cross over you, My ‘powerful deity’, to the HQ of the dead-bodies: Amos 6

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cross over you, My ‘powerful deity’, to the HQ of the dead-bodies: Amos 6
[‘but the background-peoples will try obstruct you in entering’]

themes: expulsion of the dead bodies KHAT – we can’t even use the word ‘Israel’ in a title anymore — polluted as it got by esau
we are aware that often people read words at face-value, and many think a term as “the land” should be ofcourse “this earth, we live on” — but a term like this is decided from the context it is placed in; for example, “Egypt” is a real country during the exodus, but always represents Sekhet-Áaru when the term is used in prophecy. Related to this face-value is a second problem, namely the line-up of the words being used:
there is the “interlinear version” (which we use), and there is the other version (from which most modern versions are taken from, as KJV); but this version is often “switching words” in a sentence, and when object and subject have switched places, it often renders a different meaning, altogether. We consider this was done on purpose, in order to “keep the adamite soul thinking like Job”, using “sorcery by words”: because sorcery is typically about “creating another consciousness by hustling the order of words”; and we consider the added term as “reverse interlinear” to be no accident.
note: our interpretation of the line in purple; possible interesting terms for you in the notes in darkblue ; we apologize for each time the extensive notes, it makes things very unreadable, but Vital for context; we added other (legal) possible readings in red , glued to objectword,
note #: see Amos 2 for same theme,

Amos 6

woe! the·tranquil-ones in·Zion and·the·ones-trusting in·mountain-of Samaria ones-being-specified-of first-of the·nations and·they-come to·them house-of Israel
Woe to them [that are] at ease in Zion, and trust in the mountain of Samaria, [which are] named chief of the nations, to whom the house of Israel came!

  • ‘at ease’ H7600 shaanan; ‘ comfortable, arrogant, at ease’; doubled-N, from shaan; negative,
  • ‘named (specified)’, H5344 naqab (niqaab?) ‘to pierce, to bore through’; unclear term (except for ‘piercing eden’), so we picked a listed ‘designated’,

context note: last line must be the prefix to line 2; their region must be within the inner-court, if they are said to be ‘at the mountain’,
“woe! / the ones (dead-bodies) being arrogantly at ease / inat (the mountain) Tziun, / andas the ones trusting and relying / in the – North mountain – of matrix-rule (diagram); / the ones being designated ofas / the chief of / the peoples (of the dimensional background of Saturn); / andbut they – (namely we, as) ‘the powerful deity’ – come / to them: “

pass-you! Calneh and·see-you! and·go-you! from·there Hamath~great and·go-down-you! Gath-of Philistines?·good-ones from the·kingdoms the·these if vast boundary-of·them from·boundary-of·you
Pass ye unto Calneh, and see; and from thence go ye to Hamath the great: then go down to Gath of the Philistines: [be they] better than these kingdoms? or their border greater than your border?

  • -‘calneh’ as kalneh, foreign word; perhaps the same as Kanneh, H3656; we found Ass. kanãnu, “to bend, curve, wrap around, to bow, roll up, curb, restrain”, kanniku, ‘seal bearer’ [sic,kethem], kannu, ‘vessel-stand, large vessel’ [Tut vase?] kãnu ‘to establish, be permanent, to confirm’, also kînu, [Menu]; Tricky it is, to have to go by either kal- or kan-; because kullu ‘to hold’; kullatu ‘assembly, totality’, kullumu ‘to supervise, weigh, weigh-out, hang, balance, suspend, show, display, etc” (plummet?); which colour of these to choose..?

context choice: we gather ‘the seal’ is the first, holding-up the ponytail-form as the coverings; (was the Indiana Jones movie ‘the cup crossing the seal’, a hint by Esau about this theme?)

  • hamath’, H2575 chamath; belonging to Damascus [staff-tá] and to 4 other cities [as T’UAT]; it was sitting at the Orontes river, flowing northwards, as split-off Watercourse [Jordan flows south], H2573 chemeth ‘water skin’, several; same word used in Habakuk for ‘the skin of the body’ (page), chamesh ‘five’ [T’U as for T’UAT]; to Chemosh, the Moabite deity, relocating to India as Ganesha; root ‘Cham’, as 3d Noah son, into the KAM- as Egypt; then this is the Pteh’ tile as root -P
  • ‘gath’ H1661 ‘winepress’ [SESHMU winepress god]; as the hewn cistern or the tower..?
  • ‘or (if)’ H518 am; but linked to ‘vast’ as (am-rb),

note: second line needed to be switched positions of several words to create fitting context, to be reviewed for logic;
(Israel,) cross you over! / the seal bearer (khetem), / and see you! / and go you! / from there / (to) the great Pteh’ tile, / and descend you! / (to) the winepress / offor ‘the transitional ones’; / (are) these – kingdoms – fromas – the good ones, / ifwhen – the vast / boundary of them / (is) fromat the boundary of you?”

the·ones-isolating to·day-of evil and·you-are-bringing-close seat-of violence
Ye that put far away the evil day, and cause the seat of violence to come near

  • ‘put far away’, H5077 nadah ‘put away, put off, exclude’ 3x; 5078 nedeh ‘gifts’ 1x; 5079 niddah ‘impurity’ 29x, ned ‘a heap’ as SHÃ, nod ‘skin bottle’, no verb; seems to be ‘cast out’,
  • ‘come near’, nagash,
  • -‘seat’, H7675 shebeth, too close to shbt birthsceptre; 7674 shebeth ‘cessation, loss of time’, to shabath (many); colour here is that the adamite throne is ‘on hold’, glyph ÁST,
  • ‘violence’ H2555 chamas, same cluster as chemesh in line 2; showing the nature of Esau’s created so-called ‘palestinian resistance’, in order to delude millions of christians;

note: we don’t think IEUE would address these ugly creatures directly as ‘you’ (as oppsed to when addressing Õn, for example), but keeps talking about them in 3d-form – implying that the ‘you’ must be ‘us’, here;
note: we can’t make anything else of first line; perhaps as opposed to the eden-day?
“the ones casting out / the evil – (to be) toas the (matrix-) day, / andfor you are cáusing (the serpent) to draw near to / the – violated – (as paused adamite) throne; ”

the·ones-lying on couches-of ivory and·ones-extending on divans-of·them and·ones-eating butting-lambs from·flock and·calves from·midst-of stall
That lie upon beds of ivory, and stretch themselves upon their couches, and eat the lambs out of the flock, and the calves out of the midst of the stall

  • ‘couches’, eres; no root; word used for Og, king of Bashan (M-realm), with an iron bed (eres) of 4,5 mtr length; 7217 resh ‘head’? oh wait, H781 aras ‘to betroth, engage (a woman)’, 11x;
  • ‘ivory’, as glyph AB-, page for note; it is likely not the same as ‘bone’ (line 10), termed as glyph QES-,”the bone / (of) the adamite soul / (by?) the Q-axis”;
  • -‘lambs’, 3733 kar, used also as “battering rams (to a citygate)” [yet no ‘ram’ here];
  • ‘stall’ H4770 marbeq, stall 2x, fattened 2x; no root; word from ‘bitter’? in 2 other instances it is “fattened (calf)”, not as separate noun; we searched on rebeq-, found Rebeqah H7259, entry: ‘see marbeq’… sigh. Rebeqah, entry: ‘fettering (by beauty)’; though we’re sure that is implied, the derive-root rbq ‘to tie fast’; Jer.46:21 “in her midst, as fattened calves” – we will use the same,

note we can’t help reading the line, that they acquired themselves the aspects of the adamite-original-male, in order to can do their thing to the adamite-original-female as their harem, as the context of the spells,
“the ones (dead-bodies) lying / upon / the bed-couches of / ivory (type of dimensional adhesive), / andas the ones stretching out / upon / their (iron) beds (for to engage eden-females), / and(as) the ones having devoured / the (male-) lambs / from the eden-flock, / andfór the young female calves / from midsts of / the stable (being tied-fast to M-realm);”: “

the·ones-twanging on bidding-of the·zither as·David they-devise for·themselves instruments-of song
That chant to the sound of the viol, [and] invent to themselves instruments of musick, like David

  • ‘chant (twanging)’, H6527 parat 1x ‘unused root’; 6528 peret ‘any (fruit) not being good’ 1x; 6529 peri ‘fruit’ 100x; are we in the ‘fruit’ cluster or somewhere else? we need a Verb? we have perath 6578 but is Euphrates; perets, ‘breach’? what he changed again..? Trying ‘pharao’ (ph-, as our F-), into ‘phara’, 6544 “to lead, avenge, make naked, perish, go back”, idea of ‘to loose, to let go’, but we say “to un-tie (a concept)”, often as UH’Ã or SEFEKH-,
  • ‘sound (bidding)’, H6310 peh, ‘mouth’,
    pic: Hathor sistrum brought in,
  • -‘viol (zither)’, H5035 nebel, in Isaiah usually ‘vessel, jar from potter’ but also twice ‘harp’? No – the Lyre is 3658 kinnowr, and Isaiah promises “the noise of your viols will stop” – meaning we must have the sistrum of Hathor here;
  • ‘music (song)’ H7892 shiyr, only ‘song’, by implication ‘music’, in prophets 90% negative, but likely because of the sistrum-song,

note: bit garbled line came out, but the essence must show; compare how ” dimensional sound rules the cycles of (matrix-type) living organisms, as our heartbeat etc ” – as in glyph TEKHEN- ‘large drum, to play the drum’ etc, (and see ‘sounds of Saturn’ YT vid);
“the ones controlling (the fruit) / onthrough / the mouth ofby / the sistrum / as rule of the eden-tile (david), / they devise / for themselves / instruments ofby / the song (dimensional sound);”

the·ones-drinking in·sprinkling-bowls-of wine and·first-quality-of oils they-are-anointing and·not they-travail over breaking-of Joseph
That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the chief ointments: but they are not grieved for the affliction of Joseph

  • ‘chief (first quality)’ 7225 reshit, ‘beginning’ (Gen.1:1); also used as ‘firstfruits’, the ‘beginning’ as “before the Fall”,

pic: the ‘sprinkling bowls’ perhaps as the “libation vessels, pouring out substance”, as congruently depicted near their ‘tree of life’; this Panehesy mural shows him ‘drinking’,

“the ones drinking / inby the sprinkling fountain-bowls of / wine (as life), / and (by) the eden-quality of / oils (as the garment-body) / they are being anointed, / nót / they care / overabout / crushing / Joseph (representing these aspects). “

therefore now they-shall-be-deported in·head-of ones-being-deported and·he-is-taken-away vociferation-of ones-extending
Therefore now shall they go captive with the first that go captive, and the banquet of them that stretched themselves shall be removed

  • ‘banquet (vociferation)’, H4797 mirzach, 1x, said from marzeach ‘mourning’ 1x;
    perhaps corruption of 3835 merutsah, ‘extortion’, or martzea ‘boring tool’ [TCHA firedrill], the term being used also in previous Micah 2 about same theme, so could be valid; and a better option as ‘mourning’: though “mourning can be removed”, the extra word ‘ones stretching’ would make that into one impossible line,

note: ‘head’ in several meanings, we chose two,
“Therefore / now / they shall be deported / inas the first band of / the ones who are going to be deported, / and it is removed / the fire-drill of extortion of / the ones stretching out (dead-bodies).”

he-swears my-Lord ieue in·soul-of·him averment-of ieue Elohim-of hosts acquiescing I pomp-of Jacob and·citadels-of·him I-hate and·I-surrender-over city and·fullness-of·her
The Lord GOD hath sworn by himself, saith the LORD the God of hosts, I abhor the excellency of Jacob, and hate his palaces: therefore will I deliver up the city with all that is therein

  • ”abhor’ H8374 taab; said from taab ‘how long’, 2x psalms; well – 8372 ta- ‘guards room’, 8581 ta’ab ‘to abhor’ 22x,

context note: same case as line 14 – were not ‘declaration of IEUE’ inserted inbetween, malevolent ones could easily have turned it into ” I abhor – the adamite soul”; and they were thankful to can go mutilate the second line, already;
note: the city of Õn is a ‘she’ (as matrix core), hence the ‘citadels’ cannot refer to being owned bý Jacob, but refer back to the pride of matrix-rule as ‘he’,
“he – mylord – IEUE – swears (by W-course): / infor he the adamite-soul, / declaration of / IEUE / Deity of / hosts, / I – (am) – abhorring / the (matrix-) pride of the physical-body offor / ‘the adamite souls on earth’ (Jacob); / and his citadels (qerrt-caves of matrix-pride) / I hate, / and I shut down / the city of Õn / and all she contains; ”

and·he-becomes if they-are-being-left-over ten mortals in·house one and·they-die
And it shall come to pass, if there remain ten men in one house, that they shall die

note: obviously referring to Genesis 18, where Abraham pleads for not destroying Sodom, not even ‘when there were only ten righteous inside it’; Sodom being an original eden-region, being polluted (page), but from this into next three lines are very unclear, because we’re not sure what concept is being addressed;
“and it will be, / ifwhen – ten – mortals – they are being left / in – the one – house, / andfor they die;

and·he-takes-up·him friend-of·him and·one-burning-of·him to·to-bring-forth-of bones from the·house and·he-says to·whom in·recesses-of the·house?·still with·you and·he-says only and·he-says be-quelled! that not to·to-mention-of in·name-of ieue
And a man’s uncle shall take him up, and he that burneth him, to bring out the bones out of the house, and shall say unto him that [is] by the sides of the house, [Is there] yet [any] with thee? and he shall say, No. Then shall he say, Hold thy tongue: for we may not make mention of the name of the LORD

  • ‘uncle (friend)’ H1730 dod, ‘uncle, beloved’, as physical mixture; the word is a so deep archetype that we need to avoid it, altogether; the aspect of ‘relative’ is akin to matrix essence,
  • ‘burneth’ H5635 saraph 1x, but from seraphim – we had this before, but we don’t know whether original eden’s or copied KHENEMU-mountain seraphim-fire;
  • ‘bones’, H6106 etsem (-tz term), “bone from my bone (Adam), Genesis 2; as glyph QES-; we must understand that the matrix house is so burned that the eden-substance (as ‘bone’) returns?

pic: tomb Ramses VI; the horizontal figure again a dead-body; the jumping-fish+T, KHA-T, is just visible above his ankle; six eden-females are upon him, their names are ‘creating things for him’;
note also the row in the pic, the ones “lifting-up the upside-down figures”, and see line here, we’d like to do the entire ‘book of the day’ but it all costs Time;

  • ‘out (from)’ H4481 min (Aram.); ‘of, from, out of, etc’,
  • ‘still (yet)’ H5750 owd, ‘ again, still, more, longer, else, since, yet, still, while”
  • ‘no (only)’ H656/657 aphes/ephes; we had this Ephesus before – yet (still)’ aphes ‘nothing, nevertheless, there is none, etc’ – but aphes ‘gone, cease, failed, etc’; [review] we have to leave it open because we first need search back –

note: too difficult line for us, right now – we feel the colour, but line refuses to run;
“and he lifts up he / his relative (being a physical mixture) / andas he the one burning (seraphim-fire) / (in order) to to come out / the (eden-) bones / fromout of / the (matrix-) house, / and he says / to (the one) whom / (are) the dimensional sides of / the house: / further / with you? / and he says / only,ephesus,; / and he says / be silenced! / that / nót / tofor to remember [to act] / in the name of / IEUE;”

that behold! ieue Yahweh instructing and·he-smites the·house the·great moisture and·the·house the·small rents
For, behold, the LORD commandeth, and he will smite the great house with breaches, and the little house with clefts

  • ‘moisture’, H7747 raciyc, 2x; H7450 racac ‘to moisten’ 1x (Ez.).; 7573 raash, quake, tremble’? or a coruption of previous
    7225 reshit, ‘beginning’ (Gen.1:1)?; rash,rush “poor”, (twice rśka);
  • ‘clefts’, baqa,breaches, Jer.22 (page);

note: also this line is unclear, combined with likely being Corrupted: after ‘matrix house’ it gets Unclear what the line is trying to say, combined with that we don’t know what prévious line intended (is like the spells – miss 1 and the whole context gets lost);
line for now,
“thatbecause / look!, / IEUE / (is) commanding, / and he smites / the – great – (matrix-) house / ——; / and the house / the small / the fissures “ [review]

?·they-shall-run in·the·crag horses or he-shall-plow in·the·oxen that you-turn to·poison judgment and·fruit-of righteousness to·wormwood
Shall horses run upon the rock? will [one] plow [there] with oxen? for ye have turned judgment into gall, and the fruit of righteousness into hemlock

  • ‘rock’ H5553 sela; of Horus (Oreb),
  • ‘oxen’, term bqr, also ‘eden-dawn’ — we don’t know

note: for wormwood see previous pages,
but first line absolutely Unclear, still; [review]
“shall they run / the ‘powers of matrix-constructs’ – in the matrix-tile (rock), / or / shall he plough,engrave,be silent / in the herd,bull (bqr)?; / “thatbecause (, Israel, ) / you caused to turn inside-out / judgment (VaV-sceptre) / to poison (as chief), / and fruit of / righteousness / to wormwood,” +

the·rejoicing-ones to·Lo~Debar the·ones-saying?·not in·steadfastness-of·us we-took for·us Karnaim
Ye which rejoice in a thing of nought, which say, Have we not taken to us horns by our own strength?

  • ”thing of naught (Lo Debar)’, lo ‘not(hing)’ and śpeech (word) in the right order’; since in original it uses capitals, we include the notion of ‘place’,
  • ‘strength (steadfastness)’ 2392 chozeq, 5x; to chazaq, mikely -az -za mirrorword, many times “Pharaoh heart was hardened (chazaq)”,

note: we do not understand how can ‘horn’ be multiple, when eden’s; is supposed to be just one; probably this location refers more “to all the horns they made to grow óut of this place” (the great pillar; the 4 horns carrying the Torus, etc),
note: the canaanite horned deity Zul Qarnain, as Osiris, the son of Allah, in the quran; sura 18;
“ofas (the place of) ‘no speech in the right order’ – of the rejoicing ones ( the dead bodies), / (being) the ones saying: / (is) (it) not / inby the unyielding strength of ourselves / (that) we took / (the place of) the horns – for us? “

that behold·me! raising on·you house-of Israel averment-of ieue Yahweh Elohim-of the·hosts nation and·they-oppress you from·to·to-enter-of Hamath unto watercourse-of the·gorge
But, behold, I will raise up against you a nation, O house of Israel, saith the LORD the God of hosts; and they shall afflict you from the entering in of Hemath unto the river of the wilderness

  • ‘wilderness (gorge)’, used term arab-, we had it before, ‘night’ and ‘plain,valley’ together (‘arab);
  • ‘unto’, H5922/33 ‘al; “till, until, unto, ever, for, upon, against, etc”;

note: there cannot be “raised upon Israel a nation”, because of syntax: deliberately IEUE placed the term ‘averment of IEUE’ inbetween both terms – and it was a crime to suggest another context;
context note: the ‘arising of My people’, and in the same context (and same words) as in Micah 2, shows that the second line is factually what is happening with ús, now. You must be familiar with the ‘endtimes-type believers’, who assume “that those days will come, anyway”: yes they will – but this isn’t like mere waiting at the bus stop for the bus to arrive, anyway: but a quite literal ‘active blocking to find the entrance’,
“thattherefore / I look! / (at) the arising and standing-up / onas you / Israel, / declaration of / IEUE / Deity óf / the hosts (israel); / andyet they – the peoples (of dimensional background of Saturn) – oppress / you / from entering of / the Pteh’-tile, / unto / the split-off watercourse of / the darkened plain.”

——- end Amos 6

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