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h’etep crossing-over ritual

22 juni
an example — what is Sorcery ?
.. their whole realm works to keep our reality to be some vague Haze ,
so that your and our soul will not see nor understand a host of concepts :
we see all the time how God uses many examples to describe various themes ,
for He knows of course that “we have eyes but don’t see” [unquote].

It is crucial to remember “that God will act when your and our soul understand”,
almost as if the soul were a …’lightswitch’, giving God the legal right tó act .
In a far past , souls who háte God [and us] used a similar way of ‘declaring things’,
and by doing that , they caused our reality and soul to bé in the present Haze .
We know examples in the spells “these things. the adamite-soul. to know. nót.”,
and the legal nature of these type declarations influences our reality .

Second large problem are the translations of ancient texts ,
where not ‘just’ Scripture was [deliberately] covered in that same vague Haze,
but also óther texts were – which are much help fór to understand scripture .
An example , below a section of “ten declarations” (BD XV, scribe Ani) ;
first the “official translation” [by Budge] in cursive ,
“O grant thou unto me a path “whereon I may pass in peace, for I am just and true;
I have not spoken lies wittingly, nor have I done “aught with deceit.”

The entire section is shown below ,
but instead of left-to-right we will read now from right to left , starting at lower line ;
and see how our problem is twofold : a certain group of souls today is against God
[and us] , in the very same way like scribe Ani tells , in the example ;
and neither does the “official translation” help us ,


this line (10) reads :
“the 2nd (‘doubled’). cherub-wheel [to make the new-root] (sep). [was] made. nót. :
me. to knów. of [=as]. the lies (ger+). [and]. me. to say [them]. nót. the truth. ;
[lest] mine. (matrix-) peace. of [=for]. me. [would] stop. ,
[being] place-T of the split-off-watercourse. [for] [my] existence. thou. [are] giving. ;

(Ani is very difficult to read, because he often crosses-over stop-words (like ‘not’) :
he cannot say “I don’t know about the cherub-wheel”, because he dóes ,
hence “to know” crosses-over the “not”, and is the start of the next line , etc)
Posted from Het Report:



20 juni
we are going very well —
FOUND : the moon as (hebr.) athon donkey :

as glyph KHENSU-moon and UAS-sceptre
why is it important ?
because the sceptre is the source of their ãnkh-life ,
see to right how all deities hold that sceptre ;
Jer.2 : moon (of,as) the athon-donkey ;
writes : “send back the moon (of,as) the athon-donkey !”,
(Jer. 2 still unposted – cause we didn’t know which moon) ;
where the horny (female) donkey is an éden-aspect ,
having ran away to their north above eden ,
where she now dwells in the (ÁNT-) valley , at Thebes ;
hence the exhortation to us “send (you) her back ! (to eden)” ;

the UAS sceptre *is* the athon-donkey : ruled by Thebes ,
see depiction of the Uas-sceptre , to right ;
claimed to be “the Set-animal” but the large beak and ears
depict a stylized dónkey — namely as (hebr.) -athon ;
as the Aspect giving all them spirits ãnkh-life ;
this sceptre literally as the power of Thebes
(aka Mystery-Babylon) , see to right , “as KHENSU” ,

the moon coming fróm the cemetary below (eden) :
to right, start of CT 311 ; in CT 310 he (she the moon)
is described as “an (eden) deity who did nót die” —
because they need the aspects she gives , ofcourse ;
.. hence they re-named this eden-moon as the youthful
KHENSU (but as combined “KHEN+ (eden-aspect) SU”,
a combination we simply failed to see before ;

athon , ‘sign’, and the summer :
tomorrow the 21st starts summer ;
it cannot be coincidence that -athon (as the donkey)
is from the root -owth , “miracle, sign” ,
used as in “the sign for the house Ishral” (the 144,000) ;
but also related to “summer”, which is the timeframe
a major change will happen , according to Amos 8 ,
where showing the summerfruits is the start of change ,
(opposed to the line ‘summer ended and we are nót saved’) ;

to annul the vampiring ÃNKH-life of them spirits :
.. we saw in many chapters that “a statement of (our) soul
is required (like ‘let your voice be heared on high’) ;
in this case we DO send back her moon to eden again –
so that their realm won’t have ÃNKH-life no more .

we’ll post all relevant chapters this weekend

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January 1 , 2019
no, we have not forgotten RPT
but try to interpret the Egyptian themes according to Scripture ;
and (sadly,) that is costing much more time as we expected …
The same themes we fought with here , return in Scripture —
as ‘the ephah’ carried by Isis (ÁST) and Nephthys (NKHBT) ,
where indeed the ephah is Tutãnkhámen’s vase ,
see pages;
… but the positionings and details are just difficult to grasp .

We do recommend RPT’s sister-site het-report nl though :
in all chapters we included our (restored) first English version ,
and the notes are often with an English version – remembering you .
Please do understand ,
RPT was started in order to understand Scripture , not inverse —
and bý understanding the latter , it shows we have still but little time :
please do everything you can to escape the impending darkness ,
which is nothing else as the Egyptian realm descending on this earth

26.10: sending out letters

we’re most tired
and you wouldn’t believe the setbacks the past two weeks
How incredible Tiring is Canaan’s circus again,
sending “bomb letters” to himself,
fkng all of the people again with his deplorable and Pathetic lies and tricks

this present “sending out letters”
is not but just another intern smear-campaign within his own Dualistic rule –
and certainly doesn’t have to do anything with ‘internal politics’ —
for it is too coinciding with our fight to get the message Out

today’s presented Patsy, with the name “emperor, ruler” (caesar),
combined with the name – as far we traced – to the Sayaq peoples, a name for the
peoples who were in exile in N-Assyria, who remained a while in S-Russia, being skilled
in art and casting metal; moving into Europe later, then being called Saxons,
who took up their territory in N-West Europe during the mass-migration;
makes us the alleged sender of hurtful messages.
You will read the dream posted on the [this weekend to be posted] site and understand



10.18.: Ritual – the Dismembering of us, as class of demons

– next week we hope to go live with the site,
of which we know it will rock the christian world upside down;
this weekend we will show you who stayed with us as first the contents.
That said,
we do keep our eyes open in the mean time,
and factually it costed three days to reconfirm and check the below Ritual.

Straight out –
we here at RPT do not believe that the Saudi Prince ordered this type gruesome act;
for it does not make any Sense, for several reasons.
One of the main reasons is that the journalist was working for the NYT;
if there is one Corrupt “news source” then it is the NewYorkTimes:
compare their creation of the anti-report — see few Rituals back.

this very fact renders the entire rest of the presumed occurrences Invalid:
the gruesome events but being suggested in order to get maximum attention.
No-one would be that stupid to silence any “opponent” in this way:
therefore it was meant to be “found out and be horrended upon”.

The name of the suspected victim relates to -kasag , old-Russian; cossacks;
kasak (old-Persian); but always related to to the Caucasian region as old-Iranian.
When we go to Sanskrit – as the core of Iranian and Slavic – then we find the root
k-S-k , where the -S is a -sh:
kashoka “a class of demons” AV ( in Rg-Veda as yâtu-dhâna’s)” [unquote].

where -yâtu is “sorcery, witchcraft, fiend, enemy, demon” RV,
and -dhâna “containing, holding, receptacle, seat” RV, from root verb -dhA;
as “the receptacle of the enemies’ witchcraft”.
who could those be …?

The suggested “dismembering” in this Ritual is a crucial Clue:
hinting at the dismembering of the 144,000 – which is ofcourse crucial to Them.
You please ponder all the above.
but, considered what is coming up ,
we decided this extraordinary Occult Ritual was done because the game is On.


Upd. + 3 days
“CNN has obtained exclusive law enforcement surveillance footage, part of the Turkish government’s investigation, that appears to show the man leaving the consulate by the back door, wearing Khashoggi’s clothes, a fake beard, and glasses.” 1]

Please understand the reverse psychology here:
this article does not confirm “that he was killed”,
but declares that the whole story is a Setup –
since the Giveaway here is, ofcourse,
the suggesting of “foul play and trickery”:
to be immediately understood by those in the know.

Perhaps we didn’t point out enough clear the yama
[as adam] connection, and the report[er] theme,
but we guess you already understood,



01.10.: defensive Ritual – Vatican calls for protection against “spiritual turbulence” this October

a few days more and we can go live, see to right, and will finish the English version as well. The dreamvision of 2009 you see at the blue popup button was about darkened Europe and the angel Michael standing up; something we connect to the Report as message.

“Vatican City, Sep 29, 2018 / 08.23 am (CNA). – Pope Francis has asked all Catholics to pray the rosary during the month of October, asking Mary and St.Michael to intercede for the protection of the Church in a moment of “spiritual turbulence”.
A Sept. 29 statement from the Vatican said that pope Francis had recently affirmed that prayer “is the weapon against the great Accuser who “goes around the world seeking to accuse.” Only prayer can defeat him.”
[…] The Russian mystics and the saints of all great traditions advised, in moments of spiritual turbulence, to shelter beneath the mantle of the Holy Mother of God,” the statement added. […] The statement also encouraged the prayer of Sub Tuum Praesedium.”

“The pope did not specify the “spiritual turbulence” to which he referred.”
Pope Francis also encouraged that Catholics end the rosary with the recitation of the prayer to St.Michael the Archangel, composed by Pope Leo XII.”

Only at a very superficial glance this sounds all valid; and millions will heed it.
But it is Nonsense to not specify whát then is this “spiritual turbulence”, and you and we know that ofcourse the answer is in this message itself.

Accuser and accusing are from Latin -ad (to, towards, at) and -causa (cause, reason, account, lawsuit) [2], which is also what the legal Report is: people will correlate the verse automatically to Satan, péople will relate the verse automatically to Satan, but the line on purpose don’t! You remember that in one of the posted chapters it writes “and the hands of the king of Babylon [Thoth] will tremble by hearing of the report”; this is why millions are called to support the king now.
This Sub tuum Preasidium comes from an Egyptian (Coptic) Papyrus of the late 3d century AD, and immediately the Ritual link is present . To right you see Isis holding out her cloak as this Matrix, so all people will stay in it — exact the opposite as the Report calls for: namely to “go out and find Eden’s reality”.

We’re still on track.



credits in link


16.09.: the false-report to be forced upon the US

“FEMA to test ‘presidential alert system’ next week. President Donald Trump may soon be communicating with you directly on your phone — even if you don’t follow him on Twitter. Next Thursday, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will do its first test of a system that allows the president to send a message to most U.S. cellphones. More than 100 mobile carriers, including all the major wireless firms, are participating in the roll out, FEMA stated in a message on its website posted Thursday. [….] Experts expressed little concern that the wireless emergency alerts could be used for political purposes.” [1]
City of Copell

…. obviously , for some reason it is very important that these ‘messages’ reach the public , and we don’t think it is far fetched to read “a report” instead of “message” ; our problem is not “with a system which can warn people (for matrix problems)” , but with this “exclusive version , linked to a metaphysical Theme” . Because why isn’t it good enough when these messages will be sent by ‘the white house’ , or under whatever general state nomer…? How many type ‘alerts’ the peoples really need..? The last line (about the ‘experts’) is not even true from their own point of view – it was already forbidden to use that service for anything else but disaster warnings (sic) , we do sense the line was added to make sure nothing ‘political’ (read: metaphysical) is going on .

“The wireless emergency alerts (WEA) system was authorized by Congress in 2015 under a law that states the ‘system shall not be used to transmit a message that does not relate to a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or other man-made disaster or threat to public safety.’ “You can opt-out of receiving WEA messages for imminent threats and AMBER alerts, but not for Presidential messages.”

– so why go juxtapose “warnings relating to natural disaster and acts of terrorism etc.” with “presidential messages”..? – for by implication they should (!) be the same . We’ll have to wait for the first ‘message’ still , and what it’s report-related context will be ; but we have already a suspicion about the colour it will have . Also , the large screen with Big Brother suddenly appearing (1984 movie) is getting Close : to our knowledge this is the first time since this information age , that people will have literally no free choice of either accepting or rejecting a specific content . Sad !



UPD.: + 10 hrs :

(for those of you who just entered the site :
“the Report” is a concept in Scripture, as “the ignition of the days of the end (or end-time)”, caused “by understanding scripture rightly” – unlike until now . This understanding, as truth, will cause their matrix to “tremble” (“the King of babylon [Thoth] will tremble by hearing the report”, see page), because it will Inverse their present matrix-day-reality into the Eden-dawn-reality, as Revelation describes ; being the inversion they always feared would happen. The fake-report is a ritual attempting to drown the Report to the candidates for the 144,000.)

continuing the update :
“Addressing a senior administration official’s anonymous, critical op-ed in The New York Times, Trump claimed it had “backfired”. “Unelected, deepstate operatives who defy the voters to push their own secret agendas are truly a threat to democracy itself”. Trump said.” [1]
– let that sink in a moment .
The hint to ‘deepstate’ is False – since the writer (representing us) made quite clear how he is nót representing (Canaan’s own) deepstate, [but that he is representing us].
“He called on the newspaper to reveal the author’s name .”For the sake of security, the New York Times should publish his name at once”, trump said. “I think reporters should go and investigate who he is. That would actually be a good story.” [1]
– yes it would ; but you can be sure that Canaan will keep the real story hidden in Rituals. Note how the context here is about (this reality’s) ‘security’ ;

Fox: “it is, without question, a colossal act of political disloyalty, a self-aggrandizing boast
of the highest order, and a melding of the resistance with the media.” [2]

melding: to declare or announce (a card or combination of cards) for a score in a card game, especially by placing face up on the table (cambridge Dictionary); therefore it is not un-fair to read: “the resisting Report (ours) has shown its cards”, where the Report is ‘boastful’ and ‘unloyal’ to this matrix. But ofcourse.

“Deep State Throat (….) is trying to quietly stop the president [the false-report, loNe] from wrong-headed decisions, why brag about it in a national newspaper, knowing it will but infuriate Trump and make such efforts far more difficult ?” [2]
– because this being the Occult Ritual; the ‘deep throat’ comes close to the “And I will give you opening of the mouth”;
“Still , the president may have been too eager to take the bait. Much of the country doesn’t care what’s on the Times op-ed page . By lashing out and by launching an internal inquiry, Trump has boosted the story into the stratosphere (along with endless guessing-game stories.” [2]
True – most of adamite-souls do not understand this Ritual. But we dó; and yes, it is intended “to boost its importance until the stratosphere”.

We but observe.




09.07.: Ritual – declaring the existence of two reports

That was about time .
You know that it is all a set-up, the whole ‘NYT op-ed’,
so let’s look at the terms being used, and the line of thought. What is presented to the public here, is “an anonymous op-ed”; the term ‘op-ed’ meaning “a written prose as the opinion of another, who is usually not part of the publisher’s editorial board” – Though not so phrased, the term ‘report’ is virtually identical.

Second is the setup of the NYT article [whole vid in link below];

  • – the piece is written by the same group as Woodward belongs to (publishing the anti-trump book), since it mentions the same themes;
  • – ofcourse it has nothing to do with ‘November elections’, that is but the superficial setting to the public of this whole created Dialectic scheme. Note how the author writes “he is not of deepstate” (read: not of Esau’s deepstate who wrote this; esau admitting here that indeed such a construct exists, but knowing that people anyway don’t understand what it’s about); but “he is one who cares” (as a colour of character). He continues “that this is written in the legacy of mcCain” (thereby contradicting previous deepstate), “but that mcCain is no longer with us”, concluding “but we will always have (…) a lodestar restoring honour”. From -deepstate to -mcCain to -lodestar.

You see the buildup ?
It’s always a red flag, when strange terms like these are used –
lodestar: 1. a star, especially the Pole Star, used to help find direction
2. an example or principle that people want to follow (Cambridge dictionary), where -lode is now-archaic Old-English for “way, course, journey”.
The occult Ritual became like this now:
“the false report (Trump)” versus “the anonymous Op-Ed (opposing report) which cares about the way (say, to Eden) people could want to follow”.

Ofcourse this created ‘opposition’ is also dialectically divided:
CaNaaN supporting the validity of this anonymous report (=we); Herod’s Fox pitching both reports against oneanother; in links below.
So let’s see what will be next .
(why not just write lone star ?)


3] fox headers –
Here are all the Trump officials claiming they’re not the author of anonymous NY Times op-ed
LIZ PEEK: Anonymous Times op-ed won’t unravel Trump’s victories on the campaign trail
LAURA INGRAHAM: New York Times’ op-ed and the unrelenting vendetta against Trump – RIP journalism


08.31.: Ritual – the false report being blessed

yes we are working
– but something is very Off, the past two, three days. yes we saw the article, two days ago [1], but we [perhaps] underestimated the Effect of it – realmwise; we only can conclude that something is very wrong Just before was the false ‘warning’ of Dobson to [Western] christianity, but now, this honeytrap definitely “urges to make a decision”, and the whole colour is “… to support the false report”. It is Toecurling how [them leaders representing] western christianity, are used to go convey the same message to their sheeple now: thinking they [themselves!] obtained some decisive power, they now “bless the false report” overtly, representing their millions of [serious but simple believing] sheeple; now having caused them souls to go choose

something has changed – something is very wrong — we’re sorry





UPD. Ritual – the false report being blessed + 10 hrs

– at the outskirt of some (eastern-Europe) city,
a very small road was leading into the mountains.
Between the old pinetrees the road started to slope rather steep upward,
I passed the round sign “30”, standing on the right;
because an almost 90 degree roadturn was up next.
After that, the road was so steep i had to climb it on all fours,
with the (now small) car on my back, to can take it with me;
the road turned into but a fallen tree as road, at a 45 degree angle,
then a series of objects which were seemingly haphazard placed there
to ‘get the idea of it being a road’, also a children’s skelter.

It became a normal road again – ending upon a mountain plateau,
perhaps of a few square miles wide, with only here and there a shrub.
I passed a house seemingly built in the 19th century, at the balcony
stood a mother and her very small (Vedic?) girl, named Rama(?).
Now walking on i understood that similar road as I had taken, must go
down at the opposite side of the wide plateau.
(and a vague section – where I found a rusted plough; and a small
family-meeting of maternal side, in primitive conditions)

-we needed to know what was Off;
yet it seems we’re still on Track; just in an unknown territory –
the ‘city’ is “the land of the Assyrian”; the steep road upward
“the bent road outside the inner-court to North”; then by consequence
‘the plateau’ is “the wilderness north” (Hebr.-midbar).
The ’30’ must relate to the ’30 poles construct’
(as perhaps the following non-road sections?),
and the 90 degree turn as the ‘thigh’ in the spells?;
the Vedic girl and mother perhaps as their root-region (Hebr. -raamah),
but related to the m-realm north, personified as vedic Râma ?).
That at the opposite side a road went downwards can be glyph RET’
carrying this plateau (the ‘Zorro standing on two horses’ concept).

anyway… – the above may seem Nonsense to you,
but considered the scripture chapter of “us going North, tabernacling
at the highway (to the wilderness)”, it is an enough good indication
that we still seem go well; and I’m grateful He showed.



08.15.: ritual – Italy’s highway to the wilderness

we were waiting for themes about ‘the Report’ — last week we considered the ritual of Infowars ‘closing’, and hesitated to by its consequence: the article by Dobson to American believers, named “warning to America” [1] [since ‘warning’ is a type report – yet ofcourse this was a False one: as an antique Revolutionary War mindset, giving wrong solutions];… perhaps we should have – link is added below.

the tragedy which happened yesterday did catch us – not just for the used names, but also for it’s complete Improbability. Being somewhat familiar with Construction, we don’t buy the ‘worn out’ theme, especially not when the one thing that cánnot collapse… was the pylon; and fortunately some independent specialists speak up, as well, [2]

The pylon as double-triangle is in itself so strong, that it could not even be pulled down by its adjacent parts falling down. You see in the video some clear flashes, then [the shadow of] the whole pylon coming down: upón the adjacent parts of the bridge, implying the centre of the carrying pillar has been targeted. Now, ‘lightning’ is a non-option: it is absolutely Senseless.

  • – Genoa, from ‘Janus’, the two-faced deity, Thoth;
  • – where Thoth is “the king of Babylon” [torso], also as “the city”,
  • – the river beneath the bridge, named Polcevera, from “perch” and “salmon”, turning the theme to glyph “Thoth perch”, to right; this standard ÁAT as the region of the raised-cord [to doubled-place-T], T’EH’UT being Thoth; [additionally ‘salmon’ can be ‘wise judge’ – but we skip that],


credits in link

  • – the bridge connects two lands [from Italy to the French Riviera], as is the region of the Torso, between eden-land and the North,
  • – the bridge named “Morandi”, after it’s deviser, root -mor, -moor as “wilderness”, compare the English term [moor or moore]; or the term used for the hostile Arabs in first centuries, the wild ones,
  • – the “highway (to the North)” is described in several [posted] chapters; also “for the righteous one to go that way tó the north”, that north as “the wilderness” (Hebr. -midbar, ‘to rule m-realm’),
  • – this king of Babylon connected to “roads”, see previous posted;
  • – and “a highway as a bridge” is certainly a proper depiction, crossing over their Torso region – soon to be the Hamon-Gog valley,

Too much..?
yesterday dreaming that “20 would arrive, but i had no food to give them” [no posting because we learn Sanskrit, right now?], so we are very close to “the 22 reading judgment from a scroll [as report]”; therefore we hold on to this interpretation – for Thoth has less then one year left




08.03.: no – the fish souls will not escape.

“Pope Francis has approved a new revision of paragraph number 2267 of the catechism of the catholic church, according to which “a new understanding has emerged of the significance of penal sanctions imposed by the state,” thus “the death penalty is inadmissible”[1]

Well – it’s denied. This HQ of fish-souls will not change the rules of the eden-land (the ‘state’); please do note the play on words, since they claim to be ‘a state’, as well; combined with their “new understanding” – read: of their situation, right now.

As successors of the Roman Emperors, you murdered hundreds of thousands of marvellous first-time christians, followed by 2000 years of your Concocted ‘wars’ and related traps to the West.

So Be It.




07.24.: Toronto, Greektown, and the fires in Greece

dailysabah com

… oftentimes we – you and we – have a most unthankful job: to interpret events, without sounding like the next-door lunatic: yes people die when tragedies happen, but often these stories have no personal relation, however tragic they all ofcourse are;…but this one is different

… we’ve read close to crying the “finds of groups of charred people, having cuddled together unable to escape the approaching fire”; – it are the type scenes we are accused of and intimidated with day and night, perhaps that is why this touches upon another level..

we just observe,
but headlines as to right make us nervous – why is even mentioned the term “… biblical proportions” ? Why that much attention given to “deliberately started fires” ?, the suggested reason for the deliberate starting not holding any water

“biblical proportions”
the rule of their realm switched to the starting West via Greece (and only later through the emperors and Vatican, until this moment); the photo above, showing the parthenon engulfed by fire, as very telling – and in our opinion, as a most deep Archetype. The very addition (or suggestion, or whatever you like to call it) that “these fires were kindled deliberately”, linked with the Acropolis theme, causes a mourning for the Acropolis — a mourning for Greece as HQ…the link with “the mourning merchants over fallen babylon (this earth) is really not unimaginable, nor Weird in this context

– yes we learned that these type fires occur in Greece in summer, as the one in 2007 costing a considerable amount of lives — but that isn’t the point: that ‘it happened before’ does not exclude that this time it can be a Ritual

Toronto shooting in ‘Greek-town’
ofcourse there are a lot of ‘deranged people’ around but we couldn’t help noticing the specific “Greek-town suburb”, where “Toronto” (as we saw previously) is “stakes of a Net’, glyph SEKHT, into Sekhet-Áaru fields – in our interpretation correlated to “Mystery Babylon”, as their HQ ruling this earth being “Babylon” (aka greece).

The name of the perpetrator, “good” and “separator between good and evil”, was factually “judging Greece” (greek-town) working for Sekhet-Áaru: turning “the present burning of Athens (earth Babylon)” into another Ritual, in order to prevent it’s real destruction – soon.

Yes, we’re always triple-checking if we’re not overdoing [things like this]: but we feel, considered the themes, the colour and the timepressure, that this Ritual should be Valid

food for your thought
before you conclude that we “are the ones turning things in what they aren’t”, please consider our way of reasoning — through the years we have often noticed that “this certain religion” declares something, after which “politic events” happen (between countries), which seem unrelated (to the declared themes) – yet in fact are very much related.

In this case, the speech about “criminal world leaders texting things to cause discord”[2] came two(!) days before the – total unnecessary and irrelevant – ‘twitter fight’ between ‘Iran’ and ‘the US’; while at that moment there was no reason for those words, because, to the outside world, Kim already complied, etc etc.
Yet one day later their completely controlled ‘Iran’ started to throw around Baits. We know the type Instigation this king of the North (Vatican) causes, ruling every country by having the oldest Legal (worldly) rights, quite like “Edom, who caused then stood by while strangers carried off Jacob’s wealth”: that is the goal and nature of this ‘institution’ – of fish-souls.
“the right / judgment (over Greece, as earthly Babylon) (by Sekhet-Áaru as HQ Babylon)” in Toronto, namely “to be burned-up by fire” (the Acropolis), in order to escape the real judgment —- supported by the emotions of millions of souls, who mourn for that loss:

you tell us, please – considered this final year timeframe…..?


1] pic and quotes:


well – we waited that connection to “the world to end”, already. Next colour they should glue to this must be some timeframe, say, “a year” or something similar….


07.19.: new foundation law revoked within 1 day

we really don’t want to waste much time on this:

  • A. The land of Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people, in which the State of Israel was established
    Anulled – go back to your homeland Edom.
  • C. The state emblem is a seven-branched menorah with olive leaves on both sides and the word ‘Israel’ beneath it
    Anulled – lampstand is ours; keep your 7-headed dragon.
  • 3. Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel
    Anulledyours was and will be Babylon.
  • A. The state’s language is Hebrew
    Anulled – yes we saw your translations: Canaanite is your mothertongue.

that egyptian sorcery star and other side issues you can keep.

07. 22. upd.:

‘Addressing a gathering of Iranian diplomats, Rouhani said: “Mr Trump, don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret,” the state new agency IRNA reported. “America should know that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” Rouhani said.’

we cannot tell you the core –
but trust us that the used attributes fit the ‘report’
– note the “tail” in now posted chapters,

1] Iran’s Rouhani warns Trump about ‘mother of all wars’

1] source and via:


07.23 UPD.:
… in the past decade, everytime this ‘israel’ started one of their
wars again, we felt the sphere (our reality) becoming more Dark,
due to the massive energetic support many christians gave again
to that stumblingblock disguising as that country.
This morning started similar – oppressive, accusing,
as if their hedge between us and eden got reinforced

let’s be honest: there is no reason why ‘Iran’ would declare again
things as they did – since they all but play to be ‘enemies’ of eachother;
all governments, not one excluded, are in Canaan’s bed, anyway.
Iran played our attribute before;
then you also understand what is really being said,
as we are called “hypocritical holy men” and “wolves in sheep’s clothing” [2];
being said…. by the conflicting report.

you think we’re overdoing it…?




19.07.: the Report – and the discrediting ‘report’

screenshots taken from foxnews vid

Allright…. let’s phrase this carefully – according to what we have read so far, the Report (see June 5) leads us to interpret “that we have less then a year, still”. We do not back Down on this – but we neither want to hype some oneliner, since the whole theme is absolutely personal interpreted.

the Roman army
half a year ago we wondered why this candidate was made POTUS, and found that “the name derives from a ritual in Rome of olden, where the triumphing army, having returned from a victorious battle, now paraded in front of the emperor, showing that the right order (as pax romana or the status-quo of peace) was secured again”. Though Thoth’s type “order”, we left it at that.

the report as ‘triumph’
realizing the importance, we saw the “Gazette attack” in this light, yet wondered why no further Rituals showed up over this major theme. POTUS visited the UK, arriving with harsh statements, withdrew them the next day – and though we saw the carefully crafted chaos, we didn’t understand what would be their goal.

Three days ago, a weird dream, where POTUS was a half-asleep (?) police officer, his patrol car slowly rolling out towards mine, stopping right in front of it; and this same thing happened three times during the dream. I’m not interested in their circus, therefore don’t dream these persons; but a red flag went up – because I learned that “officers” (or customs, or any of those official types) always represent “hateful spirits”: the rest of that day wondering whether the event of parading soldiers could be equaled with a term as “report”… and the answer was positive.

required attributes for discrediting the report
many people are tired of Canaan’s social-engineering each Western country, and wait very much for any leader to stand up, saying what they think – this one occasionally does: therefore people listen to the report. We consider that analogy valid.

At first sight, the carefully crafted situation of “him VS his opponents” could be an utter form of Hegelian dialectic, with the goal to install a third mindset to the people: for example suggesting the Nonsense that ‘deep state’ is being fought, or any other combination of groups. What we observe, is the start of certain attributes being glued to the ‘report’ theme – as “report derangement”, “the report incorrects (the record)”, a “flip-flop (report)”, or any other combination but with the same subconscious Basic message; as are the metaphysical attributes being attached to this theme, like “higher (ends of) intelligence” – and we are sure this will expand. To not be misunderstood: we have nothing whatsoever against the man, but we sure can imagine a soon to be (created) Gaffe, through which hundreds of millions of souls will turn away in disgust about ‘the report’. We are attent.



29.06.: Ritual – to stop the Report
*our condoleances to families of victims*

Perhaps a new method is being applied – after two attacks on Dutch newspaper offices (one with an anti-tank rocket) now this Annapolis. At first sight it appears as if “free press is under attack”, linking this to the Fake News section – yet several aspects don’t add up.

We consider to interpret this the other way around: the shooter is ‘us’.

  • – the “gazette”;
    literally as ‘a report’; events described on a piece of paper and distributed in the city, as early as the 16th century; here added the ‘capital’, read “main report”;
  • – fingertips, too bizarre for words – who would think that would help ? but when ‘damaged’ then ‘unable to type (a report)’, see next,
  • – the names; first “the branch”, next “descend, descend (visit upon), go down (defeat)”, and “animal enclosure”; where the latter is the flock of adamite-originals, and we the branch descending to them;
  • – prayer;
    considering the theme: “I’ve heared that Pres.Trump sent his prayers. I’m not trying to make this political right? But we need more then prayers” [1]
  • – Mary and Anna,
    less clear; Mary from egyptian MER ‘pyramid and fiery lake’, as region; combined, the report, as fortress (because at present théir translation) is being defended. Needless to say “that millions of souls want him imprisoned (or dead)”; the real mystery however, is how Thoth always succeeds to set up events using people and names – and no that isn’t inverse logic.


UPD.: + 10 hrs:
it is not just a sidenote, but the main colour of the article (pic to right), though the subject of the ritual is ofcourse ‘we’. Well done; for next time we expect an even more clear Hint.

You see (in the comments) how much effect the social engineering has, sadly, by creating non-issues (firearms, migration, etc) and driving the people back into some antique Revolutionary War mindset (which is also the goal of articles like this); unaware to see that the engineering itself IS the ritual; let alone this specific one.

So – if this “dark, deluded, psychotic lunatic” (=we) had an issue with the mentioned sacrificial victim, then why he stepped into the Gazette office; while the victim started to work for another newspaper already…?

1] pic and article – Piers Morgan on America gun laws – see reader comments

UPD.: + 16 hours:

UPD.: + 16 hours: there is really no juxtaposition here: just a glitch in Canaan’s matrix. The entire “Fake News theme” was devised by them to get the peoples divided and harmless; yet the very theme now being “the report” is backfiring their goals: hence the drawback.

You ‘d like to understand why the back-and-forth statements..? Be sure that Canaan knows that he has “but one year”, after the start of declaring the report (jer.6 page); hence the turn into “reporters (sic) can be good people”.

1] pic and article – Trump claims respects reporters



22.6.: ex-banker Nomi Prins speaking out on the hyper Bubble
“These illusionists have altered the nature of the financial system and orchestrated a de facto heist”….”So this has been a massive, not just transfer of wealth, this was a massive creation of new wealth to transfer, in a way, in an amount, that has never been undergone, throughout a global effort, ever.” [1]

1] Nomi Prins: The central banking heist has put the world at risk, audio interview

06.16.: Fake News – creating a Parallel reality

just for a reminder, please. Canaan won’t make again the mistake to have his many MSM stations to read-out the same scripted text as ‘news messages’ (see Fake News main page); but even then you will recognize that similar themes are still presented at the same time, which are factually linking to one another.

The social Engineering is getting in overdrive, now – below in the DM link a total non-informative article about “the mysterious Bilderberg meeting”, not intended as serious journalism, but as Canaan throwing a bone to see what the commoners are responding to this theme – the comments being the Barometer for the public opinion. Of course ‘Bilderberg’ is a non-theme: being a meeting, where the Lowest of Canaan’s footsoldiers are being dictated what the policy to be carried-out is for the next year – yet the effect this “Bilderberg news” has upon people, is that they fail to see the general conspiracy; mistaking “the Bilderberg” to be “the enemy of ‘Trump (and Brexit)'”, while it is fkn Obvious that all of those are in the same Camp.

The second link below (of CNN) shows that Canaan’s goal is (since MSM works together) to create a (non-existing) difference between “Bilderberg” (read, Canaan) and “Trump” (Canaan): portraying ‘Trump’ as “the hero who thinks independently”, suggesting he is not part of NWO; and sadly this Trick works tremendously, reflecting in the comments in DM. You will notice the most suggestive picture [2] where the one leader sits down, while the created hated-puppet-leader leans with two arms upon the desk, in front of him, as if bullying: many kudos for the servant who ordered this picture-pose of all of them.

In the meantime, of course, we here look in the opposite direction, when ‘news’ as this appears: namely to the real “king of the North” (being the types wearing that fish-hat), because Canaan throwing out these phishing-articles is an interlude that the real ruler – the fish-soul religion – is concocting something, or some event. Please remember that we predicted (Fake News page), that their Dualistic “presented enemies” in MSM to you will get to become so Insane, Bizarre and concocted, that the only safety for the soul will be a sure Faith.


3] main pic – truthhunter com



06.13.: UPD.: “hidden messages in Trump-Kim summit”
vid dont run by me; or

the title is not our words, but theirs, [1];
and though this theme is being presented for fun&giggles, it is their hint for you to go see that there is meaning behind all their actions. Well – factually that is what we here do constantly, anyway: are we then the crazy ones imagining things, when they show you that there are subliminal meanings behind their events..?

‘within one year’
we stress again that this Korea ritual became invalid – by their own words “that it’s called Off”; nothing will change that declaration, and it’s Valid – in spite of their Circus now. We are always careful to state anything posted — but from sources we were informed that the present, created ‘financial bubble’, (as the present system of financial markets, yet based upon nothing but Thin air), “being artificially maintained”, is so “Overheated”, that “it will Fall within the next year”, “in spite of the artificial constructs making it appear as if all is going well”. Those are not our words

Familiar as we are with all the (fake-) conspiracy-type-sites, we realize very well that this is dangerous ground to address, many false alarms and concocted alarms have been sent out, until now, often with the goal (of them troll sites) to cause but general lethargy and/or Mistrust. We do not – because any false ideas we would present would immediately Rob us from the legal aspect – the latter being the only aspect we care about and hold onto. We just state that we heard “bubble”, “financial”, exploding” and “year” in one line – and all we do is to combine everything in what we read.

surely to be continued soon,



06.10.: worldwide ritual – launching the 144,000 lightworkers

credits in link

… we realize that the explanation may appear ‘searched’ – but just hold on. Who decides a theme like this, and to be actively played by hundreds of millions of souls ? And again loaded with archetypes – all “just for the fun of it”.. ?

dwarfs theme
if you are familiar with this site, several things immediately stand out:

  • – the great balance, at the start; as the -T,
  • – the process of moulding the image (doubled image) because painting it Up; we first considered the dwarfs to be adamite-souls, because of the furnace,
  • – the goal of the game “to sling them as far Out possible”, even into space (‘butterflies can take you higher’), see page [1]
here made to relate to the dwarfs (people),
as producing them;
term said from root -tiu, as in tue-sday; Tiu being an ancient Germanic deity, equated with norse Tyr. The name either derives from Hermanduri (the earliest Germanics as three tribes – we consider Noachite notion here), as -descendents (-ing) of the [herman-] (duri), dur-ing or thur-ing; Tiu- as French ‘dieu’, Sanskr. Dya, into Greek theos-s and Latin deu-s; etc; [we can even ask here whether Tyre, Õn, was intended in the doodle].

norse Týr
norse mythology is worded different, but contains exact the same themes as Rg-Veda and egyptian spells. Týr as son of Tui-sto, divine ancestor of the Germanic peoples, having PIE-root *twai as “doubled” (glyph KA), compare doubled-image and deu-s. The story of Týr is “to fetter the large wolf Fenrir (eden gate)”, and the second attempt to do that is only agreed upon by the wolf, when someone of the Asir gods will put a hand in the wolf’s mouth, and Týr does; and the magical ribbon called Gleipnir, produced by dwarfs, is bound around the wolf; yet the wolf biting Off Týr’s hand. This is not the place to compare Norse mythology – but you’ll see the attributes are the same: the river flowing from the wolf’s mouth; the pole placed in his mouth so it stays opened (opening of mouth); the one hand eaten being the new-hand, making Týr the same as Dumizu (in diagrams page) aka Osiris – whose hand álso got cut-off by Isis; Gleipnir being “the snare in the eden-gate” (or alternatively the Khetem-seal), etc.

launching the fish-souls
it is an Active ritual; the T-rune (as our -T) is related to Týr; see the balance at the start of the video, as their rule of the dimensional centre – wanting the help of millions of adamite-souls to shoot-out from here their 144,000 fish-souls, first.


06.11.: UPD.
that gnome theme must be very important to Canaan,
being put up for the second day in a row, as doodle.

2] (picture from)ýr

6.15.: UPD.: Bennu bird guarding earth

the peoples (as the 144) inside the geodesic dome; the phoenix (as the fiery k- and q- axis) watching over the dome, together with his guards – as the peoples holding the shields; the “middlefinger event” we take “to generate even more attention to this ritual”.

31.05.: the 14 cardinals as Osiris’ 14 regions – Ritual for 29.6.

…before you think we Lost it, please try follow the below; we carefully consider these type posts – but they require some context: back in the year when former POTUS signed the healthcare-law, using 22(!) different pencils to sign it, I woke with the vivid dream, saying “Osiris is beginning to collect his fourteen parts, right now”. At that time, we did not even stárt the glyphs; and didn’t know how to understand that clear sentence in the dream, nor what to do with it.

Back to 2018;
none of us here at RPT are hypochondriac – but today, the devastating sadness affected each of us; causing to wonder the reason for it.

their doubled-root and 14 regions
…yes we saw that the Vatican announced, past May 20 already, “in June 29 to create 14 new cardinals, each of whom express the “universality” of the Church”, [1], where (apart from the number 14) the ‘creating’ caught our attention – knowing how this powerseat is “doubling”; compare two present popes. Declared at May 20 (last day of the crossing-over festival, popular as ‘easter’), “the new cardinals from the Diocese of Rome also show the inseparable link between the see of Peter and the particular Churches spread throughout the world”. [1] Yes we understand that this type organization appoints people, and yes we saw the graphs – but the reason given here is “locality”, if not “expanding locality”; and combined with the fourteen and the “to create”, we consider this Linked – as creating their “fourteen ÁAT regions”, doubled from Eden’s seven regions. Our timeframe ends at firstfruits (‘pentecost’), around July 10, the +50 days related to and following upon the crossing-over (may 14th).

doubled root
but we have a serious problem. You know that their “creating money out of thin air” (what the banks of this matrix do), is from the same concept as the KA-doubling, which this institution (spiritually) does. But – in order for them to can double, they need our attribute (representing this double-root) to Fail;
because they only have legal right to go double, when “our person”, representing this attribute, is failing — and all day today that was the theme and the sadness

…so, because of the (even to us) strange importance, we replaced the attribute from the failing soul upon a sweet girl from the past; she having all the aspects to can carry this double-root aspect; without any doubt. And she can do it. We realize that you think all of this is Insane – but it *has* to be said, for now; and trust us please – we will explain it, asap


screenshot: CNN

pic: flashback magazine; credits in vid link


26.05.: Ritual – the symbolism of the presented coat of arms

– allright;
please look at the coat of arms using the official descriptions, and consider what yóu make out of it, by the presented features; at the end of this post we’ll tell what we see.

  • -“The duchess’ Supporter (holder of the shield) is a songbird with wings elevated as if flying and an open beak, which with the quill represents the power of communication. It has Prince Harry’s gold coronet around it’s neck.”
  • – “Beneath the shield on the grass sits a collection of golden poppies, California’s […] flower, and wintersweet, which grows at Kensington Palace.”
  • – “The blue background of the shield represents the Pacific Ocean off the California coast, while the two golden rays across the shield are symbolic of the sunshine of the Duchess’s home state.”
  • – “The three quills represent communication and the power of words. It is understood that this refers to her career as an actress and activist.” [1]

The many Brilliant comments about how the crest could have been designed also, show that people do sense that something is Off here (see link); the clue is still “the play-out of uniting their house and house-H”.

  • – the flowers are not important: just being “this earth”, where both animals stand;
  • – the lion’s side is the lion as matrix-rule; in one of the four quarters is shown the harp, typical symbol of David, as this lion now ruling the original-adamite-throne. You could read the poem of William Blake, a gnostic, titled “and did those feet in ancient time”, desiring the UK as ‘Jerusalem’; so important is this theme for them, that it was the theme of the Olympics opening when it was held in the UK, a few years ago;
  • – the “dove” is either representing the Spirit (see new testament), or you and me (the “be wise as serpents but innocent as doves” makes this valid); yet it is not “wings as if flying” but “is being yoked to prevént flying” — the crown (of the lion) as a leash around the neck shows this; and implying also that the speaking of words by the dove is being choked up (khetem-seal);
  • – and not just the speaking of words, but also the writing them down is included, shown in the three quills, which are scribal feathers;
  • – if the two rays are said ‘to be from California’, then we have the mythical island paradise “Califa”, from which California derives; read – the double light by Eden; and the “Pacific Ocean” there is “dimension”;

The ancient archetypes run Deep by this one: two different houses holding up the -magen shield (hexagram, their bow-dome); while the original shield, from which the above crest is derived from, was devised by a troop of Gnostic crusaders, showing the same theme, there with a chained unicorn, symbol of Joseph (Gen.49); where they titled that crest “Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense”, as “shame be to him who thinks evil”, read, the intention of this shield’s symbolism.
Too Late – we don’t care.



24.05.: ritual – the attempt to un-do the fall of Babylon failing

screenshot BBC news
so their crossing-over ritual is halted – or is it..? The goal of this sudden (concocted) turn, is to make the people automatically feel like to think (and declare) “oh noes – let’s get on with it (the crossing)!”, make that peace! “The world filled with hope that there could be a possible opening with Pyongyang”,[2]

Quoting Trump’s letter, “Therefore, please, let this letter serve to represent that the Singapore summit, for the good of the both parties, but to the detriment of the world, will not take place “ [1] Wut ?

donkey and camel: North and South Korea
we are fighting many Fractals – that we proposed N- and S-Korea being their Tao realm, which need to be united in the Rituals, is comparable with their house of the horizon needing to keep being united, as per posted Is. 21; a few hours after that posting appears this ‘news’, splattered over their every MSM; yet as a move not even making Sense within their own context.

The quoted line can mean “that the Singapore summit, being good for both parties, will not take place – doing damage to the world”; but in the presented wording, factually reading: “the Singapore summit IS the state of the world being injured”; read the commas and subject of the line.

“The world, and North Korea in particular, has lost a great opportunity for lasting peace and great prosperity and wealth. This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history.” [1]

Yes – and we legally keep it that way: their own declaration confirms their “missed opportunity to keep their Babylon together”.



UPD.: + 10 hrs: separated house of horizon ?
and still being given fkn Time to reconnect ?
– we do not WANT “no more time given to them”:
cause we be fkn Dead by that time!

18.05.: the wedding of this earth inside theirs’ – 19 May

How to start the description… because it works on two levels; KP (Kensington Palace) is not stupid. They would, as always, plan every step carefully by events like this, tie up all loose ends, get every skeleton out the cupboard, and that months (if not years) ahead of the type weddings like this one. But they didn’t, and in fact, it is all such an Obvious orchestrated scandal, that there simply isn’t any other possibility as to why.

family VS Family

what is being created, is a “two opposite types of families marrying”, or should we say “households”, referring back to the Sumatra rituals; the one “house” playing ús – the other house being Canaan. The woman who will marry (represents us) is factually the represent of a completely Degenerated, lonely, and lying and cheating ‘house’. “So the Markle reality show will roll un-edifying on, and the Palace appears worryingly impotent and incompetent in it’s effords to control the tidal wave of tacky titillation cascading from their lips” […] “Who ARE these Markles ? What further mayhem they are going to wreak […]..?” [1]
Please remember the social-engineering we addressed, previously; yet it can get even móre slamming, as if to repeat Pierce, above, “.. there is plenty more embarassment to come from the madcap Markles”, “Perhaps […] she should have invited the whole sorry lot of them.”, “… the royal bride-to-be’s thoroughly disfunctional family.” [2] , and on and on.

Would this wedding be sérious, KP would have visited all loose-end family months ago, making contracts how they are to behave; but instead, many of them searched the media, even staging photographs a month before releasing them, in the past week [3]. Oftentimes messages are bordering being admissible to the ritual, as to right; the “dad is lone(ly)” is just something we spotted and wanted to show you;


  • 1) so we have the “disfunctional family” + root “-mark”, in all Western languages “standard, defined area, boundary, district, border”, or, alternatively, -marcus “hammer” (as the word);
  • 2) and the Welsh, “foreign, as “the foreign (region of) the dragon”; combined with the personal name, from “armed force, to plunder” (compare Harriet), or diminutive from -henry, “ruler of the house”;“the disfunctional (left-behind) household (as banner) of the district marrying the plundering ruler of the house of the foreign dragon”, or any combination you would prefer – but with the same components included.

Spells are obsessed “to become part of the family, by descended house-H”, to right, and we consider this ritual to belong to Jer.22 (line 29-30), and today’s posted Is.35. We do not know what both candidates’ personal motives are; but we do see that, as far the Ritual is concerned, the only thing which matters is that millions of souls in the West “agree that the marriage happened”.


reason for posting is the combination with an open vision in ’06 or ’07; high up in the atmosphere above Europe; all the land was dark, and the sky gloomy with black clouds revolving it. suddenly a country lit up, kind of like the tiles at Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”, and a next country likewise – slowly becoming a greater surface, moving towards Russia. Factually this milk-white lighting-up of each country was cáused by small stars who resided within each region – adamite souls; (and a text appeared over this scene, not sure, I think out of Dan.12 chapter) — yet the UK remained Dark, something I never understood as to why;

4] lonely heart pic – courtesy DM


image: DM
UPD.: + 3 hrs;
the attribute will have a grand entrance now, partly walked-up by Charles, but deliberately going solitary until halfway; because indeed as aspect of this ritual “the house needs to come voluntarily”, not under the guide of another; but the keyword is, ofcourse, “the entering”. We assume the “stGeorge (chapel)” was added as backup: tGeorge slayed the dragon – but after egyptian manner: the “dragon” in question was ÃPEP.



UPD.: + 12 hrs
We just sit back, waiting for the signatures to roll in. The so-called “redactional articles” are always valuable, because the persons who write these are aware of the (their own) ritual – and their choice of phrasing reveals the colour of their specific event. To right – the term “genius” is literally “a guiding spirit”, the line saying that the fate of the peoples is directly linked to the (event of the) royals, And the same “household, house” we mentioned, returns literally in the articles, “In any case, the monarchy has long had a melodramatic dimension, in which calamitous weddings have played a particularly eye-catching part […] the excesses of the House of Markle look almost mundane.”[1]

where “metaphysical dimension” perhaps too much would give away the Clue; the same notions worded a bit different in a next article, “Although we live in an age of risible hysteria about race and ‘diversity’, […..] one family — the Windsors — is the symbol of a bigger story. And that is precisely as it should be. The nation itself, after all, is nothing if it is not an extended family.”[1]

hinting at a father
don’t worry – we will quit this story, since we consider it Anulled, anyway. Just one more thing we spotted – related to the whole hyping up the “father” theme, “But today he will, uniquely perhaps for a father of boys, find himself giving away a bride for the second time. Two years ago he accepted the honour to give away Alexandra Knatchbull in the place of her father and his childhood, friend Lord Brabourne, who was not well enough to carry out the role himself. At the time it raised eyebrows but it was left to the vicar who conducted the service at Romsey Abbey to point out that Charles was, in fact, ‘family’. A cousin through his father Prince Philip, he had also been best man at Brabourne’s wedding. The links between the family run deep, not least because of the murder of Brabourne’s grandfather Earl Mountbatten, who was a powerful mentor for the prince. Drawing these strands together, Charles became the most obvious figure to step in today.”[3] Yes that’s what we do here – to draw lines; if “it is so obvious that Charles stepped in today”, we combine that with the “conceivable” in the screenshot; the similar nose and chin-party of both candidates, and the fact that Canaan is a genius in making all people to watch into the óther direction; causing us here to ask: “what do you mean, “the woman has no father to walk her down..?”

2] screenshot – courtesy: DM


UPD.: reason given of the playout ‘union’
sermon quote (factually, almost half of it),
“…we are brother and sisters, children of God. Brothers and sisters, that’s a new heaven, a new earth, a new world, a new human family.”
The late French Jesuit, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, was at once a scientist, a Roman Catholic priest, a theologian, a true mystic. His was one of the great minds and spirits of the 20th century. He suggested that the discovery and harnessing of fire was one of the great technological discoveries of human history.

Fire made it possible to cook food, thereby reducing the spread of disease. Fire made it possible to stay warm in cold climates, thereby marking human migration possible. Fire made the Bronze Age, the Iron Age, the Industrial Revolution possible.

If you drove here this morning, you did so in part because of harnessed fire. I flew here from the U.S. due to controlled burn of fire. Fire is involved in broadcasting this wedding around the world. And we can text, tweet, email, and otherwise socially engage one another due to fire. Fire was one of the great technological discoveries of humanity. In light of this, de Chardin said that if human beings ever harness the energies of love, then for the second time in the history of the world, we will have discovered fire. Love is the very fire and energy of real life!” [1]
yes… the one stealing the eden-fire was Prometheus, as Cain… aka Canaan.
C’mon guys – just admit and give it up, finally.
There won’t be any “second time”.
cause we are tired.

14.05.: Ritual – Abimelech blew us up, attack ritual

yes, last evening was the start, and today is the 14th. And nothing; not even a dream, no indication whatsoever. Are we disappointed? – very. Angry? – a bit.

We aren’t soothsayers – but carefully watch where we are, always embedding that in the context we learned, so far. Though we still have the next six days (cross-over is one week), we need to know what is going on – please bear the following;

yesterday morning (13th) I woke with the term “Abimelech”; it was so loudly said or written, and so unusual, it woke me. We know the term is -melek, ‘king’, and -ab, ‘matrix-whiteness’, the same as glyph AB, ‘ivory, leopard-beast, ABBAIT Abaddon’ etc. Abimelech represents the borrowed hebrew-house-H, the 30 silver one, in the play-out against Abraham with “the well”, “the seven lambs”, and the tree Abraham planted there; the other Abimelech being appeased with “70 silvers (white)”, being the thorny bush (Tefnut’s tree) ‘who ruled over the other trees’. No – it didn’t make sense why the term was shown.

Java, ‘underworld’

  • – but neither does the Ritual last evening in Indonesia (see BBC shot); not just because the last attack was years ago, but mainly for it’s composure: an entire family blowing themselves up – shall we say “a household”, or “house”.
And ofcourse it could happen: many crazy are around, these days. Yet looking at the names, we have “(east-) Java”, the Java as “underworld”, which is glyph AB-T’U, yes the same -ab; and the crest from Surabaya, where the incident happened, show the shark (sura) and crocodile (buaya), both representing the both -bamãh beasts of their Dual tao realm.


The attacked churches are “within their underworld”, just as the real adamite throne got within the region of the Assyrian; and that “the household blew themselves up towards there” is the same theme as the 20+ rockets being intercepted by the iron Dome.

more ‘white’
The household is represented by the names “kuswa” (clothing) and “praise” (puja; puji is the secondary by-form in Sanskrit); “praised garment-body”, while the other has as root “priya” (beloved, dear), and a theme relating to “tree”, as the “milkwood pine, or devil-tree, or Ditabark”, the Alstonia Scholaris, mentioned in Mahabharata and Ramayana as Saptaparna (‘seven leaved’). “Milk” is a typical eden-aspect in the glyphs, the “seven leaved tree” is mimicked as Seshat (the 7-leaved flame in Õn), and the new garment body speaks for itself.

We decided to post it when we had read,
“Pope Francis prayed for the victims of the attacks during his weekly Sunday audience in St Peter’s Square.” “Together we invoke God of peace to cease these violent actions, and in the heart of all, find space not for hatred and violence but for reconciliation and fraternity” [1]
The “white” dress is not picked by coincidence, knowing who this religion represents; the peace theme is the obvious Link, as the remaining of the present status-quo (as the peace of Saturn); but why the strange singular ‘heart’, instead of “hearts”..? We checked whether it can have been a spelling mistake – yet every single newsoutlet writes the singular: wherefore we understand it as “aiming at the region of the occupied throne” – since that is the main theme of these days….




UPD.: + 7 hours: another;

what is this suddenly with “households” attacking..?
This is of course a support-ritual for yesterday’s one –
and please remember how this apparently unrelated attack (in Java) has been Linked,
via an impossible connection to be part of their main (As)syria(n) ritual;
see previous BBC headline; and compare just posted Is.28 line 6 –
backing us up in an incredible way;

UPD.: + 9 hrs

house of cards; card as Gate, as the “house of cards” raid;
note also the “Israel retaining control over key holy sites,
like the Western Wall, and creative arrangements elsewhere” [1],
as the proverbial Slip of the tongue of Canaan;

13.05. – 14.05 loNe
you understand that we will continue a while scripture chapters
only they will get us Out

11.05 UPD.: strike 2 – defensive ritual

yes it’s been going on for two days, already,
we just had to wait for the added signatures – until now.
The main aspects are represented, as Damascus (staff-tá);
Israel (playing the role as their occupied place in front of the gate);
in the region of (As-)Syria(-n), who built his citadels upon the gate;
while ‘Iran’ in this concocted case is playing the represent of ús.
The hyping is again strong in this one, “a nervous world watches”.

  • – the quote ‘Iran had “crossed a red line” [1] is the main theme,
    linking with all previous, but now literally played-out in regions,
  • – the quote “whoever hits us will get hit seven times more” [1],
    where the “seven” is the main component of both the jubilee
    as well as the 70 (week-years), linking here to the timeframe;
  • – the operation named ‘house of cards’, referring to the stargate
    in the previous doodle-ritual; we change it to being their house;
  • at first sight less clear,
    – the line “Israel said more then 20 rockets were launched
    by Iranian forces […] often criss-crossing in the clear night skies”
    (apart from the repeated term ‘crossing’,
    which Canaan couldn’t help himself to insert again),
    it is ‘Iran’ – we – who are “attacking”: with “more then 20”.
    Well let’s say “22” (see older rituals);
    but this number as theme becoming now crucial because of context:
    the 22 were “reading-out judgment from scrolls”,
    and in today’s posted Is.29 page you will see the relation
    between ‘scroll’ and the term ‘sephared’, who is representing
    the blockage óf the crossing-over, and this sephared
    being exact the nature of the parties involved in this ritual.
  • – the line
    “a number of those rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome
    aerial defense system”
    [1] refers to the Magen-shield of ‘iron’, glyph BAÁ,
    this Magen shield being the hexagon (as that flag) of egyptian Sorcery,
    where this shield “was raised by Kir (outer-court), when invading eden”;
    this shield being their inversed bow-dome,
    protecting their occupied place.
    Telling here “that the 22 will not get through”.
  • there is more, but we leave them, for now; still three days to go.
    (what was it again with that ‘third strike’…?)



09.05 UPD.: strike 1

so – the Met was a valid theme: since Piers came up with this article, which appeared half a day later as our post, containing familiar lines as “looking as ridiculous as it sounds”. You see in the link the favourite tactic of Canaan: hyping up his own ritual, to make Sure that the people will give attention to it – by posing like the affected, then pointing to the second group of peoples (the stars, in this case), and, considered the ratings in the comments, Canaan hit the jackpot.
The comments are, as well for us as for him, a good barometer for the common opinion; predictably the people blame them “selfish stars”, or “the liberal left”, for that matter – only a handful ask “why the Vatican agreed”.

The whole article is a must-read if you are interested in Social Engineering,
it is, as usual, brilliantly composed; this reflecting in the comments;

08.05: upcoming May 14th Ritual – the crossing-over of earth

To be fair – this is the first ritual we can see “in advance”, where until now, we could only write the context after they happened. The main theme is as shown on the diagram above: per the “as above, so below” concept, both regions represent the same, now our job to see whether the used attributes match.

you know now that rituals must be Linked together, in order to be Valid; and it can happen that seemingly nonrelated events are yet part of the whole: here, the theme of the Met gala will be inserted to the one of May 14th.

“The decision to examine only Catholic dress came after much deliberation from curator Andrew Bolton [….] It was beginning to look imbalanced,” he told

“I was worried that it might be misinterpreted, that the other four religions might seem like tokens. And when the Vatican came on board, it made the imbalance even greater. So I decided to focus on Catholicism, because the body of material was stronger [….] The Vatican has been, perhaps surprisingly, on board with the exhibit, lending more than 40 pieces from the Sistine Chapel sacristy, including opulent papal robes, precious rings and tiaras from the 18th to 21st century” [1]

cnn, Met Gala
  • – to start, it was certainly not “surprising” that the Vatican has been on board; but rather inverse: the Vatican decides to be on board; just as she decides all that happens in US politics and media, as in the wider West, for that matter. May you doubt the last line, please compare the context of signing the EU, beneath a copper statue of pope Innocentius;
  • – It is irrelevant which Vain persons have been used to dress up for this theme; the only thing that matters is that millions of souls agréed to this connection: simply “because the event happened – and they agree with that”.

dw com
  • – what has been created here is the “whore of Babylon” theme, and the Dagon religion (representing the fish-souls of ÁN) are now firmly Linked to “the City”, since that is the name of this event – “Metropole” being “the city”, lit. “the parent state of a city”, and in a wider context representing “this very earth”; where both in spells and in scripture the term “city” can be used for earth, as well.
  • – now that the City has been established, with its colour, we should need something like “a represent of her”, let’s say some embassy, which could be placed within a certain area:

moving the embassy – and it’s Oddities
let’s look at some quotes,
“WASHINGTON – The United States will move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in May to coincide with Israel’s 70th Independence Day, the State Department said late February, in a move reversing decades of U.S. policy. While Israel’s independence day is, technically, on May 14, the holiday is celebrated in Israel according to the Hebrew date – the fifth day of Iyar. This year, Independence Day celebrations will start on the evening of April 18 and will finish on April 19.” [2]

  • – where Edom is always clinging to use his hebrew calendar, this time a heathen calendar suddenly is the same important: creating a Bizarre situation of the same event split in two;
  • – so “decades of policy suddenly change”. Well it’s possible – just never in context with previous mentioned Social Engineering; but we consider another aspect as equally important:

“There has long been pressure from pro-Israel politicians in Washington to move the embassy to Jerusalem, and Trump made it a signature promise of his 2016 election campaign. The decision was popular with many conservative and evangelical Christians who voted for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, many of whom support political recognition of Israel’s claim to the city.” [3]

  • – ah; now that clears some things up: of course it is important “that christians agree with that move”, because that was the very first goal of “creating this israel” back in ’48 — namely as the Honeytrap for christians.

taking positions
we first considered this as a Smokecurtain,
in order to distract people from linking certain conclusions and events to oneanother, but on second view the reason is related to ‘positioning’:
“Israel withdraws from race for UN Security Council Seat” [4], may 4;

  • – which sounds the same Impossible as “birds choosing not to fly anymore”.

Reason given is,
“A UN source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Israel had withdrawn because of it’s low chances of winning” [4]
– oh c’mon.
Nobody believes that – not even the puppets:
“Richard Grenell, who was sworn in as the US ambassedor to Germany on Thursday, said in March that the United States had brokered a deal in the 1990s with countries in the UN’s Western European and Others Group to allow Israel to run uncontested for a seat. Grenell, who was the US spokesman at the UN from 2001 to 2009, tweeted about the issue on March 14, “Israel has waited 19 years! The US must demand that Europe keep its word”, he said” [4]

– our educated guess is that of course such a deal has been brokered,
as per same Social Engineering mentioned above;

– but the Ritual theme here is, that at this very moment,
‘Israel’ cannot take a seat in the UN, this earth’s organization,
because she plays the role of “the region of real-Eden-earth, above the gate”!

after the ’70’ are Full, earth will cross-over
for months now we had the cross-over Rituals, which are now combined with its end goal. The screenshot to right (from mentions the term “jubilee year”, where the term in scripture is a series of 50 years, eventually ending in “the great jubilee”, as the term for when the (longer) ’70’ are over – and earth will be in her original Eden-place. Everything is done to make the Ritual important, “Barkat (jerusalem mayor) called the embassy move a “historic event”, describing Jerusalem as “the eternal capital of the Jewish people” [5]
“Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to United States, tried to finesse the awkwardness of the timing of the US Embassy move in a tweet. “May 14th 1948, President Truman recognizes Israel,” he tweeted. “May 14th 2018, @POTUS Trump will move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. 70 years apart. Two historic decisions. One united capital. ”

  • – so media is throwing a bone by term “awkwardness of timing”, hinting at the ridiculousness, knowing full well that the peoples anyway do not Get as why this event has to happen;
  • – were it succeeding, then indeed it would have been “historic”,
  • – the capital needs to becóme “solidly united”, read: they need to maintain the present status-quo, of them occupying the region above the eden-gate (represented by this present ‘israel’), while the represent of this earth (as embassy) will remain within them.

See for the themes of the crossing-over of earth, and the swapping of both places Jeremiah 19 (page); now we wait, and see what will come up in the next days.


1] met gala 2018 theme fashion religion/
2] us to open jerusalem-embassy in may white house official says
3] 7 may, why is the us moving its embassy to jerusalem
4] 4 may israel withdraws from race for 2019 2020 un security council seat un source
5] 7 may, Jerusalem Post

04.05: worldwide crossing-over escape ritual

all credits in yt vid

Today, billions of souls are asked to actively participate, by a, seemingly innocent and unrelated, but yet ritual doodle. Please remember that every soul has a ‘free will’, and can choose to click and drag a picture – irrelevant whether he or she is aware what is being chosen: the act itself is the only thing that matters.

The ‘sorcery theme’ is very clear in this one – though presented as “the man was a cinemastic genius”, terms as “illusionist” are used, or “George Mélies transformed the world […] (and our lives!)”; the revealing line, “Mélies brought magic to filmmaking through dozens of tricks and illusions.

What better way to pay homage to this then by using one of the most innovative and immersive tools we have for storytelling today”, and when we look up that used strange word, we see ‘Immersive definition: relating to digital technology or images that actively engage one’s senses and may create an altered mental state’ (dictionary com).
If you still do not believe the context given, one more quote: “In addition to being a magician, Mélies was an expert storyteller, so it was important for the doodle to have a clear story.” Basically telling you here, that Canaan is very aware what he is intending with the entire doodle. So – on to the video; once you know how to spot the symbolism, you will agree –

video –
title: “back to the moon”;
we do not want to exaggerate, but the ‘back’ implies a movement, a crossing; or at least ‘a return to another situation in the past’ (because of ‘back’);

  • 0.06 min., opening scene,
    to be frank we first considered it was a pun on how they filmed their so-called moonlandings in studio’s – because of the prominent rocket in the centre – but the message here is that ‘the studio’ is “this earth” (see next mins), which is quite literally ‘a stage’ — if not ‘being staged’;
  • 0.20 min, in doodle:
    active click and drag required, to get the figurine outside the spot he currently is in; billions of souls are asked “to release canaan”, which is the figurine itself, Méliès deriving from μέλος as Mélos [2], meaning “limb, member, song, tune, melody”, but with the colour of ‘enchanter’; and George, from Greek γεωργος,’farmer, earthworker’.
  • 0.21 min, presented stargate,
    in the card shows a door and stars, while on the lefthandside is a highlighted clock, as “Time”,
  • 0.25 min, stars light up,
    the approaching and the becoming clearer of another realm within this dark studio – as this world,
  • 0.35 min, the first ‘crossing-over’,
    while previously, the ‘card’ was presented as ‘portal’,
  • 0.50 min, other realm manifesting,
    a dimension is in every symbolism always represented by ‘water’; the gate to right is still there [black square in grey], the clock left is more highlighted,
  • 1.14 min, changed sky,
    now the water [‘inundation’, per glyphs] has gone, the studio is suddenly all light and golden – a changed world,
  • 1.22 min, devil face,
    yet the nature of this transformed world is ‘darkness’, showing in the highlighted devil’s head, to right, or factually ‘Dualistic’, as per 1.33;
  • 2.04 repeat of main theme,

closing –
we usually leave the draft an hour, considering whether we were Off or not; but in this case, all the themes are so clear that we can put it up without question. The very nature of Sorcery is showing extremely well here – by seemingly innocent pictures and a storyline to can alter reality: since all they care about is “with what the adamite-soul agrees with and declares”; irrelevant whether that declaration is obtained through simple Trickery – the spells can’t stop Gleeing over their mighty weapon. No More.

3 may, loNe

1] quotes and worldmap:


01.05: ritual Upd.


30.04: Ritual upd.;

[+7 hrs – rephrased version]
“Tonight I’m here to tell you one thing: Iran lied.”

occult Rituals often work like a bizarre type chess-game:
canaan responds upon themes we pose, and inversed.
That this ‘israel’ is in reality Edom, who (in Ezekiel) cried out
“finally those ancient mountains are ours!”is what you and we know –
but millions of christians fail to see this sorcery Trap devised for them.
The past years we felt it become Dark whenever they started one
of their wars again; and in this case it’s an emergency Ritual against
the 144,000.
The dual construct ‘this israel VS iran’ is ofcourse as Fake as the both
Korea’s ‘being at war’; but the theme here, this time, is that “we are lying”;
we cannot present the clue because of personal reasons,
but we need to declare that we certainly do not.
The ritual Link is the concocted ‘nuclear site’;
where this theme is being ‘dismantled’ in their korea ritual (as new-hand),
here it is presented “that it still exists – but hidden”.


29.04: Ritual upd.;

– he is really going like a steamroller;
why suddenly ‘this May’, already, and announce it right now…?
We cannot find any of the used names in Korean,
our educated guess it are either adapted-presented names;
the site is said to be “below the mount Mantap” –
where hinduism tells that “Ravana is being held prisoner in a mantap”,
where Ravana is Adam; the ‘mantap’ being “a sacred space”.
– the ‘punggye’ perhaps from the more common pyong, “unit of area”,
which in turn relates to the concept of ‘mantap’.

That this region of the new-hand is ritually ‘being dismantled’, on earth,
should provide that the new-hand will be literally dismantled, starting the 13th; while the intent to “synchronise the timelines between north and south” can be a hint to strengthen the Tao against the crossing-over.

Summary of whole ritual in link below, with in blue the quotes (to subpages) as “a new era of peace”, and “(Kim) stepped over the line”; we added in shot the Nasa, since the nonsense about Mars relate always to (the lion) Sekhmet, and we wait now how that one is going to be connected with the Tao;


27.04: Ritual upd.; crossing over

note the names, the crossings, and the term ‘choreographed’

  • – please remember, this is still part of their H’ETEP ‘peace’ theme;
    interpret this crossing-over as “tying together strongly their Tao realm,
    to prevent Eden crossing-over to us — or we to eden”

UPD. + 6 hrs:

for us it is also a question of long breath and long-time memory, because Canaan has much longer memory as we do — this Silly reason of their ritual now linked to “incels”. A similar debile Ritual victim, aged 22, drove through people in 2014. Canaan is very proud to have established his drive-through ritual with the 22 one in 2014.
What does the “incel” mean? The dead-bodies KHAT, who have their adamite-gorgious-females as mistresses? and right now, they “cannot get their mistresses”, as explained in the screenshot?
….does this fabricated excuse fit the context of this morning’s dream? and indeed those horrible dead-bodies, using adamite mistresses are being judged [see Amos 5, 6,9 pages, and Rg-Veda]..?

(disclaimer: we only show the official version which Canaan shows:
to us it is of no interest that he tampered with personal social media as ‘proof’ ).

24.04: Toronto – mene mene tekel

in the category Berlin and Nice;

  • – Yonge Street,
    from 7th century Anglo-Saxon geong, developing into yonge, “young one”,
  • – Alexander,
    Armenian-Russian form here (ending on -k), as “defender of the people” or the “protector of men”, as attribute of the horus-spirits,
  • – Toronto,
    we had this one before – as “place of stakes in the water (for fish-net)”; the term ‘meeting-place’ is but a stepdown of this meaning, where the context is literally glyph SEKHT, ‘fish-net’ + sekht,
  • – Toronto,
    see flag to right; representing the twin towers of the local council hall, making ‘toronto’ to represent their Dual realm;
  • – Minassian,
    in context the same Armenian-Russian term; from Minas+yan, “son of Minas”, usage in Greek and Armenian, other forms Menas, Mina, Mena; the only option we have then for this root is Strong’s H4484 (aramaic) mene’, where the region Armenia and the region where Aramaic was spoken are valid – per Dan.5, “this is the interpretation of the thing: MENE – God has numbered thy kingdom, and has finished it”.
In context: the horus-spirits of the dual realm, whose kingdom has been numbered, strike back, and that within the Sekht region as their Net, where the young one is – as manchild”.
add: woke after dreaming i stood on a block, a highrise building, and below in the street, a large dog attacked a woman, when the woman tried to escape the thing by climbing upon a parked car. The dog was unnatural large – almost half the car size – and the girl was pretty, perhaps even an adamite-gorgious; i couldn’t see it well because the dog seemed to be half over her, already. When wake, i wondered whether now our females would get the Flack?, the dog obviously being the Anubis type.

1] surnamedb com, surname Yonge


21.04: Avicii-Eden dying: Defensive Ritual

*our sincere condoleances to all of his further family*

You know that we consider thoroughly what we post in this section, and though many Rituals are orchestrated in advance, and are manipulated themes, there are events in which certain aspects, belonging to some person, are ‘being used’, in order to create from them a Ritual.

Compare the example of George Michael, around Christmas – we do not know from which cause he died [though we have our opinion], but all the names and themes involved in that event certainly were exploited to the max.

Similar case here –
we do not know how the poor young man died [and again we have our opinion], but the themes involved are….. too “actual” to can ignore them. Though the hospital treatments are prominently shown in order to suggest the reason of death (1), the brother David has travelled to Oman to find out what happened; and the local DJ Joshi mentions “a very happy and healthy Avicii, the past week” (1). The police however now declared “that nothing suspicious is hanging around this death”, but refuse to tell more [yet we have our…].

Factually, we started to consider this an (exploited) ritual after reading the line,
“Fans around the world have noticed the heartbreaking final tweet from the legendary DJ, as it gains new poignancy in the wake of his death. Avicii was recently nominated for the Billboard Music Awards BBMAS of 2018 in the ‘Top Dance/Electronic Album’, for his six-track EP.Avicii. He wrote a few days ago: ‘Thanks for the nomination! @ billboard BBMAS’.
What strange line is that?
it caused us to take a look at the latest instagram post, seeing this one,

and the message here is the important theme of “crossing-over”; compare dream posted earlier today. We then went to see what is the name ‘Avicii’ is about, and found that “Bergling explained that the name Avicii was the lowest hell in Buddhism” (2); where the next page helpfully explains that “it is said to be a cube, 20.000 yoyanas per side, (120- to 300,000 km), buried deep beneath the divine (nonvisible) earth”. Come again…?

They mean of course the Eden cube, below the Sekht fields; and further description reads that “those sent to this particular hell are thought to be hopeless of any respite”; which is exact the terminology which Plato uses in Phaedo about “Tartarus” and its nature (see page).

However, knowing how “buddhism” is but a polluted jibber-jabber of original Vedic thought, we went to see which roots of -VIC are used, either in Ramayana, Rg-Veda or Mahabharata; first is, that the term is the same case as ‘Sita’, namely from ‘a-sita’, where the -A is a negation; and the made root -VÎC is a corruption of root -VIC. Each added vowel extends the meaning of the root VIC, so we left those out of consideration.

  • – vic; to winnow, to sift (especially from grain), RV (main meaning of cluster)
  • – vic; to discriminate, judge, discern, RV (related to previous)
  • – vici; to separate, take away, remove, disperse, RV, MH
  • – vici, to make clear, to illumine RA
  • – vicî; a particular hell, RA, (‘probably for a-vicî’) the “wave, ripple” as mentioned in Buddhist meaning never appears in RA, RV nor MH;

So together we have the “particular hell, who is about to go winnow (them), but has died”. And “will not cross-over no more”. Secondary aspects can be the location where this happened —- the signature of ‘whodunnit’ — from the point of view that the location carries Horus’ aspects:

  • 1) though “much disputed by scholars” (4), we suggest a heavy ancient-Egyptian correspondence; the name “Oman” as “the hidden land” is similar in context as Strong’s H539 ‘aman, which is the counter to glyph ÁMEN, ‘hidden’; as the hidden serpent in amtuat, as the place which guards the throat [or ‘place of crossing’]. Musqat can either be old-Persian, but context is closer to Arab ‘moscha’, “hide or skin”, which is closest to MESQ, “the bull’s skin”; MES- being North; and linked immediately to hebrew Mesekh (‘oh you prince of Tubal and Mesekh’) in scripture; where the nature of this region is “ancient sources for copper” (4) which is Horus’ throne.
  • 2) his stage-name has been exploited, the person Tim Bergling is likely secondary (if so), as “I honour / the one (of the) mountain”, perhaps as magically\\dangerous aspect, because indeed this Ritual is dangerous – for them.

we consider all above true, and not a ‘searched interpretation’,
knowing by now for what type signatures to look for.

Avicii went famous for enhancing the original vid of IIO, ‘rapture’, below; it was for years our Favourite (eventhough based upon an evangelical type idea); the connection with ‘rapture’ to above interpretation is, as far us concerned, Valid;
5] 2nd pic:


Previous rituals, page