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Ritual 20.04: our parallel world of Insanity

we get now three parties, working for his same goal:
‘russia’ as their one Dualistic-used-side,
‘Trump’ (c.q. the west) as their other.
and this “proven” by his created disinfo agency termed ‘wikileaks’.

You tell us —
we are So ashamed of all this pathetic childish buffooning by he,
that we are close to starting to consider our own Sanity.

We predicted you that his concocted dualistic MSM themes would go Bizarre: here, he is founding his dualistic Lies upon his own foundational Lie. More deep he cannot sink – yet wait for the next Nonsense.

To right, the Disney shot;
which has been removed silently because of complaints; you know very well which message Canaan / Disney is conveying here –you are that one who is to be made “dead inside”.
Don’t get us started about Canaan’s “disney”: you understand we have more important things to do. He just cannot hide his selfpride, what he has achieved, until now –
dead souls, be it through his cartoons or the by he created mobile phones, turning all our youth [and elders] into complete Zombies. This is “Disney’s message” — be sure we get that one right.

We need to fkn Go.
or they would win;
having hold of most souls’ mindset, already.
It Will Not Happen.


Ritual upd.: 19.04 – the place of the crossing
the TESS telescope
In the past years we had a host of Nasa rituals, including a telescope called ‘Osiris’ with equipment Rex (=king); ‘Bennu’ named telescopes [as phoenix, k- and q-axis of fire]; devices which were said to have landed on certain asteroids (with certain names), etc..

The term ‘nasa’ is “to beguile” (Strong’s number), and also now is put up a nice show to “go search for outer planets, far away”: Canaan creates theatres like this one
to not have any other consciousness in the peoples as “the endless outer space”, while their own Sekht fields are right within this solarplane. Yes, so important it is to maintain and reconfirm that matrix-consciousness, that it may cost a few bucks.

Please remember that the Tao-Korea-ritual is still ongoing, then see the nature of this said experiment: “the transit (of planets)”. The term ‘transit’ is literally “a crossing over”, the same meaning as ‘Niburu”, and the same meaning as Easter – where Eden crossed-over their dimension to can free the adamite-soul from their prison matrix (compare compare third podcast).

This TESS follows the launch of Kepler in 2009 (only!), which is said to have the same goal, but “most of (Kepler’s) discoveries were simply too far away or too dim to permit further study”, unquote BBC. Sooo… what would make this any different?

We can interpret the tess as glyph THES, and that is Valid; THES not only being “to tie-together” [namely their Tao realm], but also as “the support to rise up”, as the very “place of the crossing”. Hundreds of millions of people have again ‘confirmed’ that the THES support is there – connecting both Duals of their Tao realm.

Ritual 18.04: the baseless chemical event

We have repeatedly said that ‘the concocted attack was used for the concocted strike’, never believing, on forehand already, the Rituals he is enscening for the Western peoples. = never believing, on forehand already, the theatres he uses as Rituals to the Western peoples. Above is a screenshot of Pearson’s account, the journalist of One Amerika news Network, who travelled to Syria in order to try find out the truth about the chemical event.

Combined with the below statement of Fisk, which weirdly appeared in The Independent, we have enough a case to confirm this all was but another Ritual. Our point in posting this one however, is to show (as we wrote in Fake News page opening) that dualistic themes are being presented in MSM, without the original event or theme having been established; literally everything is based upon suggestion, assumption and Lies: an Insane parallel world.

Fisk is the first Western journalist to reach and report from the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack widely blamed on Assad’s forces.

source: the Independent

It was a short walk to Dr Rahaibani. From the door of his subterranean clinic – “Point 200”, it is called, in the weird geology of this partly-underground city – is a corridor leading downhill where he showed me his lowly hospital and the few beds where a small girl was crying as nurses treated a cut above her eye.
“I was with my family in the basement of my home three hundred metres from here on the night but all the doctors know what happened. There was a lot of shelling [by government forces] and aircraft were always over Douma at night – but on this night, there was wind and huge dust clouds began to come into the basements and cellars where people lived. People began to arrive here suffering from hypoxia, oxygen loss. Then someone at the door, a “White Helmet”, shouted “Gas!”, and a panic began. People started throwing water over each other. Yes, the video was filmed here, it is genuine, but what you see are people suffering from hypoxia – not gas poisoning.” Independent UK article, Robert Fisk, Douma

We have skipped yesterday’s US and UK’s statements “warning for russian cyber attacks”, it is Too Pathetic for words what is going on, and it ‘d cost us too much time to list all the Drivel. The above theme appears to have been dropped however, in favour of the North Korea Ritual. which is about to start now; and Korea is as you know about their Tao-realm unification. We’ll see what is next.

15.04 ad-hoc ritual: 200 million revoked and 22 sick
we always travel the thin line of “ritual or no ritual”, in this case we consider the below to be an “ad hoc ritual”, understand that as a haphazard quickly-invented one.
The first themes standing out is (ofcourse) the ’22’, then the 200 million; and upon further reading we see “rose acre” farms, somewhere in Indiana. To us, “the rose acres” appear as “the field of Rushes”, Sekhet Áaru, and the “200 million” links to the 200 million spirits in Revelation; that they are “revoked” implies that they do nót descend to this earth (that descending implying their defeat).
Would we include the “Seymour”, as the company who owns the plants, we’d get “dark, obscure”, derived from old-Greek; “the dark field of rushes”. That this field “voluntarily revokes the 200” means that they kéep them; and the Ritual reasons that “by the 22 being sick”; please compare last dream on dream-page and previous rituals.

fox news
Before you think that finally we Lost it – see textglyph, to right, these are the “pre-eden spirits from the deep south” (the dual feminine realm), who “will get a low base kingdom” soon, according to scripture; we used the PÃT in today’s posted CT 130;
these are the transformed spirits, now as the 200 million — and notice that the determination-glyph is an….. egg.
4 hrs ago
200m eggs recalled, 22 illnesses same news in every MSM available


14.04 Ritual Upd.: retaliating ‘the monster’

pictures credit: bbc

like a week ago, the Assyrian president Assad is connected to the term ‘monster’, and Canaan’s orchestrated poisoning is now retaliated by his own airstrikes. We found the arabic interpretation of the name ‘assad’ said to be “lion”, but arabic often deforms the original root. adding different colours to that theme; the original root here is the cluster ‘SHAD, ‘SHED and ‘SHOD, and as you know the vowelchange is belonging to the context of a cluster.

H7699 shad “breasts”, always Negative; in glyphs as their doubled stargate,
H7701 shod “violence, ruin, devastation”, used 21 x,
H7700 shed “demons”;
below line is Habakuk 2 line 17,

the line is about “Lebanon, which is the region of Õn, will devastate this earth”; you see the -shd used as ‘devastation’. Factually the term should read “devastation-by”, and the next word “behemuth”, plural, should be singular, as behemoth (1 dot difference); the word is from bamãh, “beast, monster”, see Job page. We are not doing trickery here: the context of this line is “that coming day of gloom”, which is a bit worse as but “devastation by wild animals”, as the text is being made to say.

Back to the ritual –
the main goal is “that the region of Õn will not fall down”, be overthrown; and a symbolic play-out upon earth, including the same themes, is what this all is about; in the legal sense of “because it happened on earth, already, it will not need to happen in Õn”. Compare the term “assad / monster” with “devastation of / behemoth” above, and note how in previous line 16, “the cup in the right hand of IEUE” is mentioned, (you know what is ‘hand’ now), and this cup being meant for them to drink, containing….. poison.

woke the morning with a dream,
drove a large Van with a trailer behind it, trying to maneuver to the way out of this loadingplace; upon the trailer stood a few huge open metal cages, containing within them ‘roots of a plant or vine’; in a curious way the boxes felt like “generators” but then from plant-life. Previously, these generators had been part of a large construct of other branches attached to this root
the many cut-off branches still were visible on the generators, which however still suffered from bugs hiding inbetween them. These ladybugs (?) would suck themselves full, becoming four or six times their own size, thereby looking like small dirty red balloons (existing of four parts?). With a long pole i stabbed a number of them empty, then considered by driving they’d disappear

9.4 Ritual UPD. H’etep ritual

– now the theme has changed into covering another created event –
as the fabricated war in ‘Syria’, devised to Ritually protect the
“iron bars of Damascus” – which we saw represents the staff-TÁ.

All Rituals require a link with the previous ones, or she isn’t Valid;
to right you will see the link to the Skripal case by the same stances:
May accusing; Corbyn asking for proof; Russia denying, and the
Herod’s Foxx spicing up the situation a bit.

The root DUM- has no Akkadian (or Sumerian) partner, but does
appear as Strong’s H1822 dummah, “one silenced”; showing that
this created circus is a Defensive ritual.
We pondered but decided to not include here the Münster one,
being one to silence you and us – because we think we will overask
your goodwill in presenting that case here.

Please see dream attached to posted CT 104; and were it not for that
same reason of overasking, we’d post a submitted dream with exact
the same themes.


Ritual UPD. 31/3: high gate

UPD.: +12 days: the circus continues –
Russia in turn expelled a 120 or so; but now, according to Telegraph and others (screenshot) of this march 30, “the UK government is considering to shut down the Russian trade centre in London”, writing “the Highgate is a den of spies” , according to the Telegraph.
We didn’t make it up — the “High gate”.
Yet Canaan not just should threaten to do it. We know this high gate is in front of the city of Õn, as “their nostril – the dimensional centre of their realm”, and that this is
the gate they have reopened; it is just costing us much time to distill from the spells any type of map or sketch, concerning the locations of all the mentioned places.
The oppression is more then heavy, past week;
let’s see what is next


Ritual UPD. 27/3: + 10 days
UPD.: + 10 days: 27/3finally – just say what you wanted to convey all the time. Headline DM, to right – this was the goal all the time, already, no? Indifferent what version is being used: twenty-two..


Ritual UPD. 26/3 + 9 days

UPD.: + 9 days , 3/23
the DM newspaper writes the headline “world turns on Putin”; BBC calling it “the largest diplomatic crisis between Russia and the West since Moscow’s seizure of Crimea”;…. we here at RPT are inclined to think Canaan is Panicking.
if he pushes it that far, there must be some message here, as well; is it Too far over the top to add up the ‘expelled diplomats’, 109, and divide them by five – as in the five separate mentioned regions in the screenshot of BBC news, to right….? Note how hé presented these categories like this – not we – why drag in a slave as ‘Albania’, if not meant to add them up to ‘five’? and behold – yet once again, a 109 divided by five, as a virtual “22”…..

We are the ones who are supposed to be crazy, right –
declaring that Canaan’s occult Rituals are solemnly about
extracting energy from the peoples — or rephrased,
“making adamite souls to agree with their Rituals”.
Stoltenberg of the NAVO however declared recently,
“that another cold war with Russia would be too costly etc”;
while suddenly the Brexit [hoax] under PM May causes that
her now proforma alienated allies suddenly stand together.
If you fail to see how Canaan rules every aspect of you,
you will be useless in warring him.
Therefore think — and go declare what is Truth.
Because that is your Legal War: and you will make the Difference


Ritual UPD. + 7 days
upd.: + 7 days: in the mean time the EU-parliament has wrought some unimportant statement; but this one is rather Bizarre –
the guy being addressed is a Dutch captain, as Afghanistan Vet, and the Russian Embassy tweeting (paraphrased) “who knows whether Russia, considered the Skripal case, wouldn’t be also accused of what #Kroon has done”; referring to a combat situation backthen, about which the captain these days has to justify himself.
The tweet is so out-of-place, to avoid the term ‘unprofessional’, that we looked immediately at the names involved; eventhough realizing that this is but a very ‘local’ spin-off – yet being the same theme. “Kroon” is the easy one, literally as ‘crown’; “Marco” however is more tricky – either as ‘Mars’ (Sekhmet lion), from old-German “mark, boundary, border”, or from scriptural context “hammer” (marculus). Considered the playout here, we must choose for the latter. In Jer. 23 is the line “..is not My word like a hammer – breaking the rock into
pieces?”, referring to the Horus stone-tile (word used there as sela). We all suffer from short-time-memory deficit, however Canaan does not: please remember what the original Skripal was about; how the war-theme is still involved here; now combined with the theme of “powerful words” – understood as “the things wé say, when understanding where we are, right now”.


Ritual UPD. + 3 days

upd.: + 3 days: whole Ritual professionally buried;
never forget that “official politics”, MSM and these type ‘institutions’ are all under Canaan’s rule
cambridge analytica senior executives secretly filmed

Ritual UPD. + 2 days
upd.: + 2 days; “Russia expels 23”, to right; making 23, 19 (US) and now 23, together 65, divided by three is a Virtual “22”.

Note also how msm starts to use the new oneliner “cold War II” (RT, ABC, etc), because this needs to keep being tied to the HETEP theme;


15.3 Ritual UPD: 21,22 and 23

We waited to see how far Canaan would push this hoax, but now it appears to have become more then just a local Ritual (see right), and combined with ’23’, we need to see what we’ve got so far, eventhough this one perhaps isn’t as obvious as the previous.


  • – the name Sergei, likely Etruscan Sergius, and probably “servant”; combine with next name:
  • – the name Skripa-, no clear etymology but roots in Polish, Lituanian and S-Russian, different sources mention Skripac, skripati, àkripiti craquer; lit. skrypiezia, skrypka; vsl. skri- pati strepere, lit. skrebu, skrebëti id.; root skryp- or szkryp- all boiling down to “violin”; the violin from Latin ‘vitula’, “stringed instrument”, perhaps from the goddess Vitula, ’embodied joy’; or perhaps ‘life’ (vita); and according to the poet Vergil she received firstfruits offerings. So we have life, firstfruits (144,000), as servant, and cords (strings);
      • – the name Novochok, presented as the name of the toxic (found on RT com), as Russian “newcomer”, it is not a stretch to see this related to first-fruits;
      • – the name Salisbury, as “Salesbyry” in the 1246 Assize Rolls of the county, and is so called from the Olde English “salh”, willow, with “burh”, a fortress (surnamedb com), the “willow” as glyph THERT, being their branch (or “cords”, see below) placed upón the eden-vine, and therefore carrying the fruits in the top of it’s boughs – as the “inbetween branch” (see pages);
      • – the number ’23’ as the odd one out.

A few years ago one of us had a living dream, coloured with a bright-blue as if a breathing sky, and a bright-red area below it, as if coughed-up blood; and the theme was “Osiris is collecting his fourteen parts”. In that year we was aware of the connection with Egypt, and had read about the story of “Osiris being mutilated by Set”, but had not even started to examine hieroglyphs themselves.

The following morning we learned that the coloured President had signed a new law into action, having signed it with “21 pencils”, and the logo context quite resembled the blue and red of the dream. However, in one of the months after this, another living dream showed “22 males, standing upon a battered earth, all reading judgement from the scrolls each one carried”; the understanding was that these twenty-two represented the 144,000. Since then we have had several Rituals until now related to ’21’; and though in the mean time we have learned that there are twenty-one SEBEKHT-stargates (and 14 ÁAT-regions), we still struggle to get a better understanding and location of those – for now it appears that the “22 males” can represent “one more” as their “21 gates”, and can be a reason why, in turn, the “23” is used now — being “one more as twenty-two”.

the cords
in the series we do now, and start posting soon, the theme “cords of speech” frequently returns; you can see the cord as the vertical curl, to right. Constantly, this cord – or cords – have to be “guarded”, other times mentioned as the THERT, ‘willow’; in the example to right, the “fat” are the “words to doorkeep” (the sitting deity + ÁRU); which are by “the cord(s) of words of he the speech by the q-axis”, QERFU+, in the pic starting with the triangle on top, as -Q. (the line above the pic continuing that it is “eden-speech of vulture-rule”, this stolen speech). We suspect that this inversed ‘cord’ is separated into 21 cords, kind of like an umbrella-idea, which form the 21 Sebekht-gates of the chalice, as each of the gates into which “speech is arriving”.


conclusion so far –

  • the “22 males were speaking“; you understand that we relate that immediately to the above; and ‘judgment’ implies the “willpower (of that speaking)” has returned: as the Ã- from glyph ÃT, “fat”. Our interpretation is that this Ritual searches the peoples “to expel the overpowering 22 (by making it 23)”; and though at the moment, for us the Legal relation concerning the 22-23 is not watertight, the overall themes and timing made us to consider to add this one to the list; and it still resides under the HETEP theme, eventhough “non-peace” is being used now.upd.: + 6 hrs now, and US “expels 19”, according to BBC, to right; in either case we keep circling around 20-21,

    upd.: + 7 hrs; UK defense minister Gavin Williamson blaring out “Russia should shut the fk up”, in context — which is Unheard of and showing how Canaan’s brutal pushing of his ritual — DieWelt de, to right; in Canaan’s Panicking they make a Legal Glitch here – and let’s hope it’s Fatal – to “shut the mouth”; remember all this is about “opening of the mouth (eden gate)”,

upd.: + 8 hrs: entire hoax shot to pieces:
“Earlier this year, the Pentagon informed Congress that it intends to spend up to $6 million under its Cooperative Threat Reduction program to demilitarize the so-called Chemical Research Institute, in Nukus, Uzbekistan. Soviet defectors and American officials say the Nukus plant was the major research and testing site for a new class of secret, highly lethal chemical weapons called ‘Novichok,’ which in Russian means ‘new guy.'” [NYT, Judith Miller, May 25, 1999 article]

us and uzbeks agree on chemical arms plant cleanup

upd.: +15 hrs: backtracking, already – DM, to right,

note the 1,05, writing NWO;
the video is absolutely true,
nothing has changed so far

26.2 Ritual #UPD: PeaceGames

– we saw the hyped and created so-called “North-Korean threat” the past two years, but now that it is morphed into the Peace Theme, since we are still at the H’ETEP. We haven’t watched the opening- nor closing ceremony, and depend on pictures and quotes from sources, but already the “unification of Dualism” stands out —

or rephrased, “the unification of their Dualism realm” as both Leviathan and Behemoth, represented in the Tao symbol, to right, as the flag of the host country. Factually, South and North Korea represent themselves both realms, as playout; and by connecting it to this visual event, again millions of souls subconsciously agree.


In link below this “unification of Dualism” returns in many pictures; the oiled wrestler, wearing the dual necklace; or the people approaching eachother into the blue sea, with Thoth’s flame watching over them, etc.



25.2 Ritual #UPD forty mummies

  • fourty mummies,
    we still are in the fourty-day-period up to their easter,
  • the god Thoth,
    as ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ who will be forced to destroy his own city of Õn, see page and page; so we have the presiding deity now connected tó these fourty days. In several articles is said how the name of one of them priests was “Djehuti-Irdy-Es”, and where they all read mistakenly the magically-dangerous double-slash-\\ for “i”, the presented title must be T’EH’UT\\ ÁRT\\ S, as ‘eye’ and ‘adamite-soul’, making “the adamite-soul’s / eye / (as) the perch-region of Thoth”;

the sun.co.uk
  • the place Minya
    probably as corrupted version of glyph MENÁ(T), “mooring-post”,
    related to the dead-bodies copulating, per MENÃ-glyph;
    that the city of the Oryx nome was a centre between upper and lower egypt,
    must be the same region as the ‘eye’ in ÁRT\\ S;
  • the ‘happy new year’:
    it is a bit Pathetic to claim that – the pictured mummy shows at its topside the four Horus
    sons with their names (and in the centre a column we cannot read from these pics),
    but you know enough by now to see that they certainly didn’t bother with Trivial things.
    Question is – why mention it?
The ‘year’ glyph is often RENPT, see right;
perhaps what is written upon the coffin is NEFERT UN TEP RENPT, which they read from left to right. You see the cherub-wheel is related to this glyph (top-right corner), as well to glyph TER- as “the eden-speech of Light, at place-T”, hence the related meaning is RENPU, “youthfulness, rejuvenate – by eden”, but now “at the place of their new-root -P”. Which is likely at the top of the Thoth perch-region.”(by the cherub-wheel) the light (as the year) / for rejuvenation / by eden-speech of Light / at place-T / of the new-root / for existence of speech” + TEP “main place-T (etc)”; added “…for becoming new, as place-T of beauty” – their northern doubled-place-T.

The past two, three weeks we prepared a new series of spells to post;
but we wanted to get Clear a number of concepts, including the above, and find their location;
but that requires to do many of them – in order to can distillate a sensible concept and area.
However –

the “New Year” we relate to the Haggai 2 ‘from this day onward’, as well to Luke 4:19,
“.. to proclaim the year of the Jubilee”, aka “the great year” or “main year” (tep renput);
and how curious that just before line 19 was the fourty days temptation in the desert….
CT411 “the doubled cherub-wheel / of the perch-region of Thoth”
in the series to be posted soon

Let’s see what will be next

1] screenshot https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5430077/Archaeologists-ancient-necropolis-Egypt.html
2] https://www.egyptindependent.com/photos-egypt-announces-large-discovery-of-26th-dynasty-cemetery-in-minya/


# Ritual UPD 17.2

Ash shooting, prev. page

credit, and next: DM

– you tell us.
Above shot as the newest article;

exactly — so do we.
Though we have some idea, right.
Meaning that the whole theme is now lifted into, and linked tó the realm it’s really about.
While today came the strong exhortation “to remain supportive of the theme of Lent – and don’t deviate,
don’t give in to fake-news” – see exhortation at vaticannews.va.

Two days ago, we posted the Feb. vid, as below, then changed it into the present one;
the original vid we had is below – we dont Lie: any taken screenshot will prove so.
“dancing with the demons……”
– It had no specific reason to post [the vid], but the theme was ‘in the air’ — you be the judge

credits in link
1] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5398625/Demon-voices-school-gunman-attack-cops-called-39-times.html#comments


Ritual #UPD 16.2: ash shooting

that was fast –
this can be considered as the previously lacking ‘peace theme’ ——
or is this about “the calling out for Peace, by the peoples themselves”
(to ‘do something about guns’), which is the real ritual here…?
Because msm is milking out again the horror

credit: DM


15/2 Ritual #UPD.: Ash Wednesday shooting

credit DM
Florida shooting Ash wednesday
– all our sincere condolences to the victims involved

yes we waited for the theme ‘peace’, and at first glance, this doesn’t appear to be related. However – we asked whether “we had to wait for 40 counter-days”, right now: and considered this timeframe, some signature stands out –

  • 1) cross: the name of the shooter
  • 2) cross: as the mark of the 14th, in Ash-wednesday; see woman in screenshot, where the forehead is ‘marked’ (as per Ezekiel), but now with Anubis-Vishnu’s attribute, ‘ash’; Ash-Wednesday as the starting-date of the 40 day period up to Easter, named Lent;
  • 3) cross: as integral part of the flag of Florida
  • 4) the ‘cross’ representing the copied-place-T at their split-off watercourse


Secondary included themes can be ‘Florida’, as “flowery (Easter)”, Easter being
the timeframe when these 40 days will end; the name ‘Parkland’, the city, as “Garden”,
and the school’s names including ‘Stone-‘, as “tile,rock”, and ‘Douglas’, “dark river”,
perhaps Watercourse; while the name Nicolas is a typical epithet of the Horus-spirits
(see ‘Nicolaitans’ in Revelation 2).

Not solid enough…? – perhaps: let’s just wait and see what will come next. You know we carefully weigh these things, because it is about ‘Legal Right’, and see screenshot; the quote making us wonder which ‘treasures’ are intended – those of the eden-stargate..? And why is ‘spiritual right’ so linked to these (their) forty days..?

14/15.1 – loNe

8.2 Ritual #UPD.: more Peace

– you know the root H’ETEP is “the peace (of Saturn)”; factually, the car launch and the H’etep theme are the same thing – just different wordings: the aspects offered in the field (foods glyph) are for the new root (‘Mars’); and compare above how “fasting” directly relates to the ‘foods glyph’.

It is ofcourse almost logical that “an institution like a church” is “calling for peace”, but the fact that the concept of ‘doubling’ is common in this institution (pic to right, and note theme),
and that the called day of Feb. 23 falls in the forty days of Lent, makes us wonder whether a ‘counter-40-days’ are starting…

1] all shots taken from vaticannews.va


Ritual 2.4.18 tomb H’etepet

‘discovery’ of the tomb of H’etepet – but why now?

livescience flickr

to left: mural in H’etepet tomb, as announced today

to right: seated H’etepet, bas-relief as false door;
Frankfurt, Liebighaus
“The tomb of a woman named Hetpet, who became a senior official in the royal palace, has been discovered in a cemetery on the Giza Plateau, archaeologists from Egypt’s antiquities ministry announced today (Feb 3).”
“One area inside the shrine may have held a statue of Hetpet, which is now missing, the archaeologists suspect. The archaeologists didn’t find a mummy inside the tomb, but it’s possible the mummy and statue were robbed in ancient times.” [1]

Or perhaps it’s this same one – coincidingly also ‘from the west field’ –

“The fragments belonging to the tomb of Hetepet are now housed in the Berlin Museum and the Liebieghaus Museum, however according to PORTER and MOSS the tomb was originally located at Giza, probably in the West Field. The limestone blocks are carved in raised relief and include: two false doors (both of which belong to Hetepet); the tomb owner on a pleasure cruise in the marshlands; Hetepet seated on a chair supervising a flax harvest; and two fragments of female figures, one group bearing offerings and the other carrying necklaces.” [2]
timing and goal
Every ‘discovery’ in egypt today is more meticulously planned and scripted then the hoax of the first moonlanding; and while at first sight this discovery could be linked to some political issue, for example “to show how stable the present country Egypt is again”, we look at the presented name H’ETEPT and the ‘dancing baboons’ depicted in the tomb, they want your attention at –

Where the H’ETEPI is Adam, you may guess who ‘the serpent goddess’ is: the same who imparted the ãnkh-life upon Ramesses II, in posted CT. The priestess H’ETEP-T, their represent of H’ETEPIT, was so important for them, that for example in the Sarenput II tomb, she got a seated place in the mural in a more important place then his own wife.
The baboons are getting nervous – the offerings to them are being stopped. That is why they require millions of adamite-souls to give them their energy again.

1] quotes from https://www.livescience.com/61648-ancient-egypt-tomb-royal-female.html
2] https://researchers.mq.edu.au/en/publications/dating-the-tomb-of-hetepet-from-giza