to ‘adamite throne’, ÁST, see sea of glass as throne;

2] slab of stone,

      • “the stone, the essence (for) the word-inside of stability”

3] daily offering [of light]

      • “the doubled-light (by sacrifice) the light of the word for word inside”
      • “to become daily offerings of the word for the word-inside…

4] from Menu to MENÁ [stepdown]

      • “the place of the boat (to build) the word of hail for stability”,
        this time, the place becomes a boat, as “construct”;

5] necklace (*pic),

      • the type collar of Anubis, and this one clearly links to
        Saturn-Hathor; it is unclear whát “has to die”, left, but
        probably the plumbline-glyph as throwstick [compare SBÁ+];
        the necklace was made from (either) MFKÃT, ‘turquoise’ or
        KHESBT’, ‘lapis lazuli’, and we just had a dark BD which
        wrote how “eden lights go off-course, the start rotating as
        lapis-lazuli (blue)”;

cant find smaller, am blocked from all similar pics

again Dendera,
..we do not gather yet the aspects, but observe
that the cow [mimick of cherub?] as Hathor, in four;
notable is that she misses her omega-type wig, as
‘covering’, the ‘sun’ in the boat may just be the gem /
and having cords (plasma streams?) to the object
at the leftside, which is “an iron counterweight”,BAÁ,
resembling the white crown, as ‘light of saturn’;

  • also KHENSU, pic, representing “the energies this
    earth’s moon distributes” has that same MENÁT —
    if we compare the moon’s 30 days and the previous
    HRU, mutilated-light, there should be a connection,

6] from Mená to Menã [stepdown],

      • “the pool of willpower for stability”,
      • “the m-b-soul-adam’s passive willpower for stability”,
      • “the (goddess’) (double) breast of willpower for stability”
        here comes the ‘breast’ as character of the gem/stone,
        obviously because it is a Dual [gate],
depicted in CT* as this (screenshot);
where ‘nurse’ rather implies ‘a mistress’, as shown;
the term ‘breasts’ returns in many variants, but several
times used in spells as MENT, MENTH or MENT’, all in this
same cluster;

hippothamus – inversed revelation woman

….the relation must be “the pendant breasts of the hippo”,
where the hippo isn’t exactly a celebrated deity – probably
because of the dangerous concept – going under names as
TA-URT and ÁPI, but here as RRT,

      • the mouth-glyph is repeated, “thing of eden-speech”, but
        that nature is “by rotation”, see the ‘to turn around’; a next
        glyph shows “RERT+, ‘medicine’, but as “the lights / the thing
        to revolve” (pekhar), so their lights spin [see menát], </li
…we needed to make the link, because of the obvious
double-role ‘she’ plays here; the crocodile upon her back
should mean she guides that one, being “the powerful mouth”
in BD32, as the SUI-crocodile, who is being defeated by eight
of their crocodiles —
SUI as “to make the m-b-soul-adam’s word” (which makes sense,
when this place is the ‘mouth’..); and the ‘eight’ as the doubling
of the four – compare cherubs, cardinal points, etc.;
      • she stands with one foot [solarplane] upon the SA symbol –
        a rolled-up papyrus, bent, and tied together in the middle, being
        the sky of earth [of the cube], but námed SA ‘protection’,
        and we are back to D]1, the illegal construct theme…..

        • a] we know their copying scroll-sky is TCHERUU; that was the
          ‘outer templecourt wall with all unclean moving beetles on it’,
        • b] we know the scroll Ezekiel had to eat is the scroll-sky written
          on both sides, glyph METCHAT (that’s at least in this M chapter),
        • c] but the glyph ‘sky-roll SA’, as seals of Revelation, makes no sense..
      • except if the gem/stone is S when eden’s, and A (vulture) when

[5 mins later – bingo!]

second row, last and second to last, shows the stone.
(and hów many times we saw that page…..- you see how without
having an -impossible- concept, one won’t see the the glyphs..?)

      • okay.. that is valuable…

7] men-nefer,

MENUH’UT, ‘firmament’ (dome),
MENFT, ‘ring’, but “doubled-ring the thing of he for the word-inside”,
MEN+NEFER, ‘ring’, but note the pool-glyph in one of them;

      • the Nefer-glyph would be akin to the concept of ‘throat’ (*pic, neck),
        having root NEF, “breath-air” + R, speech (or mouth),

8] MENKHT we had already, the 6 bandlets

9] menst

1] “the pool the thing of speech for an-face thing of ad.soul for stability”
2] “the pool the posession below as thing of ad.soul for stability”

…if we know now that the S, adamite soul,
is related to Eden’s rule of the gem/stone,
and looking at the glyph, the oval, it may be
just that —- but this glyph suggests that at
present, the upper half of the gem/stone is theirs,
while the lower-half eden’s:


tuat V: the same oval and concept; both wings is obviously dualism
and ‘rule’; the pyramid of sand SHÃ, ‘lights / willpower / SH-pool’;
and such a host of new connections that we’d need to check hour V
again; but notable here again the S, in SH, from Nephesh, ‘soul’,
…where the oval itself must relate to RENNU and MENSH, below,

10] mens to mensh

      • the first position links back to Mená, the barge,
      • “the oval (as?) the SH-pool (for) stability”,
        it is impossible that hour V and this one are nót related:
        yet the ‘royal name’ is RENNUU, “the word for the word-inside for
        existence of speech (or mouth)” [read: it is the námes of eden
        which they steal through the Rennut-harvest-cobra, to use these
        for themselves; in the sense that right now, some heinious spirit is
        roaming around, having YOUR original attributes!];

…if the SH is a rectangle [or, at least, a square form – which is
typical for anything of eden – but here inserted with the \\, then it
would mean that the sea of glass is “not circular”..? And perhaps ‘surrounded bý an oval form’? or this squaring the circle but then
inverse, “circling the square”…?

      • If “the cherubs had the firmament above their heads”, then it must be
        the “right one, being put into place”: when hére it is dubbed SH, the
        hebrew SH(in) must be “firmament”, aka “bow” (and not ‘teeth’);
        as SH, hebrew-H + adamite soul S, in a welded construct, as part of
        Nefesh – where we just asked how can the S come on it’s own [and
        gets misused for all kind of weird constructs]..?

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