the eden-females serving as harem for the dead-bodies KHAT: Micah 2

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the eden-females serving as harem for the dead-bodies KHAT: Micah 2
[‘recently, the people of Me arose up to the one adversary…’]

we are aware that often people read words at face-value, and many think a term as “the land” should be ofcourse “this earth, we live on” — but a term like this is decided from the context it is placed in; for example, “Egypt” is a real country during the exodus, but always represents Sekhet-Áaru when the term is used in prophecy. Related to this face-value is a second problem, namely the line-up of the words being used:
there is the “interlinear version” (which we use), and there is the other version (from which most modern versions are taken from, as KJV); but this version is often “switching words” in a sentence, and when object and subject have switched places, it often renders a different meaning, altogether. We consider this was done on purpose, in order to “keep the adamite soul thinking like Job”, using “sorcery by words”: because sorcery is typically about “creating another consciousness by hustling the order of words”; and we consider the added term as “reverse interlinear” to be no accident.
note: our interpretation of the line in purple; possible interesting terms for you in the notes in darkblue ; we apologize for each time the extensive notes, it makes things very unreadable, but Vital for context; we added other (legal) possible readings in red , glued to objectword,
note #:

Micah 2

woe! ones-devising-of lawlessness and·ones-contriving-of evil on beds-of·them in·light-of the·morning they-are-doing·her that ish there-is to·disposal-of hand-of·them
Woe to them that devise iniquity, and work evil upon their beds! when the morning is light, they practise it, because it is in the power of their hand

  • ‘beds’ H4904 mishkab, MESKH-

pic: the ivory beds, book of gates VII
the standing serpent *may* be the birth-cord ‘chabal’, see below,

text pic: the word appears to be here “(there) is”, as -ish, to right; in Amos 4, about the coming forth of Eve, we had “woman”, -ashe, as second pic; but the difference is so little (one vowel), and the context so appealing, that we wonder. The H3426 yesh is used 138x, but we suspect a doubled-cluster here, same as ‘the eye’;
and since we see nothing wrong in filling in the object of the line, we chose ‘woman’ — knowing how the spells often hint at the eden-gorgiousses as the harem of the dead-bodies: the theme of ‘(ivory) beds’ of them, is similar to Amos 5,

  • ‘the power (disposal)’, H410 el ‘diety, dieties’, 248x,

note: we saw elsewhere, that “the locusts also take every eden-morning an eden female”,
that “in order to let to rise Rã every (matrix-) day – since eden’s morning is daily transferred;
see line 9,
“woe! / the ones (dead-bodies) calculating of / lawlessness (of Self), / andas the ones working / evil / upon / the couch-beds of them: / inat the light of / (everyday’s) (eden-) dawn / they are doing her (sic), / thatbecause / the (eden-) female / (being) toas the deity ofat / their hand; “

and·they-covet shduth fields and·they-snatch and·houses and·they-bear-away and·they-extort master and·house-of·him and·man and·allotment-of·him
And they covet fields, and take [them] by violence; and houses, and take [them] away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage

  • ‘fields’, but H7704 sadeh, into shadday, printed word as “shduth” (fields), from “sadeh” field – but why not use the multiple -im, above? and why so very careless with the (sh) instead of (s)? see pic note,
  • ‘take (snatch)’, nasa; ‘to lift, carry, take’, many other colours; also used by the locusts in same theme,

pic: ‘field’ and ‘concubine’ we do not want to read things into the text which aren’t there – problem is, that the nature of the terms must be related: H7705 shiddah ‘concubines’ (from H7769 shad-, ‘breasts’) is virtually the same as H7704 sadeh ‘field’ – even so much, that here they are the same (right) (read: very easy for any malevolent to adapt the term to purposed desire). Female is often equated with Field, as in the Sumerian tablets where Tiamat is eden; perhaps as ‘everything which possibly can created’, thereby making female also the carrier of all the attributes of creation (144,000). It is possible that they can create néw fields for themselves, bý an eden-female – as they made Sekhet-Áaru, compare line 4 – but this is speculation from our part; we just remember the “birthing (everyday) Rã anew”,
locusts page; Either way, the context of line 1, this 2 and line 4 suggests some step-up:

  • 1) first “the eden-female as deity, they sleep with”,
  • 2) here in line 2 termed as “concubine” (likely), already linked to ‘possessions and inheritance’,
  • 3) and in line 4 probably as the result – as ‘fields’;

corrupted line note: something very wrong with this line, in the original, because of the many ‘and’, not reading like a stanza, at all; as if Esau panicked and hustled up this line 2, using the “house” to justify his “field” corruption – we can not know what was meant here: except perhaps when (for example) Amos 5 would tell similar,
note: we think in the original intent, this line of ‘male’ is opposed to the line with ‘female’, previously; as in context of
“and they take pleasure in / the concubine / and they carry,snatch,take / and the houses / and they bear- way, lift, carry,take / [impossible to review]
and they oppress (by extortion) / the masterful-man (giant) / andfor the house of himhe / andas (mortal adamite-) male / and his heritage;”

therefore thus he-says ieue behold·me! devising on the·family the·this evil which not you-shall-remove from·there necks-of·you and·not you-shall-walk haughtily that era-of evil she
Therefore thus saith the LORD; Behold, against this family do I devise an evil, from which ye shall not remove your necks; neither shall ye go haughtily: for this time [is] evil

  • ‘family’, H4940 mischpachah 303x; used at Noah’s ark, “after their kinds (family)”, therefore a type family, from H8198 shipchach, ‘female maid (servant)”, implying this type family is feminine from un-directed-feminine lineage,

note: agreed, tricky – but the line only runs when the first is (would); since the first (shall)
is connected to the ‘which not..’, creating a cause – different as last line,
“therefore / thus / he says / IEUE: / I look!, /
the calculating / onas – the undirected-feminine lineage, / (being) this / evil, / which / nót / you would cause to depart / from onoff / your necks; / andyet nót (anymore) / you will cause to walk / haughtily / that / era of / the evil / she (matrix rule). “

in·the·day the·he he-shall-take-up on·you proverb and·he-makes-a-plaint plaint being-plaintive he-says to-be-devastated we-are-devastated portion-of people-of·me he-is-exchanging how! he-is-removing for·me to·one-backsliding fields-of·us he-is-apportioning
In that day shall [one] take up a parable against you, and lament with a doleful lamentation, [and] say, We be utterly spoiled: he hath changed the portion of my people: how hath he removed [it] from me! turning away he hath divided our fields

  • ‘parable (proverb)’, as ” opinion”, see Balaam (page) and “who doesnt agree with the opinion”;
  • ‘lament’ (usually other term used), here H5091 nahah ‘wail, lament’ 3x;
    5092 nehiy ‘wailing’ 7x; perhaps ‘Noah’; glyph ÁAKEB coloured? 4999 na’ah ‘pastures’, few; 4994 na ‘now’ 400x; in entire cluster is Memphis (no) adamite-soul (nephesh) and snake (nagash), no more important jump out – then the -N chapter is “existence”, like glyph -N? or “moment”, AT-?
  • ‘turning away’ H7728 shobeb ‘backsliding, turn back’; the other shub- is always ‘return’, but the double-b may indeed make this term negative, 7726 shobab ‘turn away’
  • ‘fields’, not as ‘reeds’ (was other word, shup-), here sadeh – same problem as in line 2 – ‘concubines’ again?
  • ‘divided’, term used often for land; also ‘scattered’,

note for ‘field’ see previous,
note: the “opinion: ” we saw before – as “the opinion that we are trapped in this matrix, and woe! to those, who do not subscribe to that opinion” (see page),
“in – that – day / it shall be taken up / the (eden-) opinion – onby you, / and it wails over existence / the wailing / being the wailing over the ‘now’, / and it (the opinion) says: / to be destroyed / we are being destroyed / (namely) the portion of / my people (adamites), /
(but) how – heit is changing! / it is being removed / forby me, / (namely) toas the one being turned away / (being) our fields / he is dividing and scattering; “

5 (see line 10)
therefore not he-is-becoming for·you one-flinging line in·lot in·assembly-of ieue
Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast a cord by lot in the congregation of the LORD

  • ‘cords’, chebel; the word is so related to ‘birth pangs’ that we have no other option, though ‘umbelical cord’ is 8270 shor, 1x; also ‘measuring line’ often; see line 10,

note: a somewhat…..bizarre picture seems to emerge, as a fish-line being thrown into a peoples, catching any desired type adamite-original (male or female) they like..? and they need wait their turn? this is why Rachab threw the “scarlet cord” out of the window, along the wall? same principle..?
“therefore / nót / he is becoming (anymore) / forby you / the one – birth-cord – flinging / inas the lot, / into the company of people of / IEUE. “

6 (see line 11)
must-not-be you-are-stuttering they-are-stuttering not they-shall-stutter to·these not he-shall-turn-away confoundings
Prophesy ye not, [say they to them that] prophesy: they shall not prophesy to them, [that] they shall not take shame

  • ”prophesy (stuttering)’, strange term, 5188 netiphah ‘pendants’ 2x; 5197 nataph 18x, ‘to drip, to trickle’, negative,

note: the colour of “to drip, to trickle” is neutral – perhaps ‘as essence’? bit unclear line, [review]
(it) must not be / you are being trickled-down upon / (being) their trickling down; / nót / they shall trickle down (anymore) / toas these; / (or) nót / it will be removed / the humiliations. “

·being-said house-of Jacob?·he-is-short spirit-of ieue if these actions-of·him?·not words-of·me they-are-doing-good with the·upright-one one-going
O [thou that art] named the house of Jacob, is the spirit of the LORD straitened? [are] these his doings? do not my words do good to him that walketh uprightly?

note: in spite of many attempts, first questionmark causing trouble,

(is it) being said / (in) the house of / Jacob?; / (is) he causing the harvest, / the spirit of / IEUE, / surely – these / (are) the deeds of him?; / (are) not / the words of Me / they are pleasant / with / the one walking – as the upright one?;”

and·yesterday people-of·me to·one-being-enemy he-is-rising from·off raiment fur-robe you-are-stripping from·ones-passing trusting ones-turning-away-of battle
Even of late my people is risen up as an enemy: ye pull off the robe with the garment from them that pass by securely as men averse from war

  • ‘robe (raiment)’ 8008 salmah, no root; ‘to complete, to finish, full’, from shalom,
  • ‘garment (fur-robe)’, 145 eder, non-root, 2x; can be literally ánything, not even any colour of ‘dress’ or ‘to dress’; 142 adar ‘glorious’ 3x, Ass. deity Adar, aka Ninib, aka Ninurta, is the KA-spirit-double; we can add any object but need the colour, iddar, 147, treshing-floor,
  • ‘with (from off)’, mul; “before, front7x, left, opposite8x, toward, (represent) before, against”,
  • ‘securely (trusting)’ H983 betach ‘security, safety’, by extension ‘unaware, not on guard’, from 982 ‘to trust, to rely on’,

note: line seems to address that “recently, wé stood up”,
note: the “crossing back and forth inbetween the both gates” is circumstantial – but see end of chapter,
“andbecause recently / the people of me / he is rising up and standing – to the one being the enemy, / (opposing) against / the (Ka-) doubled – completed garment-body / you (=we) are raiding, / fromas the ones crossing (inbetween both walls), / trusting and relying on / the ones returning (w-course) offrom / battle; “

women-of people-of·me you-are-driving-out from·house-of delicacies-of·her from·on unweaned-children-of·her you-are-taking honor-of·me for·eon
The women of my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away my glory for ever

  • ‘pleasant’ H8588 taanug, red flag; no root whatsoever; we guessed nuwg, (and we get the hang of it..) 6028 anog ‘delicate’ Is.47; colour negative, plus ‘ta’ H8372 ta- ‘guarded-room’? as ‘harem’ altogether, gluph KHERÁ?
  • ‘from’, “upon, in, over, on, from off, against, beside, beyond, etc”
  • ‘glory’, hadar – too close to Adar to be eden’s; term must be “ Me”,

note: we don’t need to post here again a glyphpic of the SENNUT-women of SEBEK, the crocodile – if there are 144,000 attributes (in Revelation) then context should imply that the harem consists of the same number, where every female of us is the carrier of that specific attribute – but being imprisoned there, until now, (one of us here saw the females run out of a grey castle in a dark place; that was.. half a year ago?),
context note: referring back to line 1 again; “matrix-children had comeliness by Me”, sic,
“the females of / my people / you (=we) are driving out / from the house ofas / she the harem (of matrix); / from off / the (matrix-) children of her (of the harem), / you are taking-away / forever – the comeliness ofby Me,”

rise-you! and·go-you! that not this the·rest on·account-of being-unclean she-shall-bring-harm and·cramp one-being-harassed
Arise ye, and depart; for this [is] not [your] rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy [you], even with a sore destruction

  • ‘sore destruction’ H4834 marats ‘be sick’ (sanskrit maruts?), (-tz term), 4836 martsea, ‘boring-tool’; marutsah, ‘extortion’ 1x; (fire-drill theme); prob. ruts ‘to run’, colour unclear (the hare, glyph UN- ‘become new’?)
  • ‘destroy’, two terms “chabal”, as the “one shepherd-staff (of two) being broken” in Zech. 11; referring back to line 5 above, perhaps as “the scarlet rope of Rachab” as navelstring again..?

“arise you and stand (you females)!, / and go you!, / thatbecause / this – (is) – nót / the resting place, / by reason / of / being unclean; / she shall be destroyed (be bounded) / andas the false birth-cord / the one being sick,”

suppose aish man going-of spirit and·falsehood he-lies I-shall-stutter to·you for·the·wine and·for·the·intoxicant and·he-becomes one-stuttering-of the·people the·this
If a man walking in the spirit and falsehood do lie, [saying], I will prophesy unto thee of wine and of strong drink; he shall even be the prophet of this people

  • ‘if’, 3863 lu- ‘if only, even if, oh, would’; strange term but no other lu- found;
  • ‘prophecy’, not being suggested – except a hint to “smooth talk, honey-talk”; the colour of ‘speaking’ is but added to “to drip”, ‘to trickle down’,

note: shqr ‘deception’ and shkr intoxicant’ are stepdowns, [review]
context note: difficult line,
the ‘wine and liquor’ are usually Negative, so it could only be “from”; perhaps saying that ‘in order to gather the peoples’ (in next line 12), first the matrix-lies need be understood..? the matrix-essence as ‘delusion’?
“even ifas / a mortal man / going ofby / (matrix-) spirit-breath / andas the deception, / it’s lies / I shall cause to trickle-down / to you / forfrom the wine / and forfrom the intoxicating liquor, / and he becomes / the one being trickling-down upon offór / this – people;”

to-gather I-shall-gather Jacob all-of·you to-convene I-shall-convene remnant-of Israel together I-shall-place·him as·flock-of Bozrah as·drove in·midst-of the·pen-of·him they-shall-clamor adm from·human
I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee; I will surely gather the remnant of Israel; I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as the flock in the midst of their fold: they shall make great noise by reason of [the multitude of] men

  • ‘assemble’ as ashup, shup- was ‘reeds’,
  • ‘gather’ qabuts (-tz),strange root, related to intestine and ‘steal’ qaba H6906? qubbah ‘tent’; so we have the muslim qa’aba (the black cube tent with the vulva in it; representing the copied hebrew-H cube encirceled by the rotating serpent-coil) factually protecting for Menu the plexus – as eden’s pool;
  • ‘sheep’, H6629 tson, one step from Tsiun,
  • ‘bozrah’, see note Micah 1;
  • ‘flock (drove)’ word used ‘eder’, too close to Adar,
  • ‘fold (pen)’, H1699 dober 3x, but from dbr “to speak (in the right order)”,
  • ‘great noise’ H1949 hum, ‘uproar’, 1992 hem 800x ‘they, them, like’ but unclear; 1993 hamah, roar, uproar’; others: ‘the city was stirred’, the earth resounded’, unclear root; when haman then negative,

note: the term ‘herd’ (eder) is so negative, that we needed a colour to show the difference; considered the context, (tired) should be appropriate – since only in next line they all ascend, after encountering Adam here,
“to gather / I shall gather together / Jacob (adamite souls on earth), / (being) all of you; / to collect / I shall collect together / the remnant (144,000) of / ‘the powerful deity’ (originals); / together / as the eden-flock – I shall place him (as flock) / at the fold replacing Õn, / as the (tired) herd / in the midst / of himhe the the pasture of right order; / they shall be stirred / fromover the adam-man,” +

he-ascends the·one-breaching-forth to·faces-of·them they-breach-forth and·they-shall-pass gate and·they-are-going-forth in·him and·he-shall-pass king-of·them to·faces-of·them and·ieue in·head-of·them
The breaker is come up before them: they have broken up, and have passed through the gate, and are gone out by it: and their king shall pass before them, and the LORD on the head of them

  • ‘breaker (breaching forth)’ H6665 pharats (-tz), Gen.38 story of Pharez; the term ‘breach’ should be included; same term was used for when Eve comes forth;

note: we have a bit problems with positioning still – the ‘king stargate’ is the entry to the M-realm, making the other stargate the north-gate of inner-court: but how this follows upon previous line..?
“the one (Adam) bursting forth (from the breach) – he ascends / in front of them (the flock), / (then) théy burst forth / and they shall cross-over / the stargate, / and they are coming out / inas himhe (Adam); / and he shall cross-over / the king (stargate) of them / toin front of them, / and IEUE / inas their head.”


——- end Micah 2

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